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Would it be an idea to warn user about redirect-URLs? (10 Feb 2016)

@Alex Matheson, yes, there are many ways to do stuff like you point out. I like the Chrome App-variant too. Since all URL protocols require a handler registered in the registry (one for https, one for http, one for notes etc), it means that Avast etc most perhaps inject themselves into that command chain. It could actually be quite simple to create an intermediate inspection tool, which analyzes the URL and relay it onto the original handler if OK.

Regarding the user allowing the link to go through anyway, I would like to see some policy protection around this. The most strict variant could block ANY redirect, and not allowing the link to go through.

Would it be an idea to warn user about redirect-URLs? (10 Feb 2016)

@Alex Matheson, the simplest would be to just warn the user about the redirect. It would be even better if the system also resolved the redirect for the user, much like the Maxa tools do (see the blog post for details).

Display frequently used/favorite fonts at the TOP of the font selection list (05 Feb 2009)

But, whether Eclipse drop down list support five lines or not, is that really relevant to the *WISH* of having better drop down list for the fonts? Me thinks NOT! I would love the ability to see a small sample of the font too, so I can more visually select fonts...

Quick Key for Pass Through HTML (06 May 2008)

Agree, even better, I hope IBM once implement a better toolbar/commands customization engine than the current one. Far too many problems right now.

Make Ctrl-A a toggle (06 May 2008)

Agree with the others, the CTRL + A can ONLY be used for select all, then you need to have another combination for deselect. Therefore my demote.

NotesDXLImporter class should learn to talk (30 Apr 2008)

But can't you use the Log-member? I have found many problems with the Log before...

In case of client crash - zap the need to use zappers! (23 Apr 2008)

@13 - He he, does that mean that you never have seen the Eclipse-like error dialog box? I also code the whole day long, and I would say that I have this problem perhaps 1-2 times a week. This ideaJam-idea came up when I just had another one.

In case of client crash - zap the need to use zappers! (22 Apr 2008)

@12 - Nathan, my experience is that 8.0 an 8.0.1 *do* clean up *if* I see the NSD crash-statistics-gatherer application. However, often when I see the enormous error dialog box, sub-tasks *are* left in the memory. Since I know what tasks to kill, I'm often able to perform a successful restart. But an *end user* have no idea, and shouldn't have either, on how to do this.

Publish file structure of US.DIC (and other dictionary files) (22 Apr 2008)

You get my vote, but not because I want to peek inside! I want to *create* :-) I would like to know the format so I could make a custom dictionary, containg much more customer-jargon.

Install Modemfiles as "optional" and not as default (28 Mar 2008)

I also wish that the installer would remember the previous installer-settings, so I don't risk upgrading with different settings

Databases as application bundles in workspace (28 Mar 2008)

I also miss the Portofolio!

Easier to create links for end-users (previously known as "Hotspot Resource Links" ...) (03 Mar 2008)

...and now it's linked!

Remove the spalsh screen (29 Feb 2008)

Agree with Carl. You have the option to bypass it now. However, why not have a command-line parameter too on notes.exe enabling you to avoid the splashscreen?

Resizable StackTrace Dialog (28 Feb 2008)

In my optionion this dialog box should rather contain a small list-window or whatever. Probably the dialog should contain some buttons to let you save the content (if you ever want to do that ...), send it off to someone.

This wish could also probably be linked to the entry "More identifyable information-, warnings- and errors from Notes!" located here { Link }

Display a document collection in a temporary view (28 Feb 2008)

I think this could be solved by having a grid-like view-type as the other entry here in ideaJAM (title "add a grid view design element" and URL { Link } Tools like IntelliVIEW (its now called something else) from Synaptris uses this grid-control to make it very easy to create ad-hoc reports based upon the *existing* views in a Notes database. The grid will in other words read of the column values and let you manipulate the results *without* bothering the original Notes view or put some severe load on the server, other than looking at the view ...

add a grid view design element (28 Feb 2008)

I couldn't agree more! I was in fact just about to add a wish for a grid, when I saw that the tag "grid" was registered by you here in ideaJam! Remember that the word "grid" often kind of intimidates end-users, so we'd better call something else like "view" :-).

Group Fields by Type in Document Properties dialog (28 Feb 2008)

Yes, in addition make the fields sorted (preferrably sortable), and make property box resizeable so we can see more than a few fields. This is actually killing *much* of the need for my own List Fields ({ Link } but I would much more see such functionallity in the core product.

Keep the C++ API alive (25 Feb 2008)

Doesn't that depend on the eyes that see? *I* have definately received the C++ well, and just like you, I very often use a mix of C and C++ APIs.

Remove "Document has too many paragraphs..." message in Synopsis tool (14 Feb 2008)

Andre, I understand that it might be a challenge to fix synopsis. And I also agree with the DXL/XSLT approach and its versatility. I have even written my own "design extractor" which generates HTML and XML based upon DXL output. I mainly use this as a target for my desktop search tool, which at the time being is X1 (www.x1.com). The idea is that the excellent search capabilities (heavy boolean and proximity searches) in X1 and similar tools, make it easier to search for all my Notes related code directly from the desktop.
However, since the synopsis is built right into the Designer, and because of its excellent speed, I would like to see that synopsis overcame this limitation. That would make many tools redundant, even my own :-)

When pasting text from a browser into a text field, please remove leading- and trailing spaces. (13 Feb 2008)

He he, I thought I mentioned "programmatic control" in the original post? This could of course be placed in the field properties at design time. However, does this differ much from the type of programatic control for example selective replication formulas have? Me think not. That said, I would still love to get those extra spaces removed ...

New view property to change replication priority (12 Feb 2008)

Thanks for your feedback. Yes, I both understand and respect your view. However, we have some world-wide applications which

a) Typically is used by the end-users on a local replica-copy. This is mainly to keep speed up, due to variable line speeds on networks around the globe.

b) Once-in-a-while has some updates to their configuration documents

From time to time we get reports about the strangest problems in the databases, and sometimes it turns out that the end-user (typically a sales person :-)) hasn't finished properly the replication before he left the office.

Finally, I very much agree with you that such a feature would probably take some time to calculate, and overall slow down the replication process. But again, I (errr, humble caugh ...) just want it as an *option*.

Provide the multi-locale framework as built-in feature (11 Feb 2008)

I'd very much like to see stuff around this topic in the future. However, over the years, we've seen more or less successfull attempts. Why? Because Notes design has soo many possibilities and are inherently quite complex in it's structure. But, that doesn't mean that we lay down the challenge!!

Break mail into component databases (11 Feb 2008)

Uncertain about this one ... Won't Notes 8's way of making the contacts auto-replicating (or something ...) the contact management much better?

New view property to change replication priority (11 Feb 2008)

Anybody (that turns this one down especially) wants to elaborate why they don't like the idea?

When pasting Rich Text into a Text field, please PASTE it... (11 Feb 2008)

Oh yes! What about extending the idea somewhat? I'd like to sometimes control what format I would regard as "default paste format" in certain fields. Let's say I'v got an older app with a rich text format, and my old app only wants pure text with no formatting (for example from Word ...). It would be great then if I could set "Plain text" to be the preferred, default paste format for *that* field.

More identifyable information-, warnings- and errors from Notes! (06 Feb 2008)

Paul, amazing tip and effort. Agree that this trick may ease the pain alot.

Make "focus days" on for ex. Composite Applications (04 Feb 2008)

Can't you still choose? If you don't care about the introductory parts in the morning, choose something else, and join in on the afternoon when the deep dives comes to play :-)

Allow users to have multiple signature files which they can easily choose from (01 Feb 2008)

This is actually one of the features I like about Outlook! They have a Signature-button in the toolbar, which drops down a list of defined signatures. You can easily create something like;
1) Official Company Signature with graphics
2) Official Company Signature as text
3) Private with graphics
etc etc

Keep the C++ API alive (01 Feb 2008)

I often use a mix of C and C++ API, and I very much think that the C++ API has it's place amongst the language adapters. Again, if not supported any more, make it open source!

Keep the C++ API alive (30 Jan 2008)

Hmm, I've always thought that the C++ API is far easier to program than the C API. If IBM kills the C++ API, another dream might to have the C++ API as open source so WE can continue to keep it alive!

Easier to select content language in rich text fields (30 Jan 2008)


Allow Notes addins (API programs) to be certified (27 Jan 2008)

I see what you mean, but somehow I feel that we must come a step further than we are today. We have a bunch of anti-tampering/signing tools on the web to validate whether a file has been tampered with or not, so I don't quite see why this would impose any security hole, particullar larger than what we have with ordinary document/mail signing today?!?


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