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Domino Designer available for Linux and MAC Os 
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: Domino Designer
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: Leonardo Noach759 06 Feb 2011
: / Email
In the last time many developers had adopted Linux and MAC OS as their natural operating system to create programs.
Domino Designer is developed using Eclipse Platform, and as anyone knows Eclipse works in any operating system, Why doesn't Domino Designer work in the same way?

1) Thomas Adrian2252 (06 Feb 2011)
in one of the slides from ls11 it states that IBM is working on both Mac and Linux but it has no priority
2) Bill Malchisky9254 (08 Feb 2011)
They also stated this during one of the sessions.
3) Bill Malchisky9254 (08 Feb 2011)
Also Leonardo, I suggest linking to these three previous entries on this subject.

{ Link }

{ Link }

{ Link }
4) Craig Wiseman21821 (09 Feb 2011)
This is a hard one. I completely agree that in an ideal world, DDE should run on Win, MacOS, and Linux.
Sadly, we don't live in an ideal world. Given this, I'd rather have DDE run properly on, say one OS and get the other major client and server issues addressed. From what I can tell, we're not yet at the "run properly on say one OS stage" yet.
5) Julian Woodward1824 (15 Feb 2011)
@Craig - that didn't stop them with the Notes client ;-)
6) Jack Kelly13 (15 Feb 2011)
Although personally not a "Mac Wacker", I can see the growing popularity of the Mac platform. But what about Ubantu (sp?)
7) David Hablewitz15242 (15 Feb 2011)
I believe it was Maureen who responded at Ask the Developers with the question "So which would you prefer first: Mac or Linux versions?" It makes total sense to have it on both (IBM is great about crossing platforms in the rest of the Lotus product line) but given that they have laid people off from the development team, we'll be lucky to see it on just one of them by this time 2 years from now.
8) Eric Forte142 (25 Feb 2011)
Years ago, I did all my Notes work on my Mac, then replicated up to my client's windows server and it worked flawlessly. I can't remember which version dropped Mac support for DDE, but it was nice to have the flexibility.
9) Anders …slund448 (20 Jul 2012)
Please please provide us with designer on Linux (and Mac).

I the case of Linux, imagine that DDE was ported to Linux and easily installed using Ubuntu (like Symphony is today). University students could easily install start to develop applications for Domino.

And Mac is really really polpular among University students. It is really sad that it is not yet ported to this platform.
10) Christian Brandlehner1762 (08 Apr 2014)
As with every bug and enhancement request there is SPR used to track customer reports. The more customers open a PMR and ask for this feature in reference to this SPR, the more likely we will see this in a future version.
11) Josef Prusa127 (11 Apr 2014)
Is it even possible to promote this one? I'd love to have the Designer on my Ubuntu box. The client is there so it should not be completely impossible to create the Designer given that both are Eclipse-based.
12) Craig Wiseman21821 (11 Apr 2014)

Still not at the "Run properly on one OS" stage yet. 8-(
13) M B20 (17 May 2016)
{ Link } Domino4Wine seems to be an option to get there. Hope IBM energizes the effort to get Domino designer and admin clients working on WINE.
14) M B20 (19 May 2016)
I installed wine-1.9.10 on Ubuntu 16.04 following instructions on
{ Link } and installed Domino Clients as per instructions in this blog { Link }

All three clients started up and were usable. I was able to build a xpages java application NTF in Designer, used Admin client to sign it, refreshed design from server console on admin client. The refreshed NSF works fine.

Needs to be tested more.


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