Two-stage Recycle Bin 
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: Domino Server / Data Storage and Management
: recycle, restore, database delete
: Marius Jaeger2466 29 Mar 2011
: / Email
It would be great to have in domino a server recycle bin, similar to the sitecollection recycle bin in sharepoint.

Every document that would be delete come first into the database recycle bin.
When the document is deleted from the database recylce bin it should be stored for x days in the server recycle bin.

The server recycle bin should have only one action to restore documents to the original databases with the original document uid.

Not only documents should be stored in the recycle bin, also deleted databases.

1) Nikolay Yushmanov2406 (29 Mar 2011)
You can make it:
{ Link }
2) Marius Jaeger2466 (30 Mar 2011)
Thanks for the link.

But its not what i want. I want a two-stage recycle bin for every database where the soft deletions is enabled without any coding.
3) Nikolay Yushmanov2406 (31 Mar 2011)
I suppose, in that case the second recycle bin will quickly be overflowed with the mails deleted by users. Additional configuration option is needed for selecting databases used two-stage Recycle Bin.
4) Mark Demicoli10736 (01 Apr 2011)
Similar, plus quite some discussion -> { Link }
5) Bill Malchisky12192 (06 Apr 2011)
Mark and I engaged in detailed dialog on his provided link in @4 No need to rehash that here. :)

@0 Know that only Domino for Windows has a recycle bin. The trend on Notes and Domino is to make the feature sets similar as much as possible and as of 8.0.2, Lotus has made great strides to consistently achieve that with each new release -- excepting a few small cases. I feel this feature would create an exception based design feature set and pull away from that model. Demoting as such.
6) Marius Jaeger2466 (08 Apr 2011)
When a user deletes a document in his own mail database, the document stay in the trash folder.

I want, when the document is deleted from the trash folder, it should be copied into a database where it can be restored.

There is no need for a Windows recycle bin.
7) Kenneth Axi2537 (04 Aug 2011)
This is not a good idea; If the only reason for having two recycle bins is for retreiving deleted mails - then do a restore of the mailfile from the backup-system!


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