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: Jason Ungerer230 03 Mar 2011
: / Email
Just as an idea for the Domino Server Team Designers going forward. I have benn with an IT outsource company for about 6 months, and most of the customers I have worked with are moving of Domino/Notes because of mail, yet ther contributing factor is that Domino does not have a file and print share option within the Domino system.
Most of these companies have small budgets, so to have an all in one system that does mail, website, workflow, databases, file and print share would be brilliant. Yet these companies have been shown the microsoft light and migrated off from Domino.
Surely to attract customers, potential and or newly existing, a file/print share option in Domino would be a nice to have??????

1) Alexey Katyushyn3063 (03 Mar 2011)
Jason, you've heard anything about Lotus Foundations?
{ Link }

But now its future is uncertain...
2) Peter von Stöckel2682 (03 Mar 2011)
File and Print sharing is the job of the operating system. No matter which operating system your Domino server runs on, it will have some kind of File and Print sharing functionality, so to have it in Domino is completely superfluous.
3) Vlad Sh10448 (04 Mar 2011)
How do I print a document in a form which has a built form that selecting and displaying documents by ShowSingleCategory? That's right - through the anus...
I support this idea!
4) Vlad Sh10448 (04 Mar 2011)
True it relates to the functionality of Notes Client.
5) Sean Burgess5201 (07 Mar 2011)
Foundations is Dead! Was the perfect offering for SMBs.
6) Mark Sta Ana414 (11 Mar 2011)
File sharing could be done via QuickR and the Windows File Explorer plugin.
7) Mike Woolsey5040 (15 Mar 2014)
As someone accessing Domino from mobile, I find it ironic that some think printings a client function. The printers in office. With the server. The server needs a print connection. Always has. People asked me for this in 1994. 20 years ago.


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