Introducing the IQJam Web Services API

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IQJam has a set of web services (SOAP) that will allow developers to read data from and post data to an IQJam. The way this will work is through a security token that each user is assigned in their Profile along with an ACL Role that allows the API access. The implentation is very elegant and currently consists of the following methods:
  • addQuestion
  • addAnswer
  • findQuestionById
  • searchQuestions
  • getRecentQuestions
  • getRecentQuestionsByTag
  • getRecentQuestionsByAuthor
If we take a look at the addQuestion method we have:

- Question
- Security Key
- Question ID

and the getRecentQuestions:

- IQSpace (Optional)
- Security Key
- Question(s)

Pretty straight forward right?

A set of JSON methods will also be provided with IQJam and will offer equivelant functionality. There are also several other methods that are currently being developed. All of these services can be found on the Developers link located at the bottom of every IQJam page.