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Add 'Group by Date' view option to iNotes as it is in Notes client (03 Nov 2014)

This has been submitted to IBM as SPR #RCDX9QHKAE

Upgrade the admin client. Still has Notes 7 status bar even. (31 Oct 2014)

I rescind this idea. There are certain features that have been ruined in the Notes client that still work right in the admin client, like dealing with location docs, I can edit current and not have to deal with a modal dialog box. Sometimes newer is not better.

Add HTTP2 support to Domino (22 Oct 2014)

Good point. But as I understand it, this is the interim fix and more is coming. Guess we should go back to holding our breath.

Add HTTP2 support to Domino (22 Oct 2014)

Looks like we got it now. { Link }

{ Link }

Support SHA-2 certificates in Lotus Notes 8.5.x (22 Oct 2014)

Looks like this can be closed as they won't do it for 8.5, but they are releasing it for 9.0.1. { Link }

Add HTTP2 support to Domino (14 Oct 2014)

I thought there was already a published SPR. I know I have several companies added to the request. What is so bizarre about this is the silence from IBM on the topic. It's as if they can't provide the feature, but don't want to say anything. Just bizarre. Here is where a Roadmap { Link } would be comforting.

Connections (11 Sep 2014)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Synchronize Alarm Snooze Behavior in Notes to Work Like iNotes (02 Sep 2014)

I would like to see it offer to snooze until x minutes before the event, like 5 or 10 minutes before the event, rather than snoozing x minutes from now.

Message Recall available to Administrators (SPR # Included) (04 Jun 2014)

Simply making it possible for delegates to recall messages would be enough, yes? Currently only the owner of the mail file can recall a message.

IBM needs to implement some of the ideas on this site (11 May 2014)

Darren, perhaps this would help get what you want:
{ Link }

IBM needs to implement some of the ideas on this site (11 May 2014)

Yes Ray, I remember when IdeaJam was first touted onstage at Lotusphere.
So a solution is this:
1. Go to the Passport Advantage website and create a PMR.
2. In your PMR, make the enhancement request and ask the technician to create an SPR and to give you the SPR number. (some areas use something different from SPRs, but whatever it is, get it from them.)
3. Post your idea here and include the SPR number.
4. Everyone else who supports the idea then promotes it here and then..
5. Go to Passport Advantage website and create a PMR asking to add your company to the list of those requesting the given SPR.
6. Visit the Meet the Developers lab at Lotusphere and explain your idea to the developer so he understands it clearly and sees the value.
7. Attend the Ask the Developers session of Lotusphere, ask them for the enhancement again in front of the audience.

It shouldn't require steps 6 and 7, but that has been the tipping point for numerous ideas of mine. Now you know why I spend so much time at the microphone at that session.

Simplification of the preference menu (31 Jul 2013)

And I like it that the options are grayed out so the user knows they exist and can ask for them if needed. That emulates most other software anyway.

Simplification of the preference menu (31 Jul 2013)

I'm still waiting for them to put numbers beside the items on the Basic Notes Client Configuration tab - Additional options list.
{ Link }

Toolbar buttons for mail Recall and Encrypt (29 Jul 2013)

Christopher, not exactly. Yes, you can click on delivery options and then pick it from there, but that is several clicks away. Not really convenient. However, you CAN have these check boxes right there in the header of the message as you compose it. First, start composing a message. Then click on the action button "Display" and select "Additional Mail Options". (see attached screen shot.) Voila', now the options for High importance, return receipt, sign, encrypt, and mark subject confidential appear as check boxes just above the To field and they will continue to be displayed when composing messages in the future.

If you want to recall a message, I agree there should be a way to recall a message in some manner other than from the sent view. You should be able to do it while viewing the message. However there is a quick way to get to the message in the sent view if you are already looking at in a folder. Hold the Ctrl key when you click on the Sent folder and it will open the sent folder to the same document as is highlighted in the current folder.

Fix the freakin' taskbar behaviour (29 Jul 2013)

Amen. I would consider this a bug fix even, not a feature enhancement. Call technical support and get it SPR'd, then tell us the number and I'll add my name to it.

Extend mail rules (29 Jul 2013)

It's a novel idea, though I don't think there would be much demand for it by the masses. What you are effectively doing is defining mail rules without a predefined selection criteria. You are then applying a rule to each message manually. Understanding that posting it here doesn't get it done, if you need this type of functionality, check out Bob Balfe's project at openntf.org for running mail rules manually. Then you can select the messages you want to run a rule against. { Link }

Please update Domino to fully support TLS (SSL v3.1) (15 Jul 2013)

I called in and got added to the SPR.

CTRL +/- to Zoom in/out of window port (15 Jul 2013)

Gee Mark, I always thought you were a day ahead of me.
BTW, this item has been submitted already. The SPR is IFAY922KHR
Call IBM technical support to get added to the list of requesters for it to add weight.

When using View - Go To, allow double-clicking the view to go to it. (15 Jul 2013)

I also created an SPR for this with IBM Technical Support. You can add weight to this SPR by calling technical support and getting your name added to the request. See SPR # JSTN99K2AL

CTRL +/- to Zoom in/out of window port (15 Jul 2013)

You mean, like this? { Link }

Allow for an "Abstain" vote (Give credit for "No Opinion" votes) (15 Jul 2013)

Yes, that is what "No Opinion" is for. But there is no difference between "No Opinion" and not voting at all. Yet there is value in a "No Opinion" vote, at least more than not voting. So if you want to encourage participation, give credit for reading the idea and casting a "No Opinion" vote. Otherwise, how can you differentiate between an idea that gets 100 visitors and only 10 promotions from another idea that gets 10 visitors and 10 promotions? The answer is you can't. So "No Opinion" votes are essential to getting valid data and therefore worthy of giving credit.

Upgrade the admin client. Still has Notes 7 status bar even. (12 Jun 2013)

That is true. So was Notes R3.

Enable search for multiple notes databases simultaniusly (21 Mar 2013)

Have you seen what they have in Notes 9?

Run mail rules manually against mail already in the inbox (12 Feb 2013)

After all these years, I was just made aware of a widget on OpenNTF to do this. { Link }
Note, the documentation doesn't mention this, but once it is installed, it will have added a smart icon.
(for details see Bob Balfe's website: { Link } ) Click on that to bring up the list of rules to be selected from for executing.

When dragging a message to a folder, make the folder list scroll down as slow as it scrolls up (10 Feb 2012)

Hey, is it just me or is this working after installing the upgrade pack 1 of 8.5.3? I haven't checked the fix list yet, but I think we can call this completed.

Please update Domino to fully support TLS (SSL v3.1) (29 Nov 2011)

Great question. For the answer, you should call IBM Technical Support at 1-800-426-7378. If You haven't already, you need to have an SPR created or if one exists as you implied, then get your organization added to the request. That is the only way. This forum is just a "feel good" website that some IBM engineers occasionally glance at.

Setting to block replication of a replica if it has not replicated within the purge interval (17 Oct 2011)

Yep. Looks like they missed the mark here. It should block ALL replication if no replication has occurred within the purge interval. Call IBM support and let them know.

Here is how the feature is described in the "What's new in 8.5.3":
A new replication option, Enable Purge Interval Replication Control, on the Space Savers tab, prevents older deletion stubs and document modifications from replicating to an application.

Setting to block replication of a replica if it has not replicated within the purge interval (17 Oct 2011)

I have not yet had a chance to explore it. But the nice thing is if it doesn't work as intended, then you can now file an SPR and it will be addressed as a bug rather than a feature enhancement.

Secure credit card numbers when sending emails (11 Oct 2011)

Methods already exist for encrypting data in transit and data at rest.

Search field to quickly open databases somewhere on your workspace (11 Oct 2011)

That already exists. When you dock the Open list, the search icon (binoculars) is the first item in the list. It searches databases on your workspace. Great idea, but I'm demoting it on a technicality: it already exists.

Replace Passport Advantage with something simple (10 Oct 2011)

You might be interested in my blog post { Link } where I gave a detailed analysis of the website or more importantly, the response it received from Maria Arbusto, Director, Digital Marketing and Online Commerce, IBM Software.

Column width in Views - double click on the border should auto-size the width to the content (10 Aug 2011)

Similar behavior to what you can do in Windows Explorer. If you put your cursor over the divider between the title headings (the mouse will change to indicate you can drag the divider to change its size) then just double-click and it resizes the column to fit the width of the displayed text in that column.

6 ideas for Lotus Notes calendar functions (10 Aug 2011)

1. In "other products", there is an option to allow people forward a meeting invitation to others.
2. In other words, "tentatively decline"?
5. I have just created virtual conference rooms for those conference call numbers. It isn't a physical room, but it has all the same attributes as a real room.
6. There is a team calendar called Calendar Plus in the sandbox that is perfect for this. oh, that's right. They killed the sandbox. But another Notes blogger posted it on his website. Google it.

6 ideas for Lotus Notes calendar functions (10 Aug 2011)

I will vote on these after they are split up.

Move Stationery and Rules to top section of left navigator (29 Jul 2011)

You never use rules? You never use stationery? I suspect you're not an administrator and you don't get much email that would require mail rules. Lucky you! Hopefully you don't base all your votes only on if the idea is something you personally would use.

xPages Datasource Application (29 Jul 2011)

If only I were a developer, I would probably have an opinion here.

Add many Members at once (29 Jul 2011)

Yes, the Quickr interface has been neglected. There are numerous improvements needed in member management.

How to Indicate Available for Calls but not Face to Face Meetings in Calendar (29 Jul 2011)

My lemming detector is going off. That means I think people are voting it down because others did rather than because they have a good reason. Perhaps they need a more detailed explanation of the idea to get them to think outside the box.

DeWayne, I think I see where you're going with this. Just like you have a status for Sametime that shows when you are mobile or in a meeting or do not disturb, you would like more options in your SCHEDULED time. The ability to indicate your location and/or status for a given time rather than just available/not available. For example, allow me to indicate that I work from home on Thursdays or that I am available via phone only during travel time. That isn't what your post describes, so maybe I'll post that and see if it gets a better response. I like it.

Stereo for audio conferencing, to make following discussions easier (15 Jul 2011)

This is totally possible. We have 360 degree cameras in our conference rooms sitting in the middle of the table. It detects who is talking and the video switches to show them. The audio could mimic that. While it requires stereo to hear the difference, I use a stereo headset for my web conferences.

Search in Lotus Notes-display unread emails within search results (13 Jul 2011)

Works for me in Lotus Notes 8.5.2 FP2. I am searching using the full text search, then I show unread only.

Counters to meeting invitations (13 Jul 2011)

Just waiting for that release to reach stage 5:
{ Link }

Search in Lotus Notes-display unread emails within search results (13 Jul 2011)

I just tried it and it works that way for me.

Receive Return Receipts only from Recipients in SendTo, not CopyTo (Option) (18 Jun 2011)

I am demoting this for an important security reason. We were able to detect that a not-so-honest (and not-so-bright) administrator was opening the mail file of his manager and several VPs. This was detected when the senders of those messages started receiving return receipts on those sensitive messages from the administrator even though they were not sent to him.

Return receipt doesn't need to be made more complex. Keep it simple. Just tell me who read my message.

Bring sanity to meeting popup behavior. (18 Jun 2011)

No, the meeting reminder should NOT go away. I will click open to read it before I decide my next action (snooze/done)

Do not require being logged into Sametime to use screen capture tool (18 Jun 2011)

Thanks. But if the tool is already there, this would make it better. I don't want users to have to (and some companies don't allow them to) load additional software.

xPages in W3Schools (11 Jun 2011)

Excellent idea. That is even something you can take the initiative and get it going yourself. Contact them at help@refsnesdata.no. You might also find contact info here: { Link } They are a Norwegian company.

xPages in W3Schools (11 Jun 2011)

Excellent idea. That is even something you can take the initiative and get it going yourself. Contact them at help@refsnesdata.no
You might also find contact info here:
{ Link }
They are a Norwegian company.

Ability to search Mail Archive from Mailbox (09 Jun 2011)

Thanks for the clarification. I think it does come back to the issue of multiple database searches, which there are some third party tools that try to meet this need, but as you suggest, this should be intrinsic to the product.

Enable Switftfile cross all Notes-Platforms (09 Jun 2011)

At Lotusphere 2010 IBM mentioned they were planning to incorporate SwiftFile into the product, but there are many hurdles including multiple platforms and multiple languages. Some related ideas are:

Including SwiftFile as part of the software ( { Link } )

User-defined filing rules ( { Link } )

Filing multiple messages at once ( { Link } )

Ability to search Mail Archive from Mailbox (09 Jun 2011)

Haven't we seen this before? It's the old multi-database search?

Notes client for wide screen (09 Jun 2011)

With the widescreen, you can also switch to using the preview pane on the side instead of on the bottom.

Add a Send and File function to Outlook (08 Jun 2011)

um, it's the latest version of Outlook. Outlook 2010. I know, Notes has had it forever and I miss it.

Mail to all who accepted (07 Jun 2011)

Too shy to use your real name? Should we call you Lotus or Ms Notes?

Disable "instant corrections" when working on forms in Domino Designer (27 May 2011)

Yes, there are contexts where this should not apply. Ctrl-Z undoes it, but I think a more natural undo would be backspace.

Sametime chat transcript cloud storage. (26 May 2011)

I would prefer to be able to specify the database chats are saved in. Don't assume it should save in the current mail file because I am connected to multiple communities. The place to save it is dependent on which community the chat was started. But then most people don't have multiple mail files like I do as a consultant. Or do they?

Application open dialog using Catalog (26 May 2011)

Perhaps leave the existing dialog alone, but add a button to 'Search Db Catalog'.

Add an IdeaSpace category for general IBM improvements (25 May 2011)

Only one general improvement category is really needed: Marketing.

cursor navigation through radio button field shouldn't change value (25 May 2011)

Similarly, date fields are affected this way too. You can be hitting the down arrow through the fields and when it enters a date field, suddenly you just changed the date and there is no way to know what it was to undo the date change.

Sure you could use tab to navigate the fields, but then you hit a rich text field and suddenly you are typing tabs in the field.

Replicator setting to periodically purge replication history (16 Apr 2011)

Never mind. It's there in the latest release. A fairly new addition I think.

Replicator setting to periodically purge replication history (16 Apr 2011)

It is a great idea for the software in its current release, but won't vote this up only because I know of a feature that is coming in 8.5.3 that I have been requesting for a long time: blocking replication from replicas that have not replicated within the purge interval. But I would still like a method of clearing the history of multiple databases at a time in the admin client. Actually, I'll go submit that now...

Workspace Context Menu (16 Apr 2011)

The workspace is fantastic. If that design were bad, it wouldn't be on the iPhone or iPad or BlackBerry or every other new device. It is used as the welcome page by many more people than IBM will acknowledge. They have just neglected it for way too long. Yours is one of many suggestions I could give for the workspace.

Mail rules run after reading (16 Apr 2011)

Wow, really? Lots of negative votes. I'll have to think about it more. On the one hand, I generally agree, though I prefer this solution that provides more flexibility: { Link }
On the other hand, Zoltan, your objective is already solved in a different manner. Check out SwiftFile. This is a free add-on from IBM that you can find in the downloads area of Passport Advantage with the rest of the software.

Windows Explorer access to Document Library (08 Apr 2011)

This feature used to exist. R4, R5?

Number of rows (08 Apr 2011)

Quickr had this same problem, but I think it was fixed there.

During server configuration, let me name the group added to template ACLs instead of assuming it is LocalDomainAdmins (07 Apr 2011)

While you mention it, I also NEVER use OtherDomainServers, simply because I don't know what level of access it has without inspecting everything. Before you say the database catalog has that info, note it only has it for databases published in the catalog and even if I fix things to what I want, that must be repeated after every install or upgrade that may introduce databases with the wrong settings.

Lotus Notes - delayed / scheduled send (07 Apr 2011)

Good for bulk mailings and if it is coordinated with the Domino administrator, but otherwise it is out of the sender's control. A kludgy, but effective work around is to flag a message for follow up and then set a date/time and people it should contact. Another option is to add a reminder to your calendar and set the notification alert to send the notification email to someone else. I have had my admin assistants do this instead of manually sending out an email on Friday reminding people to do their time sheets. Many people don't realize they can have the alerts go to anyone they want.

Lotus Forgot Series: Add basic development functionality back into the Notes client. (06 Apr 2011)

"People don't need rocket ships to get to work. They just need a reliable car."

Lotus Forgot Series: Add basic development functionality back into the Notes client. (06 Apr 2011)

By all means, Bill, hawk your blog! It's of interest to this group and very relevant to this topic and broadens the reach of the conversation. You can go into much more depth on your blog than you might do here and it generates more dialog (people don't have to register to comment there.) This is the definition of Social Media. Besides, no one's going to click on the link anyway. ;-)

Lotus Notes - delayed / scheduled send (06 Apr 2011)

There are many creative reasons for this feature, some more practical than others. Even my blog lets me post date entries so I can write them in advance. Did I mention we had this function in email software in 1986? HTML didn't even exist then!

Add view "Recent Votes" (06 Apr 2011)

There are lots of ideas that are oldies, but goodies, yet never make it on IBM's list. I would like to see a dynamic list of recycled ideas.

Eliminate modal dialog boxes! (06 Apr 2011)

If this must be done one at a time, start with restoring "edit current" worked when clicking on the location setting.

Second is the user registration form in the admin client. A major PITA when trying to flip between reading the request to add the person and the registration dialog.

Mary Beth, I promise you a "The Notes Guy in Seattle" shirt if these are done by LS12!

Add button to Application Properties Design tab to refresh design (04 Apr 2011)

Perhaps you would like to use the extra button I added on the Application Properties dialog in my idea? { Link }

Add a button for Access Control to the database properties dialog (04 Apr 2011)

Status changed to Open

Add a button for Access Control to the database properties dialog (04 Apr 2011)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Lotus Forgot Series: Make MTBF an integral part of the server software (was in the Sandbox) (29 Mar 2011)

Definitely vote on Peter's idea too!

Lotus Forgot Series: Bring back the Diff tool (from R4) that compared two documents selected in a view (29 Mar 2011)

Yes, definitely vote on Peter's idea too! That belongs in the "Lotus Forgot Series" as well.

Bring back the Sandbox on developerWorks (29 Mar 2011)

It takes more wisdom than I have to see the benefit of taking this away.
That's the politically correct way of saying that taking the sandbox away makes absolutely no sense.

For traditional Notes design elements show the properties box in stead of the Outline panel (29 Mar 2011)

I'm with Vlad on this. I prefer the properties dialog too.

Automatic deletion archive database (27 Mar 2011)

Well that certainly makes sense. Related to this is this idea: { Link }

Adopt DominoDefrag into the server build (26 Mar 2011)

Compact actually exacerbates disk fragmentation of databases that have a lot activity adding and deleting data. This is due to the repeated expansion and contraction of the file as it grows when data is added and then contracted by compact.

Give the option to pull system templates from another server when configuring a new server in the domain. (22 Mar 2011)

Servers need the templates to reside locally for things like the design task and decreases the robustness of the system with a single point of failure. In this day of GB and TB drives, I don't see a benefit to saving a few MB. Does your lack of a vote mean you don't support the idea?

After deleting an opened e-mail, choose to go back to Inbox (22 Mar 2011)

This idea is as old as the hills. I SPR'd it several times over the years. There are plenty of good reasons. (unread marks, return receipts, next msg is spam/virus)

Make SwiftFile part of the Notes clients !!! (re-post...) (22 Mar 2011)

Better yet, consolidate your votes on the post from 2 years ago: { Link }

autozip while sending attachments (22 Mar 2011)

I believe you will find Zipmail does just what you are asking. I have used it at a company in the past and it worked great. No, I don't make a commission, but perhaps I should. Tell 'em David, "The Notes Guy in Seattle" sent you. I'm sure they'll cut you a deal.

Populating Salutation by default when we mention to mail-id. (21 Mar 2011)

Starting the first line of the body of the message with "Hi <name>" is a bad practice. Many mail clients display the first line of a message in the summary of messages or in the inbox.

I would also never use that because I would address it in a different format depending on who it was I was addressing.

Lotus Forgot Series: Add basic development functionality back into the Notes client. (21 Mar 2011)

Well, right. We do. If you were at Lotusphere and attended the Ask the Developers or the Ask the Product Managers sessions, then you know I was the one who asked for the designer client for Mac at both of those sessions and it was met with a loud, supportive applause from the 500+ in the audience.

Import and export bookmarks (20 Mar 2011)

BTW, now that many of the settings have been moved to the \workspace folder, you can often clean up your corruption issues by deleting this folder instead of deleting bookmarks.nsf

Import and export bookmarks (20 Mar 2011)

If you could export it to xml, then you could even create or edit the xml. That would be handy.

send and file mail (20 Mar 2011)

There are hot keys for this. Shift + (plus) and Shift - (minus) expand and collapse all of the folders in the list, though there are some glitches in how it operates and should be reported as a bug. Buttons would be much more intuitive and user-friendly.

Vlad, post your idea for buttons and I will vote for it.

Ability to use field values in twistie image formula of ViewColumn (20 Mar 2011)

I like the concept. But I agree with the others that the twistie should not be used for this purpose. I haven't taken the time to test this, but you should be able to categorize the column that displays an icon. That is good enough. Customizing the interface by modifying the navigation makes it inconsistent and therefore less intuitive. Peter mentions that you can choose a different image for the twistie, but I don't even recommend doing that. Read the book "Don't make me think" for more on this subject.

Connections style HomePage for QuickR (20 Mar 2011)

You mean make it more consistent across products? What a novel idea.

Lotus Notes - delayed / scheduled send (20 Mar 2011)

Oh, this idea is as old as the hills themselves. I know I created an SPR for it long ago. But let's do it again.

I worked with software in the 1980's that did this. Used it once to facilitate an April Fool's joke. Sent a message while I was on a flight.

Add clients log.nsf file to roaming profile (20 Mar 2011)

I can see how that would be helpful for troubleshooting, but the benefit isn't big enough. The data in the log has no intrinsic value unless there is a problem with the computer. If you have to look at a client log.nsf, you will probably already need to visit the desktop. Then just use a remote control tool. Fine idea, but I would have no use for it.

Lotus Forgot Series: Add basic development functionality back into the Notes client. (16 Mar 2011)

I'm saying that once upon a time users could create their own tools to meet their individual needs. When that went away so did their personal interest in the software. Give them back that power. Give it back in a form they can use (not the full blown designer client.)

Web 2.0 is all about empowering the end users to help themselves. Ironically, just as that trend started was when Notes stopped doing it.

If the concern is that organizations would be giving up control, that is a moot point. People already have the power to create their own personal tools like Excel applications, Quickr sites, and even personal websites using whatever tools they find. This is the direction of social business and social media. Some organizations may fight losing control, but the reality is they already have. The idea here is to channel that energy into Lotus Notes where it will increase the appeal of the software to individuals for personal productivity. I want to be able to provide a light version of the designer to users. The current version makes Adobe Photoshop look simple and intuitive.

Universal Messaging Notes Client (14 Mar 2011)

Great idea and I think it's pretty much already here. It's Unified Communications. It does exist to some degree already. Voice mail requires integrating your phone system with Lotus UC2. Sametime is already integrated and you can save chats into your email. For Twitter, linkedin, fb, there are plugins (I know, not the same as in the inbox). (This would be something like HootSuite) SMS can already be done from your inbox. Just send an email to the person's phone number @ their mobile carrier. For BlackBerry and iPhone, these are not inboxes, these are ways to see your inbox. for BB messenger, this is an isolated system within BB's network. For AIM, and other IM's there is Sametime Gateway which integrates them all into your Notes Sametime client.

Funny. As we attempt to move further away from the inbox, we keep coming back to it.

Automatic location switching - based on IP (11 Mar 2011)

Clever. I know you can have multiple connection docs and Notes will try each until it finds a path and you can specify multiple IPs in one connection even. I would have to test it out again to be sure, but I don't think you need to switch locations at all to achieve your goal so long as you don't need a different location for the other settings, like mail file location. (For laptop users I set them to always work locally, even when they are in the office.)

Allow simple mouseover in a frame to change focus for mousewheel scrolling (10 Mar 2011)

It's been over a year since I created an SPR for this. I know it's a minor nuisance, but flipping between applications that do it and then back to Notes I just can't break the habit of wanting this feature! What does it take to get this on the fix list?!

Ctrl-Z or Edit - Undo to undo Delete Document and undo Move to Folder (01 Mar 2011)

I leave it to the developers to implementation issues. I just know that undo would be handy for many functions beyond typing.

Please update Domino to fully support TLS (SSL v3.1) (25 Feb 2011)

Ooh, good catch, Craig. I hadn't noticed, but this is definitely important and should be kept up to the latest standard.

Add advanced search form option to search widgets (25 Feb 2011)

Yes, most people never click on the MORE button of the search bar, much less use the advanced search features. The feature you describe is already available via either the 'Field' button or the 'Fill out example form' button in the expanded area of the search bar, so I have to vote this one down.

Perhaps some UI enhancements to make the search options more intuitive might be in order, but it may be faster to just post a youtube training video on how to use the search features. I know I've seen a tip posted on a blog somewhere describing how to use searching. Here is a silent movie on the wiki: { Link } , but it doesn't cover full text search features.

Here is another wiki entry just waiting for someone to post content: { Link }

Logout for iNotes Document Libraries (25 Feb 2011)

That should be part of the portal controls, not required in each application.

Improve Delete Person Process (25 Feb 2011)

Regarding DAOS and transaction logging, yes, those features do strictly enforce the best practice about not moving databases at the OS level.

Improve Delete Person Process (25 Feb 2011)

That ties directly into this idea about future deletions: { Link }

And this option for moving databases on the same server: { Link }

Add "File - Save as PDF" option (25 Feb 2011)

You had me for a moment. I have Adobe CS5, so I have some options available for this that aren't there normally.

There is free software available to print to PDF. I agree the functionality is needed (I have a client who has to do this as a part of their mission-critical workflow) though I don't think it should be under the Save menu. That would create confusion for some users. It would be more appropriate in the Export or Print menus. I can already print to PDF.

Option "do not search in CreatedBy field" in Contacts (for example) (22 Feb 2011)

I got the same "query not understandable" just now too. But if I do it in a journal database, it works fine. Possibly a bug specific to the 8.5 mail template. I don't expect that feature gets a lot of use or testing. If you have passport advantage, I would call them on it.

Refer a voting item to be checked for completion. (22 Feb 2011)

Mike, if you post a comment to an idea and you will get an email when an item is updated to Completed. Would that help you?

Develop Lotus Domino Applications Quickly (22 Feb 2011)

This doesn't appear to be a person either. You should probably think about removing the account.

Option "do not search in CreatedBy field" in Contacts (for example) (22 Feb 2011)

Did you try the "Fill out example form" button?
Expand the full text search options (click on More on the right side of the search bar) then click the button and put the name in the appropriate field and click search.

Domino Designer available for Linux and MAC Os (15 Feb 2011)

I believe it was Maureen who responded at Ask the Developers with the question "So which would you prefer first: Mac or Linux versions?" It makes total sense to have it on both (IBM is great about crossing platforms in the rest of the Lotus product line) but given that they have laid people off from the development team, we'll be lucky to see it on just one of them by this time 2 years from now.

Admin client needs a function to Move a database to a different directory ON THE SAME SERVER (13 Jan 2011)

Yes, it works most of the time, but it is not supported and the documentation explicitly states not to do it. Even if all it takes is officially declaring it as supported, I'm OK with that. But currently it is not.

Replicate Mail Quota/Warning settings and Create a Report (11 Jan 2011)

There is no way to change, add, or remove a quota on a local database except to delete it and create a new replica from the server. That is a problem.

Make the file attachment viewers available outside of Notes (13 Oct 2010)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Save directly into a Notes database (07 Oct 2010)

Wait a minute. I seem to recall a utility that let you treat a Notes database like a disk drive. That was like R4.5 or 5 maybe? Then it broke as of win2000 or something like that. My memory is fading. Help?

Make the file attachment viewers available outside of Notes (05 Oct 2010)

Then we agree it's safer than opening in the native application. I have seen the 3rd party viewers. The down side is that involves adding more software to the computer. Notes is already there and already has all the code. The 3rd party viewers actually tend to be a bit more risky because they try harder to display all formatting and run code, so malicious code is a bigger threat.

Department Address book (02 Oct 2010)

Ah, yes, like Quickr. This still gives users the ability to make a big mess of your server if not managed. (If you have Quickr, you know what I mean.) You will need a way to clean up after them when they practice creating applications. Also, if they can create databases on the server, you will need a way to prevent them from creating new directories or putting their database in the wrong one. This idea starts to address that { Link }

Number the options listed in the Additional Options section of Preferences (02 Oct 2010)

Then we agree the current organization is flawed. By your response you must have a better idea. Please share it with us.

btw, the website URL listed in your profile is invalid. I tried to report the broken link, but there is no obvious way to do this. Ironically, your idea: { Link } is marked as complete.

Standalone Domino Designer Client (01 Oct 2010)

While you're waiting for this feature to be implemented, have you tried this?
{ Link }

Department Address book (01 Oct 2010)

Sounds like the problem is with user education. Replication is a fundamental concept of Lotus Notes.

If your users don't understand replication, how could you trust them to the task of creating departmental databases on your servers?

BTW, besides DA or using the local address books setting in the Notes client, you can also setup a mobile directory catalog that includes all the preferred databases. But if the users don't replicate, they probably aren't mobile either.

Automatically delete dead mail (router) (01 Oct 2010)

Ooh, now we're playing "Stump the chump." I know it happens the first time you open a database in awhile (local databases at least) and yes, since updall is the process to clean up deletion stubs, I would assume it also handles deleting documents per this setting.

Greg, I don't disagree with you. Just given how big the form is already and given so many other things we would all like to see that have no workaround, I defer for now.

Automatically delete dead mail (router) (30 Sep 2010)

It's been awhile since I messed with this, but as I recall, this setting will do just that:
1. Open the Replication Settings of the mail.box.
2. Click on the Space Savers tab.
3. Enable the setting to Remove documents not modified in the last X days and set it to the value you want.

Be sure to do this to the template too, so if a new mail.box is created, it gets the same setting.

This is rather obscure, but I think it does just what you want. Yes, it would be convenient to have a setting on the configuration document, but not really necessary.

Save directly into a Notes database (29 Sep 2010)

My philosophy is "You can tell me what to do or you can tell me how to do it, but you can't tell me both." This works equally well for marriages and software development. I leave it to the developers to work out the details.

Ultimately, I want similar behavior as the Quickr Connectors. If it can provide me with the ability to enter the meta data (fill in the Notes form used) when saving the attachment, cool.

license model for universities and schools (education) (28 Sep 2010)

and @4, wrong. Microsoft does not allow them to download every kind of software for free. go to JourneyEd.com to see the pricing: { Link }
The big savings is on Adobe software. No, there is no IBM software listed.

license model for universities and schools (education) (28 Sep 2010)

This is the post you will want to read: { Link }

and { Link }

license model for universities and schools (education) (28 Sep 2010)

I recently started taking college classes and made a discovery about college students and teachers and the software they use. See my blog for details: { Link }
Ultimately the college, not the students, need the software for free AND need to have staff that know how to support it.

Save directly into a Notes database (28 Sep 2010)

Never mind. I saw it posted after I posted my entry. I have been meaning to post this for awhile. { Link }

Cleanup process for mystery problems (25 Sep 2010)

Explain that to IBM. They are the ones that recommend deleting it to correct certain problems that are otherwise mysteriously unsolvable. The contents of that file are disposable, just a time-saver so you don't have to pull it from the server over and over. I am less concerned with HOW they solve the issue. Just that the problem is handled more proactively so the help desk doesn't get a call and waste time, right?

Independence application windows LND from each other (24 Sep 2010)

I would like all modal dialogs gone. See my suggestion here: { Link }

Cleanup process for mystery problems (24 Sep 2010)

I agree. Here is my proposed solution: { Link }

Number the options listed in the Additional Options section of Preferences (15 Sep 2010)

Additional sections might even be created under Basic Notes Client Configuration section. There are several good possibilities for the actual implementation, but what matters is that this long list of features be made easier to navigate.

When switching locations, allow switching to the one already in use. (15 Sep 2010)

You can test out how it worked if you have an installation of Notes 7.x, or probably if you run 8 in basic mode it will do it too. I haven't tried.

Remember this would normally be a regression bug but that this change was intentional. IBM thought they were doing us a favor by disabling the ability to switch to the current location as they did not realize the benefits.

Add a 'Disable Reply All' toggle to emails (14 Sep 2010)

I have seen two solutions to this issue. Both worked very well in their setting.
1. The sender uses the BCC line and in the body of the message, at the very top, it identifies the distribution list or audience. Anyone sending such a broadcast message is familiar with revealing and using the BCC field.

2. Use the reader attributes of the group being used to email to (open the document properties of the group and click on the tab with the key). Set who can read the group to a limited group of people who are authorized to send such broadcasts. Be sure to include localdomainservers as well as the names of the people who maintain the group. Now they can put it into the TO field without concern for someone replying to all since only someone who can see the group can use it. This works for external users as well because smtp messages are treated as anonymous. Unless you give anonymous access to the group, they can't use it either.

Add context-sensitive help to the context (right click) menu (13 Sep 2010)

Why did they take the help button out? It was already there.

When switching locations, allow switching to the one already in use. (10 Sep 2010)

Yes. I am familiar with creating separate locations for switching between a few specific IDs. If you are a developer, this may not add value for you. But as an administrator or helpdesk technician, you are switching to a different ID every time, not the same ones like a developer might. This worked in the past. I would consider this a bug, however, IBM Support reports it is "working as intended".

Make First and Last Name editable in User Profile (10 Sep 2010)

As this is Domino-based, I expect that is a matter of a name change request rather than just changing your display name. Browse to admin4.nsf and start hacking the system. I'm sure Bruce won't mind.

Switch ID and location (10 Sep 2010)

Yes. Andrea, create a new location and set the ID file to switch to. Also update the original location to switch it back.

Standalone Domino Designer Client (07 Sep 2010)

I don't see the value this adds that would justify whatever effort it would take to make this happen. If you need a Notes client of a different version, there are ways of fooling the software into letting you do it.

A better solution is to allow installing multiple versions like we could in the old R3/R4/R5 days.

Place message on HOLD from the Mail.Box (Addition at end) (06 Sep 2010)

Michael said it well.
Regarding your additional request to throttle incoming mail, many spam filtering services and appliances do this. I know Postini (Google) does have a setting to reject connections from a source if that source exceeds a certain number of messages per minute. Effectively, your SQL server was spamming you.
I suggest you create a separate idea for this so it gets proper attention.

Don't overwrite favicon.ico if it already exists (06 Sep 2010)

I agree with Peter.

btw, how do I create a substitution rule?

new marketing managers for EMEA (06 Sep 2010)

I am available. I promise to provide better brand awareness where it counts within 6 months and I will do it with the current budget.

Free merchandising articles for IBM Lotus Software (06 Sep 2010)

Nothing is free. If you don't pay for the shirt when you buy it, you'll pay for it in software licenses.

lotusphere notes database (06 Sep 2010)

Once upon a time it was published this way with all the presentations available in one database making downloading the presentations easy. This past year you had to download them one by one. A painful and tedious process.

Launching Lotus Symphony in the 8.5.2 client hangs tightly (03 Sep 2010)

Your point is valid. That is a problem and one that IBM should fix. What good is support if they don't know your language?

Who have you talked to about this problem? You should have a sales support or someone that you can tell. If you are paying for support, you should be able to submit bugs too. I have worked providing international support. I understand how frustrating it can be for you. If anyone else reading this has suggestions for who Vlad should contact to address the support issue, please post.

RunWithDocumentContext not work when run from LotusScript (03 Sep 2010)

Sounds like this is another bug you are reporting. I suggest you post on the discussion forums or report it to technical support. Posting it here will pad your score, but won't get you the response from IBM you want. When you report a bug to technical support, they give it a higher priority than enhancement requests. You just need to report it.

Strange messages when using the Designer in the project, containing only the code LotusScript (03 Sep 2010)

Same for this one. Call technical support at 1-800-426-7378 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1-800-426-7378      end_of_the_skype_highlighting or log in to passport advantage and click on one of the links to support/help. There are about six or seven links labeled support or help on that page. Good luck finding which one will actually get software support. Better yet, just use the phone. While you're there ask them to clean up the passport advantage website.

My point is, this is not an enhancement idea.

Launching Lotus Symphony in the 8.5.2 client hangs tightly (03 Sep 2010)

Call 1-800-426-7378 or log in to passport advantage and click on one of the links to support/help. There are about six or seven links labeled support or help on that page. Good luck finding which one will actually get software support. Better yet, just use the phone.

My point is, this is not an enhancement idea.

DDM could benefit from addng Twitter or SMS to Notifications (31 Aug 2010)

SMS is just an email to your phone (ex: 8881231234@att.net)
If external mail routing is down, you need monitoring systems outside of Notes to send the alert. (if your internet connection is down, you will not get alerts from any internal systems) . Consider external monitoring systems like Mailive.com.

update function for location documents (mailserver, internetaddress...) (31 Aug 2010)

The dyncfg process could prompt to change the mail file location as part of the move mail file process. But not it is not always desirable for a location docs.

The internet address field is already updated by the dyncfg process when the Notes client is started.

Standardize Definition of Application (26 Aug 2010)

It also messed up the keyboard shortcuts. The key sequence to delete a database used to be Alt - F - D - D (File - Database - Delete)
The new keyboard sequence is Alt - F - T - L (File - applicaTion - deLete) Brilliantly intuitive. <sarcasm>

Make Ideajam database as default application on domino (21 Aug 2010)

There are several. I have used the team mailbox many times over and really ties into the collaboration thing well. It also addresses the issues that admins get when they try to use a standard mail template for this task. This also has great impact on the end user experience, where it matters most. But I have also used OpenLog everywhere too, though you only need one instance of it. Can I have two?

Make Ideajam database as default application on domino (21 Aug 2010)

If you mean you want ideajam included as a part of the Notes templates out-of-the-box, I can think of may others that would be more valuable to the user base. OpenNTF is full of them.

license model for universities and schools (education) (20 Aug 2010)


This is what I refer to as the "Walmart" business strategy. Undercut your competition's pricing, even at a loss, until the competition is gone. It works for Walmart against small stores because they have deep pockets.

ideajam ideas - Lotusphere (20 Aug 2010)

BTW, I changed my vote.

ideajam ideas - Lotusphere (20 Aug 2010)

Why do we have to do it in THREE places?! (Ideajam, SPR, Lotusphere)

A separate session would be difficult to do just because they would probably need representation from all the different teams (thus the stage full of people at A the D)
But if they had one, I suggest Bruce Elgort should be the moderator of that session.
Bruce, make a note to submit a session dedicated to Ideajam next year.

Perhaps better visibility of submitted SPRs would be appropriate? Right now you only see the ones that have been addressed in a release. I will make that as a separate idea to get feedback.

To your point about getting to ask only one question at a time, that didn't prevent me from having the opportunity to ask 5 questions. They finally just brought me on stage and gave me my own mic. Perhaps I should collect the top ideas and see that they get addressed?

Calendar overlay: documentation how to overlay application calendar (19 Aug 2010)

I haven't tested this yet, but I expect if you create a mail-in db doc with a hierarchical name (or it may need a person doc), then you should be able to chose that calendar to overlay on your calendar.

btw, I think this idea should be in the Notes client - Calendar idea space.
I'm promoting it because a "no opinion" doesn't count for anything.

license model for universities and schools (education) (17 Aug 2010)

Haven't I seen this one before? I know it's been discussed ad nauseum in blogs.

ideajam ideas - Lotusphere (17 Aug 2010)

They already have that session. It's called "Ask the Developers" and it is the very last session before the closing session and it is by far the best session of the entire conference. If you are one of those who book their flight out early on Thursday, you are missing a huge value.

On top of that, you can visit the developers and product managers in the "Meet the Developer" labs. There you can talk one-on-one with the person responsible for writing the code and you can explain the details of your idea and why. Just make sure to get their email address and follow up with an email because they will forget what you told them by the next day. No fault of theirs but that they get overwhelmed and most don't take notes.

Overall, my process is this:
1. Post it here and contact technical support to submit an SPR.
2. Visit the developers in the lab. If you don't get the answer you want,
3. Attend the Ask the Developers session and ask again there with 500 of us there to cheer you on.

That is how I work it and I get results. This year I was brought on stage and made an honorary member of their team. BTW John, I'm still waiting for the detailed specs to finish that project I was given.

Notes Calendar - Show Calendars (13 Aug 2010)

I have had plenty of users call the help desk wondering what happened to all their calendar entries. I am all for this.

Prevent IdeaJam from accepting ideas from intoxicted Geek (11 Aug 2010)

As a friend of Mark's who is concerned for his public image, I support this.

Mark, you should buy a USB breathalyzer that blocks keyboard input if you exceed a pre-defined blood alcohol-level. Be sure to provide the driver info to Bruce so he can code it into his website at the least.

Make the Workspace the default Welcome page. Notes is not just Email, but you can't tell from the Welcome page. (09 Aug 2010)

So at least we agree the current default is not a good choice. The workspace does need some remodeling. I think no new functionality has been added to it since they allowed users to create additional tabs. (R4?) The workspace is still the only way certain things can be done, like if you want to synchronize unread marks. Using any welcome page that opens a database creates problems as soon as that database has a problem (corrupt, unreachable, etc). How about adding a placeholder icon on the workspace that says "click to add an application"? Actually, I should add that as a separate idea.

No Opinion Is a Vote (04 Aug 2010)

If "No Opinion" is not a vote, then why must I click the "Withdraw My Vote" button after voting with No Opinion before I can Promote or Demote the idea???

Have the TopGear guys as opening act (04 Aug 2010)

If recall, it's like a TV version of Road & Track or Car & Driver magazine, with a bit of Car Talk humor thrown in. Yes, have them do a road test comparison with a Lotus Esprit and a Micro Cooper.

Make the Workspace the default Welcome page. Notes is not just Email, but you can't tell from the Welcome page. (03 Aug 2010)

So you think the current default page is attractive and exciting? Do you think it does a better job conveying the features and functions of the software?

Mood stamp / emoticon for out of office message (02 Aug 2010)

lawn chair under a palm tree on the beach (vacation)
Car towing camper (retired)
"Work for food" sign (laid off)

expand the option to link ideas or use an other technic (02 Aug 2010)

This idea would be better served if this other idea ( { Link } ) were in place.

Unreadmark per application (not user) (01 Aug 2010)

Reading an item does not mean you accept ownership of it. It just means you read it. In a team mailbox, it will show everyone that a message has been replied to. Ownership can be taken by filing it in a folder or creating workflow with something like a button to accept ownership. This is actually what you will find in custom help desk applications written in Notes. You have everything you need to make this functionality.

Move the screen capture utility from Sametime to Notes client (31 Jul 2010)

The screen capture tool should be independent of the Notes client so modal dialog boxes (Preferences for example) can be captured.

Ability to merge change and to realtime show updates on the form when content changes. (27 Jul 2010)

I could vote for that. Add those ideas to the original idea.

Enable a :15 clock for editing a comment (23 Jul 2010)

bump up

Enable a :15 clock for editing a comment (23 Jul 2010)

I think you guys are just trying to bum pup your stats!

Last votes overview (23 Jul 2010)

Patrick, would this idea fit what you are looking for?

{ Link }

No Opinion Is a Vote (21 Jul 2010)

Let me add that once I click "No Opinion" it no longer appears in my list of unvoted ideas. That implies that I DID cast a vote.

No Opinion Is a Vote (21 Jul 2010)

I completely agree with this idea. In fact, I thought it did include those votes. If I didn't want it to count, I would just return to the previous page. When I cast a "No Opinion", I'm saying that I am in between "Yes, promote it" and "No, demote it". You can consider all of my "No Opinion" votes as meaningful.

Disable option to edit ideas after it has received votes (21 Jul 2010)

When I have edited my ideas, it was to clarify based on a comment posted. That only adds value to the idea. Voters can always come back and retract their vote.

On the other hand, it might be fair to send a notification to all who have voted that the idea was updated, similar to how it notifies when a comment was made to an idea that you commented on.

Modernize the attachment viewer (21 Jul 2010)

I am not Dutch, but I did cheer for the Netherlands to win. I'm willing to lose the Cup as long as Notes wins the war.

Make the Workspace the default Welcome page. Notes is not just Email, but you can't tell from the Welcome page. (21 Jul 2010)

Check out the Basics tab of the Desktop Settings. I included a screen shot. So this is one way you can customize the welcome page. But I would like to see the Workspace as the default welcome page out-of-the-box. This would promote the concept of Notes applications beyond email. Then let those Email-only companies customize it to just show email. As someone pointed out in a forum, isn't it novel how the iPhone desktop looks so much like the Notes Workspace? An idea well before it's time for sure. If they weren't business partners, IBM could have sued for infringement.

Monitor Multiple Mailboxes (21 Jul 2010)

Checkout the team mailbox template at openntf.org. That sends a notice to people when it receives an email.

Then there are subscriptions. This can be found under the Favorite Bookmarks bookmark folder. No, still not the same, is it?

You want to be notified of new mail for other databases in addition to your own, following the same notifications as mail. I recall creating an SPR for this many years ago. They discarded it claiming subscriptions were the answer. If you use Notesbuddy in addition to Notes, you can use different location documents for each so one monitors your own mail while the other monitors the helpdesk mailbox.

Of all these work-arounds, I like the team mailbox template the best and that is what many of our role-based mailboxes (like marketing, resumes, helpdesk, etc.) use.

Make the Workspace the default Welcome page. Notes is not just Email, but you can't tell from the Welcome page. (21 Jul 2010)

It is precisely for those companies who only use it for email that this would have the greatest value. Those companies only using it for mail are also most likely to migrate to the cloud or other software and are unaware of the jewel they hold. They don't make the effort to investigate how to customize the welcome page and most users don't even know what the workspace is or what other apps Notes could be used for to make them more effective, efficient and satisfied in their job.

I can think of at least 3 ways of customizing the welcome page, but I think the Workspace should be the default. That is where most end user support calls have to start as a known reference point anyway. If you follow other blogs, you will see much discussion about "People don't seem to know that Notes is much more than Email."

Allow me To Access INI Settings From Preferences (20 Jul 2010)

I agree with Bill.

View "Applications" and remove applications shortcuts (20 Jul 2010)

Vlad, All the other issues aside, as a work around you might try playing with the timeout settings on the port.

Automatic sent of ideas with Keywords (of interest to you) (20 Jul 2010)

Sounds like the newsletter feature in a discussion database. Great idea.

Ability to merge change and to realtime show updates on the form when content changes. (20 Jul 2010)

This certainly would be undesirable if I am in edit mode. I don't want someone else's edits overriding my work while I'm editing a document. Just because theirs were saved first doesn't mean theirs is right.

So regarding read mode, I have often left a document open to see it in its original form so I could compare it to later updates. No, I don't want anything automatically changing. I don't mind having an indicator that the document has changed similar to the blue circular arrow indicating to refresh a view when the view has changed. And I don't mind having a way to refresh what is displayed in read mode to update those changes instead of having to close and re-open the document.

automatic log.nsf roll-over (20 Jul 2010)

IBM is wrong. Shut down the server and rename the log file to something else. Let it create a fresh new log on start up. But only do that if you really need the old log. Dietmar is quite right about adjusting the log= value in the notes.ini.

You really don't want to compact it anyway. You just want it to reuse the space so the file doesn't grow. Setting the purge value does just that. If you compact the file, it will grow large all over again. (and each time it does, it gets more fragmented on the disk unless you run a defragmentation tool constantly, like Diskkeeper.)

I personally set the value to 30 days because that gives a long enough history to see trends. Often a recurring problem is not detected within 7 days of when it starts, so you don't know when it first started. But archiving preserves the data indefinitely, which is wasteful. Having a large log in and of itself is not a problem.

Merge votes of identical ideas. (19 Jul 2010)

I assume you mean to perform a join of the two ideas (if someone promoted both, it only counts as one vote for the idea). This is useful for getting the collective opinion on an idea. The challenge is determining if the ideas are identical.

Modernize the attachment viewer (19 Jul 2010)

So the famous octopus chooses Notes over Outlook. No surprise. He always picks the winner.

Users must enter a reason why they redraw an idea (16 Jul 2010)

I think I've seen this posted before and I agree it would be very helpful, even if they just say "@previous comment".

Provide option to hide taskbar icon (16 Jul 2010)

Are you referring to the sidebar where things such as widgets are displayed? If so, yes, you can hide it by right clicking on the banner with the words Sametime Contacts, then choose Hide Panel: Sametime Contacts. Another choice is to right click on any of the sidebar panel headings and select Sidebar Panel and then select/deselect any items you don't want to display.

I'm voting this down because the feature exists. If I'm misunderstanding you, explain it further.

The other option of course is to setup a Sametime server and use the tool. The integrated client is included in the cost, so you've already paid for it.

If you show images in the preview pane it should show images when the message is opened too. (09 Jul 2010)

Quite true. But once the user has indicated the message is trustworthy, they shouldn't have to do it again. Also, if you show images while in read mode, you still have to show images again if you later view it in the preview pane even though, as you point out, the preview mode is safer than read mode.

Grant access to create databases/replicas on a server IN A DESIGNATED DIRECTORY (29 Jun 2010)

Vlad, thanks for the comment. To clarify:

1. I am not sure how more granular restrictions on creating new replicas makes it LESS controlled. I'm talking about restricting where new replicas can be created.
But, to address that, I will adapt my suggestion to include the AdminP approval process. Actually, that should be a separate idea...

2. This has no effect on users' rights to run agents nor ACLs of databases.

Ultimately, the problem that needs solving is a more effective means to manage creation of new databases/replicas by end users onto servers. There are times when this is appropriate.

Allow for user-defined rules in SwiftFile (29 Jun 2010)

I'm just posting the idea to get voted on so IBM knows if they should pursue it. I'm not trying to do a detailed solution. *IF* IBM chooses to implement the idea then I would expect them to apply the full system analysis process. I will be happy to contribute more details to the vision solution as soon as they double my pay for contributing.

Grant access to create databases/replicas on a server IN A DESIGNATED DIRECTORY (28 Jun 2010)

No, that won't get the job done.
If someone has the rights to create a new replica or Db on a server, that has no impact on where they put it. There is no way to restrict which folder they create the database in. They can even create new folders on the server as they create the database.

Inevitably they will put it in the wrong place. (then I would need this feature available: { Link } )

Allow restore Of Deletion Stubs (25 Jun 2010)

Peter, an idea as technically deep and detailed as this deserves my vote!

Public/Private Key Pairs for Mail-In databases (create shareable private key) (25 Jun 2010)

Yes, you should be able to have multiple private keys. Another option is to create a single encryption key. But that only handles data once it gets to the database, not during transit.

Allow simple mouseover in a frame to change focus for mousewheel scrolling (25 Jun 2010)

I SPR'd this some time ago. Call IBM support and add your company to the list of people wanting it.

Tip of the day (25 Jun 2010)

The Tip of the Day feature currently on the home page is static data in the design of the database. Notes databases can be set to provide RSS feeds. So neither of these would require access to the Internet. The Learning Widget requires connectivity to the Internet, but maybe you can contact IBM to see about caching that on an internal system to make available to users? In his original post, it says he sends links to information sites, so that is already assuming access to the Internet.

Also, I forgot to mention another method I have used similar to RSS feeds. That is to use a discussion database and enable the newsletter feature. Users can then sign up for the newsletter so as you publish a tips, they get notified via the newsletter. I typically set the newsletters to be weekly.

"What's Hot" must be Hot! (24 Jun 2010)

It's not that I dislike it. ( 5 of my ideas are listed there right now!) It's that it influences the results. Look at how South Carolina voted for someone just because he was the first name on the ballet (This is just scary-funny: { Link } )

I would prefer to have it as a dynamic list that randomly displays older ideas to "stir the pot" as it were. Great ideas can be lost in the noise if many new ideas come in right after it, pushing it off the first page where it gets visibility. I think this guy's idea is more on target: { Link }

But I'm biased.
Perhaps room could be made for both.
BTW, ready to take your call.

Allow drag-from-notes-to-outlook and drag-from-outlook-to-notes (24 Jun 2010)

I vote for Craig's idea. Dr API, you might consider modifying the title and broadening your description. Yes, the method used by the Quickr connector works great.

Tip of the day (24 Jun 2010)

You mean like the one you get when you set your home page to use the Basics with Calendar? (See the attached screen shot)

There is also a widget called the Lotus Learning Widget that you can push to everyone
{ Link }

You could also create a database with an RSS feed, but the users have to setup their own feeds since you can't push it to them like Widgets (See this idea: { Link } )

The real value is in being able to customize and control the Tip of the Day, starting with the existing list of tips and lessons they have. In other words, combining the knowledge of the learning widget and its ability to be pushed to the users with the concept of the home page link for tips and the daily updating available in an RSS feed.

"What's Hot" must be Hot! (24 Jun 2010)

I do not like the "What's Hot" feature as it turns into a popularity contest. People already tend to vote based on previous votes. This is normal behavior.

The best way to have votes cast without being influenced by others' votes is to not display the vote counts until after you have voted on it. Continue to display the comments as they help present arguments for and against an idea. Seeing the comments without being influenced by the other votes would be best. It would also encourage more comments and discussions. Of course, it's interesting to see what everyone is voting on without having to vote, so it creates a conundrum, doesn't it.

Tombstone a Domino server after its Domino Directory is more than 90 days old (23 Jun 2010)

See this idea for an expanded version.
{ Link }

Have a plugin to read PST files and import content to Lotus (MS open your code! ;-) (21 Jun 2010)

I stand corrected.

Reward and Motivate People to Answer Forum Posts (18 Jun 2010)

You mean award a title like they did with the Dog Pound on Lotus411?
(Reminds me of a Cheers episode where Woody asked for a raise and was given a title instead)

However, voting on answers is not so valuable. A better answer may not get posted before people start voting, so an answer may appear unpopular when it was just posted after voters visited. Also, "foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds". A great quote that means the most popular is often not the best . (consider Lotus Notes vs. MS Outlook as an example)

Kathy, I'm giving you a "thumbs up" for the titles of recognition. Throw out the voting.

Have a plugin to read PST files and import content to Lotus (MS open your code! ;-) (18 Jun 2010)

Troy, MS hasn't exactly opened up their data structures. Parsing the data structure of a .PST is relatively simple. On the other hand, .NSF is not so basic. It would need significant documentation. (Use NotesPeek for a glimpse into the structure) . However, IBM has taken it one better and provided API's that mean you don't need to know the internals of the structure. Also, and I think most importantly, is the security. To give you the data structures so you can effectively write your own API's also means you bypass all security layers except encryption, not to mention opening up a vast opportunity to write code that causes more damage to databases than it could fix.

Have a plugin to read PST files and import content to Lotus (MS open your code! ;-) (18 Jun 2010)

You're in a tough spot. One of the hidden costs of migrations. As with any project, there are 3 constraints: Cost, Quality, and Time. You are only allowed 2 out of 3. (Cheaper, Better, Faster)

Take it off line with me or post in a forum for ideas of streamlining the process.

Separate forum content by audience (end users, admins, developers) (17 Jun 2010)

Do end users visit here?? I can't even get them to view Notes Help!

Certainly useful though.

Have a plugin to read PST files and import content to Lotus (MS open your code! ;-) (17 Jun 2010)

You are saying you want Notes to read .PST files the way Outlook with DAMO reads .NSF files? The code is already open (thus, the nupgrade 3 utility was possible). What you have in your situation is an incomplete migration with added complexity to your environment as a result. I would recommend addressing the real problem (perception that converting .PST files is not worth the effort). Someone didn't do the math too well if they think it is cheaper to maintain 2 clients and the old data indefinitely than to run the conversion utility.

The conversion process can be automated. The utility is a part of the Notes client install. I think being able to read a .PST is a work-around to the real problem.

Admin client needs a function to Move a database to a different directory ON THE SAME SERVER (14 Jun 2010)

I should add that this would just as easily allow changing the file name even if not being moved to another directory.

Enhance, Support and Promote Personal Connections within the Lotus Community (04 Jun 2010)

Yes. At this point there is no way to say "Hey, send me an email offline from the forum." without publishing your email address for all to read.

Create widget non-optional for all users in connections in Home - my page (03 Jun 2010)

Try setting an RSS feed to your news database.

Delete cache.ndk on starting Notes (03 Jun 2010)

Notes.ini settings can be set via the desktop policy. Custom Settings tab - Notes.ini tab. Yes, a more automatic process for compacting the workspace and other local databases would be nice. Post that as a new idea.

Setting to block replication of a replica if it has not replicated within the purge interval (24 May 2010)

That might be offered as a button in a dialog if it is a foreground replication involving a client. Background replication or server-to-server replication should probably just report an error. Many reasons for this such as the database may be extremely large, there may be data in the isolated replica that is needed, or even just deciding which replica is the winner. I expect this feature would actually take a lot of effort in the details of implementation.

Delete cache.ndk on starting Notes (24 May 2010)

Certainly. But corruption happens. If they could fix every cause of corruption then there wouldn't be a need for reporting bugs. In the case of databases, there is the fixup command. In Domino 8 it even runs automatically when it detects a database is corrupt. There is no fixup command for cache.ndk and no way fix it (or delete it and start fresh) without user intervention.

User intervention = call to help desk = wasted time for user and technician that could have been avoided = lowered opinion of the software.

Options to manage replication of a replica if it has not replicated within the purge interval (21 May 2010)

Vlad, you beat me to it. I didn't have time to post it earlier. Yes Manual replication or effectively a way to see the results if it does replicate without actually committing the process and being able to review the documents (and design elements?) would be cool.

Registration Dialog Box - Advance options...pls have ticked by default (20 May 2010)

Don't stop there. Why have it as an option at all? Just display the tabs all the time. What is the harm? And when was the last time you didn't review all tabs when creating a new user?

Create a full install kit for Fix Packs (like 8.5.1 FP2) (18 May 2010)

Wow, that's just a little too freaky. You posted exactly 1 year prior to mine, to the day.

Delete cache.ndk on starting Notes (17 May 2010)

Enabling via a Notes.ini setting is a great idea Vlad.
Several demotions without explanation. I expect they are from developers or others who do not have to deal with user support on a regular basis who may not fully appreciate the impact of this. The intent here is to generate fewer support calls. So "during debugging" defeats the point, but providing the ability to push the setting out in a Notes.ini setting would be great.

The trade off here is adding a few extra seconds on initial retrieval of certain data/design elements to avoid a phone call to the help desk and at least 5-15 minutes of someone's time.

Abort a 'quit' command (Tell quit stop) (14 May 2010)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Allow saving new ideas as a draft to make public or publish later. (13 May 2010)

Ouch, Bruce, your demotion hurts. But then you're the one who would have to code that, aren't you?

Bring back NotesBuddy (A lightweight Notes client from alphaWorks) (10 May 2010)

That's nice, but that's not what I'm talking about. I guess you can't fully appreciated it without using the software. But then, you can't use the software because IBM tossed it, unless you know someone who still has a copy they can email to you. ;-)

Here is a bit more info on what it is: { Link }

I'm not admitting ANYTHING. But maybe we need some separation between "open in designer" and "delete database" (05 May 2010)

Well I can't say I've ever accidentally opened a database in designer when I meant to delete it and I'm not sure what the big deal is if I did, but I'll vote for this on your behalf.

Warning when phishing URLs appear in e-mail (04 May 2010)

You mean make it more obvious than just displaying in the status bar when you mouse over the hotspot? Yes, when the link hotspot text does not match the target URL, warn the user.

Make an IBM/Lotus Certification more valuable to everyone. (04 May 2010)

Related topic:
{ Link }

CLP should include certification module for email migrations from Exchange & Groupwise (04 May 2010)

FYI, this was not really "rejected", just that it is not covered by this group. The responsible group is considering this.

Include SwiftFile in the client software installation, provide user policy setting to enable it (03 May 2010)

If you're wondering why it hasn't happened yet, read Ed Brill's explanation:
{ Link }

Drag & Drop Workspace icons to a specific spot on another tab, not the first open spot (03 May 2010)

You are absolutely right. That's another one of those small annoyances never quite significant enough to call IBM about, but really should be fixed.

(Completed) Sametime Meetings should be available 10 minutes before the meeting is scheduled (28 Apr 2010)

This one can be marked as "Completed".

IBM should automatically notify customers when SPR's are fixed. (26 Apr 2010)

I have to admit, I have more than my fair share of SPRs and I have all but given up on knowing what comes of them.

IBM should automatically notify customers when SPR's are fixed. (26 Apr 2010)

There is an incredibly easy way to do this already.
Just open the Notes/Domino Fix List database (filename: r5fixlist.nsf) on the server Notes1/NotesWeb (DNS name: notes1.notes.net)
display the search bar and search for your SPR.

Directory lookups by lastname should be lastname<comma> <space>firstname (25 Apr 2010)

Very interesting. In the U.S., we typically use either the format of Firstname<space>Lastname or Lastname<comma><space>Firstname and capitalizes the first letter of each name. Without the comma, you wouldn't know which format was being used, so you wouldn't know which was the firstname and which was the lastname.

I know that France typically writes the lastname in ALL CAPITALS.

Nice to get a world perspective on this. Maybe you should post an idea to Internationalize the views to provide alternatives that are commonly used in other countries.

Notes R8.5.1 crashs after a drag-and-drop over a field (24 Apr 2010)

Call IBM to report bugs.

add database-icons of newly opened db's to a dedicated workspace tab (21 Apr 2010)

BTW, I SPR'd what I mentioned in my previous comment. The SPR is SFBI84QNQV
Call IBM support and add your company to the requesting list if you wish.

Append PostedDate to Read Receipt Subject line (21 Apr 2010)

I don't see too many email dialogs requiring return receipts. They obviously got the message if the thread is going back and forth.

However, I quite agree that the receipt cannot be uniquely identified to determine which message the receipt is for based on the subject line alone.

add database-icons of newly opened db's to a dedicated workspace tab (21 Apr 2010)

Or at least add the icon in a place that it can be found. Currently there is a bug that showed up around Notes 7 where every time you add an icon to a page, it gets placed at the space after where the last one was added, even if the last space is not currently in use. Over time the icons are added further and further down the page which is otherwise vacant.

Make Ctrl-click navigate to same doc in selected view (again) (19 Apr 2010)

BTW, I have SPR'd this. If you support the idea, call IBM technical support and have your company added to the list. The SPR is CAML84KVVQ / V85

Allow for user-defined rules in SwiftFile (17 Apr 2010)

This functionality could be tied to another idea:
{ Link }

"Closed" status option (16 Apr 2010)

..and no, Completed would imply that the feature was implemented, which is not the case either.

New Blog Template (16 Apr 2010)

I support the general idea of improving the blog template.

(Completed) Sametime Meetings should be available 10 minutes before the meeting is scheduled (16 Apr 2010)

Funny. I made an SPR for this long, long ago. How did I miss that? Good to know they took my suggestion.

"Closed" status option (16 Apr 2010)

As the first victim of having an idea forever labeled like the Scarlet Letter as "Rejected" and my status as a Top Innovator forever tainted, I wholeheartedly agree. Especially when it was not really rejected, it just moved out of scope since the idea space is no longer covered by this team.

Bruce, for the sake of humanity and fairness in this brutal world, please give Kendra a more compassionate option and while you're at it, require an explanation when the status is changed. (But keep "rejected" around as an option for those that *really* deserve the label.)

When I add a place to the connector, open it (09 Apr 2010)

This is only done once for a given place.

Connector: add read/write access for secure attachments (09 Apr 2010)

Related to this, I submitted an SPR to give the ability to manage access to files in the entry places. This would effectively make it an FTP server.

Option to load Notes client in debug mode (08 Apr 2010)

Debug IBM's code? I don't think so. You're not talking about debugging a database. What other software does this? none. Besides, rarely does re-installing fix the problem unless you completely uninstall and delete the data directory. Your attention should be on the configuration, like bookmark.nsf and cache.ndk and data\workspace directory.

Free Lotusphere tickets for top 10 innovators on IdeaJam (08 Apr 2010)

Most of my ideas I just SPR. Perhaps I'll start IdeaJamming all of them as well.
BTW, if you *really* want your opinion heard, post it here AND OPEN A PMR TO MAKE AN SPR WITH IBM. They track the number of companies that request changes via Passport Advantage and it carries much, much more weight there than in this forum. If you aren't SPR'ing your ideas too, don't hold your breath waiting to see them in the next release.

Replace Passport Advantage with something simple (06 Apr 2010)

The fact that you have to click to accept the terms TWICE to download is annoying.
That there are 4 download links on the home page and you have to click on the correct Downloads link or it will take you to the non-Passport Advantage downloads (evaluation versions, etc).
That the fix packs and hot fixes are not available here (go to fix central for those)
That there are 6 links that say Support or Assistance, but each goes to a different type of support (not the site to create PMRs)
The fact that there is no Home page. If you click Home, it goes to IBM's home and you can't get back easily.
Check out the attached screenshot.

Where do I stop?

Combine Server Docs, Ini Settings, and Config Docs (At least from the admins perspective) (01 Apr 2010)

In addition to @1 comments, the server doc is only read at server startup. The configuration document is read whenever the server detects it has changed. This is an important distinction when making changes to those documents.

Automatic Upgrade of Mail Files (01 Apr 2010)

If the old Upgrade by Mail feature can do it, why can't Smart Upgrade?

A tool to export the content of a Mail database (01 Apr 2010)

Aside from the reporting feature you are suggesting, this already exists. Just create a new replica. This performs everything all those maintenance tasks do (fixup, updall, compact), it usually takes less time, and often works even when those maintenance tasks don't.

Go back to the Inbox after deleting a message (26 Mar 2010)

I thought this was already posted long ago. I know I created an SPR for it years ago and also requested it in person at Lotusphere. If I recall, that's the way Notes once worked (or was that ccMail?)

Yes, there are many reasons to NOT open the next message just because the current one is deleted. Yes, advancing to the next message without having to hit enter from the inbox is a minor convenience. Fine.

Make it an option.
Vote yes.

Faster Notes Client !! (16 Nov 2009)

Funny. I have long made the point that with all this fancy Pentium quad core, liquid-cooled, multi-processor, graphics accelerator, broadband, HD, multi-screen, mouse-driven, gooey GUI... I still can't write a mail message any faster than I did on my PC XT with 32 lines on a character-based green screen. In other words, no matter how fast they make computers, programmers will always find a way to use a bit more of the resources than are available.

You want basic and fast? Use Notes R4.6. It is still compatible with Domino 8.5.1. Don't blink or you will miss the splash screen when it loads.

Idea Aging in Statistics (16 Nov 2009)

You do realize this is not an IBM website and while they use this as a tool to improve their software, they do not give any life cycle info on suggestions. You will generally only know when an idea becomes reality when you see it in a release.

If you want your idea to get official attention that you can track, you should open a PMR with customer support and have them create an SPR which will get official attention and you can always follow up to see the status of the SPR (though to my knowledge, there is no way to get that info online). By requesting the feature as a paying customer, they track how many customers request it. They also consider how large your company is as they track impact. Unfortunately, there is no way of seeing what SPRs others have requested, so you may not think to add your name to it. So ideally, you would both create the SPR to go on record with it and post your idea here so that others will see it and vote it enough to get attention by IBM.

Enable search for multiple notes databases simultaniusly (26 Oct 2009)

Once upon a time, I seem to recall being able to click several icons in the workspace and then perform a search against all of them at once. I think that was R5? There was even a multi-database search that transformed into the Domain Search feature.

I can say I need this back. I have a user who has..(sit down) a 29GB mail file and refuses to archive or split it into multiple databases until we can give her the ability to search all of them in ONE search. Do not bother me with the "user training" and "why does she need all that data?" Trust me, this is the business requirement and we have the need throughout our company.

Update MTBF utility (sandbox) to work properly with Domino 8.x (20 Oct 2009)

Thanks John. We are using Windows Server 2003 and Domino 8.0.2, soon-to-be 8.5.1. I don't have your email address, so another IBM'er is forwarding my info to you.

Add SwiftFile to the standaard! (17 Oct 2009)

Do I hear an echo?
Jurjen, I think that's a great idea. Really, I do. Check it out: { Link }

(be sure to search before you post)

Put the Space Used column back in the Files view of the 8.5.1 Admin client! (17 Oct 2009)

OK, this must have been a brain fart. Whoever did it, just say 'the dog did it' and put it back and we'll all act like nothing happened.

New Workspace (13 Oct 2009)

Long Live the Workspace!!!
As an administrator, I live in the workspace. The bookmarks just aren't practical for handling so many databases daily. There are actions you can't do from the bookmarks without actually opening the database first. But many bugs have developed in the workspace with each new version. One example is when you add icons, they get added progressively down the page instead of reusing the empty spots as it once did. Also, when you drag an icon to a different tab, you cannot control where to drop it on that tab. You just have to go hunt for it on the page. (that usually DOES put it in the next available space.)

At every company I have worked, we have always returned to using the workspace as the homepage because it is the one point of reference our helpdesk can confidently start from when supporting a user over the phone. It is also one of the few options for the welcome page that doesn't open a database when Notes is started. This only becomes a problem when the welcome page tries to open a database that is corrupt or unreachable, but when it happens, the client can be unusable.

Fix it, update it, and make it right.
Regarding the iPhone reference, I think the old school workspace is surprisingly similar.

Close ideas when implemented or rejected by IBM/Lotus (16 Apr 2009)

@3 - Alan, if what you said is true, then posting here alone doesn't ensure IBM even knows of the suggestion. So it is still prudent to formally contact IBM technical support and get an SPR created. That might explain why some highly-promoted ideas never get into the product.

That's a big disparity from what was being said at Lotusphere 2008.

Replication Option (Accept No changes From Local Replicas) (16 Apr 2009)

First, I don't think an option to ALWAYS "accept no changes from a local replica" would accomplish the intended objective. If that is your goal, then just give those users Reader access. But if they need to replicate changes then that won't do.

One option is to increase the deletion stub purge interval to something very long, say 365 days. But the side effect of this is to consume resources maintaining the deletion stubs for so long and it only works if you never have to clear the deletion stubs. If they are ever cleared, a subsequent replication from a stale replica can restore unwanted deleted data. (This actually exposes another limitation: the purge interval is tied (obscurely) to the replication setting to Remove documents not modified in the last X days.)

So perhaps it would be more appropriate to have a solution that would accept no changes from local replicas **that have not replicated for longer than the deletion stub purge interval**. For that matter, don't limit this to local replicas. Servers have been known to cause this problem too. (Replication settings already apply to any replica) And that has already been proposed as an enhancement here:

{ Link }

though it received a much less positive response.

Clearly this is a problem that needs to be addressed. Perhaps now it will get the positive votes that it merits.

Usability tests (06 Apr 2009)

I disagree. Usability should not be improved.

Fix Alt-Left Arrow and Alt-Right Arrow to navigate left and right through the tabs properly (06 Mar 2009)

I'm not asking for a bug fix. I'm saying change the functionality to flow through the tabs from right to left, rather than through the window history. I have SPR'd enough bug fixes through technical support that most of them know me by name. But even bug fixes are weighted by how many customers request the fix. So either way, your vote here matters.

Ability to Select an Address by First Name (06 Mar 2009)

I believe this isn't about type-ahead. This is about clicking the TO to pick from a directory. The way I resolved this is to create a mobile directory catalog (or condensed directory) that has it sorted <first><space><last> and setup directory assistance on the server that includes this directory.

By doing this, you can use either the Domino directory, which is <last><space><comma><space><first> or the MDC, which is <first><space><last>.

Your request is valid, but also a solution is available.

Eliminate modal dialog boxes! (04 Mar 2009)

How many votes does it take to become a reality?

Bring back Ctrl+tab in Notes 8 (01 Mar 2009)

I agree, but even better, since Alt-Left arrow and Alt-Right arrow does work, make them work more correctly by simply cycling left and right through the tabs instead of through the order that the tabs were last visited.

Prevent address book to replicate with another one it has not seen in xTime (27 Feb 2009)

Nice idea. There might be other details for the developers to consider related to when the interval is changed, but you're dead on.

Allow the user to hide their Voting history from their profile (25 Feb 2009)

If we are talking about the postings here at IdeaJam, I like to see how people vote on my ideas. Don't hide the votes. If we are talking about the features available in IdeaJam if I were to buy it and use it within my company, I would want an option to hide the votes.

It's like the votes in Congress - NOT anonymous, vs. voting in elections - anonymous. Each has its place.

Copy or "archive" documents into another database when deleted from the Domino Directory (25 Feb 2009)

You are absolutely right. And we did that at one company in which I worked. The point is that this is a feature that everyone could benefit from and therefore worth getting added into the product as a standard feature.

Ability to 'undo' mail deletions and folder moves (24 Feb 2009)

Ever dragged and dropped into a folder and it expands to show subfolders just as you drop? Then you have to go looking for which folder it went into. Yes it would be nice to just pull down Edit - Undo.

Prevent address book to replicate with another one it has not seen in xTime (17 Feb 2009)


Need a process to undelete a user. (17 Feb 2009)

It's not a matter of what a company's policies are for processing terminations. Every company has different requirements for that. This is related to the technical process executed by AdminP when a Delete Person request is posted. When a Delete Person request is processed by AdminP, there is no *easy* way to undo it or even identify what was done.

Make Mail Rules execute against mail retrieved via POP (14 Feb 2009)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Make Mail Rules execute against mail retrieved via POP (14 Feb 2009)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Prevent address book to replicate with another one it has not seen in xTime (13 Feb 2009)

I think this idea has either been misinterpreted by the 6 developers who voted against it or those voters all work for Microsoft.

Just ask any administrator who has had to deal with cleaning up a database after someone replicated their local replica for the first time in a year and added thousands of previously deleted documents back would clearly see the value. I have heard many admins make this same complaint. In one case I encountered in a domain of over 90,000 users and servers all around the world, someone at a remote site turned on a server that had been decomissioned 2 years prior. This created hundreds of replication/save conflicts and restored tens of thousands of previously deleted documents. The massive replication storm alone as those changes replicated to hundreds of servers brought server replication to it's knees. But the worst part was that it restored some connection documents that resulted in replicating several mission-critical databases that were not supposed to. Recovery from both of this catastrophic event was painful and took over a week.

So can any of those uncommented demotions give a better reason AGAINST this feature?

FWIW, I have submitted this as an SPR directly to IBM support before even.

Deleting a message should put focus back to inbox (13 Feb 2009)

FWIW, I've been asking for this since maybe...R4? Returning to the view or folder seems the more intuitive action. I often don't want to open the next message. If I want that process, I'll use the preview pane. Worst case, give me a preference.

Consider Rooms&Reservations when processing AdminP tasks (13 Feb 2009)

If people knew how difficult it is to fix these orphaned room reservations, there would be more votes here.

Allows Right Double Click to close Notes 8 java views (07 Feb 2009)

OK, we're up to version 8.5 and this regression BUG is still broken!

Follow federated calendars with Federated Mail (26 Jan 2009)

Yes please. My BlackBerry does a similar thing in how it can display chats, sms, personal mail all in the single mailbox with an icon indicating the source. Effectively a collection of all inboxes.

I frequently get requests for team mailboxes. The second question is "How can I get these messages to appear in my personal inbox?" No, subscriptions don't cut it.

If I live in Florida, can I vote for this one twice?

Make Mail Rules execute against mail retrieved via POP (22 Jan 2009)

Yeah, it was harsh. But Bob started it when he demoted my idea even though he thought it was such a good idea that he wrote a 1000-word essay on how to do it. :-P

Option to set a default workspace page to open (19 Mar 2008)

Not sure I understand, but I probably agree. First, managing the workspace is difficult. For example, dragging an icon from one tab to another does not allow dropping into a specific place. You just drop it on the tab and then go hunt for it on the other tab. If you mean you want to set your workspace as the home page, you can already do that, though they messed it up between version 7 and version 8 so it isn't as simple.

Regarding how widely used the Workspace is, I have tried deploying various other welcome pages, but in the end always return to the Workspace because it is the only page that 1. Doesn't open any databases (which generate helpdesk calls and other pains when it can't open for whatever reason) and 2. Is the only page that the helpdesk can reliably talk a user through for support issues. Also, it is the only place I can go to view the properties of a database without opening the database.

Remove the spalsh screen (14 Mar 2008)

Maybe you could make it look more like Outlook?

Allow multiple addresses for group and mail-in database docs like person docs do (23 Feb 2008)

Yep. (BTW, with person docs that only works for the primary address. Not for other addresses listed in the person's username field.) But that does not allow for multiple addresses to point to one group or mail-in database. For example, support@domain.com and customersupport@domain.com and customer.support@domain.com. I have many needs for aliases in groups and mail-in databases. It would be much cleaner and easier to manage if they were handled similar to person docs for addressing.

Define destination mail file for POP mail in Account Doc (22 Feb 2008)

That is a valid arguement for outbound mail. But inbound POP mail would have no problem being directed to a specific mailbox for each account. Also, it is undesirable to have to switch locations constantly to check each POP account, then back to your standard work account. It is important to pull in POP mail in a timely manner for 2 reasons: 1. So it can be seen and acted upon in a timely fashion. 2. So it gets a timestamp close to the correct timestamp the message was delivered. (see my other post on this)

That said, I expect relatively few people actually use the POP feature based on the lack of responses until Notes becomes consumer software as well as business software.

Make Mail Rules execute against mail retrieved via POP (22 Feb 2008)

Just like the customer feedback sessions at Lotusphere, comments are helpful, but IBM'ers should not be rating here. This is for CUSTOMER input.
Thanks for the link to your article. I will be sure to forward that on to my users who are asking for that feature.
Now what really perplexes me is if you are a Senior Software Engineer working for IBM and posting at DeveloperWorks, and you have already created all the code necessary to provide this feature, why don't you just put it in the product?

Allow multiple "personas" (20 Feb 2008)

This is similar to my requests for POP account features that I posted under Notes Client - Mail topics dated Feb 18. Some people rejected it without commenting. I expect they don't have multiple identities in Notes or use IMAP or POP.

Open in Designer (from Administrator Client) (20 Feb 2008)

Yes, definitely. I have suggested this before as an SPR several versions ago. I'm not making design changes "on the fly". I am viewing agents, I am checking signatures on design elements, I am verifying design elements updated properly for developers. As an administrator I very often need to see a database in Designer, but don't want it added to my workspace.

Group topology (20 Feb 2008)

There is the admin client feature as described in the first comment. Also, I have a custom view of Groups by Member. Displays groups sorted and categorized by the members field. It is easy to search for each group and see the next level group.

Bring back the Admin Manuals (20 Feb 2008)

I mentioned a similar thing to the person responsible for help. Although I don't expect to have a printed manual, I do want it to go back to having the Book view with chapters, etc. And I would like to be able to search for a subject, then use the control-click feature to jump to that same document in the Books view (or at least the Contents view). For those who don't know, you can hold down the Ctrl key and click on the view you want and it will open that view highlighting the same document. That was around since version 1 or 2, but broken in version 6.

Let me open Sametime from the systray icon. (19 Feb 2008)

It worked fine in 6 & 7. Why'd you break it? OK, it could have been cleaner then. But now it is at least 4 clicks just to get logged in. And you can't login to Sametime at all from Designer or Administrator clients. Those indicators in the status bar are dead. And yes, the arrow to collapse the right sidebar that contains Sametime, RSS feeds, etc is way too small and it only closes. It doesn't open. Was any of this run through usability testing?

Allows Right Double Click to close Notes 8 java views (19 Feb 2008)

Also broken in the Contacts view, among others.

How can I promote this a few more times?

'Multiple name found when sending mail' dialog to show which directory the name was found in (19 Feb 2008)

My helpdesk would really appreciate this one.

Allow an ID to be selected to sign a database with (19 Feb 2008)

I noticed the only people voting to Demote this are developers. I'll keep that in mind the next time I'm asked to sign your design changes and move them into production. ;-)

Allow an ID to be selected to sign a database with (19 Feb 2008)

I asked for this back in version 5. They responded in versin 6 by giving the ability to sign with the server ID or with the current ID. This forces the admin to switch IDs just to sign a database. Doesn't seem like a big deal until you see it close all the other tabs of work you're in the middle of and closes the server in the administrator client. Then you have to remember which database you were going to sign and navigate back to it to sign it. Major hassle for admins. Typical work-around is to have 2 computers and use the second computer just to run Notes with the signing ID. What a nightmare. Obviously, whoever developed the signing process never has to use it in the real world.

Automatically guess the folder where to file an email (19 Feb 2008)

Let's start by getting Swiftfile incorporated into the Notes client and get it working more reliably. (It often breaks if you switch IDs) . It is impractical to make this a separate software deployment for my entire user community.
I made this request at Ask the Developers and it received overwhelming applause. Yes, it would be equally useful to provide the same logic when sending a message. But baby steps - Just get SwiftFile into the product! (please)


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IdeaJam™ works with:

  • IBM Connections
  • IBM Lotus Quickr
  • Blogs and Wikis
  • Websphere Portal
  • Microsoft Sharepoint
  • and other applications.

IdeaJam has an extensive set of widgets and API's that allow you to extend and integrate IdeaJam™ with other applications.

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