Catalog task should intercept database creations/deletions in realtime 
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: Domino Server / Data Storage and Management
: doclink catalog
: Dietmar Dumke871 06 Nov 2008
: / Email
If you create a new database with replicas on other locations servers, and publish the new database by sending a doclink to the users at the same day, the doc/database link will always try to open the replica on the server the doclink was created from. This is because at this time does not yet exist database catalog entries for that new database. For that reason, the notes clients are not able to locate the "best" replica from the database catalog, and will try to open the new database from the "server hint" in the link which in many (most?) cases is not desired.
Solution: In addition to the usual nightly scheduled run, catalog task should also be resident in memory. This way, the catalog task could intercept database creation/deletion events, and (almost) immediately create/remove database catalog entries for the newly created database replica in the local catalog (or perhaps via AdminP).
Because now the catalog entries exist everywhere almost immediately after creation, db/doclinks sent at the same day always would open the "best" replica for a Notes client regardless of its location.

1) Bruce Lill10666 (23 Oct 2009)
Thats why as an Admin, I always plan ahead. Emails get sent after the environment is configured.

I launch the catalog task on each server to force an update early if needed.

Running in real time would have an impact on performance while only giving marginal improvement in functionality.
2) Dietmar Dumke871 (23 Oct 2009)
Launching catalog task on each replica server just to add a single new database to the catalogs is not only boring admin work but also has an unnecessary load overhead on the servers, especially on servers with many databases.
"Plan ahead" means being forced to unnecessarily split a single task into 2 tasks, to be processed at different days. Day 1: Initiate replica creation, set a reminder for the next day. Day 2: Send a link message to the users notifying them.
I want to create replicas and then almost immediately send notifications to users. Not one day later, or - if almost immediately but after forcing catalog to run - for the cost of unnecessary server load.
The in-memory catalog task would hook into database creation events only, nothing else. That should not - if at all - impact performance so much.
3) Ralph Borcherds1006 (14 Jan 2011)
In large installations this is not a possible. Way to much overhead and replication.


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