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New ODS: multiple files instead of a single file (27 Mar 2015)

(I do think it would be worth examining, but I don't think IBM are likely to do any more work on Notes at all :( )

New ODS: multiple files instead of a single file (27 Mar 2015)

I do like the idea of the design being in a separate file - it would make managing designs easier - but wouldn't the increased I/O, and having to have multiple files open in memory cause performance issues?

Design element support in XPages format (02 Mar 2015)

This sums up why I've done almost no xPages dev work - the 5-50x extra time involved for even the simplest of forms makes it a non-runner for me
And when coupled with the dreadful reliability of all the multiple libraries and obscure error messages - yuk!

Abort searching design of form (27 Feb 2015)

I just tested this with 9.0.1 and 8.5.3 under windows and CTRL-Break-Break worked on both for me

IBM Should Change the Slide Templates (17 Feb 2015)

"The font size should be half the age of the average person attending the session."
he he he
I have stolen that and added it to my 'How to do presentations right' presentation :)

Automatic detection of replication/save conflicts (05 Jan 2015)

Starrow. The 'rules' suggestion could handle that without changing the default behaviour
Simply 'always accept newer' could be one rule, for example

XPages template/framework based on (incorporating) IBM Design Language (30 Dec 2014)


"Z layouts account for the natural direction eyes travel when they scan content."
Err - only for Western readers
What about Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew and a host of others?

"Know your users’ habits and equip them with tools that are flexible and ready-at-hand"
How, exactly?

This whole site is full of such inane platitudes

XPages template/framework based on (incorporating) IBM Design Language (30 Dec 2014)

That link is to the most banal, meaningless tripe I've ever read from IBM - and I've worked for and with the since 1988!
What a crock o' shite

App for learning Lotus Script, Lotus Notes Interface (23 Dec 2014)

Aargh, I meant (of course) "its dedicated..."
Not "it's"

App for learning Lotus Script, Lotus Notes Interface (23 Dec 2014)

What's the point
IBM have more or less abandoned Notes and it's dedicated, enthusiastic, creative devotees
The last thing they seem to want are new lotusscript developers

Enable moving Notes workspace page (27 Nov 2014)

Been asking for that since 4.65 :)

Weekly/Monthly email of new Ideas and Comments from IdeaJam (30 Apr 2014)

{Comment Deleted By Christopher Boote on 30-Apr-2014 18:49}

I wonder whether the s/w can handle Thai language (04 Apr 2014)

Και ελληνική όσο και

allow copying file path from database properties infobox (01 Apr 2014)

Not just filepath, repid as well

When inserting a new row into a table: take current format of the neighbour rows (12 Mar 2014)

I know this is a minor niggle - and I'm all in favour of it - but which row/column?
If we're inserting before the first, easy, use the formatting from the first
Likewise if appending after the last, use the formatting from the last
But what if we're inserting appending in the middle?

Logically, if inserting, take the format from the one we're inserting before? And if appending, take it from the one we're appending after?

When clicking on 'new message' pop-up, open correct folder (10 Mar 2014)

I'd prefer to open the email directly

Specify a profile field as the formula in a view column (10 Mar 2014)

OK, so you want a configuration doc (could be a profile doc, could be a regular doc) to have a field containing a 'soft' formula?
This formula is faithfully replicated in a view column?
Then Admins can change this formula and recast the view?

You can do this now
Add a button to the doc form that gets the view, and copies the formula into the notesViewColumn.Formula

You can put whatever fancy stuff you want to select the view affected first, of course

Provide A doc-Load option in each object to load just the first 40k of rich text fields in a doc (10 Mar 2014)

Just to check, you are referring to a (e.g.) db.getdocumentbyunid or view.getdocumentbykey ?
I just opened two documents in each of those two ways, one with a huge (8MB) rtf and one with no rtfs
No appreciable difference in time to open either

Are you possibly referring to a uidoc open?

put sent items in folders (28 Jan 2014)

Can you explain a little more?
You can put a sent item into a folder as you send it - using Send and File

@function or command 'ComputeWithForm' (05 Jan 2014)

Can only be called from UI
I want an @command to work from a view

Right-click actions on the Slide-In "New Mail" alert (27 Nov 2013)

And make the functions on this right-click user-customisable via preferences too

Support Fingerprint ID system (Touch ID) as a device security method in IBM Notes Traveler (02 Oct 2013)

Ray, that's not what the proposal says
If it's supposed to be "Add an policy option to force a TURN OFF of TouchID for Traveller-connected devices" I would support it like a shot

Support Fingerprint ID system (Touch ID) as a device security method in IBM Notes Traveler (30 Sep 2013)

Me too - so I would vote against any addition of <ul>weaker</ul> security to Traveller
We're not Mickeysoft, you know...

Log IP Address of bad HTTP requests (18 Sep 2013)

Brilliant! And so obvious 8-)

Integrating the CISCO (10 Sep 2013)

Plenty of 3rd party applications to do this
e.g. { Link }

Creation of Automatic Groups in Sametime based on domains (09 Sep 2013)

That would be a nice option, yes

Sorting of Lotus Sametime Contact List (09 Sep 2013)

How many people do you have in each group?
Of course, if you're not using groups you might have a problem...

Auto turn on/off Out Of Office Assistant (09 Sep 2013)

There already is
You just write an agent that goes to an individual user's mailbox and sets the agent on or off in the Calendar Profile
This is a code thing, not a product thing

Customisable right-click menu (05 Sep 2013)

I agree, those were two I thought of, and if it allowed cascading entries, there could be "copy as ..."
Also "Export as Structured Text" and "Export as RTF"

Agent access to platform statistics for better System performance (27 Aug 2013)

Some of them I'd be extremely happy if they had progressed to the spear throwing stage - banging rocks together would be advanced compared with one I had to rewrite recently...

Agent access to platform statistics for better System performance (26 Aug 2013)

Anything that lets well-written agents behave better is always welcome 8-)

Search capability in Server Console (14 Aug 2013)

I know we asked for a filter in the Admin console YEARS ago, so yes, yes, yes please

Option for always Blind copying yourself when composing mail (14 Aug 2013)

Why don't they just put themselves in the blindcopy then

Give a flag for agents that keeps the selection afterwards (07 Aug 2013)

And I tried with the simple command @function, to use @command ([runagent]) an @command ([toolsrunmacro])
Neither worked as I hoped
The agent runs, the selection is removed

Give a flag for agents that keeps the selection afterwards (07 Aug 2013)

Ah, reading that link
It's not
It's the SIMPLE command "Run Agent"
Which is useless unless you have only one agent you want to run

Give a flag for agents that keeps the selection afterwards (07 Aug 2013)

? No it doesn't for me
I have a button in the view
I select a group of records, click the button
The agent runs on each correctly but I still use my selection
How are you doing it?

Add auto word completion feature to mail body (07 Aug 2013)

As long as it can be turned off - I personally find it very annoying

Allow selection of display text in edit mode (02 Aug 2013)

I was just about to submit this idea, but did a search first and found your submission
Can't wait for this to be implemented
As it was added to the requirements list over 4 years ago, though, I'm not that sanguine about seeing it any time soon ...

When using View - Go To, allow double-clicking the view to go to it. (01 Aug 2013)

Done 8-)

Search Engine Optimization Company (26 Jul 2013)

{Comment Deleted By Bruce Elgort on 28-Jul-2013 22:44}

Experience in website development and web designing (26 Jul 2013)

{Comment Deleted By Bruce Elgort on 28-Jul-2013 22:44}

Search Engine Optimization Company (26 Jul 2013)

{Comment Deleted By Bruce Elgort on 28-Jul-2013 22:44}

Experience in website development and web designing (26 Jul 2013)

{Comment Deleted By Bruce Elgort on 28-Jul-2013 22:44}

Extend mail rules (22 Jul 2013)

So a per-folder mail rule, rather than for the whole db?
This would be relatively easy to code, using the QueryAddToFolder event, looking up to a table of rules

Allow for an "Abstain" vote (Give credit for "No Opinion" votes) (16 Jul 2013)

OK, understand better now

Allow for an "Abstain" vote (Give credit for "No Opinion" votes) (15 Jul 2013)

Isn't that what the 'no opinion' is for?

Change the way you, as a customer, can weigh on SPR's (24 Jun 2013)

@Mathieu is absolutely right - whether or not more customers reporting or 'promoting' the SPR adds weight to it, it should certainly add to the visibility
And @Thibaud's suggestion is brilliant - it's simple to use, simple to understand, simple to code. It adds a metric to the support dev teams when it comes to prioritising APARs that wasn't there before

Change the way you, as a customer, can weigh on SPR's (20 Jun 2013)

Sort of an SPR-Jam?
Sounds like a simple idea, very little work for IBM, up to us to persuade our customers to weigh in

Add server and database as optional parameters for @GetProfileField and @SetProfileField (14 Jun 2013)

Hi Tinus
As profile docs are cached, it shouldn't be any performance hit at all - one lookup, once, at the start of the session with that app - not too bad I would have thought

Toolbar buttons for mail Recall and Encrypt (03 Jun 2013)

First one is already there;
Delivery options - has so much more than just 'encrypt'
Second one...
You CAN'T recall an email that's gone out from your server
So that would mean this button would have to check if the mail is still in your own mail.box or in your server's smtp.box and not display if it can't find it
Not really that good

Add server and database as optional parameters for @GetProfileField and @SetProfileField (07 May 2013)

Possible alternative title;
"Add server and database as optional parameters for @GetProfileField and @SetProfileField"

And yeah, like Johannes, I almost voted 'Demote' until I read it properly
It's a good idea

System wide Web Query Save (07 May 2013)

Fairly easy to do now
Call a common WQS, that itself looks up into a systemwide keywords db to know what WQS agent to run for a given db/form combo

New toolbar widget "Console Command" (10 Apr 2013)


Simplification of the preference menu (10 Apr 2013)

I'm all in favour of this, as long as there is some way for support, admin etc. to see the hidden values/tabs for problem diagnosis

Version property for NotesDatabase (28 Mar 2013)

Very very nice idea

Make dialog boxes resizable (26 Mar 2013)

Ah, sorry, thought you meant Notes client

Make dialog boxes resizable (26 Mar 2013)

Use the triangle bar thingy in the bottom right corner

But generally I agree, all dialog boxes should be resizable

Make dialog boxes resizable (26 Mar 2013)

Err - it is completely resizable now (in 8.5.3)

Tool to show unreferenced design elements for easy cleaup (26 Mar 2013)

I'd just like to be able to compact a design template and have it purge all now-unused fields from the e.g. column list

You know how it is, you created name, name_1 and name_2, saved the form, renamed the fields to what you want, but these three fields still show up in the field list in a column formula

Yes, I know there are (fiddly) ways to remove them, but I'd like to see it done with a simple compact

Shared Actions belong under Shared Elements (26 Mar 2013)

Yes, either move shared column and shared fields (which are almost always code) into the code section or move the shared actions out

@Formula library (26 Mar 2013)

I reproduce this using shared fields using known field inputs
E.g. Let's keep it simple. Say you have a formula for volume that handles empty fields;
Your shared field, Volume, fomula is
Then as long as your calling function does a @setfield on the four fields height,width,length,precision before calling the refresh, the shared field Volume

Now you can use Volume through out your form, setting fields, calculating, getting the value of Volume as often as neccesary

Extra CreateReplica parameter to select "Immediately" or not (26 Mar 2013)

And the Boolean default should be True to ensure existing code keeps working as designed

Remove syntax error indication until after end-of-line (26 Mar 2013)

Intellisense definitely packs up after it's decided there's a code error
But more irritating is that the red wiggly line obscures whether you've put a comma or a period in a line of code - which of course if you've got it wrong triggers the red wiggly line ...

Just the X in the sidebar is enough!

Set scope for debugger (26 Mar 2013)

Well then perhaps we need a lotusscript switch - debugger true, debugger false - which we can put in just for the modules in whatever databases we want to debug?

Mail template & Help dbs would have 'debugger false' in every single module by default, which we could change on the rare occasions we need to debug mail or help

Consistent Database Open Dialog (26 Mar 2013)

I'm always in favour of consistency, and the Designer Application-Open dialog biox is much better than the Client one

Provide easier way to see the View Selection formula w/o opening up the view (26 Mar 2013)

If you mean a new tab inside properties in the new IDE, I'm all for it (actually, I'd like it editable there as well)

Allow mulitple declarations of the same constant in LotusScript (21 Mar 2013)

And if you declare it multiple times with different values? Which should it take - and how the frick could you debug it?

Humor me for a moment: I want a Game as a Notes App (21 Mar 2013)

Notes is admirably suited for games that need a central record keeping of board positions and user-secret info - Scrabble, Settlers of Catan, Puerto Rico etc.

It would also work for 100% open games too - chess, draughts, go etc.

What it would be very poor at is playing against you

I'd be happy to help write one with you if you want?

Swap F5 and F9 Keys (21 Mar 2013)

It's back in 8.5.3 8-)

Enable search for multiple notes databases simultaniusly (20 Mar 2013)

This used to be possible in Domain Search (there was an 'include this database in a multi-database search' checkbox) and was removed in R6 I think

Allow copying of entire folders from one mailfile to another (20 Mar 2013)

Not just mailfiles - why not be able to do it with all folders?

Show documents from many databases in one view. (20 Mar 2013)

This used to be available with ... Portfolios?
Went away with R6

Let users set individual default custom font, color, size, background, etc. for their email AND replies. (19 Mar 2013)

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!

Go back to the Inbox after deleting a message (22 Feb 2013)

Outlook (spit) has an option for users to decide what to do after a reply and after a delete
Notes should have the same

Autosave for Domino Designer (21 Feb 2013)

As long as we can turn it off, I'd say go for it

Add formula @IsDocBeingPrinted (21 Feb 2013)

REALLY uncomfortable with the idea that you could print something that's not on the screen
Like it or not, paper is the way many legal requirements go
It would be the work of a few seconds to send an email like that below

Dear customer
please print, sign and return

<when read,edit> I reject conditions 3, 5 and 7
<when printed> I accept completely your conditions

This would lead to the impossibility of using Notes for legal document production

Attachment Box (21 Feb 2013)

I disagree
I, and many users, find it useful to say things like

Here -> <attachment1> are the latest figures
Here -> <attachment2> are last weeks

I've also got some preliminary figures for next week <attachment 3>

You lose all of that functionality if attachments are shoved out into a box at the top like in Outlook

Warning when phishing URLs appear in e-mail (21 Feb 2013)

Sounds like a good idea but...
Won't that require reading every link in every email - and what about encrypted emails, how would that work?

Possibly it might be better on the click function, rather than when it exists

Have bytes (K/M/G) as optional number format for a field. (21 Feb 2013)

Also as a switch for @text

Print of calendar in color (19 Feb 2013)

At the very least it should print as seen on screen - so WYSIWYP
The monthly view, especially, looks great on screen and crud when printed

Select Category option in Views to tick all documents within a category and sub-categories (16 Oct 2012)

SHFT-CTRL-* would do it nicely

inbox: newest first (16 Oct 2012)

I disagree completely
Logically, the 'next' and 'previous' emails should be 'later' and 'earlier' in time

Additionally, if you have your newest first, when you open an email and, say hit enter (to go to the next) or delete, it goes to an older email, not the next one to be read

Finally, if you read your unread mails from top to bottom, you will see e.g. first a request, then peoples answers, rather than seeing the answers before the request

I loathe this 'feature' in e.g. hotmail, webmail, Lookout, etc.

Symphony docs viewable on iPhone & iPad (15 Oct 2012)

Not just the apple stuff, all smartphones and tablets
E.g. DocsToGo on Blackberry

New Hide-When property (15 Oct 2012)

Certainly visibility of fields is needed for Designers

Check receipient access to doclinks/db links when a user sends email to Notes users (21 Sep 2012)

I agree with Paul
The clean up needs to be at the recipient end, not the sender

Context menu in the field of type "Text" (20 Sep 2012)

? Right click gives all of these except select all

Fix application title in applications pane while scrolling (20 Sep 2012)

So you want to make each app in the designer left hand pane self-contained with its own floating header
That's Brilliant!
Yes please!

When a user is removed from the Domino Domain and mail file is deleted remove all calendar entries where they are the chair in all mail files (20 Sep 2012)

I concur with Craig, make it an option, similar to the one in WordPress.
When you remove a user, ask "to whom do you assign all of their meetings?"

Lotus script debug snooze option (20 Sep 2012)

I'd rather just have a debugger that only debugged the current db

Export to excel (19 Sep 2012)

Export as csv?

Universal Messaging Notes Client (19 Sep 2012)

And not only that, but give it away free with every darn PC or Mac that's sold, and make it open source

Lotus had the opportunity to own the email space back in the mid nineties when the Notes email db could access any pop3 mail store, the way that M$ owned the browser space with IE

Let's take it back now

We all know M$ LookOut! and Excuse are horrible mail clients, let's give the world a good open source one

Form Fields (19 Sep 2012)

I would like to see something like a simple border, like now, for editable fields, dotted for Computed, dashed for CFD etc.

Error Handling for default Domino errors (19 Sep 2012)

In the Notes client (8.5+) you now get told which field has the error

Improving Domino Designer Search (19 Sep 2012)

Or why don't you just buy & incorporate Teamstudio Configurator?
Search/Find & Replace - over both design AND documents!
All using Wild cards
Over Multiple databases

Easy way to get all groups of any user programmatically (14 Sep 2012)

Well, I know it's not as quick (and I've promoted this), but in the meantime, surely everyone by now creates a 'Groups by user' view in the NAB?
Just lookup into that

Split IdeaJam into "Domino Server, XPages & Notes Mail" and "Other" (14 Sep 2012)

Whereas, of course, anything NOT to do with improving oldskool design elements, formula or LotusScript is only going to fall on deaf ears 89% of the time?

Lotus Script Debugger - debug only selected object (14 Sep 2012)

I rasied this yonks ago - so naturally I agree wholeheartedly 8-)

Add the "Close Project" menu option to Domino Designer Perspective (14 Sep 2012)

What does this do that 'Remove' doesn't?

@Function and LotusScript to "View..Customize This View" dialog (14 Sep 2012)

3. sort columns A/D
4. categorize (or 'group') columns

So we could give the users one pretty comprehensive view, and they could sort and categorize it to their hearts' content

Add in 'maintain categories after a search and that's pretty much 90% of Notes reporting tied up 8-)

Copy field properties in a table in clipboard memory (14 Sep 2012)

And then a 'paste properties' to apply those properties to another field?

Horizontal menu Separator to group actionbuttons (08 Dec 2009)

Why not just create an empty button?
With no text and no action?

Display number of unread mails for others to work smarter. (29 Sep 2009)

Do you really think that a) people would bother to look at a user's unread marks before sending an email? b) that the number of unread marks indicates how busy someone is or c) that anyone sending to multiple users will appreciate the extra time/cpu needed to grab this info?

Optimise LotusScript Conditional evaluation (24 Sep 2009)

To clarify
$= means 'is a string AND equals'
%= means 'is an integer AND equals'
and so on for all datatypes

Optimise LotusScript Conditional evaluation (24 Sep 2009)

I agree with adding a new operator, say $= or %= so

if doc.CFRDays(0) $= "" Or Or doc.CFRDays(0) %= 0 Then

When the doc.CFRDays(0) is evaluated, if it is not a string, then it automatically fails the $= operator
Likewise, if it is not an integer, it always fails the %= with no comparison necessary in either case

That would speed things up a lot

Activities - More status options (24 Sep 2009)

Can I promote this one more than once?

2 Default actions when double-clicking an attachment (16 Sep 2009)

@4 now that is a smart suggestion - as long as we have CTRL-click to open as well

Open more than a database at once (16 Sep 2009)

Already there

@PhoneNumber (16 Sep 2009)

@3 Clearly you're American 8-)
There is indeed a standard 'phone number format!
It's +<country code>space(<optional special code>space)<area code>space<subscriber number>

So for the US +1 123 1234567
For the UK +44 208 12345678 or +44 1344 123456
For a UK mobile number +44 7 973 123456
For a Swedish number +46 12 12345678 or +46 1234 12345

This would be a very simple feature to implement - and would also be useful as an @text option and a standard lotusscript format string

Make a FREE Notes Mail Client "Lite" for home users (16 Sep 2009)

In 1994, while working at Lotus Development in Staines, UK, I sent an email to Jim Manzi, suggesting that Lotus do a deal with the (then) leaders in PC manufacturing, Compaq, Dell, Time, Opus and Gateway, putting a Lotus notes client free on every PC, so that everyone used Lotus Notes as their default email

His reply (which i kept) said
"We don't see any likelihood that a free email client on every PC would be of interest to most users"


Shared Action Groups (15 Sep 2009)

Why not stick 'em in a subform? - of course, then we'd need subforms for views... 8-)

Database Activity - User Detail - secondary sorting & copy to clipboard mem limits (15 Sep 2009)

Please split into two ideas

Set a fixed size for an NSF (15 Sep 2009)

I would like to see a starting or minimum size for dbs as an option, which would be honoured by compact

Auto Correct Spelling and Capitalization (15 Sep 2009)

I've demoted because I'm never in favour of things happening automatically
Spellcheck already picks this up, and really, users should have this set as 'on' by default

Allow to hide view columns by a few mouse clicks (27 Aug 2009)

And how would you unhide it again?

Special field remember old data. Configurable! (27 Aug 2009)

Are you expecting a $history field for each and every field?
Or are you hoping to flag required fields to allow Notes to build $history fields for them?
You could, of course, use 'prior version saved as responses' or even write you own using just the required fields (e.g. on Querysave, build a new doc and save every field with name ending in _h, or in a given keyword list into it and save as a response doc
I'm agnostic at the moment...

Auto Filing Inbox Mail (27 Aug 2009)

Again, I've demoted this as I'm not happy with 'hidden' stuff happening without explicitly saying so
If this was an option on the send & file / folder dialogue box, I'd probably promote instead, but to do it automatically, well , sorry, that's a no no for me

Keywords with aliases in views (26 Aug 2009)

It would require the view to know which form the document was created with, look at the design for that form, and extract the aliases for that field

Not impossible but very very slow

Option for a Field to have its content selected when getting focus (26 Aug 2009)

I have written code to do this so many times that I can do it in my sleep
YES PLEASE let's have it as a default option - for web, client or both

IBM Should Change the Slide Templates (20 Aug 2009)

@4 I want people to call me because they like me 8-)
No one likes me if I give a presentation with 8pt fonts and 32 bullet points per slide 8-(

Shared Selection Formula for Views (20 Aug 2009)

While I've approved this, a part of me says "if the views have the same selection formula, couldn't we make do with just one view?"

Have an visual indicator in a field how the data in it is being generated? (20 Aug 2009)

I would prefer a different border type - regular for editable, dashed for computed, dotted for cfd

Allow resetting the code execution point in the debugger (18 Aug 2009)

In other words - give us a proper debugger?
Yes please!

Quick way to fix the UNK table (17 Aug 2009)

It's not just a case of compacting it though
The various forms keep the old field names, and at the moment the only way to shed them is to create a new form, and copy & paste the old form's contents into it
If it has various pieces of event code, that is a real pain

We need an option to clean up the UNK table AT THE FORM LEVEL every time a form is saved - or maybe add it as part of the 'Tools - recompile' code?

Make NotesDocument.Added Property accessible (17 Aug 2009)

And as Tom said, make it available in views as well

Staging concept makes our design flexible ....[ when you use staging variable as a number ] (17 Aug 2009)

Demoting, as this is a code thing, not a Notes Core thing

Turn back time on a server (12 Aug 2009)

My concern would be for SOX compliance - how could you prove the time & date an email was sent if the server time/date could be set back in time?

Change @DbTitle into @AppTitle (12 Aug 2009)

Just ADD @appname/@Apppath etc. that do the same as @dbname[1] & @dbname[2]

Move Lotusphere to Nashville or Lexington (12 Aug 2009)

Come back to Berlin! (Or even try out Vienna or Prague?)

I wish I could open views in a new window (12 Aug 2009)

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

'collapse all but current' in views (12 Aug 2009)

So, we have * to open just the category we're in, and SHIFT-* to open all of it's hierarchy, others have asked for CTRL-* to select all in the current hierarchy
How about ALT-* to collpase all except the current hierarchy?

Make an SMTP/POP3 only version of the mail client part of Symphony (12 Aug 2009)

Ah, way back when ...

I use to work for Lotus in 94/95 (before the big takeover)
I sent an email to Jim Manzi suggesting that just as Microsoft were doing deals with PC manufacturers to put Internet explorer on every PC, Lotus should do the same with the notes client.
Give it away free as a fantastic email client plus so much more, let people pay to buy the design client if they wanted it

His reply sounds a lot like one a decade or so earlier from Bill Gates
"We don't foresee any likelihood that every PC sold would have an email client installed"

Ho hum...

Allow all measurements to be specified in pixels, as well as cm/inches (12 Aug 2009)

And make it possible to be a formula, not just a fixed numebr

Show categorized columns when displaying search results (12 Aug 2009)

When we do a web search we can keep the original sort order, I'd like to be able to do that in the Notes client as well

Deleting a message should put focus back to inbox (12 Aug 2009)

This should be a mail preference
(It's very simple to code into the template)

Print selected text only (11 Aug 2009)

A 'Print Selected' function/menu option would do it nicely

Right-click action "Open application's template in designer" (11 Aug 2009)

Sorry, this can't work - how can the app tell which server it's template lives on?
Most of us (sensibly) disable the design task and keep our templates safely away from the live servers

Names Fields Display Formats (11 Aug 2009)

The problem is with John Smith/Sales/MyOrg and John Smith/Engineering/MyOrg
How are you going to differentiate them if you don't show Abbreviated names?

Give Groups in the Domino Directory their own ACL's (11 Aug 2009)

This can be achieved with Reader fields - albeit in a rather clunky fashion - so, sorry, I'm demoting it

Make Ctrl-A a toggle (11 Aug 2009)

Another vote for Shift Ctrl A

Application (Database) Block List for Debugger (11 Aug 2009)

I to would like to see debug scope at the database level
It's a royal pain in the rear when in debug on my test app to have to look in help or to email someone

Allow only numbers in a number field (11 Aug 2009)

Id this was asking for input masks it would get a 'promote' but as it is, I think there are better things to spend dev time on

"Grey Out" hidden view columns in designer (11 Aug 2009)

I'd prefer a pale grey background

Custom @Functions (11 Aug 2009)

If only we could vote multiple times for a topic this would be the one!


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