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: Zoltan Szabo4849 30 May 2013
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Hi All,
This is not fully my idea, but some of our customers rwere equested these.
IBM developed clients (like android) for all platforms. They would like to have some more control and security over the built-in clients, eg:
- client certificate based authentication
- container like worikg:
  - appliacation lock (password)
  - secure store for mail and attachments (disable export to "public" file system)
- private protocol (not active sync)
- common interface on all devices (good for eudcation and helpdesk)
It should be designed for corporate usage.
Example: NitroDesk Touchdown

1) Bill Malchisky12192 (07 Jun 2013)
"All platforms" - is a bit broad and vague. You will need to be specific. Are you stating that IBM should release a Traveler client for WinCE or Win Mobile 6 phones? What about Motorola RAZR flip phones? How about Blackberry OS5 devices?

Ed Brill mentioned at a few events over the years, that there needs to be a business case to justify the significant cost to IBM for development, testing, support, documentation updates, with each new Traveler client flavor. I agree with him on this. They were slow to release Windows Mobile clients, as it was no longer a top-tier.

Also, as Apple controls their hardware, you can't tell them what to do. They are the ones that allows or disallows an ISV to have official software on their devices. If you don't play be Apple's rules, then you have problems -- right or wrong. IBM is not going to get into a fight with a hardware vendor.

I agree that the Android Traveler client is sweet and really well built. One of my favorite clients. Do not see that changing with Apple though, any time soon.

What would you want their separate protocol to do that the MS doesn't already offer? What is the justification for that?

Traveler is designed for corporate usage; this is hardly a consumer solution; but it can be improved and BES offers significantly more options to customize that product and lock it down. Traveler was never designed to be a BES replacement, but fill a device void. The market has changed since its initial release.

Application locking is an interesting concept, but I am unable to support the other items at this time.
2) Tinus Riyanto2825 (21 Jun 2013)
@Zoltan, do you mean all mobile platform or does this idea include desktop platform too ?
3) Zoltan Szabo4849 (08 Jul 2013)
With all platforms I meant Android, IOS, Windows (new ones) and maybe BlackBerry.
I also know Ed's opinion about these developments, but there are MUST-HAVE-FUNCTIONS. We can go to a customer and try to speak about our business values while he see a lack of important functionalities.
More and more companies says they are not trust in native (built-in) mail clients. They want a container like behavior also (eg: application password, separate data storage, etc). If You say "corporate usage" then we should develop more secure and more manageable solution. And this can be made with our own Traveler Client.

I don't know Apple's behavior, but I can see there are many companies whom are developing IOS apps. See may example.

Mobile is a different market. We have to be fast in development, have nice user friendly functions, security and give users what they want and a bit more.


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