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: David Vasta2524 14 Nov 2007
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I am sure that I am not the only one who is in love with the technology and quickness of Ubuntu Server. It's lite and powerful. DB2 is supported on Ubuntu Server and I feel like Lotus should give Ubuntu Server a chance and support it. As a very stable and very active Linux platform it shoudl be a supported Domino Platform and as far as I know it's not right now.

1) Stuart Mcintyre1684 (14 Nov 2007)
Guys, just today I've sen requests for support for Ubuntu, Fedora and a couple of other distros.

Much as it would be great for iBM to support each and every one, and for every Lotus product, in every language, it really isn't going to happen unless there is a cast iron business case for doing so... Right now, I can't see that happening.

Now Ubuntu as a Notes workstation platform just about makes sense, but not at the server end...

2) Rob Wills1895 (14 Nov 2007)
Stuart, why do you suppose there is a business case for DB2 but not Domino? Just interested.
3) Stuart Mcintyre1684 (15 Nov 2007)
@2 Fair point... I just think that there is probably a user/customer out there that would like their particular favourite distro supported, and IBM either has to make an effort to support each and every one (which would be vastly expensive and impractical) or to just pick the ones that it can reasonably support and that have an appropriate market share.

If Ubuntu was supported for Domino, what other ones would IBM then also have to support? And what would the knock on effect be for support of the rest of the product/platform combinations?
4) Kerr Rainey4990 (20 Nov 2007)
Would vanilla debian support on the server not be better?
5) Mika Heinonen3778 (21 Nov 2007)
Ubuntu is like the "Windows" of the Linux world. No-brainer installation and use. But it also is not meant to be optimized for certain purposes. Fedora has a "soft mode" selection between Client and Server installation, but that's about it. If you're looking for real hardware optimized server solutions, check out SUSE Enterprise or CentOS. So far SUSE has beaten all platforms in pure I/O performance, and only AIX6 is getting closer to challenge it.
6) David Vasta2524 (21 Nov 2007)

DB2 is supported on Ubuntu and the platforms Domino is supported on all cost money to own. Ubuntu Server is crisp and easy just like Domino. Come on and vote it up. Ubuntu and Domino were meant to be together.
7) Alejandro Ahumada26 (18 Dec 2007)
I think Linux versions that have proper support by a company behind them should be supported.
8) Tripp Black871 (27 Mar 2009)
Well stated @6. :-)

As a Redhat subscriber and someone who's been on Redhat since it was a retail-box with version 7, I'd actually rather be on Debian/Ubuntu. Debian has been around for a long time and has a proven track record.

Ubuntu's big difference is that they (Canonical) make you pay for support rather than a yearly subscription just for your supported distro.

@4 Ubuntu Server is basically Debian, yes. In my opinion, (I am not IBM), official Debian support should also give official blessing to Ubuntu.



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