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: Darren Duke3521 22 Apr 2014
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A pretty basic premise really. An "idea' that IBM should actually implement some of these "ideas".

1) Peter Presnell28487 (22 Apr 2014)
If IBM were to implement just one idea it would be this one. Which is a bit like asking the genie in the lamp if one of my wishes can be three more wishes.
2) Ray Bilyk799 (22 Apr 2014)
Remember when IBM used to tell people to come here and give them your ideas... Those were the days...
3) Mark Demicoli10736 (29 Apr 2014)
When you say "implement some of the ideas on this site", do you mean, as opposed to shutting it down? :) I didn't think IBM even knew about this site. I thought this was the underground. The resistance. A band of courageous yellow-hatted men and women waiting for the day that Notes/Domino is sold or leaked into the open-source community.
4) David Hablewitz15116 (11 May 2014)
Yes Ray, I remember when IdeaJam was first touted onstage at Lotusphere.
So a solution is this:
1. Go to the Passport Advantage website and create a PMR.
2. In your PMR, make the enhancement request and ask the technician to create an SPR and to give you the SPR number. (some areas use something different from SPRs, but whatever it is, get it from them.)
3. Post your idea here and include the SPR number.
4. Everyone else who supports the idea then promotes it here and then..
5. Go to Passport Advantage website and create a PMR asking to add your company to the list of those requesting the given SPR.
6. Visit the Meet the Developers lab at Lotusphere and explain your idea to the developer so he understands it clearly and sees the value.
7. Attend the Ask the Developers session of Lotusphere, ask them for the enhancement again in front of the audience.

It shouldn't require steps 6 and 7, but that has been the tipping point for numerous ideas of mine. Now you know why I spend so much time at the microphone at that session.
5) David Hablewitz15116 (11 May 2014)
Darren, perhaps this would help get what you want:
{ Link }
6) Starrow Pan5103 (12 May 2014)
After the initial heat of IdeaJam declined for a long time, this idea looks meaningful. It sounds like the last cry by the guys still having some passions left.
At the epic of IJ, Notes dW site lists it in a obvious place. Now after another relaunch, IJ has disappeared completely, which might be seen as a clue of IBM's attitude to IJ.
7) Mark Demicoli10736 (12 May 2014)
Well at least it will be a great "blueprint" for some kids to build a decentralized "Domino", one day...
8) Jeremiah Benjamin804 (04 Jun 2014)
If IBM wanted to take IdeaJam seriously, I think they would be actively commenting on the ideas. I think David's post (#4) is a realistic and functional approach.

On the other hand, at least 1 of my Ideas here was implemented by a 3rd party (before IBM also did it). So even if IBM isn't interested in making some of these changes, 3rd party developers might be.

I do have one SPR right now, maybe two. I'll dig those up and create an Idea here for each so any supporters here can put weight behind them.
9) Bill Malchisky12192 (22 Jul 2014)
I've asked new management at IBM to study this site. Recently transitioned people in leadership positions did not know of its existence. They did after my meetings in the autumn 2013 and again in the winter 2014. One manager directed a senior team member to establish an account so they could be involved.

Then the Cloud First initiative became the gospel and at this point, I am less confident that what was promised will be realized.

To be fair, those that are interested in fixing what we know should be accomplished may not have a choice but to spend time elsewhere. Conjecture on my part, but it is a possible permutation.

I'm not done yet though.


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