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: Jacques Page617 01 Sep 2010
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Domino is still licenced on core value...
For quite some times now, it is almost impossible to get a 1 cpu machine with one core only.  Everything comes in multiple of everything.
It would be nice to have the ability to install a Domino server and tell it to use X. amount of core.  Especially for some specialized systems where 1 core is too much but the server came with 200......
I know we can do Virtual server (ESX etc) and control the cores but sometimes, we are required to do with hardware specs ...
This would help keep the licences in check

1) Stephen Bailey1802 (02 Sep 2010)
Totally agree. IBM's licensing core-based licensing model for SMBs is a mess.
2) Michael Tassati5289 (04 Sep 2010)
if it is to expensive for you: it is also possible to disable cores (ms windows and linux). This agrees with licencing.
3) Jacques Page617 (07 Sep 2010)
Indeed, SMB's suffer the most...

Michel. Yes, cores can be disabled but once again, a band aid.

Who says I can not use those other cores for something else?
Would be much simple to add the "Use only one" at install;.. Or ask IBM to stop licensing based on CPU/Core.....

4) Dag Kvello378 (07 Sep 2010)
Just drop the whole pr. core licensing all together. If You think it's a pain on standalone multicore servers, try licencing this in a VMware Enterprise Cluster (oh, and many vSMB's and SMB use two-three node VMware clusters to run their whol operation

Pr. User or pr. Server or just pr. CPU (any number of cores). It's ridiculous that customers have to pay quadrouple the license fee just because Intel/AMD/etc. hit a CPU development snag and needed to move to multicore to keep up development.
5) Richard Schwartz4594 (02 Oct 2010)
The whole per-core licensing model needs to be scrapped. Doing this would just make it more entrenched.
6) John Foldager1155 (26 Nov 2010)
Totally agree. If IBM really needs to control the licenses based on number of CPUs or Cores, it could be put in the server document as a setting (1, 2, 3, ... , all)

In general the license-costs for Domino - especially if you want to use it as a webserver for I-do-not-know-how-many-public-users - is way too expensive for smaller shops. I have several small customers that could easily use Domino server for a lot of partner/customer web-content based on username/password credentials, but who will use anything else but Domino because of the initial license costs. I admit that Utility server is a great option for larger companies.
7) Jacques Page617 (10 Feb 2011)
Did I hear correctly at LS 2011? Core licensing was to be dropped?


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