Facility to bind java objects to a Notes Database 
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: Axel Janssen6869 17 Dec 2007
: / Email
Using high quality java open source projects for specific tasks has a potential to make Notes development a lot easier. At least this is my experience.
Now a lot of those java os frameworks use some costly to create long live service objects. To mention a few examples: HibernateSessionFactory, or SqlMapClient in ibatis sqlmaps or ApplicationContext in springframework. If I remember right, Groovy and Guice from crazybob@google do have similar objects. In a pure java application those objects are created 1 time on startup, as creating them everytime fresh in a notes agent or some such is no good if not prohibitive for performance.
Compadres! this is nothing about java imperialism, but all about using the work of open source programmers for our purposes!
Actually, Thomas Bahn has proposed a similar thing, targeted on more object oriented configurability. I think my proposal is different, as it targets specifically on the use of java os frameworks for our purposes as Domino community.

1) Kerr Rainey4990 (17 Dec 2007)
I've suggested to Bob Balaban that they look into having a classloader for script libraries that works at the database level. This should mean that any classes loaded from a script library would be loaded once for that database, which would be a huge improvement straight away. That would also give you a means of keeping heavy objects across multiple agent invocations, but I'd have t go back to classloader school to get all the details right.

But yeah, the current state of affairs is pretty poor.
2) Charles Robinson8913 (19 Dec 2007)
I have no interest in Java, but I would like to see code that loads at the Notes client level that can be accessed from any Notes app you open. In particular I'm thinking of RDBMS connections. I can get them global to a specific Notes database, but I would much rather have them global to the entire Notes client.

If you're speaking generically I'll promote this, but if you're focused solely on making Domino more like Websphere Lite, I'm not interested.
3) Axel Janssen6869 (20 Dec 2007)
Charles, this proposal isn't intended to make Domino Websphere lite. Its just about a facility to bind heavy objects to a database, to not have to recreate them with any agent-call.
Heavy objects are quite common in some java opensource packages, which currently can't be used for the sole reason that there is no database bound space for heavy objects.


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