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Configuration document - notes.ini settings dialog box 
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: Domino Administrator / Other
: notes.ini, configuration
: Karen Hooper4022 16 Apr 2008
: / Email
The set/modify parameters for notes.ini settings is very clunky and not intuiative, can this be updated.  The fact that there are so many ways to edit the notes.ini is a concern I think this whole area needs to be streamlined and more transparent. 

1) Harkpabst Meliantrop3248 (16 Apr 2008)
The second sentence is the more important one. E.g., I find it rather funny, that webadmin.nsf allows you to edit the notes.ini directly, while the admin client doesn't. I see the idea behind the settings dialog box, but it is indeed clunky and lacking.
2) Oliver Regelmann4949 (21 Apr 2008)
It should also contain all available parameters and a description for them.
3) Bill Malchisky9254 (22 Apr 2008)
The server console is at least intuitive and consistent for this, but could be slightly enhanced...it also does allow copy/paste. For config documents, it does need an upgrade. In the short-run, maybe the console will help you.
4) Karen Hooper4022 (02 May 2008)
@Bill - not sure what is intuitive in having to know the syntax, know the exact name of the ini variable you want to set, not make any spelling mistakes and not be able to set one variable for more than one server! I agree the server console is easy but I teach people new to Domino, they want to remember 1 place & they typically prefer to pick from a list which gives an explanation. I can see your an experienced admin person, think back to the days when you were new.
@Harkpabst/@Oliver, I agree.
Maybe the best practise tool in 8.5 could help with ini settings.
5) Ralph Borcherds547 (13 Jan 2011)
As someone that has been using Notes/Domino since Jan 1994 let me add my 2cents.

1. Configuration documents are not for regular modifying of notes.ini. Use this to make sure all servers that belong to that configuration have the same settings.

2. New admins need to learn how to enter console commands. If there is a server issue and you have to restrict the server they need to know how to enter that command at the server console or on the server directly if needed to restrict users from accessing the server. the console command Set Con Server_Restricted=1 or 2 writes to the notes.ini and takes effect immediately.

3. You do not want to add things like debug parameters to configuration documents to update the notes.ini. Those you want to add either through the console command or directly to to the notes.ini on the server you are working on only.

For these reasons you need to be able to edit the notes.ini in a few different ways. Each method is used for specific reasons and in specific situations.
1. Edit notes.ini directly using an editor only while server is down
2. Configuration documents are for making sure that you always have certain variables set
3. Most notes.ini edits should come from the console command line.
4. Use the webadmin.nsf to edit a notes.ini directly if you will be restarting the domino server right after you save the file.

Always remember to keep the last line of the notes.ini as a blank empty line. Domino server and notes client ignore the last line of the notes.ini.


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