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In-place document (pre-)viewer for files (not only Files modul)

: Connections
: in-place viewer file
Zoltan Szabo5618 - 25 2012 / (1)
Hi All,
I QuickR for Domino there is an in-place viewer for uploaded files. This should be available in both Connections and QuickR for WS.
It's better to pre-view the contents of a prezentation or a document then downloading it. This saves network, diskspace.

Your score in Dashboard

: Idea Jam / UI
: dashboard, score
Zoltan Szabo5618 - 01 2012 / (0)
I think Dashboard should also show your score, just after the name as in My Profile

IE9 Native support for Quickr 8.5x

: Quickr
: quickr, browser, ie9
Jan F. Zeuthen566 - 20 2011 / (2)
Quickr 8.5.1 Domino does not support IE9 native. This is leading to a multitude of confusion for clients and support calls and the temporary solution is not easy:
- Implement a hack in haikucommonforms.ntf to simulate IE7 (which will be overwritten when installating a fix pack in the future)

QuickR application/widgets for Android/iPhone

: Quickr
: quickr application widget android iphone
Zoltan Szabo5618 - 03 2011 / (2)
It would be great if there will be native Android/iPhone applications/widgets for QuickR (not only browser based), so some data can be accesed offline.

Advanced XPages course

: Lotus Technical Information / Domino Designer
: education, course, xpages, learning
Deanna Drschiwiski268 - 02 2010 / (3)
 Produce an Advanced XPages course that covers:

Deep dive on XPage architecture

  • XPage architecture
  • The XPage event model (from a JSF perspective)
  • Page rendering
  • XPage XML file format



Add recommend, comment and notify options to every update/item

: Connections
: profiles
Aden Davies196 - 05 2010 / (1)
For example wherever a users status is shown I should be able to recommend, notify or comment on that status.  the display should be consistent eg in top updates section on 2.5 you cant comment you have to go through to the profile page. The ability to notify other users ...

Wiki Outline (for any IBM wiki) should start with a TOC or Outline provided by IBM

: Lotus Technical Information / Product Wiki Design
: wiki, lotus notes
Lance Spellman133 - 01 2009 / (2)
Part of the value of a redbook has always been the organization and flow of the material.  The team writing the redbook would know the content they needed to produce and would provide an organization structure for how they would proceed through the material.
If there's a Lotus Domino ...

"My Fav Places" option

: Quickr
: quickr
Darren Duke3117 - 20 2009 / (4)
Some Quickr installs have a lot of places. Just being able to sort them as-is is not really working. I'd like to see the option to flag certain places as "My favs" and have them at the top or on a special page.

Language-specific Product Support Wikis

: Lotus Technical Information / Portal/Portal Express
: community, support, nls, wiki
John Chambers206 - 08 2008 / (2)
Create language-specific product support wikis off of the main (English) wikis and let the native language communities grow the content. The wikis should be 'seeded' with the most basic outline already provided in the native language and then customers, consumers and interested IBM/Lotus sales, support and development personnel can translate existing content into there, write ...

Deployment scenarios for cross-certification

: Lotus Technical Information / Domino
: security, documentation
Kendra Bowker1566 - 03 2008 / (2)
I think documentation or a wiki article that provides examples of deploying/using cross-certificates would be useful. 

Commission more developerWorks content from non-IBM authors

: Lotus Technical Information / Other
: developerworks
Jeff Gilfelt1049 - 01 2008 / (4)
Of late I have found that the number of technical articles and tutorials in the developerWorks Lotus zone written by IBM employees far outweighs the number written by non-IBM authors. While I appreciate the insights and detail that is offered by the people who developed the products, I often find ...

Be able to access Quickr spaces with a Blackberry

: Quickr
: quickr, blackberry
Eric Lohry2715 - 10 2008 / (5)
It is great that Blackberrys can read attachments in emails.  But as we encourage users to send "links" to Quickr folders instead of sending the actual documents, Blackberry users no longer have access to the documents.  (At least we haven't figured it out...)

Please update the look & feel of the standard templates?

: Notes Client / Other Database Applications
: templates, document, library, journal
Craig Wiseman21821 - 04 2007 / (11)
When trying to sell Notes/Domino it'd be really helpful if the standard templates (Discussion/DocLibrary/Journal/Team Room, etc.) were updated to a modern Look & Feel and looked/worked work consistently between the Notes client and web. Maybe a little ajax-y?


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