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Free Time publication for outside users (25 Feb 2014)

I don't know about Tungle.

Version property for NotesDatabase (25 Feb 2014)


This is not a user, but a database level property. I don't think there is a use case for versioning on organization level.

Use LotusScript libraries in xPages Server Side JavaScript (27 Jan 2014)

Peter, that is different.
1, you need to modify the original code
2, the AgentManager will start and stop, initiate a new session, etc.

Native Traveler Client for all platforms (08 Jul 2013)

With all platforms I meant Android, IOS, Windows (new ones) and maybe BlackBerry.
I also know Ed's opinion about these developments, but there are MUST-HAVE-FUNCTIONS. We can go to a customer and try to speak about our business values while he see a lack of important functionalities.
More and more companies says they are not trust in native (built-in) mail clients. They want a container like behavior also (eg: application password, separate data storage, etc). If You say "corporate usage" then we should develop more secure and more manageable solution. And this can be made with our own Traveler Client.

I don't know Apple's behavior, but I can see there are many companies whom are developing IOS apps. See may example.

Mobile is a different market. We have to be fast in development, have nice user friendly functions, security and give users what they want and a bit more.

Extendable Connections Mobile App (27 Feb 2013)

Sorry. I haven't found this article.

Grey Workspace, still after all these years? (25 Nov 2012)

I talked with my colleague, who is a Lever3 Support engineer for Domino. He told meg that when R8 started to be developed, IBM asked the largest customers if they want to keep workspace or not. The ALL answered YES.

New Hide-When property (25 Nov 2012)

Hi Mark,

But this is a security feature, as a user can see some "technical" fields or fields that are hidden from him on the form.

I know....encrypt them. But You can't encrypt everything. (management on encryption keys are nor so easy for users, and admins)

btw, let's see this from another point of view: why the user needs to see those fields, and other TECHNICAL data? Is there any practical reason for this? I think NO! This function is simply NOT-FOR-USERS!

Add some views into the "Views" section of the Notes 8.5 mailbox (25 Nov 2012)

Why you want those views, when You can easily short All Documents/Inbox by clicking on the column header?
But, You are right, the View sections should be hidden if no views are inside.

Skin-ing Notes Design elemens (07 Nov 2012)


I don't understand Your comment.

Show-When formula (07 Nov 2012)

Thats OK, But Im talking about to create the hide-when formula. Sometimes it can be longer and more difficult than show-when. (when there are multiple status fields and other expressions involved) And of course sometimes the hide-when is simple than show-when.

IBM Worklight for Native Domino Apps (06 Nov 2012)

in case of xPages You can do it as a Hybrid App

Quickr Mobile clients for iOS and Android (18 Jul 2012)

{ Link }

IBM official Visio stencils and icons repository (26 Apr 2012)

Not only for Visio! There are other drawing tools.

Connections style HomePage for QuickR (25 Apr 2012)

If You don't use Connections?

Multiple Servers in Domino Console (25 Apr 2012)

I think when you test something, You should see consoles side-by-side. Or its easier to catch warnings, failures etc
What you request is exists now. On the left side you can select you see the list of server and You can click on them to view.

Change the look and feel for classic Notes apps (01 Feb 2012)

Just to clear:: I'm not talking about to use xPages in Notes Client (on an old, slow, not optimized built in browser :( ). But to give a new graphical design for Notes elements and a new page element behaves like xPages in the browser.

ID Vault initial ID file import (05 Dec 2011)


During the initial setup of the R8 client, it is easier to use the ID Vault then asking the user to browse for it or store IDs on network drives (unattended setup with ConfigFile).

Change the look and feel for classic Notes apps (17 Nov 2011)


Why? I don't see any big advantages of xPages in the client over a classic Form.
Web2 behavior and multi db pages are some, but not so important (4 me)
Less features, more coding. If You don't need browser access, classic way is much better.

Integrate Source Control with Rational Team Concert (09 Nov 2011)

I withdrawed my demote :)

Integrate Source Control with Rational Team Concert (09 Nov 2011)

Sorry, sorry, sorry....missed click.

Views - be able to calcuate median - not just average (05 Aug 2011)

...simply add more statistical functions and ability to use a @Formula

Make key navigators in mail not scrolled with folders list (25 Jul 2011)

For me, most of those folders/actions are not very usefuly. eg: I'm opening Junk very rarely. But opening folders of running projects often. Those are changing time to time as projects are starting or closing.

It would be better to let the user to choose actions/views/folders to build his own set of important links.

Watch List of variables in Debugger (06 Jul 2011)


If You would like to follow, let's say 5 variables, but there are 30+ on the list. Its better to select 5 vs deselect 25+.
In my idea watch list is a separate tab, if You select a variable from the full list, it appears on the Watch List.

Btw, my idea is about to have a Watch list, how it's feasible is a secondary question.

Embedded WebSphere JAVA Engine (28 Jun 2011)

Not any real (technical, functional, etc) reasons why not?

Debugger keep breakpoints in correct lines (28 Jun 2011)

My opinion about xPages: LotusScript is unique. xpages is a common technique (AJAX, Dojo, ....etc) You can have these from the market, eg: RAP, Google, etc. So we are entering into a space where You can have this functionality from other vendors. So, from that point Domino is mostly degradated to a database engine.

An idea to bring back the Economy. (25 Jun 2011)

And force everybody on earth to buy a CAL to Domino, ST Advance, QuickR, Connections, Portal...of course on list price. + 1 day Services.

Make InfoBox (document properties) resizeable so you see fields better (19 Jun 2011)

Also, when You select a field and by using the down/up arrow You are going down in the field list, it should display the value as You go field by field. (now You must select with space button)

Application open dialog using Catalog (12 May 2011)

There can be a selection above the list of databases:
Select By:

Forward invitation (05 May 2011)

Delegation means You can't go there and You send somebody else. The invitation moves to the delegated calendar. In my suggestion You can invite other people. Eg: sales guy gets an invitation, but he would like to take some technical guys also. No he has to create another invitation for the same event, or ask the chair (by the customer) to invite others.

Mail rules run after reading (15 Apr 2011)

1, 2, Those problems can be solved.

Of course You can use this formula, but what about a "user"? They don't thinking about copy vs move. They want to find the email.

I think (as I heard this by several customers, on management level) it's more problematic to find the mail in a deep folder structure.

But If You don't like this...I don't mind.

Phone number recognition (14 Apr 2011)

Hmmm... Not. Thats why I posted this.
Samsung i5800, Android 2.2.

Clone server document (06 Apr 2011)

As I know there will be a Template/Policy Doc for Server Documents. (I posted this idea inside IBM)

Device registration workflow (06 Apr 2011)

{Comment Deleted By Zoltan Szabo on 06-Apr-2011 08:22}

Device registration workflow (05 Apr 2011)

This idea came from a customer. Their security department wants to control registrations and they want that users can use only one approved device.

Connections style HomePage for QuickR (04 Apr 2011)

Both. Could You please share some screens?

Designer for Linux (16 Mar 2011)


Designer and Administrator clients are mostly used by 'tech' guys, and they mostly like Linux.
They are only a few and not decision makers, but IBM should give them something to have their LIKE.


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