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: Zoltan Szabo4849 10 Sep 2013
: / Email
Hi All,
It would be great to see if the other party of a chat was seen you message. Sometimes you send a message and nothoing happens. If "seen" status will be introduced then you will see if something happening on the other side.
eg: Facebook does it

1) Mark Demicoli10736 (20 Sep 2013)
Don't agree. There is no way a computer can tell if anyone has seen or appreciated or considered a comment, only that the relevant window has gotten focus, however, reporting 'seen' can mislead the sender. With email it's different because you have to physically click on an email to open it, so there is a conscious action.
2) Carl Tyler5343 (24 Sep 2013)
Agree with Mark.
3) Bill Malchisky12192 (15 Oct 2013)
Agree with Mark and Carl. The matter is only complicated with multiple ST clients, accessing the data and whether someone actually is looking at the client that the system would state was "seen" is far too complex and unreliable.

Example: people leave their embedded client logged-in at the office, go home, perhaps fire-up the mobile client, briefly, you send a message, person logs out of the mobile client, did they see the message? They show as here at the office now, but it is 10p in the evening, so are they travelling or really in the timezone you think and using a VPN to get to Notes, or the ST web client, or iNotes?
4) Mark Demicoli10736 (15 Oct 2013)
How about a "seen" action next to a comment? This would be a voluntary action that would at least indicate to the sender of the comment that the reader intended them to know that the message had been acknowledged. This would mirror the memo receipt feature.
5) Bill Malchisky12192 (15 Oct 2013)
Instant messaging tools have long been irksome for me for day-to-day inter-office communication across team members and projects. Each tool has its place, but as IM threads are linear, trying to search for an items with a chat history with a colleague who is working multiple projects with you is quite arduous. Any immediate efficiency gained, is lost on the search and putting together a task history during dissection. Thus, I become cautious when one tool tries to retrofit features of another tool; you can end-up with an all-in one tool that does nothing well.

To that point, the e-mail receipt feature was not voluntary until recently, when you can now set how to respond to them. Recall Notes did that behind the scenes. Maybe a simple checkbox, that someone could check, but what is the real value there if they use it 10% of the time, or less? If you have a 1h thread, you would probably never use the seen button.

What is the real business issue you are trying to solve?
6) Mark Demicoli10736 (15 Oct 2013)
Indeed; trying to emulate personal conversation with technology can be actually counter productive as Bill points out.


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