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FTSearch should always search all documents, indexed or not 
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: ftsearch, unindexed
: Sjef Bosman2089 21 Feb 2012
: / Email
Why doesn't FTSearch continue with a sequential search through the unindexed documents after the whole database is searched? Now we're stuck with an excuse that's technically barely defendable.
We have an application that relies heavily on full-text searches, and there are unindexed documents all the time. Repeatedly calling UpdateFTindex puts a heavy burden on the server, plus the added problem that calling it when it's already active generates an error. So an extended FTSearch would be great.
I think it's a major flaw. It seems fairly easy to do, in fact the most complex part would be to write some Evaluate-function for an FTsearch query. And I assume it already exists, since FTSearch can search sequentially, when the database isn't ft-indexed.

1) Sjef Bosman2089 (23 Feb 2012)
When you demote the idea, be a sport and add some comment as to why you think it's not a good idea.

Also, it could be a new call, say FTSearchExtended, or FTSearch with an extra option, so it won't change the behaviour of existing applications.

2) Vlad Sh10448 (28 Feb 2012)
Build a work application on FTSearch - it's a bad idea.
Use <i>NotesDatabase.Search</i>.
3) Sjef Bosman2089 (28 Feb 2012)
>> "It's a bad idea"
Can you support that statement with numbers or facts?

I think it's an excellent idea: FTSearch is very fast, works great with views, and is a LOT faster than db.Search.
4) Starrow Pan4716 (01 Mar 2012)
I don't think the suggested feature is easy to do. Actually FTSearch the unindexed documents involves updating the ft-index, which is the same as updateFTIndex and cannot be promised to return instantly, plus only searching the new documents requires creating a temporary index for the new indexed documents instead of updating the existing index, and what if someone calls that new function after the ft-index has been updated, deleted or new documents just been created, the new function would need to remember a lot of "current" indexed documents and choose which are unindexed documents.
5) Sjef Bosman2089 (01 Mar 2012)
I know how it works, and of course you're right, from a technical point of view. Which is completely besides my point, because I'm convinced that a user no longer buys this story: wants to do a search, and try to give him one good USER reason that he doesn't get all documents matching the query! His comment: "But Mickeysoft X does give me my documents!".

And of course he's right, a search is a search, and it should find ALL matching documents. Hence my proposal: FTSearch should first walk through the index the usual way, and to complete the search it should continue with a standard sequential search through the unindexed documents (assuming they are marked somehow). There is no immediate index refresh needed at all, indexing can happen in the background, as usual. It takes some extra time, but that's no problem.

To avoid a lot of extra time, there could be one more trigger to start the reindexing process: the number of unindexed documents in the database, (configurable of course).
6) Mathieu Pape7680 (28 Mar 2012)
I was not very fond about the idea when reading the title but the last reply of Sjef convinced me. Of course, only to be made available for already FT-indexed databases, but I suppose this is implicit to this idea.


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