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"Build Automatically" and "Clean" 
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: Mark Demicoli11792 12 Jan 2012
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I don't fully understand what "Build Automatically" and "Clean" do (Project menu of Domino Designer), but without Build Automatically dependency compile is broken, and Clean is sometimes necessary when things go pear shaped.
I'd like to see this area "cleaned up", pardon the pun, and also have Designer automatically update inherited design elements in the current workspace or working set.  This is important to me because I have a set of core script libraries which I maintain in a master database and push down to other designs manually and repetitively while I have the developer hat on.  I suspect many others work this way too.
Is there a better way to manage 'core' script libraries?  I've always dreamed of being able to reference them from any database rather than pushing (inheriting) them around.  SCT is nice but only works for a whole database - you can't reference individual design elements from an Single Copy Template.  If it were possible.... but it's probably tough to implement and I suspect Lotus don't want to get anywhere near SCT :)

1) Kenneth Axi1694 (15 Jan 2012)
The "Build automatically" feature is something that isn't needed for Notes/Domino projects - it is a feature that is used in Eclipse when programming C/C++ projects etc when You don't want to update the project on every save. But since Domino Designer is powered by Eclipse there is no way to "remove" this feature so therefore it is always there and has no real meaning. But if You are doing XPages - then the "Build Automatically" should be turned on, or You could run into some compiling problems.

The "Clean Project" is basically the same as "Recomplie all lotusscript": It deletes all compiled versions of the project (LotusScript and Java) and re-builds/compiles it entirely.

This is at least as far as I have managed to understand when reading a lot of manuals/howtos etc online... Maybe someone else knows better...

But to the idea: I don't think its possible to remove any of the items, but there should be a possibliity to have a property in the preferences that controls that "Build automatically" is enabled by default. But its not a very big deal...
2) Mark Demicoli11792 (15 Jan 2012)
@1 "The "Build automatically" feature is something that isn't needed for Notes/Domino projects"

After I said "without Build Automatically dependency compile is broken"

You're definitely wrong there. If you don't have it enabled, script libraries dependent on the one you are currently editing are not recompiled and the app is broken.
3) Mark Demicoli11792 (15 Jan 2012)
@1 "The "Clean Project" is basically the same as "Recomplie all lotusscript"

Mmmm no. Cclean appears to do a 'recompile lite' based on what it 'thinks probably needs to be recompiled. It fails sometimes, and a proper Tools\Recompile All Lotusscript is required. They work differently as is evidenced by the fact that a full recompile takes far longer than a clean operation.
4) Mike Woolsey5040 (18 Jan 2012)
In thinking about this, I'd like to know the perceived build steps that eclipse has decided is appropriate to build. That was immediately after a "clean".

I went to another Designer installation and the build came off, no problem.

I've experienced where errors occur during a "Build Automatic" build, and the errors are not enlightening as to what went wrong. It'd be nice to know: the name of the element where the build went wrong; the error that occurred. I'd like to know what file might be going south in Designer as well, if that's the issue.

We are developers, and even support would need to know this stuff. Let's get 'em out there!
5) Vlad Sh10448 (03 Feb 2012)
> Is there a better way to manage 'core' script libraries?
You either use the inheritance at the database level, or disable it and use the inheritance at the level of individual elements of design.
6) Starrow Pan4716 (01 Mar 2012)

Build and Clean are concepts from java development. They build xpages and java files into bytecode and clean up the built files. In the scenario of lotusscript development, Build is added with the task of compile LS so when a library is modified, other elements need not be edited and saved as before.

Because of the way Notes compile and reference LS objects, I cannot see perfect solution to maintain core elements.
Inherit, SCT and prohibition to refresh all have some shortcomings.


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