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Option to make integrated Sametime Client Notes Location aware?

: Sametime / sametime location
: sametime, location
Stefan Meyer1788 - 14 2016 / (0)
: Open
Not sure if there already is a solution for this:
When I choose "Offline" as Notes location, I'd like to prevent Sametime from searching for servers. "Offline" - in my cases - means there is no network in reach.
Unfortunately Sametime does not care and searches for servers, It ...

Allow more than Database Icons on the Workspace?

: Notes Client / workspace icons
: workspace icons
Stefan Meyer1788 - 29 2014 / (0)
: Open
Why do I only have database icons on my (Notes) workspace? - I work with documents and views and a database is more or less a container. 
So what about adding the ability to place other kinds of shortcuts on the Notes workspace? Candidates may be links to a ...

When inserting a new row into a table: take current format of the neighbour rows

: Notes Client / richtext table formatting
: richtext, table, formatting
Stefan Meyer1788 - 11 2014 / (5)
: Open
I often create tables and enter numbers in 1st column. Normally I mark the complete column, align the content centered, give it a dedicated color or make it bold.
When inserting a new column I'd like to get these format values in the new row.

Richtext Field + some Text Fields: Double click on a word should just select the word - not a trailing blank behind it

: Notes Client / text editor richtext double click string word
: text editor, richtext, double click, string, word
Stefan Meyer1788 - 09 2012 / (2)
: Open
If there is a blank behind a word, it is also selected when double-clicking the word.A <CTRL> + <C> then copies this space character as well. This may lead to errors when the string is pasted somewhere.
I would like to select the word only, like the subject field in ...

Fixed Size for Standard View Navigator?

: Notes Client / navigator resize
: navigator, resize
Stefan Meyer1788 - 03 2012 / (0)
: Open
Is it possible to give the default navigator (which shows the views in a Notes database) a fixed width?
I know, I can do so by implementing a frameset and fix the size of the left frame. But if there is no frameset, the navigator shrinks and grows with the ...

Mail -> Preferences -> Bigger signature field?

: Notes Client / signature mailbox
: signature, mailbox
Stefan Meyer1788 - 05 2011 / (0)
: Open
I frequently have to change my signature, for example when a fair is over or to invite for an event.
This can be done from my mail file using "Tools" -> "Preferences..." and selecting the tab "Signature".
-> The dialog is huge and could show the "Signature:" field 4-times bigger. ...

Ability to Disable Workspace Pages per Location or User-ID

: Notes Client / workspace workspace page location
: workspace, workspace page, location
Stefan Meyer1788 - 15 2011 / (0)
: Open
It would prevent me from clicking on inaccessible databases. (Okay: on their icons.)
A disabled workspace page should not be hidden, but its tab may be painted differently, maybe grayed out.
Why? - Some customers allow me to use my laptop at their site. I also work at different offices, ...

Show a message when pasting a column would produce a duplicate $xxxx alias

: Domino Designer / column properties vview colum
: column properties, vview colum
Stefan Meyer1788 - 28 2011 / (1)
: Open
When designing a view: Columns with a computed value get a default alias starting with a "$" plus a number (e.g . "$259").
When pasting a column from a different view, I unintendedly can create columns with identical $-aliases. - This may produce side-effects like documents being shown in wrong categories or - hard ...

Replacing digits in a date field should mark a document to be dirty

: Notes Client / date field input
: date field, input
Stefan Meyer1788 - 07 2011 / (2)
: Open
I open a document in edit mode and change a date. - Nothing more.
Leaving the document with <ESC> I sometimes am not asked if the changes shall be saved.
I mark part of the date, like the month, with the mouse and replace it by just typing the new month ...

Import of picture files as a drag & drop action

: Notes Client / import picture file drag and drop
: import picture file drag and drop
Stefan Meyer1788 - 09 2010 / (0)
: Open
I can attach files to a RT field by simply dropping them from the (computer's) desktop. In case of a picture file, I import it afterwards. (Knowing that's double. But doing so I have the file and a preview...)
So what about pressing a key, like <i> (= [i]mport) and ...

Password dialog: make "At location" field properly react on character keystrokes again

: Notes Client / location dialog
: location, dialog
Stefan Meyer1788 - 06 2009 / (1)
: Open
When starting Notes I am prompted for password and my current location. In Notes 7 I could simply navigate in this dialog with the TAB key, and select the location by typing in its first character.

Notes 8 forces me to use the mouse. - At least to click ...


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