Allow for an "Abstain" vote (Give credit for "No Opinion" votes) 
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: David Hablewitz15116 11 Jul 2013
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Currently, participants are only credited for having a strong opinion on an idea.  If you don't feel strongly enough for or against an idea to promote or demote it, then you get no credit and that position is not considered.  Yet there is a real difference between an idea that has been read by a large number of people and has only received a few votes vs. an idea that has only been read by a few, but has the same number of votes.  Allowing for an abstain also gives credit to those who at least participated in considering the idea.  This option should not be available from the view level.  Only make it available if the topic is opened where it can be fully viewed.

1) Christopher Boote10606 (15 Jul 2013)
Isn't that what the 'no opinion' is for?
2) David Hablewitz15116 (15 Jul 2013)
Yes, that is what "No Opinion" is for. But there is no difference between "No Opinion" and not voting at all. Yet there is value in a "No Opinion" vote, at least more than not voting. So if you want to encourage participation, give credit for reading the idea and casting a "No Opinion" vote. Otherwise, how can you differentiate between an idea that gets 100 visitors and only 10 promotions from another idea that gets 10 visitors and 10 promotions? The answer is you can't. So "No Opinion" votes are essential to getting valid data and therefore worthy of giving credit.
3) Christopher Boote10606 (16 Jul 2013)
OK, understand better now
4) Tinus Riyanto2825 (05 Aug 2013)
Agree with the idea's that the number no opinion should be displayed as well.
So ... something like this in that box with the promote / demote option ?
Promote: n
No Opinion: m
Demote: o

On the side note, does anyone know if no opinion vote contribute to your innovators' score as well ?
5) Bill Malchisky12192 (15 Oct 2013)
I thought Bruce mentioned a few years ago, that he changed the metric to include a less value, but above zero for a No Opinion vote. Perhaps that changed in a succeeding release.


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