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Peter Presnell26654 

Is it possible for IdeaJam to provide a space simply for voting on SPRs? (01 Jun 2014)

Would being able to votes on SPRs satisfy your need, or would you actually be wanting IBM to respond to those items? I ask because I am sure that feature could be added to idejam but in the end if it provides yet another path for getting nothing done it could merely add to the frustration levels rather than easing them.

IBM needs to implement some of the ideas on this site (22 Apr 2014)

If IBM were to implement just one idea it would be this one. Which is a bit like asking the genie in the lamp if one of my wishes can be three more wishes.

Use LotusScript libraries in xPages Server Side JavaScript (22 Jan 2014)

You already can. Put the LS code in an agent and call that

CTRL-I (fix indentation) for HTML Pages and Forms, syntax checking (01 Mar 2013)

There is a simple solution. Stop putting HTML on pages or forms - Use XPages.

Ability to determine whether there is a profile (01 Mar 2013)

Within LotusScript it is possible to retrieve a profile document and then check to see if it is a new document. If it is, don't save it.

Print of calendar in color (01 Mar 2013)

I am voting no as printing is so 1990s,. I can't remember the last time I was ever tempted to print a document from Notes. We dont need to carry paper around when we have mobile devices.

Xpages controls to display & use Forms, Outlines, Profiles, Pages (01 Mar 2013)

You may want to look at the <xe:outlook> control provided as part of the Extension library, it supports trees structures for outlines and provide a number of choices for renderors.

NotesUIWorkspace in Background Agents (04 Jun 2011)

@Mark... I take it you aren't a software engineer! If you were you would know and understand the difference between having a front end process calling a back-end class and a back end process invoking a front-end class such as NotesUIWorkspace. The linked idea as no relevance to this suggestion whatsoever. I have taken the trouble to review and vote on every idea submitted to IdeaJam since its inception. I do not feel compelled to vote in favor of every idea submitted. When I do demote an idea I usually take the time to add a comment that explains why.

Make Non Responded Invitation appear by Default in Calendar (04 Jun 2011)

This feature has been available since Notes 8.0 (2007).

Notes client for wide screen (04 Jun 2011)

I though we already have that with the addition of the sidebar on the right. With the sidebar open on a widescreen monitor, the space left for the Notes client is similar to what we used to have with the Old Notes classic monitor on a tradittional 4:3 monitor.

NotesUIWorkspace in Background Agents (04 Jun 2011)

I think it is a bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad idea to start mixing back-end and front-end constructs.

Replacing digits in a date field should mark a document to be dirty (16 Mar 2011)

I would suggest this is a bug with the existing product rather than an idea for an enhancement.

Lotus Forgot Series: Add basic development functionality back into the Notes client. (16 Mar 2011)

I am not sure what it is exactly you are asking for? Are you suggesting that organizations consider installing a modern Eclipse client to run mail and modern IBM Lotus Notes applications using XPages, Composite Applications, Java Views etc. and that they ALSO install a Notes basic client that would allow them to develop Notes classic applications using the old (Pre Notes 8 interface)? While I agree many power users are lost to DDE I doubt too many organizations are ever likely to support that scenario. Nor do I see IBM diverting its attention in developing XPages as a modern Web 2.0 RAD platform.

Mobile meeting client for Nokia/Symbian^3 (15 Feb 2011)

This would seem to be a dead end given Nokia's move to Windows

Support the XML files XPages components, and Java deployments to a server using .NSFs (15 Feb 2011)

Personally, I think this should be a big deal for IBM. One of the key differentiators for Notes/Domino development has been the ease of deployment offered by the NSF container. We should fight to keep that simplicity by ensuring all aspects of a Domino application can continue to be deployed via an NSF.

Add a way to change Agent Type (05 Jan 2011)

I'll even donate $100 to IBM out of my own pocket to kick start this one!!!

Book proposal: The Diaries Of A Whimpy Notes Programmer (16 Dec 2010)

@Richard - I have a 7yr old daughter who's favorite book at the moment is Diaries of a Whimpy Kid. I thing the style of telling a story as done in the book/movie is a fresh way to get a message across. I was hoping the title would convey that to those familiar with the books. I am happy to have the author select a more appropriate title .

New Category for Lotus XPages Development (16 Dec 2010)

@Thomas. This is an idea I have posted on ideajam that I think would be for the benefit for all. I have considered the comments and adjusted the text of the idea in line with that. I intend to leave the discussion at that.

New Category for Lotus XPages Development (15 Dec 2010)

@Thomas. If I was to take a standard definition of the term insipid... "lacking in qualities that interest, stimulate, or challenge " then I would suggest the injections of terms such as Domish are in fact anything but "insipid". These do in fact stimulate discussion and debate about XPages development and what that means for the Notes programming that preceded it (the name we dare not use). It is a FACT that there are now two forms of Notes development, which is why I submitted this idea. It is OPINION as to which one is better and which, if any, has a future. I currently do 90% of my development using LotusScript and Notes Classic and do not feel that makes me inferior to those around me who are doing 100% XPages development.

Book Proposal: A $MS free Desktop (15 Dec 2010)

I had to vote yes on this one simply because you $MS in the title :)

Book Proposal: YALSB (15 Dec 2010)

Sorry Ulrich. I just don't agree with your statement that LotusScript is not dead or "legacy". As much as a love LS as a language I doubt new people being attracted to the product (the ones most likely to need a book) will be focusing much time (if any) to LotusScript.

Add disabled properties to Native OS style fields (15 Dec 2010)

I agree the Notes field delimiters are old fashioned. If you want a newer, fresh loo, for you Notes apps i think you should b looking at XPages and not OS controls.

Allow non-authors to link ideas (10 Dec 2010)

Yes, Bruce I believe you are right. The option of allowing the community to add tags to ideas would also add value.

Input enabled option for Rich text fields (10 Dec 2010)

Patrick, the idea would have been a great one around the time of Notes 6 when IBM/Lotus were actually enhancing Notes classic. I think now the focus needs to be on getting the Rich Text editor that is available with XPages up to par with the great control that exists in Notes Classic. While the XPages control for rich text is way behind in many areas it does at least support a Read-Only flag.

Bring back the Sandbox on developerWorks (10 Dec 2010)

I would like to see the resource consolidated with OpenNTF so there is a single source for all the "free" code. There may be intellectual property issues with the content of SandBox, but probably no more than exists with all the old OpenNTF projects that continue to be hosted.

Advanced XPages course (10 Dec 2010)

I would say not a course, but an actual book that builds on the one IBM is releasing in January.

Command line parameters for agents (10 Dec 2010)

I am with Jochen... The use of NotesAgent.Run seems a better approach than diverting IBM resources to solve a need such as this.

Add sort as numeric to view column properties (10 Dec 2010)

I think you are adding an unnecessary layer of complexity to the design element to solve what is really bad application design. Don't store numbers as text if they really should be treated as numbers. Go to the place where the data is being created (e.g. Form) and add the logic to ensure a numeric value is being stored. This can even be in a second (computed) field if the original format needs to be preserved.

Overlaid calendar should impact the person's busy time (10 Dec 2010)

I'm not sure about this. It really depends on how overlayed calendars are being used. Sometimes the overlayed calendars relate to group activities, holidays/events in other industries/countries etc. There is a danger that making this work may end up making the interface too complex. I think we need to try and keep the calender interface as simple and intuitive as we can.

Free (restricted) Domino server for web applications (10 Dec 2010)

Congratulations on taking the initiative and expressing this idea in a format in which members of the community can demonstrate their support (or not) for the idea in a way that is measurable. I will be interested to see how many members of the community actually make the effort to vote on this idea. I fear there are some who would rather just whine than role up their sleeves and do something.

Archive Selection by Date Range (17 Nov 2010)

I too have had this request a lot. The most common of which is a yearly archive.

Notes Client Performance Booster (17 Nov 2010)

I believe the cache file (cache.ndk) is actually there to boost performance. So while in some cases I am sure removing its contents can eliminate some issues with the Notes client I am not sure it would be a good idea to allow users to be constantly removing this under the suggestion of a "Boost Performance" button that soemhow has magical powers. I am promoting the idea because I agree with the general concept that IBM should look closely at opportunity to have some regular scheduled maintenance of the Notes client to keep it well tuned, plus have the ability to manually trigger some sort of "fixup" of the Notes client that addresses the short-list of items most desktop support people always find themselves using.

Analog @Command - [NavigateNext], [NavigatePrev], [NavNext], [NavPrev] for xPages (11 Nov 2010)

XPages was release in 2008. I would suggest we embrace that rather than try and prop up an old and tired Web development technology.

Recall available only for specific users (Groups) (11 Nov 2010)

It never ceases to amaze me that for every new feature IBM wish to give to enhance the experience for Users or Developers there is always an Administrator somewhere that wants the ability to lock it way from being used.

Symphony co-editing (11 Nov 2010)

I think that is covered by Project Concorde.

NotesDesignNote class (11 Nov 2010)

Its not exactly a hack... There is an existing NotesNoteCollection class that provides access to design documents. Template inheretence can be found in the $Class field. For LS you need to learn to deal with what is already there.

LotusScript: NotesView.AllDocuments property (11 Nov 2010)

Change this to the Java/SSJS classes and you may get an idea like this adopted. Chances are in implementing it for those languages (which are the only ones IBM are going to invest) that LS might get the property by default.

Automatic Time Slots before and after Meetings (11 Nov 2010)

I would suggest it needs to be an option when each user accepts the information. When your work for a company that mas many offices nearby it is necessary to block out time to travel between the offices. This varies based upon where your next meeting is held.

LotusScript: Possibility of optional parameters in subs/functions (11 Nov 2010)

It's never going to happen, as good an idea as it is.

Prohibit Certain Mail Groups from being 'Reply to All'-ed (11 Nov 2010)

I agree with Dr API. Training people to use the BCC is a more efficient way of dealing with this.

Text Highlighter needs some small UI changes to be more intuitive (11 Nov 2010)

After 16 years using Notes I still forget how to unhighlight text.

Increase the number of nested tables (11 Nov 2010)

Patrick... Do you honestly expect IBM are going to devote any effort to enhancing Tables in Notes classic? I would be looking how far behind the CK editor is for editing tables. I'm not sure you can even nest them 1 deep. Perhaps we should be focusing our efforts there.

Please enhance Traveler's ActiveSync so it can fully work with WIndows Phone 7 (and be officially supported) (11 Nov 2010)

Lets hope WinPhone 7 has more success than the Kin or the product will be dead before IBM have completed the code!

Make possible to link viewheaders in View panel (11 Nov 2010)

Hey Patrick are you suggesting XPages isn't Notes ;)

Multiple application links (11 Nov 2010)

What would be even better would be to have buttons rather than links generated in which the designated server is opened. Doclinks suffer from problems when the user does not have an existing icon on their workspace for the server hosting the database. They also work badly when you want people in a specific geographic location to open a replica on a specific server.

Banners for ideaJam (11 Nov 2010)

Bruce, I want a banner I can string up across my front yard. Vote 1 For IdeaJam.

Break up server document / configuration into functional components (11 Nov 2010)

I say no, because I often forget which tab has the items I wish to change. If I am now switching forms each time instead of changing tabs it will be a lot slower navigating and I have to comit any changes i have already made to the document before the switch form will be actioned.

Check receipient access to doclinks/db links when a user sends email to Notes users (11 Nov 2010)

And what exactly would the dialog be for an e-mail sent to 500 people for which 125 don't have access? What if I i had 10 doclinks in the message. What happens then? It seems to be we are trying to add yet another layer of complexity to what should be a relatively simple task - that of sending an e-mail.

Why Xpages? (11 Nov 2010)

The need for a video to explain the obvious sounds very Domish to me. Do we need a video to explain why we should drive a car to work rather than ride a horse?

Using XPages Data (11 Nov 2010)

I'm voting No on this bacuse i think David leedy already does a much better job than IBM are likely to do. Notes In 9 rules!

add LSUTCTime property to NotesDateTime (11 Nov 2010)

I included the code for this in my DominoFramework project. Your idea would be better as a suggestion to enhance the SSJS class. IBM are unlikely to enhance LS any time soon.

Property Get UTC As String

Dim UTCDayName As String
Dim UTCDay As String
Dim UTCMonth As String
Dim UTCYear As String
Dim UTCTime As String
Dim UTCSign As String
Dim UTCZone As String

If (iDate Is Nothing) Then Exit Property
UTCDayName$ = Format$(iDate.LSLocalTime, "ddd")
UTCDay$= Format$(iDate.LSLocalTime, "dd")
UTCMonth$ = Format$(iDate.LSLocalTime, "mmm")
UTCYear$ = Format$(iDate.LSLocalTime, "yyyy")
UTCTime$ = Format$(iDate.LSLocalTime, "hh:nn:ss")
If Sgn(iDate.TimeZone) < 0 Then UTCSign$ = "-" Else UTCSign$ = "+"
If iDate.TimeZone < 10 Then UTCZone$ = "0" + CStr(Abs(iDate.TimeZone)) Else UTCZone$ = CStr(Abs(iDate.TimeZone))
UTCZone$ = UTCSign$ + UTCZone$ + "00"
UTC$ = UTCDayName$ + ", " + UTCDay$ + " " +UTCMonth$+ " " +UTCYear$ + " " +UTCTime$ + " " + UTCZone$
Exit Property

Add a "Sleep" button to the debugger button bar (11 Nov 2010)

I very much doubt IBM are likely to make any enhancement to teh LS debugger, but i do agree that it can be a pain when you are in the middle of debugging and application and you have to switch to another app such as mail.

Document Locking (11 Nov 2010)

I agree. Manager access level should be reserved to assign the rights to change security levels of a database only. The type of person who should be responsible for unlocking documents should have the potential to be someone inside the department that runs the application. After all, it is there application, not the developers and Administrators who are often the only ones with Admin access (assuming other ACL rights are maintained via groups). There are so many bugs in document locking that it is necessary to have a simple Notes client action and not the need to add additional layers of code to each and every application.

Display Name usage in recipient fields (09 Sep 2010)

You can enter the e-mail address using the extended address format.

RunWithDocumentContext not work when run from LotusScript (09 Sep 2010)

I agree with David. Ideajam is not the correct forum to report bugs with Notes.

Standardize Definition of Application (28 Aug 2010)

@2 - At the end of the day I would settle for any solution that provides clarity. We really should ghave a dictionary of "Notes" terms that defines each word and we make sure that when new features are added (or we rename features) that we don't encroach on another (existing) term.

All Design Elements view in Designer (28 Aug 2010)

@2 - It is indeed possible to copy/paste design documents using a standard views such as the one mentioned by Julian. I have an example of such a view in my OpenNTF project ∙dominoFramework if you need the actual code.

LotusScript class for Lotus Sametime (25 Aug 2010)

This gets my vote on the basis that it would be an SSJS (or Java) class. I very much doubt IBM will be adding any LotusScript classes to the product unless they are a byproduct of SSJS/Java enhancements.

Make Ideajam database as default application on domino (25 Aug 2010)

I think Elguji sells IdeaJam to customers as a way of paying for its development. So I am not sure Bruce would be too keen on the idea of giving it away. I think a better solution would be to make the link to OpenNTF seemless within the Notes and/or Designer clients so that any number of these projects can be considered an extension of the Notes out of the box solution.

Action "remove flag prohibit design refresh or replace to modify" (25 Aug 2010)

I have a project on OpenNTF called .DominoFramework. In there is code to add a view to a database that displays design elements and then perform a series of actions against design elements that includes removing these flags.

Extra parameter to Remove and RemoveAll LS functions (13 Aug 2010)

I don't like your chances of getting a change made to LotusScript!

Multi value core control (13 Aug 2010)

Shouldn't multi-value be an attribute of a control, just as it is with the many edit controls with Notes classic?

In the view-quick-search dialog, there should an "advanced search" option to find a document in the current view based on the NoteID or UNID (13 Aug 2010)

I don't like the idea of adding more complexity to the Notes client for things that should be very easy for a developer to implement for him/her self

Grant access to create databases/replicas on a server IN A DESIGNATED DIRECTORY (09 Jul 2010)

I am for ANYTHING that will allow at least some Administrators to consider granting these rights to a server. We are killing off power-users by preventing them from a basic right - to have their databases hosted. For Notes to be successful we need more Notes databases not less.

Add "Next" link to XPage view control pager (09 Jul 2010)

Is ideajam implemented using XPages?

column option: show only first/last value (25 Jun 2010)

I agree with Bas. Given we have a workaround I would rather we focused Dev resource sin other areas like making ANY improvements to the view control.

Create widget non-optional for all users in connections in Home - my page (10 Jun 2010)

I agree, existing RSS capabilities seems to be the approach to take rather than duplicating this functionality.

Delegate folder to another mail-box (09 Jun 2010)

I get this type of request a lot whenever somebody leaves a company and somebody else takes over. Mail files often get used as content management systems.

Detailed system testing of Domino Designer (09 Jun 2010)

I sometimes wonder the extent to which automated unit tests are conducted against each release of Lotus Notes and just how extensive those tests are. It seems to me that a lot more of the bugs could be found with automated tests if IBM invested more time into QA.

Handling of conflict situations (UI) (09 Jun 2010)

I believe the save conflict just as likely to be generated as a result of the document being changed elsewhere after the document was opened in edit mode. If document locking is enabled and a user opens a document in read mode they get a warning when they switch the document to edit mode that the document has changed and they should close and re-open the document.

Problems of locking mechanism (UI) (09 Jun 2010)

I agree. Documentlocking was one of those features that was never fully implemented and a number of issues with its use often prevent it from being used in applications. unfortunately I don't see much chance IBM of devoting too much time to this unless it ties into locking of Xpage documents.

User initiates action that runs under server or admin credentials (19 May 2010)

It doesn't have to be a scheduled agent. Your action can trigger an agent to run on a server. Another option is to create a Web service. The Web service can execute the request using its own credentials.

easy way to remove document history from design elements (17 May 2010)

If (Doc.HasItem("$UpdatedBy")) Then Call Doc.RemoveItem("$UpdatedBy")
If (Doc.HasItem("$Revisions")) Then Call Doc.RemoveItem("$Revisions")
Call Doc.Sign()
Call Doc.Save(False,False)

Use of class in default HTML rendering of design elements, particularly views (17 May 2010)

I cant see the point of diverting any development away from XPages to Domino Web development. That is now part of a bygone era. If the Smithsonian choose to do this enhancement great. just not IBM.

create multiple fields wizard function (08 May 2010)

I think what you are referring to is the way many SQL editors allow programmers to define columns in a view. I think it would be great to have "Field View" for any form that lists the fields going down the page and key attributes such as datatype going across the page. It would be useful for more than Xpages as it would allow me a convenient way to review the field attributes on a form a pick up things that might otherwise get missed. If Form Fields represent a data schema lets have similar tools to most other products for editing a data schema.

Allow to adjust the size of the indent in the code (08 May 2010)

It would be nice if the tab setting was also the same in all places. e.g. when I view the code via the debugger it seems the tab settings are all over the place while they are lined up nicely in the editor.

Admin client needs a function to Move a database to a different directory ON THE SAME SERVER (08 May 2010)

I have lost track of how many times I have wanted to do this but have been unable to do so. A classic case for this is when employees leave a company and you wish to move the mail file into a separate alumni folder.

Have an option to show questions that have been resolved (03 Apr 2010)

I agree. There are occasions where the questions with correct answers are what I am searching for. I may even be interested in subscribing to questions that have been resolved.

Be able to see all of your posts across the different forums & community, etc. (03 Apr 2010)

I suspect this is the type of capability we will begin to see as IBM begins to implement some of the concepts in Project Vulcan.

Enhance field level role asigned security feature. (26 Mar 2010)

I agree, but I am not sure it would/could/should be implemented through the presentation layer (i.e. Form). For this to work it really needs to be part of the data so that the security cannot be bypassed by using another form, an agent, a Web service, or an XPage to access/update the data. This would be a big ask but I do get requests all the same for designing an app in which gets some fields are protected based upon roles.

Make Server Side JS standards compliant (26 Mar 2010)

Yes, yes, yes (and NOW). The slate is still fairly clean with SSJS so lets not create too many backward compatibility issues for us down the line by not conforming to the standards. And Yes to Dan's suggestion of moving to ECMAscript 5.

New Blog Template (26 Mar 2010)

I am voting No on this one because I don't think the solution is to create yet another template but rather to enhance the existing one.

CSS editor for Domino Designer (24 Mar 2010)

Yes it was added as part of 8.5.0. IBM have already announced that there will be no more enhancements to the 8.0 stream so I would suggest you need to look towards 8.5.1+ The Eclipse CSS editor could be improved but it is way better than what was there in 8.0 and before.

Reward and Motivate People to Answer Forum Posts (23 Mar 2010)

I would suggest reward may be as simple as providing some form of recognition for those that make the effort to contribute to the forums. e.g. I use it as one of the criteria for selecting people for my "Lotus Legends".

Add Skins To Notes Client (23 Mar 2010)

@Joseph, Does Windows support for themes make Windows more difficult to support? Does Firefox's recent addition of personas make it more difficult tro support? For that matter, should we be determining what capabilities are added to Notes based upon whether this makes life easier for an Administrator or should we start to consider a little more what the users of the product themselves are wanting? or what make them take a fresh look at the product and whether it is something that they want to be part of their future.

notesDocument.GetItemText( itemName$ ) (21 Mar 2010)

If such a method were to be created I would suggest its name should be getItemValueString to match the existing method that is available in both the Java and SSJS languages. I use this method so much when writing SSJS I have previously suggested this as an idea on IdeaJam. I am not holding my breathe that IBM will extend LS anytime soon so I have developed my own class to use that implements this method.

CSS editor for Domino Designer (21 Mar 2010)

Domino Design has a CSS editor. Are you saying the editor doesn't have the features you want? if so, could you be more specific about what those features are?

Replace Passport Advantage with something simple (11 Mar 2010)

I think it would be cool if I could open my Admin client, open a specific server and then have a single button that identifies all updates that are available for that server and/or the latest release. My passport advantage details should come from an account document in my PAB and the Administrator client should be able to tell what Operating system, language, and current version I have installed.

Add a per user mail policy. (02 Mar 2010)

IMHO this would just make mail more complicated for the user and quite possibily add to the complexity of administering mail.

Xpages outline view - Expand/Collapse all (25 Feb 2010)

My Mistake. The Collapse all is for the applications.... Not outline.

Xpages outline view - Expand/Collapse all (25 Feb 2010)

There is a collapse all button in 8.5.1. I am not so sure an expand all button would be of any value.

Ability to tweet a search phrase to @LotusTechInfo, and be returned a search result from the wikis (24 Feb 2010)

Sorry... Its a novel idea, but if I need help on a topic having to go to another product (Twitter) to get it seems to be ignoring the original need. When I need help I should be able to get help from where i am (usually Designer) without having to go to great lengths to initiate the help request.

Of course if the scenario is that you have a few free minutes while waiting for the train and wanted to pass your time using twitter to extract technical help... I apologize :)

Features that you would like to see on a mobile from Lotus Wikis (23 Feb 2010)

HI Bruce. Great idea. I would like to see more structure added to the wikis so that I can "browse" a wiki's contents for material that is of interest. My suggestion would be to use the magical number "7" to break the content down into sections and sub sectiosn etc. By having 7 +/-(?) entries at each level I can easily view the category list on most mobile devices and navigate my way to an area of interest.

Tool to convert lotusscript into javascript (22 Feb 2010)

I am not sure how this would work given most LotusScript code is designed to run on the Notes client. Did you intend for this to generate SSJS for backend access to data or standard JavaScript to handle the UI?

Lotus-Notes Designer Best Practice Guide updated for R8/R8.5.x (22 Feb 2010)

I wonder if the era of the best practice guide has passed and that we should now be looking at Wikis as the way to communicate this sort of material. I instead would like to see a concerted effort to add structure and depth to the product wikis that include much more detailed coverage of best practices.

Possibility to use sortable columns in embedded view, keeping view categories intact (19 Feb 2010)

I am voting no on this one because I believe this can already be done. Create two views with the same categories but have different columns doing the secondary sort. Then change the respective column to switch views rather than dynamic sort. This technique will also work for embedded single category views (Assuming the embedded categories are unchanged). A separate view index is created for every dynamic sortable column so there is no real performance in having two views rather than one.

Combine Server Docs, Ini Settings, and Config Docs (At least from the admins perspective) (19 Feb 2010)

Doesn't the Administration Client bring all these components together into single place?

Allow anyone to add tags to my idea (19 Feb 2010)

To me this is one of the missing pieces in many collaboration solutions. The ability to allow others to add value by tagging and linking information to make it more accessible to those that follow.

Store "Applications" and "Working Sets" in a NSF (19 Feb 2010)

Sounds like a great idea. Its not just IBM support, it seems like a lot of people's general process for resolving issues is to delete these files/databases. At the very least I would like to see an export/import of this information (to any format of file that suits) plus the option to set up a periodic backup of this information (e.g. on closing desktop).

@IsEditor (09 Feb 2010)

Thx for making the point. I have tried to link my idea to the original idea but it seems we my now have too many ideas and the Link feature only goes dfown to ideas starting with letter "S". i.e. cannot link to ideas starting with T-Z & @

I would love it if while creating a view I could select a form and have notes create a view with all of the fields in that form. (08 Feb 2010)

Yes it would be useful but I am not sure how often I would use it. A feature such as this would simply be so far down on my priority list.

See this idea related to Domino Designer Help indexing (05 Feb 2010)

I have update the ideaspace for my original idea. I did not realize we had a separate ideaspace for Lotus Technical Information.

LotusScript parent object property. (05 Feb 2010)

In which release of Notes did you observe the last enhancement to the LotusScript language?

New design element for code "Open segment" (05 Feb 2010)

I very much doubt IBM will be investing any significant amount of time enhancing design elements outside of XPages!

Allow comment moderation via browser (05 Feb 2010)

I think it would also be beneficial to allow anyone to flag any idea or comment as being inappropriate for the moderator to act upon. This would reduce the need for moderators to search through all the posting themselves.

"What's Hot" must be Hot! (05 Feb 2010)

Its not perfect but I think the current What's Hot work OK. Many people do not vsiit the forum on a daily basis so I think we need to have a reasonably long period in which "hot" ideas remain. Perhaps we could cater for more needs if a set of radio buttons was added to allow people to quickly switch between seeing what is hot over different time periods (without switching to a completely different view as is currently needed).

Let user specify colors for calendar categories (05 Feb 2010)

@Bruce. OpenNTF Mail experience has had this ability for many years now. IBM should pick up on this one as it is one of my favourite Mail Experince add-ons.

Impliment a stronger visual indication when a column has been clicked on to sort by that column (05 Feb 2010)

I agree. At the view level we should have similar options as we have with outline entries and be able to change the text font and background color. I would prefer to see the ability to associate CSS styles.

No Opinion Is a Vote (30 Jan 2010)

There are some good point raised. I especially like Charles idea of a separate category. While the Promote/Demote concept is nice and simple it leaves little room to express a strength of conviction a no opinion can mean I am sitting on the fence or just that it is of little or no interest.

Points for Votes on an idea (29 Jan 2010)

I am voting know because I believe Elguji already propvide thgis with the Votes For column (although I think a vote against an idea also attracts the same value).

Provide Online Resource for Presentation Templates (27 Jan 2010)

@Bruce. Yes, you make a whole lot of excellent points.

Split view of design and source in XPages editor (26 Jan 2010)

I agree too. With Eclipse you can drag/drop pretty much every other component to wherever you like it but for some reason not Design/Source. The need for multiple monitor support is much larger than just this. If Eclipse itself supported multiple monitors we could pretty much place whatever we want on each monitor. For me that would more like be my Xpages design on one monitor and my SSJS code on a second monitor.

It should be possible to open the OS browser from the build-in browser (26 Jan 2010)

I would like to see the concept of a tear-awayv tab introduced in which I can grab the tab of a browser session embedded in my Notes client and drag it to another part of my screen signalling that I now want this tab to be in a separate window. Perhaps by holding down the <Ctrl> or <Alt> key while doing this I can signify that I also wish to change the browser used at the same time (the default being my default browser).

Schedule Sametime on and off (26 Jan 2010)

With the integrated sametime client I think it should be pretty obvious when you have not signed on to Sametime. And you have the option to request that you automatically be signed in to Sametime when you Log in to Notes. On that basis I think we have adequate coverage for this issue. And for the Basic client I am not sure I would be expecting IBM to do a lot of enhancements any time soon.

One Click Administrative Assistant Button (26 Jan 2010)

I have a client where there is a very high ratio of assistants. These people have a very distinctive profile worthy of being recognized within the Notes client for which something such as this idea to make setup easier.

Provide a no cost Domino web server for small design/development companies (24 Jan 2010)

At LS10 IBM announced plans to make a claud based server available for developers using Amazon.

Allow Notes Database icon to have 24-bit (=16.7 million) colors (23 Jan 2010)

I believe I heard at LS10 that this feature would be part of the next maintenance release of Notes (yey)

Linked-In/PAB Synchronization (23 Jan 2010)

I did see a project in the Innovation labs at Lotusphere showing this type of cabaility in place. Contacts could b synced between most major social software sites.

Disable option to edit ideas after it has received votes (22 Jan 2010)

I would rather see a history of the changes made to an idea after it was created. If people are editing ideas in the way described they are doing it to feed their own ego and not contribute to collaboration and the intellectual capital of the group. Such people should be placed in the electronic version of the stocks where other members of the community can throw rotten vegetables and fruit.

New design element: wrapper for PHP scripts which exposes Domino classes; leverages Domino security model & Agent Manager. (22 Jan 2010)

I would much rather see IBM expand access to the existing programming languages such as LotusScript, SSJS, Java into ALL areas before I start seeing support for another programming language added which again only works in a subset of scenarios.

The option for Notes to pull the mail signature from the Domino Directory (22 Jan 2010)

Yes, with policy and template capabilities.

Ability to edit an answer (22 Jan 2010)

For someone who types as bad as I do, this would be useful.

Disallow editing of question once it has an answer (22 Jan 2010)

I do not favour this on the basis that an idea jam inside a corporation should represent an effort to clarify. If answers were coming back that did not imatch the intended question it may add value to clarify the question. In this environment we should have trust that the person writing the question will be editing it in a responsible manner.

@IsDocEditor function (22 Jan 2010)

I am voting yes because I have wished for this many times. I dont however see much hope that the standard @functions will ever be extended, although this would also be a welcome addition to the SSJS @functions too.

Let users set individual default custom font, color, size, background, etc. for their email AND replies. (15 Jan 2010)

I have had this request a number of time. It always surprises me that people need to have a specific font etc. But if its all about letting people do mail the way "they" want then this would be a logical next step....

Make Stationery selectable in New Message action within the Inbox (15 Jan 2010)

I wonder if we could end up having too many "New Message" options that it may become a little intimidating for the non-advanced mail user. It would work for me if I could create a new message and when the default memo form opens I had a way to quickly switch to a specific stationary item.

Ask The Developers via IQJam (15 Jan 2010)

I see Bruce suggested to Bob Balaban that this be the first question asked at "Ask The Developers".

Linked-In/PAB Synchronization (15 Jan 2010)

@Ninke. If I built it I would have a solution for me and nobody else (unless people care to track me down and get a copy of the code e.g. via OpenNTYF etc.). If IBM builds the solution it is available to 130,000,000+ users around the world.
Based upon your suggested areas of focus i would guess you are an Admin. I think IBM's time is better spent spreading their resources across all major areas, user functionality, administration, development, support etc. To keep making the product more appealing to more users we need to make it relevant. And that includes integration with the other collaboration tools they may be using. If IBM do not do that you will not need an improved ID Valut or CA process as you will not have anyone using the product.

On Windows platform, make database deletion a recycle bin affair (15 Jan 2010)

I vote yes, but for the Notes client only - For many of the reasons already presented. I do so from the point of view of a user and a developer who often sees the impact a simple mistake can cause when an entire database goes south. I do not agree with some suggestions that viable alternatives always exist. We may think they do... e.g. I once had a client who backed up data onto tapes every day (Including data from workstations). If you ever needed to recall a database from tape it could take 1+ week to get the data restored. And often you needed various levels of approval meaning the whole gets to know about the mistake that was made. Of course, I am speaking on behalf of others, because i would never accidentally delete a database ;)

Allow users to sort within categories of a view. (14 Jan 2010)

I am not sure if this is something that could be implemented within the model we have for views. Views work using pre-built indices. A sort within a category must be defined in advance so the index can be built. There is no mechanism to build an index on the fly. I would not suggest we redefine the way views work just to handle this one scenario. I would design a view that has a secondary sort on the column you mention.

I'm not admitting ANYTHING. But maybe we need some separation between "open in designer" and "delete database" (13 Jan 2010)

I'n not admitting anything by voting Yes either ;)

Sidebar applications should have an option to alphabetize (13 Jan 2010)

Perhaps we need a sidebar widget to manage the sidebar widgets. The concept was great when you added your first five. After that we seem to have too many things competing for attention.

Increase the number of out of the box applications for end-users (13 Jan 2010)

I agree 100%, especially the point about Sharepoint having so many templates.

"View - Customize this View" needs to be durable, and not reset randomly (09 Jan 2010)

Would this create problems with future releases of the mail template. The InBox is a vital component to the mail template. While a user may want to customize the ordering of columns etc. IBM are more than likely going to make code changes to the scripts that run on various events/actions. As we know we can only prohibit design changes at the design element level. The real problem is that IBM do not have a strategy that support organizations, let alone individuals customize mail database easily.

Allow Prohibit Design to be placed on parts of the design element (09 Jan 2010)

I agree with much of what has been said. Its a good idea in principle to allow fine tuning of customization but very easy to make it a maintenance nightmare to figure out what design changes are locked etc. beside... I very much doubt IBM will be investing much time on Classic design elements.

Sametime IM and Gateway servers should be split off and simplified from the meeting server functions (06 Jan 2010)

I can't argue with a request to simplify the Sametime Gateway installation. I have one client who has been trying off and on for 18 months to get it working!

Allow storage of Domino person document on an external directory and authenticate against it (06 Jan 2010)

Many companies already do store lots of the personal data in fields outside of the Domino Directory. I think it is a great shame a greater effort isn't made to allow companies to sync this data without requiring each and every company to develop there own sync programs. Notes applications (especially workflow) can be made a lot simpler if I can use the built in functions to extract data from the Domino Directory rather than a 3rd part source.

Server-based Sametime chat logging to an NSF or relational DB needs to be a default option (06 Jan 2010)

I would prefer to see it as a NSF. Some companies do not want to have the need of having technical support fro DB2 in order to run Sametime or Sametime gateway.

When/If Notes Standard client craters, please add a policy-definable option to ask the user, "Notes just crashed the last 10 times you opened it. Would you like to start in Basic mode?" (06 Jan 2010)

I think many people would be left wondering what th f**** is Basic mode? Those that understand what it means probably know how to Run Notes in Basic mode. Companies that want empployees running Basic client probably provide a separate desktop icon. I would suggest after 10 crashes we may want to send a note to the designated desktop support person to wake up! Or better still to his/her manager to do the waking up.

Enable a :15 clock for editing a comment (06 Jan 2010)

I agree. My spelling is OK, but my 2 finger typing SUCKS. I have lost count of how many times I have submitted a comment and then seen a typo I wish I could edit. Oh wait I have posted 178 comments on IdeaJam so it's probably 178 times I could have used such a feature.

Add a "Back to Unvoted" button when opening an idea from that view (04 Jan 2010)

I agree with Bill. Bruce's point is valid about being able to vote from the view. Which is great most of the time except when you need to see a long description or want to see the comments before making up your mind. My suggestion would be to record the referring URL from which an idea is first opened and then have a return button that returns you back to that URL (if that is possible). There are many entry points to the idea Xpage so I imagine there are many places people are expecting to return to when they finish. Its the same concept as pressing "Escape" key after opening a document. The much maligned Classic Notes client usually knows where to take you back to next.

Indicate Required Fields (04 Jan 2010)

Don't sit on the fence here Bruce! 300% sounds a little like you're not quite sure :)

IQJam should work using Google Chrome (04 Jan 2010)

I see Chrome is now reported as being the #3 browser jumping ahead of Safar, so I guess we all need to pay this browser more attention when developing/testing our Web apps. (Note to self: Install Chrome browser)

When new mail arrives, please have a modern and useful taskbar pop-up option (04 Jan 2010)

I love ideas where people go to all the effort to visually display how it should work. A picture is truly worth 1,000 words.

Inbox Maintenance improvment request (31 Dec 2009)

Hi Jerome. Notes supports a special anti-folder view which will display all documents not contained in any folder.

When updating an idea's body, return to the initiating view, not All Ideas list (30 Dec 2009)

I agree. It is rather frustrating that each time you branch to somehwere you have to navigate back to where you were before.

Ask The Developers via IQJam (30 Dec 2009)

@Craig. I agree. I wasn't proposing this as a replacement but rather as an enhancement to the existing model for interacting with the developers. In many cases I would actually prefer that time was taken to research/consider a question before the answer is provided.

Linked-In/PAB Synchronization (29 Dec 2009)

Thx Bruce. Given you have 500+ contacts on Linbked-In I figure you'd appreciate this more than most...

Improve Speed For Deleting Agents In DDE (26 Dec 2009)

Note: Some of my slowness has been traced to a beta of the upcoming release of TeamStudio CIAO. So while the numbers are perhaps exaggerated from a "normal" situation I still think the general principal behind the suggestion holds. Notes developers need a tool that performs basic tasks quickly. Its the same issue that lead to resistance to Notes 8.0. Eclipse is nice but I am not going to accept basic tasks taking an exceptionally long period of time to execute.

Improve Speed For Deleting Agents In DDE (23 Dec 2009)

Actually... add to this Improve the time to perfrom another basic task - Removing the Prohibit Design Refresh/Replace flag for a sedign element. This can take 30-45 seconds to execute.

Please let me select multiple application bookmarks and remove them all at once. (23 Dec 2009)

It would also be nice if I didn't have to wait hours for my Designer client to remove the bookmarks too!

Assist the user in getting to Basic Mode for low memory machines. (23 Dec 2009)

I agree as long as any screen asking the question has one of those "Donot ask this again" check boxes to turn off the prompt.

Add NotesDocument.Import (23 Dec 2009)

@Dan. The NotesEmbeddedObject class allows code to access embedded objects, including file attachments. For an attachment the only methods presently available are ExtractFile() and Remove(). I would settle for an Import() method here too, but a NotesDocument.Import() method would have the added advantage of allowing an external file to be imported without the need for it to be attached to a document first.

Since the Mail template is now open source (on OpenNTF), please include the OpenNTF mail experience enhancements in it. (18 Dec 2009)

The fact that the Mail template is Open Source doesn't mean IBM plan to allow others to modify the Mail template as an OpenNTF project, it just means other can legally take the template, modify it and then make it available to others as an enhanced template.

Free Lotusphere tickets for top 10 innovators on IdeaJam (17 Dec 2009)

Perhaps a more appropriate recognition might be to include these people as Design Partners.

Please add enough color to the Symphony icons to distinguish them (17 Dec 2009)

I agree. From a design perspective it might be really cool that all the icons are the same color. From a practical/user point of view it is a nightmare having to constantly stop and look closely to try and decide which icon is which. When we are trying to bring users back from a position of "Notes Sucks" little things like this become like a tiny grain of sand inside your socks.

Scroll to the beginning of the last column (17 Dec 2009)

I am voting no to this, not because I disagree with the idea, but because I believe this has already been addressed adequately in 8.5.1.

Server NSDs: Send to IBM automatically when created (17 Dec 2009)

I would not necessarily want evey NSD automatically sent to IBM but I think it would be really cool if the database that collects NSD (server and client) had an action that allowed the NSD to automatically be sent to IBM for diagnosis and integration into their PMR system. Sometimes when calling IBM it takes an enternity to get past level 1 support just so you can get to the point where someone will accept that a server crash does mean there is something wrong that IBM might need to take a look at.

Disable to open or copy mails in the mail.box (17 Dec 2009)

Craig is right, the ACL should provide the necessary protection without inventing additional functionality.

I would also like to point out that a primary role of Administrators is to keep the mail flowing in an organization. At the end of the day you need to trust someone to do that job. Almost every administrator has rights to edit server documents and hence can give themselves Full Access Administrations rights even if they don't already have it. Most already do, which means they can read any mail file and generate any e-mail message they want even without the need to access the Mail.Box directly. I think its implicit that we must trust that Administrators are doing the right thing by your company. If you have sensitive mail you don't want someone else to be reading Encrypting the e-mail is perhaps the only way to ensure privacy.

When searching email/inbox/All Documents, it should be easy/seamless to include your archive in the search (17 Dec 2009)

This would be a big win. We have lots of people reluctant to archive mail because they want to do a single search.

Bring Back Original LS Line Numbers for Errors (15 Dec 2009)

@Matt - I have tried using the line number which shows when you view the entire script library as well as the line number that shows when you view just the function. Neither corresponds to the line number thrown by the Lotuscript error handler. Is there a third line number somewhere?

UNID is pronounced.... UHN-I.D. (Or not.) (10 Dec 2009)

Standardizing the pronunciation of UNID will help improve the Lotus Notes product because.....

Horizontal menu Separator to group actionbuttons (08 Dec 2009)

And support it in the Basic client too and not just Standard Client (Java Views) like some of the more recent additions to "Notes".

In the ACL define if the user can: Copy content, drag content outside Notes, export context, print view/document (04 Dec 2009)

I get these types of requests as requirements for Notes applications all the time. It should at least be possible to prevent the copying/pasting of documents without disabling copy/paste of text in fields.

The Insert Embedded view dialog should use a db open instead of bookmarks (04 Dec 2009)

This is so inconsistent with the way everything else is done. This should be an easy fix and VERY useful.

Prompt before adding a database to a working set (28 Nov 2009)

I'd actually prefer it if it was like bookmarks and nothing was added unless I said so. Having to answer the question each time a database is opened is still going to be mildly annoying. Perhaps we could have a prefersnce setting with three options (automatic, prompt, or manual)

Prevent user-preferences dialog (28 Nov 2009)

I can assure you that not everyone feels safer having their client settings placed under the control of an Administrator. The Notes client should be configurable in a way that allows each person to establish their personal preferences and not what makes life easier for an administrator.

Free Lotusphere tickets for top 10 innovators on IdeaJam (25 Nov 2009)

And how about orange/blue beanbags to sit in at the front of the OGS! (ideajam colors)

Rewrite Trim / FullTrim function (25 Nov 2009)

I think there are two issues here. One would be removing encoded space characters. That part I agree with.

The second is whether a non-breaking space is removable. I thought the whole point of a non-breaking space was to specifically denote that it should be treated like any other non-space character but visually represent it like a space. I don't favor having trim or fulltrim remove non-breaking spaces.

New database property "Inherit design and ignore exceptions" (25 Nov 2009)

Sorry, I don't like this idea at all. It seems to go against the exact reason you would mark a design element so that it is not refreshed. I would suggest if you have database where you want all the design elements to be refreshed you remove the prohibit design from all the design elements. There are utilities that do this (e.g. Teamstudio) and it is also possible to write an agent to do this yourself. That way it is clear what is supposed to happen. Imagine someone adding their own view or folder to the database and then having it removed because it was not in the base template.

Support events on embedded view (23 Nov 2009)

Can I vote twice for this one? Getting a handle on selected documents in embedded views and having events fire the same way they do for unembedded views has always been a hassle.

Add a optional parameter REFItemName for work with hierarchies of responses (23 Nov 2009)

Hi Vlad. I'm struggling to understand why we would want to change the name of the reserved field always used to denote the parent document. I would suspect there is a whole lot of Notes code that depends on this field being what it is and at the very least there would be a perfromance hit if Notes had to search through all the fields in a document to find if such a field exists (and what would it do if there was more than 1?).

Free Lotusphere tickets for top 10 innovators on IdeaJam (21 Nov 2009)

See Paul, Bruce has all the answers. I'll have a nice cold beer set up ready for you when you arrive.

Make Design Synopsis available from workspace - right mouse menu (21 Nov 2009)

Voting no on this one largely because I don't recall using design synopsis once in the past 2 years s I would prefer to see righ click options once I'm more likely to use.

Free Lotusphere tickets for top 10 innovators on IdeaJam (21 Nov 2009)

oops TEN people

Free Lotusphere tickets for top 10 innovators on IdeaJam (21 Nov 2009)

Well Patrick I'm guessing there are at least people likely to vote yes to this one!!

Allow for a different Notify setting for Appoinments versus Meetings. (20 Nov 2009)

Yes, but with reservations. The more options we have to configure Notes the more confusing it becomes for people to set up. Sometimes i feel that part of the reason people are not able to get the most out of their Notes client is they are so overwhelmed by all the options we present that they cant find (just dont event try) to find that one setting that would make all the difference.

Reach attachments by keyboard shortcuts (20 Nov 2009)

I agree 100%. One of the interesting observation I have made about Notes users over the years is that there is a proportion of people who try to do all there navigation with the keyboard, there sore some who do everything with the mouse, and then there are some who happily switch between the two (but not everyone does). To be a kick-arse application & mail client the Notes client needs to retain ways for all these people to have a pleasant/effective experience. No more Notes Sucks!

Drag'n'drop to shift items in Domino Designer 8.5 working set (16 Nov 2009)

I would settle for a "drop" without the drag. I get sick and tired of having to delete items from my working sets. But drag and drop is a great idea too!

Faster Notes Client !! (13 Nov 2009)

Its something of a motherhood statement but I do agree its is very important. I suspevct the issue is more one of maling Eclipse faster than it is Notes itself. I see most people complaining about Notes Standard versus Notes Basic.

Lotus Notes integration with SAP (13 Nov 2009)

Hi ShashilKanth. I suspect you might be looking in the wrong place. Its not code your looking for but a product. IBM have a product called Alloy that integrates Notes with SAP. You may want to look at the value offered by this product rather than trying to reinvent the wheel with code.

Note: I doubt IBM will make any significant efforts to provide SAP code that might detract from their sales of Alloy. So I wouldn't build any development strategies based upon an expectation that an alternative path for SAP integration woill eventually be provided inside Notes.

Allow GoToField to go to non-editable fields (13 Nov 2009)

I agree with Paul. I don't like the idea of the cursor being placed in a field that is not editable it has rammifications for other NotesUIMethods that act against the "current field". Paul's idea of a scroll to/set focus type method would be useful, especioally if it could also give focus to a specific tab in a tabbed table

Fix ?OpenForm method of the notes:// protocol (11 Nov 2009)

I'm sorry I don't see this as being a major issue warranting any special attention. The explanation provided by IBM is this is only occurring in the case where a new form is added after somebody has opened the database. There are a whole raft of issues triggered by making changes to a production database while users have the database open.

COMPLETED - Create a Redbook on Domino Development Best Practices (11 Nov 2009)

I agree, my R5 Best Practices guide is getting a little outdated.

Lower Lotus licensing cost for students (08 Nov 2009)

This could perhaps be done as part of a larger effort to attract non-business users to the product.

Set defualt replica on Bookmark bar (06 Nov 2009)

It would be nice if we could specify the "default" server for applications in the Location document. Then we could have similar behaviour to how the Mail icon works in bookmarks. For backward compatibility not setting this value would result in the last server accessed (replica stacked on top of workspace).

Help IBM with the improvement of Notes (05 Nov 2009)

I agree with Bruce. I think that is where OpenNTF comes in. You could offer to work on the OpenNTF Mail Experience project to implement your ideas for the Mail template and you could even work directly with IBM to improve the Discussion template by joining the Discussion NextGen project (as I did). Contact Niklas Heidloff or Steve Castledine at IBM and I am sure they will welcome your (or anyone else's) assistance with open arms.

Allow Notes Database icon to have 24-bit (=16.7 million) colors (31 Oct 2009)

Its a shame that the #1 idea on ideajam for Domino Designer has yet to be implemented by IBM. I doubt that development effort for this is likely to consume their collective efforts for any single point release.

Rename Lotusscript Functions and variables and auto-update all references (30 Oct 2009)

I think your on the right track Ferry. I would prefer to see this done as part of a refactor function rather than a simple rename. This would then also pick up renames for classes and variables. per Matt. I am curious to know to what extent the existing Eclipse capabilities can be used.

Be able to select Notes interface or XPage based on client version (29 Oct 2009)

I think we will always be chasing our tails here if this approach was adopted. Xpages in the Notes client must be run as a Composite Application. It doesn't make a lot of sense to have two Composite Applications, one with Xpages and one without. So we really only need one launch option for the Standard client. Launch a Frameset (for Basic clients) and then designate a CA for Standard Clients.

I think the real problem is that different versions of the Notes client support different things in CA. e.g. 8.5.1 added Xpages and also some new controls such as NotesDocument and NotesView panels. What happens with 8.5.2 and whatever comes next and XPages now supports new Rich Client controls and/or CA supports additional capabilities. The older versions of Notes (including 8.5.1 will not). How do we coordinate which Notes clients get what? We can't keep adding a new launch option for every version of the Notes client. What I think we need is a formula in which we can nominate the CA application and/or page to be launched.

GetNextItem (28 Oct 2009)

@Tom: I am happy to leave the implementation details up to IBM. But perhaps we extended the idea to NotesDocument.GetNextItem(NotesItem,[Fieldname]) then it could work the same was you described or, if a field name is provided, only return an item if the "next" item has a matching field name.

Outline/Navigator for xPages (26 Oct 2009)

I have now generated a partial solution using digit tree and framesets. You can see this at www.dominoframework.com.

URL Control for XPages (26 Oct 2009)

I've tried that Matt. The URL aways seems to open in its own Window. So far I have been unable to find a simply way to embed the contents of a URL inside a section of an Xpage. I also have not seen a single Xpage application do thgis. This is something i find myself trying to do quite a bit.

Comment notifications from IdeaJam should have a valid FROM (26 Oct 2009)

@Bruce. And I thought the comments were designed to get this idea into What's hot.

Does Lotus Notes need to become more standard, modern and faster for its end users? (26 Oct 2009)

@Egor, I was referring to Function keys and how we now have different standards for Function keys in Notes and Eclipse. What do we do when previous versions of Notes assign one meaning and Eclipse has another. I doubt you will make anyone happy if you start changing these as there will be more vocal complaints from those that lost out than than those that are now satisfied.

Note: The title of this idea says one thing and the description says another. I responded to what you wrote in the description.

Mobile Edition of IdeaJam (25 Oct 2009)

Withdrew this idea elgiji were well ahead of me on this one.

Mobile Edition of IdeaJam (24 Oct 2009)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Disable modification of Hide when settings on RichText Fields (23 Oct 2009)

I agree 100%. I would suggest the number of times a user actually wants to add a hide-when formula to rich text would be < 0.0001% (On a good day).

Make one place for all Lotus information and discussions (23 Oct 2009)

I agree. The value of these sites get watered down each and every time a new one is created that is not coordinated with the others. I suspect a lot of people consume a lot of time "surfing". to locate what they are looking for.

ProperCase or camelCase in code completion for methods in the new LS-editor (21 Oct 2009)

You are spot on Tommy. I think it would be helpful if the casing adopted by default mirrored that used in SSJS. That way if I write both LS and SSJS code the LS editor would be reinforcing the "correct" casing that is needed for SSJS (which is case sensitive).

Using Notes://. Add support for query_string parameters in Notes (17 Oct 2009)

There is HUGE potential in expanding support for { Link } protocol

Improve alignment of parts on a form (16 Oct 2009)

@Rob, I think you will find that IBM will only be adding new feature to Notes 8.5+. I feel your pain, as i was stuck using 6.0 for YEARS.

Add SwiftFile to the standaard! (16 Oct 2009)

This is a feature of Notes that I think a great many people don't even know is there. Having it as an install option would greatly improve its visibility in the Notes community.

Target version of IdeaJam Idea's (16 Oct 2009)

I think this has been suggested elsewhere, but identifying all those ideas that have now been implemented in a specific version of Notes would help. If it hasn't been implemented then i assume that regardless of which version was being used by the idea creator it would still be relevant. (Unless IBM come out and say they will only extend Xpages moving forward and tehn all the idea for Forms, Views etc would become museum material) .

Add a mini game to the Lotus Notes splash screen (15 Oct 2009)

I am promoting this not because I think a game would be approrpiate but I was thinking while sitting through the 20 minute install here is a 20 minute window of opportunity that IBM could potentially take advantage of. I recall in older versions of Notes we provided details about the new features in the release. Install would seem an ideal opportunity for this -- but ONLY if it did not add 20 more minutes to my install time.

Extend Notes 8 RSS reader with OPML and offline (15 Oct 2009)

The RSS reader has lots of opportunities for improvement

Use more then one primary dictionary for instant spell checking (14 Oct 2009)

As an ex-Australian I can share the frustration of living in a country that adopts both US and UK English. Some people prefer/expect spelling in one version or another so it is a pain to only be able to select a single dictionary.

Easier handling of Hide-when attribute (13 Oct 2009)

It would be a big time saver for me. It is possible to disable the hide-when formula for multiple design elements but I would prefer to have the formulae themselves removed too.

Enable WebDAV for all Notes documents (12 Oct 2009)

The incompleted Webdav support includes obscure documentation and promotion of its availablilty even for Design documents. I keep forgetting its there....

Mark Scheduled agents to 'Don't run in Template' (11 Oct 2009)

It has taken me a lot of time to figure this out, but is seems that any change made to an agent in a template is likely to result in the agent being disabled the next time the production database is refreshed from the template. This can include merely resigning the agent. It would be a good idea as part of your release process to either have a manual step that verifies all scheduled agents are still enabled or have an automated process that does this for you.

User-definable session data (11 Oct 2009)

Now that Xpages has been added we could consider mimicing the concepts of applicationScope and sessionScope as a standard way of storing data.

Properties Dialog Box (11 Oct 2009)

Now that we have DDE perhaps we should be looking to have the properties box integrated with the Eclipse Properties panel (at least for Designer).

Object Model Maps (10 Oct 2009)

Of course now we will need versions for LotusScript, Java, and SSJS and perhaps a client model for JavaScript.

Partial Update Multiple Elements (10 Oct 2009)

@Stephan. Yes I do the same. When designing my XPage I put everything in either a panel or a custom control, and sometimes both. But if the changing of a single value or an action trigggers changes to more than area of the screen the only answer at the moment is to do a full refresh. I know when I was doing .Net development I could trigger ajax refreshes of multiple controls (without the need to write a lot of backend code).

Apply attribute change to multiple design elements with a single command (09 Oct 2009)

Can I vote twice for this one!

Navigation of properties window (09 Oct 2009)

Oops... I should have read Jsoeph's comment first

Navigation of properties window (09 Oct 2009)

The same is true for action bar properties too.

create a Development and Test environment (09 Oct 2009)

It seems like this would only work in a very simple environment in which there was one development, one QA, and one prod server. I would suggest it is more common to find 10 prod servers 1 dev server and perhaps no QA server. Your suggestion also doesn't deal with the scenario in which you may have multiple production databases each inheriting their design off a single template e.g. a customized discussion template. I would also question the wisdom of replacing the design of all databases in production at the one time. That would require coordination of all development projects to a single timetable.

Send as versus Send on Behalf of (08 Oct 2009)

So who is asking for this, the executives or the assistants? In the companies where I work if I get an e-mail from an assistant I understand that it is from an executive's assistant and that they often speak for the executive. If I get an e-mail from an executive I like to know it is their words and not that of their assistant.

Hyphenation for Richtext (07 Oct 2009)

@Rob. The NotesRichTextItem class extends the NotesItem class so technically Rich Text is being treated like "normal" text with extra properties/methods.

Paste-method for NotesRichTextItem (07 Oct 2009)

By paste do you mean from the WIndows clipboard? If so, I fail to see how this could be a background function the clipboard is a UI function.

Debug indication (07 Oct 2009)

This seems like an easy win for IBM that would have a large positive impact on Notes application development.

Read Only Fields On Forms (06 Oct 2009)

Xpages makes a clear distinction between read only and disabled. I think there is a lot of opportunities to make quick improvements to Notes Classic design elements by taking many of the cool things now available in Xpages. Read-Only is one of them.

Does Lotus Notes need to become more standard, modern and faster for its end users? (06 Oct 2009)

I feel for IBM on this one. They need to maintain backward compatability with previous versions of Notes for those that have gotten used to that way, they now need to support the "Eclipse" standards, and they need to keep an eye out for emerging "open standards". I have a lot of confidence in Mary Beth Raven's team and I am sure they are thinking these things out in great detail and improving things wherever they can.

View column spacing (like cell spacing in a table) (06 Oct 2009)

Great idea. I often find myself adding blank columns just so I can stop views looking jumbled and confusing.

Allow others to link ideas (05 Oct 2009)

So far with all the apps i have developed the three most common add-ons seem to be 1) Comments, 2) Rating/Voting, and 3) Linking. Seems like you have most of the bases covered so far. Perhaps adding tags is a possibility.

Reference to another uidoc (05 Oct 2009)

One of the weaknesses in the current DOM used by LS is that you can only get a handle on a single UI document even though many documents may be open inside the Notes client. I would like to see a way provided to access a list of all open UI documents.

Response to an answer threaded with answer, not original question (05 Oct 2009)

I had been wondering the same thing myself

Use @Formula to change field font color (03 Oct 2009)

Why settle for @Formula, why not allow LotusScript to be used also just as SSJS can be used to programatically set the style attributes in Xpages.

Set via a policy settings - Subject for email is required in the Lotus Notes client and iNotes! (03 Oct 2009)

I don't like giving Administrators the rights to control a feature that is basically a personal preference. Should I choose to send an e-mail without a subject that should be a matter between me and the receiver(s) and nobody else.

cascading replication on fields (optional) when solving conflicts (03 Oct 2009)

I'm sorry but I don't understand. If a field has a value of $2 on two servers and two people each "add $1.00" making the value $3 on the two servers, when replication occurs how does either server know the original value was $2. They only know that the new value is $3 and that the value was changed on both servers. Notes does not keep a history of the changed values made.

IBM to incorporate dsktool.exe into the Client (30 Sep 2009)

This is a common issue. Bookmarks is only part of the solution. We also need a tool to perform the same changes on the workspace. Having a reliable tool help manage changes to server topology has the potential to reduce user frustration with Notes. They just want their icons to work! It would be great if policies (or similar) could be created to force changes to occur automatically.

Data Connections - new class: Notes (25 Sep 2009)

Sorry Patrick. I don't like this idea, at least not in the way it is proposed. By making the data connection a design element you are essentially consigning every database that inherits its design linking to the same physical database. In many cases the external databases needsto vary (e.g. Development v QA v Production).

With what we already have today is possible to define a Data Connection as a data document and then have the code refer to the data in the connection document. This allows every instance of a database to have its own defeinitions of where the external database reside and even allow the definition to specify the location using either replica ids or specific server/fileprarhs.

Create view listing all active mail addresses on the server (main + aliases) (23 Sep 2009)

I usually rely on the ($Users) view for this. After all that is the view that the mail system uses to try and determine how to deliver mail to an addressee.

Allow admin to specify fields to appear in search by Field dropdown (23 Sep 2009)

Did you mean admin or developer?

Feature: Top Innovator of the month (18 Sep 2009)

A new car sounds good, but I'll settle for beer!

Movable and resizeable layers / modal-less dialogs (16 Sep 2009)

I like the idea. Perhaps allow the option to maximize, minimize or close.

Add Ask Question To Beta (16 Sep 2009)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Read Only Fields On Forms (14 Sep 2009)

@Starrow. There is often a difference between read-only and disabled. e.g. when a field is disabled it is often grayed out, whereas a read-only field would display in the "normal"color. Ideally I would like to see both provided as Xpages provides the ability to designate both properties (including the ability to do this as a formula). We kind of need an XForms which takes some of the good ideas from Xpages and applies them to Forms.

Set Selection for Embedded views when they are embedded (13 Sep 2009)

This seems to defy the concept of views. A set formula is defined and the system prebuilds the view based upon that formula so that the view contents can be displayed quickly. Any change to the view formula affects everyone also who uses that view unless it is a shared, private on first use view.

I would see what is being suggested as being more like a datagrid in which the rows to be displayed are determined at run-time by executing a query against either the database or an existing view index. The query would be specific to that one request.

DataGrid Control (13 Sep 2009)

@Charles, No Xpages largely runs against existing views.

Editor2 Dojo Widget in XPages (13 Sep 2009)

One of the biggest weaknesses in Xpages is the basic Rich Text editor. I am surprised we are not making Editor2 the default. It at least narrows the gap on hwt the Notes client and nearly every other Web rich text editor can do.

Alphabetize the list of Additional Options in the Preferences Dialog (13 Sep 2009)

I think they are listed in the order they were added. Great for history buff but not very practical now the list has grown so long.

Make the agent cluster aware (13 Sep 2009)

It sounds like a great idea but I see lots of side-issues that might make this more of a problem than a solution. The issue may be a communication issue and not a server actually down which could result in two servers running the agent. I would rather see the option to designate an agent to run on the "Administration Server" and then allow the Administration server to be changed when a server is out of action for an extended period of time.

Have same reply button in memo as in view (13 Sep 2009)

I think the isseu here is that Split Action buttons are supported for Java view. I would like to see split actions supported in standard views and forms which would then make the above possible as well as allow Notes Classic developers to build more intuitive interfaces requiring fewer clicks to get things done.

It's time for NOTES.INI to become a proper database (13 Sep 2009)

Perhaps an Eclipse editor for the INI file to make it easier to organize and manage the INI, but leave it as a text file asp per @1 @2.

Google Search Capabilities (12 Sep 2009)

@Bruce.. Yes I agree. I support some apps where the database is exported to another application just so they can provide a Google-like search feature to the data. Its embarrassing to me I cant provide that feature in Notes.

Replication job should skip the doc and continue with out stopping (12 Sep 2009)

This is a frequent frustration for me. The inability to request LEI to skip over errors and process the rest of the documents. Other examples include invalid character sets in the text. Just skip the record!

Enable search for multiple notes databases simultaniusly (12 Sep 2009)

It frustrates me that Google can search through all the public Notes databases across the entire Internet and then provide a nice snappy search interface and yet I can't provide the exact same thing for a collection of my own internal Notes databases.

There is a need for global variables at the level of a Lotus Notes application (12 Sep 2009)

I would name my next child after the IBM developer that adds this capability to Notes.

There are possibly 5 key things LotusScript lacks that limits how far we can take the language and unleash the full power. This is one of them.

Combine R4, R5, R6, R7 and R8 forums (12 Sep 2009)

Couldn't IBM use something like LEI to consolidate the individual databases into a single database. Users can vote with their feet as to which they find more useful.

Notes client view navigation - got to bottom/top, jump x number of entries (12 Sep 2009)

@Chris, given the way Crtl-End used to work prior to 8.5.1 I wonder how many people we have "trained" to stay away from these keys with the Notes client.

Allow multiple meeting owners for calendar (12 Sep 2009)

It would also be nice to have an option in which invitees could invite additional people as this is presently restricted to the Chair.

There is a need for real triggers in Lotus Notes applications (12 Sep 2009)

I agree. Notes is a pretty good Query engine for the UI but is is not possible to trap events/triggers that occur via the back end. This limits the implementation of business across a Notes app. I would like to see a triggers such as documentsave, documentdelete, databaseopen, and even fieldchange.

There is a need for referential integrity (12 Sep 2009)

@Charles, I think some of us might have a different definition of "easy". Adding LS code to the QueryDelete event can make deletions (especially to many documents) a very very slow process as the documents are all checked for response documents. Notes provides the ability to display documents not in a folder so why not a view with response documents that have no parent document. We could then have a simple agent to delete these documents. Doesn't solve all scenarios but would be a quick win for many. One of the great features of Notes is how quickly an app can be developed. It is minor issue like this that often eats into that Notes advantage.

Launch Options: Open Designated Page (12 Sep 2009)

This should be an easy win for IBM to implement this.

Please always have a "Properties" or "Document Properties" in the right click menu (12 Sep 2009)

With 8.5.x I find myself clicking all over the place for a way to open the properties box. Not just database properties.

New function - @HostName (12 Sep 2009)

I could have used this one today!

Working Set toggling - make it easier! (12 Sep 2009)

I just wish all the new database I open would stop being dumped in my workingset.

Better control over horizontal outlines (12 Sep 2009)

Yes this drives me nuts

Remove the option to delete database when removing a bookmark. (12 Sep 2009)

I cringed the first time I saw it. What if I accidentally lick there!!!!

List Run On server name in the designer view (12 Sep 2009)

You can create your own view in the app to show this information

Are we ready for a Virtual Lotusphere Annex? (12 Sep 2009)

Perhaps we need a LotusSphereJam where people post presentations and the community votes on them. The prize, a spot at the real lotusphere (all expenses paid).

Allow multiple assignees for to-do's in Activities (12 Sep 2009)

This would mbetter match the way people/grpups seem to work.

Bootstrap Import capabilities for Profiles (12 Sep 2009)

IBM needs a strategy for managing profiles across its portfolio and in the spirit of OpenSource should have ulitilities to sync profile data with popular social networking sites.

Standardize wiki markup langauage (12 Sep 2009)

@Ben. Getting the DominoWiki and Xpages wiki in sync would be a great start and then whatever the Designer wiki is created in. I have used your great Dominowiki template for a while now and have lots of useful Notes content. When I have tried to take share this content back in to the Designer wiki it gets all screwed up. Kind of stopped me contributing.

Set Attributes for Row With Current Document In View (12 Sep 2009)

It seems Java views has this capability...

Track Database Deletions (12 Sep 2009)

@Dirk, no anyone with Manager access to a database can delete a database. I rarely have an issue with an Admin deleting a database they usually know/understand what they are doing. Sometime a user can delete a database thinking they are merely removing the database icon from their worskpace. Getting them to admit to it often is a problem and having an audit trail can often negate a big waste of time proving the "system" didn't magically delete the database.

Provide Link To OpenNTF Idea Jam (12 Sep 2009)

@Matt. Maybe looking at the broader concept any organization may have multiple jams in addition to ideaspaces so then it becomes a service to link related ideajams. So a dropdown list somewhere to linked ideajams. If space is tight you could even provide a divider below the list of ideaspaces and then list linked jams under the ideaspaces.

Computed for Display Rich Text Field in the Lotus Notes Client (12 Sep 2009)

Perhaps we could get the same result if Notes forms were to support
1) The ability to make any field read only (as can be done with Xpages) and
2) The addition of Refresh command that also works on documents that are not being edited.

Lotus Knows: Split Screens for Multiple Tabs = Increased Productivity! (12 Sep 2009)

Perhaps the idea could be expanded to "tearaway tabs" which are becoming popular. i.e. open up documents in new tabs but allow me to take a tabe and drag it outside my current window thereby creating a new window or even add it to another existing window.

Ignore "Re:", "FW:" in subject for sorting (12 Sep 2009)

I did this as part of an in-house customization of the mail template. It wasn't hard to do I am sure this would be a samp for IBM.

Add "Create Public Document" option to ACL (12 Sep 2009)

I came across this thread researching a similar issue. I think the issue with profile documents is that they get automatically created when you first attempt to create/retrieve them so the setting of $PublicAccess happens after an attempt is made to create the document. I would definitely support a way for allowing people to create profile documents wiuthout them having the ability to create non-public documents.

Make the keyboard shortcuts the same in the client and designer (11 Sep 2009)

Good idea but I am not sure if it is practical. I think the challenge for IBM is that Notes client users are now used to various short-cuys such as <Ctrl><M> but for Eclipse it has a different meaning. With Domino Designer how do you provide consistency to both Notes and Eclipse?

Make it easier to get XPage components by rendered id - XSP.byId (11 Sep 2009)

I think the assumption here would have to be that the "designer id" is only represented once in the HTML. The reason why Xpages (and most other Web development environments) create these complicated names for the rendered ID is that design elements can be reused multiple times in a single piece of HTML. e.g. repeater controls, multiple custom controls can assign the same ID and one Xpage can insert another Xpage.

Make Domino Designer For Eclipse Faster/Stable (07 Sep 2009)

@Bruce. I am using DDE 8.5.0 & DDE 8.5.1 (CD8). I just had the chance to use 8.5.1 for three solid days. This is good because you get a better perspective when you use it constantly, and my concerns still stand. I love all the hew stuff that is being added but... at times the crashes and slow performance makes me want to pick my monitor and through it out the window. One of the GREAT things about Notes development has always been the speed that apps can be built and DDE is really slowing me down.

Expand/collapse Xpage Source (01 Sep 2009)

Man that was fast. I wish IBM would implement all my ideas that quickly :)

Enhance/Extend/Modernize Controls for Forms (26 Aug 2009)

Status changed to Open

Enhance/Extend/Modernize Controls for Forms (26 Aug 2009)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Ability to add contact from selected text (24 Aug 2009)

I nearly voted No on this one as Mickey Mouse lives here in Anaheim CA

Documentation should be tailored to the different ways that people learn, based on their age/experience/preferences (31 Jul 2009)

For 8.5 I would settle in getting some adequate documentation in any form let alone having choices of format.

Retire LotusScript, Focus on JavaScript (SSJS) (07 Jul 2009)

@Mark Remember SSJS is not JavaScript it is actually a completely new langauge that follows JS syntax. Probably as much use as LotusScript would be getting a job doing VB.Net development.

XPages - Native support for RDB access (07 Jul 2009)

I believe IBM have already announced this feature is coming in a future release of Notes.

Retire LotusScript, Focus on JavaScript (SSJS) (29 Jun 2009)

Based upon some of the feedback so far I have chosen to rename the title of this idea as I agree it was somewhat misleading. Clearly all existing LS needs to be supported moving forward and Lotus/IBM have always gone out of their way to provide backward compatibility - even to the expense of the product at times. So I changed the idea from Replace LotusScript to Retire LotusScript. So to be clear I am asking you to vote on whether you plan to stay with LotusScript moving forward or plan to jump to SSJS asap. Those wanting to stay with LS would most likely want to see LS extended or at the very least supported in XPages. Those planning to jump to SSJS would probably prefer to see all language development focused on making SSJS more powerful.

XPages - Support Lotusscript WQO/WQS functionality (14 Jun 2009)

yes, yes, yes, yes, yes

I have seen some people respond to this suggestion by selling the virtues of javascript. Javascript is not a programming language, it is a scripting language. The last time I checked there was not even a way to declare data type for variables. Why do we need to use contrived workarounds such a dojo or prototype when we have a true programming language for thick client development.

Date Time Calendar Time Controls on web (30 Jan 2009)

I'm not sure I see any value in extending Web capabilities for Domino outside of X-Pages. This seems to be the future for Web client development, and possibly Notes client development from here on in...

Make null numeric values zero? (07 Aug 2008)

I think it is a great idea but wonder about the "backward compatibility" angle of this. Perhaps some sort of Notes.INI variable etc. could be used to allow this feature to be turned on. The ability for a numeric field to be either a number of text "" causes a lot of unnecessary processing when you try to do basic tasks as simply adding two "numeric variable values. A + B.

Asynchronous Agents (17 Jun 2008)

@7 This would be an ideal solution. With AJAX I can get a Web client to update parts of as form while still letting the update other parts of the form not effected by the update. With the Notes client I do not have that same abaility. If the code takes a while to run because I am doing lookups into other databases or looping through a view the entire Notes session is locked up.

Develop LS2J (09 Jun 2008)

I would rather see IBM focus its attention on expanding the LS language itself to support the things thaat presently can only be done in languages such as Java and C#.

Open up all the document properties to Java/LS (09 Jun 2008)

I think the same could be said for almost all other product classes in which access to some properties still require the use of the C API.

Optimise LotusScript Conditional evaluation (28 May 2008)

Whilst there are alternative to the specific example provided, there are many other scenarios in which this would be be advantagous, not to mention the performance gains from stopping as soon as a decision can be identified.

Action Bar (actions) global hide-when formula (17 Apr 2008)

I would suggest a more generic solution needs to be made available. Allow me to select multiple design eleeemnts and set/change certain attributes for all the selected design lemenets. e.g. select multiple action buttons and set the Hid-Wehn formula. Select multiple fields and set the field type to be Dialog List....

Make in-View Editing actually useful (04 Apr 2008)

One option may be to consolidate shared fields and shared columns into a consolidated design element. Field validation, input transalation etc could be defined as per shared fields and then applied to InViewEdit when added as a "Shared Column" to a view.

Application (Database) Block List for Debugger (01 Apr 2008)

I hate to think how many hours I have probably accumulated in lost productivity checking my mail whilst the debugger is still on and having to step through all the mail events.

Have IBM have a paid resource(s) working on OPENNTF (11 Mar 2008)

I don't believe it would be fair to expect IBM to commit resources to OpenNTF just because it is using this resouce. Many companies use the site as a resource. I do however think OpenNTF and Notes (and hence IBM) would benefit from an investment from IBM. Not only in committing resources but also working jointly on some of the projects with overlap such as the OpenNTF Mail Experience and Domino Wiki.

Support Mail Template Customization (10 Mar 2008)

@1 Perhaps Andre's comments could be addressed by having a second template designed by IBM specifically for those sites wanting to customize the mail template. i.e. The standard mail template would have the existing standard mail functionality and the "custom" template extends this template with the hooks necessary for sites to customize the mail template. Sites not wanting to customize their mail template then would not be affected.

It may seem like a lot of trouble to go to but having the ability to implement additional features in the mail template without the need to make a single change to the code developed by IBM would save a LOT of time around the globe on the part of Notes developers each time a new version of the mail template is released. I suspect many sites delay the implementation of Notes/Domino or the mail templates pending this redevelopment being completed. Not to mention the additional COST this creates!

@2 I agree, I posted just a couple of examples of how this may be done. There may even be better ways than the ones suggested. I am sure the IBM gurus could create some inovative ways that this could be achieved.

Automatically guess the folder where to file an email (12 Feb 2008)

Swiftfile already does this...

Specify target version, and have designer warn about newer elements! (01 Feb 2008)

When using Visual Studio to develop ASP.Net applications you can define the version of HTML that you wish to conform to and the syntax check is run against that version. I think it would be great to have the abililty to be able to nominate a version of Notes in Domino Designer and have all the syntax checking etc run against that version. That way I can take advantage of the latest features in a newer version of Domino Designer and not have to worry about using a feature not supported by the Notes client of my targeted audience.

Focus the OGS more on LOTUS NOTES (22 Jan 2008)

I agree. I think IBM are starting to get it a little, but we'll know they have really understood when we don't have to here about other IBM products such as Websphere in the OGS.

@mailserver and @directoryserver (15 Jan 2008)

I thought @LocationGetInfo provide details of all the servers nominated in the current location document?

Disable Notes 8 Typeahead For Selected Names fields (07 Jan 2008)

@1... That works with 8.0.0 but then the typeahead is turned off completely. Typehead is a really cool way of providing feedback to the user that the characters they have entered matches their intended name without having to type (and spell correctly) the entire name or the delays associated with Lookups. I would like to still have the option of making type-ahead available for a field, just not the way it is now done with Notes 8.

Access external data in column formulas (29 Dec 2007)

Great idea in theory but I doubt this could work in practice. I don't understand how the accuracy of the data in the view would be maintained in such a scenario. When a document changes this acts as a trigger for the UPDATE task to re-evaluate the document for each view in that database in case the change effects the selection criteria for the view of values of any column displayed. With external data we do not have a convenient trigger. e.g. when one document changes every row in every view could be potentially effected by the change if that one document is somehow linked to by any other view entry.

Group expiration (29 Dec 2007)

What happens if the "owner" is no longer with the company? I agree that unused groups can become an administrative nightmare, but equally we may find nobody acts on a group expiration because nobody knows who is accountable for a group. A lot of people can be inconvenienced by a group being retired, including access to databases... It is much easier for a Notes ID.

Change file location where Notes opens attachments (29 Dec 2007)

I get a lot of support requests related to people losing changes they made for attachments. If a way could be found to locate these files easier or better still, provide a way of recovering these files back into the Notes document.

Give Groups in the Domino Directory their own ACL's (29 Dec 2007)

I agree with Chris. Existing reader and author fields should be more than enough and would probably be just as "User Friendly" as trying to impose some form of ACL on the group.

Make Notes Ready for Version Control Systems (like cvs, subversion and Rational Clear Case) (21 Dec 2007)

Code control with TeamStudio CIAO works fine....

separate the presentation from the behaviour (21 Dec 2007)

Perhaps better support for css, skins, and themes?

Ability to tell AdminP to not remove a name from a document for deletion requests (21 Dec 2007)

It would seem to me we already have enough options with the ability to set Modify Readers & Authors versus Modify All Name Fields at an application level.

On Server Registration, allow me to copy server security settings (21 Dec 2007)

Perhaps a server registration policy just as we have user regstration policies.

Check availability before sending invitations (19 Dec 2007)

I agree, if people aren't already using the scheduler to check if people are available on the nominated date/time in the first place I doubt if they will take any notice of a warning prompt. Too many warnings/prompts can end up being a bad thing....

Ability to save LotusScript with errors (16 Dec 2007)

After a long period of time doing LotusScript development I spent a period of time doing C# development with Visual Studio. Whilst there were a lot of things in Visual Studio that I loved, one of the things I grew to hate was that it allowed me to save code changes even when it didn't compile. Sometimes an innocent change would take forever to resolve (e.g. removing just one of those "{"s). Then I would just wish I could go back to the last compile and start again. With Domino Designer if my changes start to cause compile errors I know that I have an easy way to get back to that last safe point. Code managemnt modules like CIAO only take me back to the last time I did a Check Out.

Make The Notes 8 Sidebar More Accessible To Notes developers (16 Dec 2007)

@4. I am not anti-Java. In many ways I suspect Java is probably a superior programming language to LotusScript. But in all my years as a Notes consultant I have not seen too many Notes developers who also program in Java. I know there are a few but the vast majority of the Notes development world tends to use LotusScript, @Language and JavaScript. The things that tend to get readily applied in the Notes world seem to be the things accessible to the most people. I would just like to see programmable access to the sidebar opened up to a larger proportion of the Notes development community.

LotusScript Editor element for Classes (16 Dec 2007)

It would also be nice if any new IDE for classes had a similar feature to VisualStudio in which you can place #region #endregion around blocks of code and collapse those. It is a big help when debugginbg code and you want to temporarily ignore large chunks that are not relevant (e.g. a block for public properties and a separate block for public methods etc. inside large classes).

Right-click - Paste Special (16 Dec 2007)

There is a danger that having too many mouse right click options makes the interface even more confusing for those that struggle with too many choices. I beleive there was a lot of applause when IBM first announced with Notes 8 that you could deactivate all the standard right mouse click actions....

Move HTML signature into mailfile (16 Dec 2007)

The fact that this idea has consistently been the highest polling idea has caught my attention, and I hope IBM's too. It suggests to me that not only is the issue of placing the signature in the mail file an important one, but perhaps some of the other quirky things about the signature file warrant some attention.

Create empty NotesDocumentCollection (16 Dec 2007)

There must be a lot of us employing the "silly search" technique to get an empty Notesdocumentcollection. If new NotesDocumentCollection is too hard perhaps IBM coluld give use a NotesDatabase.doSillySearch method to simplify the code a little!

Top Ideas in the Sidebar: We need your input (13 Dec 2007)

I like the idea of what's hot as I expect we will probably see the same items at the top of the current list for a long time... i.e. it doesn't change much. Perhaps the ideas that have generated the most "No Opinion" votes. i.e. issues that have been promoted and/or demoted a lot in the past WEEK. The top vote gatheres could still be available but from a menu option somehwere, not the main page.

Modify colors for calendar entries (13 Dec 2007)

With OpenNTF pionerring the way on this it should not be too much of a challenge for IBM to implement similar code with their standard mail templates. It's great that OpenNTF have pioneered the way on so many things missing from the mail template but I ultimately would like to see the good ideas adopted in the IBM templates.


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