Option for always Blind copying yourself when composing mail 
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: Uwe Brahm604 13 Aug 2013
: / Email
I'd like to see the selectable option for blind copying when composing/sending a new mail.
This feature was recently added to the mail client on android (iOS has it already).
This feature would be nice for the Notes client too.

1) Mathieu Pape8090 (13 Aug 2013)
Uwe, may I ask why you would want this? You would find yourself with your mail in 'sent items' as well as in your 'inbox'. Twice more space used.
2) Uwe Brahm604 (13 Aug 2013)
True - I personally do not want this. Quite a lot of my users want/demand this.
It's a feature in Apple Desktop Mail and also in Thunderbird. We have some paranoid people that make sure that way that the email is really really sent through servers and not only put as sent into the Sent Folder by the Notes client.
It could be a policy preference setting, so that admins can disable the feature.
3) Christopher Boote10606 (14 Aug 2013)
Why don't they just put themselves in the blindcopy then
4) Mathieu Pape8090 (14 Aug 2013)
Plus : it is not because you receive your blind copy that the other recipients received their e-mail as well.
If they are that paranoid, the only way is to phone the recipients and ask them if they received the e-mail... Return receipts won't help you neither I'm afraid... ;-)
5) Lotus Notes2588 (20 Aug 2013)
Receiving the blind copy will not tell you anything abour whether or not the message was received by the addressee or even if it was routed to the outside world. The mail router on your server will notice that there's an address in the BCC field, will resolve it and recognize it as a user on that same server and will immediately drop the copy in your inbox. Tells you nothing about routing the message to the outside world.
6) Neven Susa48 (28 Aug 2013)
Hm, interesting idea. One useful purpose that I can think of is basic correspondence. In a project I'm working for quite some time we are communicating by e-mail exclusively. sometimes the correspondence of one ticket counts in several dozens mails. In Inbox I can se only e-mails sent to me. Because of some weird practice users often reply without history, so I must browse through inbox and sent view simultaneously. It would be easier to see all mails in one place. Until we implement some smarter ticketing system ...
7) Bill Malchisky12192 (15 Oct 2013)
I understand why users would want it, as some e-mail clients do not synchronize the sent mail folder back to Notes. So, I have with test phones had to BCC myself to get a copy of the sent message to examine later.

To that point, if you are using Traveler on a supported device, it is not necessary, as sent mail is synchronized. For Notes, a delivery report is preferred over BCC, but the users could do that.

I think the more pressing matter is to see what the real underlying issue is and then train them in the correct solution (best practice). It is not necessary to augment the Notes client, though for such a niche case you could customize your mail template.

Recall that the mail client on iOS and Android can be considered a consumer mail client and thus has features that are better suited outside of an enterprise.

The users also need to know that Saving Sent Mail with a BCC on each message will consume their quota pretty quickly -- especially if the message has attachments.
8) Tinus Riyanto2825 (31 Oct 2013)
Personally I cannot understand how this would be beneficial to users. As others has pointed out above me the negative impact far outweigh any potential benefit.


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