When inserting a new row into a table: take current format of the neighbour rows 
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: Stefan Meyer3029 11 Mar 2014
: / Email
I often create tables and enter numbers in 1st column. Normally I mark the complete column, align the content centered, give it a dedicated color or make it bold.
When inserting a new column I'd like to get these format values in the new row.

1) Larry Helwig4415 (11 Mar 2014)
Same should apply when inserting a new row.
2) Stefan Meyer3029 (11 Mar 2014)
Sorry, meant rows like in the header. - Stefan
3) Christopher Boote10606 (12 Mar 2014)
I know this is a minor niggle - and I'm all in favour of it - but which row/column?
If we're inserting before the first, easy, use the formatting from the first
Likewise if appending after the last, use the formatting from the last
But what if we're inserting appending in the middle?

Logically, if inserting, take the format from the one we're inserting before? And if appending, take it from the one we're appending after?
4) Stefan Meyer3029 (12 Mar 2014)
Maybe this way: When inserting a column, leave as is, use standard formatting. It is hard to predict what kind of data shall be displayed in it. ... Is it a column for numbers, dates, text??

By the way, I wrote "column" but of course meant "row" in my idea's last sentence.

@ 3): Rows are somewhat easier: When inserting a row, have a look at the rows above and below. If there is only one of them, or if they've got equal formatting, use it. Otherwise use standard formatting. This could be done per cell. So if column 1 shows a centered text, use it. No matter what the next columns are like.

Cheers from Hannover, it's CeBIT time!
5) Tinus Riyanto2825 (03 Apr 2014)
I like the idea, but as you argue above the detail can be implemented in various way.


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