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Should we have an ideaspace for ... Verse? or Mail?

: Idea Jam / Other
: verse mail
Mike Woolsey5040 - 24 2015 / (3)
 I had a thought, Ill put it under the client, but hm.

Extendable Connections Mobile App

: Connections
: connections, mobile, application, extension, widget
Zoltan Szabo5618 - 27 2013 / (2)
The actual Connection Mobile App is working only for standard modules of Connections. It would be useful to develop extension point wher developers can include their own modules. eg: You develop an applications for Connections, it apears ony the web interface (widget), but not on the ...

Please fix the IdeJam UI

: Idea Jam / UI
: brokenideajamui
Christopher Boote6132 - 19 2013 / (3)
Steps to reproduce:
When logged in, click 'unvoted'
Change to Domino Designer, using the dropdown
Vote on the first one
Wait (ages)
Blank screen
Only way back is to click 'unvoted' and dropdown to Domino Designer again

Automatic redirection to Connections Mobile according device type

: Connections
: redirection mobile device detection
pierre milcent47 - 23 2012 / (2)
When i receive a connections notification in my mail whatever is the device i use, the url send me to a Web UI which is almost unusable with a mobile, despite there is a mobile URL available.
Could we have an automatic redirection to the same content but with the ...

Mobile Connections app to use notifications

: Connections
: notification, mobile, connections
Robert van den Breemen146 - 22 2012 / (1)
Add instant notifications to the Connections App (use native infrastructure, like the Sametime App does) to notify the user of statusupdates of people I follow, reply's on my board, posts in my community. And in the future of mentions I get or retweets of my statusupdate in my networks.
This ...

@Mentioning in Connections

: Connections
: mentioning, facebook-like, twitter-like
Robert van den Breemen146 - 22 2012 / (1)
The use of mentioning in microblogging/statusupdates, much like twitter and facebook now implement. So @mention will cause to trigger a notification for the receiving user. The message can be put in his/her updatestream and/or given an e-mail notification and/or a inscreen popup and/or mobile notification. 
This way you can ...

Virtual meeting place in Connection

: Connections
: virtual meeting place
Dola Basu Shome90 - 06 2012 / (7)
Can we have a virtual meeting place option in Lotus Connection, while collaborating it will help us to quickly organize any live meeting.

How about integrating our lotus note mail box in Lotus Connection

: Connections
: new mail notification, mail box
Dola Basu Shome90 - 06 2012 / (4)
How about integrating our Lotus Note mail box in Lotus Connection like a tab at the top, so that we no need to open it separately. Can Lotus connection be a single platform from where we can access everything. One single platform for communication & collaboration
If not, can it ...

A detailed guide on how to use Tivoli Directory Integrator

: Connections
: tdi, tivoli directory integrator
Tinus Riyanto2905 - 02 2011 / (6)
A few months ago I had the chance to try and use Tivoli Directory Integrator. The goal is to try and sync information (from Active Directory to a Lotus Notes Database and between Lotus Notes databases). After installation I thought that I would try the sync between nsf first. It ...

A detailed and useful guide to installing and configuring IBM Connections

: Connections
: connections, guide, manual
Alexey Katyushyn3063 - 08 2011 / (3)
Due to the free availability of Files and Profiles for Domino users, I bothered to install them. All roads now lead to the IBM Connections Wiki, which has no normal integral guide to installing and configuring http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/lcwiki.nsf/dx/Installing_ic301 I would like to have available guidance in several ways: Win32, Win64, Linux32, ...

Wikis - Import documents

: Connections
: connections wikis
Alberto Valverde249 - 02 2011 / (4)
 I miss the ability to import open format, already saved document into a wiki. That should ease a lot in the task of uploading documentation or procedures.

Social Hub sidebar widget for Notes

: Connections
: widget, sidebar, integration, social, hub
Zoltan Szabo5618 - 16 2011 / (2)
 Add a Social Hub sidebar widget. This widget should collect all informations from popular social sites, like:
- Lotus Connections (profile, blog entry, etc)
- Facebook
- LinkedIn
- Twitter
- GWibber
- Sharepoint
When You click on a mail/calendar entry, this widget recognizes the sender email address ...

Make Non Responded Invitation appear by Default in Calendar  

: Notes Client / Other
: calendar, invitation
Suchitra Swain260 - 04 2011 / (1)
Meeting invitation sent to email box should by default appear in calendar (even if the user has not responded to it). The invitation could appear with a different color suggesting user that he has not yet responded to the invitation. Displaying the invitation by default can help users to get ...

Connections style HomePage for QuickR

: Quickr
: quickr, hompage, connections
Zoltan Szabo5618 - 16 2011 / (5)
lot of customers are requesting a Home page for QuickR, like we have in Connections. It should display summary of the place, like:
- last X blog entries
- new wiki pages
- new documents
- last announcement
- actual tasks
- today's calendar
- warnings
- etc...
With these ...

Electronic Writing on iPad and then store in Lotus Connections blogs

: Connections
: connections, ipad, iphone
Johan Koopman699 - 03 2011 / (3)
Recently I started to capture my customer meeting notes in my own private 'community' in blogs to "Organise my work a little better".  With tagging I am able to search my meeting notes.
Currently  I write down the notes on a writing pad ...

Restore the notes.net url

: Lotus Technical Information / Other
: link
Timothy Briley96 - 21 2011 / (2)
Yesterday someone turned off the redirect for notes.net.
It no longer redirects the browser to http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/lotus/
Instead it now goes to http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/dwl
This page contains the following:

"Http Status Code: 404

Reason: File not found or unable to read file"

Most of us have been typing ...


Using XPages Data

: Lotus Technical Information / Videos
: video, xpages
Meg Petersen190 - 25 2010 / (3)
Video demonstration of using XPages data - binding data to the XPage and how to view data with (1) view, (2) data table.

Add "Invite to My Network" and upcoming "Follow" to business cards, Names and Adressbook and Email Form

: Connections
: lotus connections, notes
Horst-Dieter Lange63 - 01 2010 / (3)
People would like to connect each other in a very easy way. Please add the "Invite to My Network" function as well as the upcoming "Follow" to the places where the user sees the name of a person:
- Email Form: next to senders or receipients name
- Business card

entry license for Lotus Connections

: Connections
: license entry lotus connections
Michael Tassati3928 - 16 2010 / (3)
there should be a license model of IBM Lotus Notes/Domino includes components Activies and Profiles - like Sametime Entry or Quickr Entry

Create widget non-optional for all users in connections in Home - my page

: Connections
: wcm widget
Thobias Sama188 - 27 2010 / (3)
I have a few customers that use other technologies to create a first page customization. Some of those said they would not need that and actually would not need a wcm system, if they could make a " highlight news widget" where corporate communication department could publish important news and ...


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