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How to Connect Windows Active Directive Group? (08 Jul 2016)

Whatre we talking about here? Ycan ask questions in the Domino community forums on ibm.com ... { Link }

In case of client crash - zap the need to use zappers! (28 Feb 2015)

8.5.3 still leaves ntaskldr.exe hanging.

Its pretty simple, why cant Notes launch a cleanup, then a launch of Notes?

Improve the XPages extension library (12 Feb 2015)

Then the community could stand to set that bar a bit higher.

If it's straightforward, then anyone could write the "Hello World" example.

If it's not straightforward, then it's no big deal to delay release 'til the documentation is ready to make people a success.

T'me that seems to be an issue: Notes & Domino have always been places that make people a success -- initially, in reasonable time, and over the long term. The Domino "learning curve" is mostly a series of successes, not failures.

The features that didn't do this, are mostly mothballed.

Integrate Worklight into Designer (01 Feb 2015)

eat whatcha cook!

Improve the XPages extension library (01 Feb 2015)

I'm still baffled by many of the components.

More documentation would be a big plus to some of 'em. One nice "Hello World" demonstrating each piece, describing diagnostics of common problems would help too.

Hey, and did they ever get the view control to do both alternate sorts properly? It used to be, the second alternate sort wouldn't sort properly. I hope that's resolved in later releases.

Should we have an ideaspace for ... Verse? or Mail? (31 Jan 2015)

Thanks, Bruce! What service.

new twist on ideajam....BugJam (24 Jan 2015)

& yes, I get this bug a lot.

Other bugs:
Launch notes 8.5 & immediately try to copy a database without first opening one. Result:crash. Thankfully this stopped w 9.0
Swap between Designer using editor & Notes using view. After awhile, the Notes client stops diaplaying the db specific actions menu. Happens frequently during the day.

Create Computed Text with the same text style as the current paragraph (24 Jan 2015)

In the past it wasnt this way, either. Bring back the good stuff.

Lots of wierd things with computed text. Why cant I put computed text in a link hotspot?

Auto Filing Inbox Mail (24 Jan 2015)

I dont see the objections as valid. Yes, it should be an option for the email template. No yshouldnt have to decide every single time what you want to do.

Make Notes Not Crash when Home Server is Down / Restarts (24 Jan 2015)

(Why open a pmr? Its their problem. I get really cynical of wanting customers to pay for reporting their problem.)

App for learning Lotus Script, Lotus Notes Interface (24 Jan 2015)

Ive found Lotusscript to be FAR faster for development.

Support for very high log activity in HTTP server (24 Jan 2015)

As for the "log to file" option, let me know when I have access to this file without access to the OS. But I wont wait holding my breath.

Support for very high log activity in HTTP server (24 Jan 2015)

Yes, Im aware there is an agent. 1 server with this problem, the agent never manages to open a view befire it exceeds the time limit.

Do you guys get, Im not sure ya do, I cant even OPEN the domlog.nsf because each DAY it posts at a rate where the views cant even finish refresh?

Clicking the Quickflag icon on an already flagged e-mail should remove the flag (28 Oct 2014)

Outlook converts it to a "solved" flag. Which isn't very pleasant if you accidentally clicked the flag.

I keep hitting its "colorizing" flag, too.

Outlook is annoying. We need to find a non-annoying response.

allow copying file path from database properties infobox (10 Oct 2014)

Great additions, guys. I've noticed the Windows properties boxes being enhanced with just these improvements. I've even used the view inline edit feature to provide it on my own apps.

I'd just like the Notes client to support the OSes as they're improved, today!

Specify a profile field as the formula in a view column (06 Sep 2014)

Update: what I *did* find was, finally, a way to use the "user definable" view attribute. And it works really well once I decrypted the documentation. Formula in a profile is very nice.

I expect it doesn't work for user-specific profiles, but I haven't tried it either.

Increase Field Size (06 Sep 2014)

This was requested at Lotusphere 2008 at Meet the Developers. How's it going?

XWork Server Community Edition (19 Apr 2014)

I write software in Domino in a couple of months that it takes a squad of developers years to mimic on another platform.

Is Domino on life support? Or is it simply that the software market of the month just doesn't understand the price they're paying for other platforms?

No, I'm under no misimpressions about the changing market for Domino. But I continue to look at the ... stuff ... that comes out of other platforms with a great deal of disdain. I know what they're doing. I know the cost of what they're doing. And I know Domino is better at what they're doing.

Yeah, get them a platform that has actually implemented XForms in a plausible way, and people will start to realize what's possible with a well-built design concept.

Change the way you, as a customer, can weigh on SPR's (19 Apr 2014)

Y'know, we are on ideajam. It's possible we might convince ideajam to open an area specific to SPRs.

Console command to purge Profile documents from memory (19 Apr 2014)

One of the unpleasant workarounds for this is to set the profile's UNID in the profile document. And then reload the document from the profiled UNID. If it remains the same. And if you can get to the profile by UNID where y'are. It doesn't cover all cases though.

And it's a chatty workaround. I think it'd be great to tell HTTP dbcache flush. I also think it'd be great to specify a profile expiration time. There're other things that could be lurking in HTTP memory.

Give a flag for agents that keeps the selection afterwards (19 Apr 2014)

The only situation where I've been able to control this option is when I set "run as background task".

Then the agent leaves the checkmarks intact.

Unfortunately there're times when I don't want to do this, and then I have to set an agent to run another agent ... it's messy. The request is a good one.

In fact there're actually agents that are designed to "leave some selected" in Formula language -- I wish there were more flexibility on the part of agents to leave selected, any documents they hadn't got to on an error.

put sent items in folders (19 Apr 2014)

Maybe he means making the "sent" view a folder that accepts items? Although, it's been a long time since I felt an email really needed to be there, I could think of some useful expansions on this.

Sorted Search (19 Apr 2014)

yeah, this is somewhat easier when the transcript's saved to Notes, at least as long as the transcript doesn't span days.

Allow newly created (local) mail rules to be applied on existing mail (retroactively). (19 Apr 2014)

This has been part of Outlook for years. "Create Quickrule" should have it. It's actually not impossible to create separately.

It'd also be a great option to apply the rule to Inbox on any modified rule.

Tune out of conversation (18 Apr 2014)

This is my most common use of mail rules.

File and print share (15 Mar 2014)

As someone accessing Domino from mobile, I find it ironic that some think printings a client function. The printers in office. With the server. The server needs a print connection. Always has. People asked me for this in 1994. 20 years ago.

Smarter Decisions By DDE On View Rebuild (15 Mar 2014)

Wait, view behavior changed recently to allow Notes to continue in other windows while waiting on a view refresh. Ah, why not Designer?

And yeah when working w more sophistcated views I really have to see how the view enties interlace with one another in production. Plus, on truly large databases, theres not time enough to deploy all views at once. Takes too long. So, deploy a bit, update a bit.

I work on big databases, yes

Getdocumentbykey should work using programmable sorted columns (15 Mar 2014)

With 8.5 NotesView.ResortView starts to address a bit of this, allowing code to sort by any sortable column to locate docs in it.

Provide A doc-Load option in each object to load just the first 40k of rich text fields in a doc (15 Mar 2014)

The whole idea is to quickly use the nonrich data without loading the rich data.

Pop-up Status Bar doesn't update in Notes 8 (15 Mar 2014)

This is still dead in ND9.

Its one of the more annoying things in Notes now. Please, could we either update the status window or get the design updates put into log.nsf again? Id rather have a record than not have one.

Partial Update Multiple Elements (15 Mar 2014)

Yeah, 2 areas on the page makes this a necessity.

xPages partial update for multiple elements (15 Mar 2014)

I'll vote for this whenever it comes up

{ Link }

Provide A doc-Load option in each object to load just the first 40k of rich text fields in a doc (15 Mar 2014)

(And yes, Ive loaded richtext many times the 8MB size mentioned, too.)

@function or command 'ComputeWithForm' (15 Mar 2014)

[ToolsRefreshSelectedDocs] works on selected docs from a view.

But I agree w you, itd be good to be able to put it into a formula after changing some values.

Eliminate modal dialog boxes! (15 Mar 2014)

When the dialog has zero editable information, this should be downright simple to implement. The Agent design menu has a variety of dialogs that could be nonmodal, like test & log.

Specify a profile field as the formula in a view column (15 Mar 2014)

Try it without designer access. Try it with design updates turned on. No, essentially you cant do it and support a realistic design environment.
Heck, with your technique I could also write a whole new view & save it.
But what I find needed is more flexibility in between a designer and a user.

Provide A doc-Load option in each object to load just the first 40k of rich text fields in a doc (15 Mar 2014)

I've opened docs with multi GB attachments, the time cost is obvious. Replication itself adds to the cost, and ycant replicate to the same server.

SameTime file based chat history viewer Notes (28 Feb 2014)

Heck, why not integrate a native editor for logs of all the Notes server types! Great idea.

Stop the ACL being Modal (05 Jan 2014)

I have to carry around scripts that do this comparison. This is a great idea.

Tightly-integrated Chart controls for view data (categories, totals) (05 Jan 2014)

I've spent some time doing this with Dojo, and frankly, it's a lot of code. Without a debugger it's very hard to get this right in Javascript, taking both SSJS and CSJS, with a lot of transformations of the data to provide Dojo with arrays or objects as it chooses the data format.

More features in Dynamic View Extension (05 Jan 2014)

I'm finding the XPages view sorter doesn't appear to work when there're multiple options there, too. It'd be good if that worked.

J2LS wrapper to assist migration from IBM Domino to Java (05 Jan 2014)

Frankly, I still use LotusScript (BASIC) a lot. Why? Because it's fast. It's terse. It's easy to maintain. And it takes a lot of code to do certain things in other languages, increasing maintenance and enhancement effort.

I'm no bigot, I'll use other languages, and I've no problem using Javascript & Java when the app calls for it & when they work to my advantage. But when the effort doubles, so does the cost.

We need a language where the language is good at the task. That language can be BASIC. It should be allowed to be BASIC. It shouldn't hurt the selection of Java or Javascript. But it should be there.

@function or command 'ComputeWithForm' (05 Jan 2014)

Hm. A doc-level @Command([ViewRefreshFields]) seems to work for me with this. What is it doing/not that you'd like done differently?

Allow @domain in reader & author fields (14 Feb 2013)

Yeah, the real problem I get into though is, once I delete it, I have to find the domain again to send emails. And sometimes I get someone (John Smith seems to be everywhere) who resolves to more than one domain. And I'm stuck.

@Function and LotusScript to "View..Customize This View" dialog (14 Feb 2013)

It'd also allow us to "bridge the gap" between the really cluttered "customize" dialog, and a blank stare I get when I hand-hold a user through the other click and drag & drop interfaces.

"follow-up complete" flag (14 Feb 2013)

I'm interested in something that says I have actually followed-up, yes. A flag on the existing document in the existing views would do.

Ability to set up facebook-like user activity tracking (10 Feb 2012)

Notes already offers premier access control for this data. There's no law in the USA at least that says some user has a right to privacy from your administrators -- that would be silly. And the fact is, Facebook offers no greater access control over this data than Domino.

It really baffles me how someone could assert a right to privacy for intruding onto one of my servers. What jurisdiction gives a person the right to enter my server and then gain privacy rights from me for stomping on things?

Change the default "Target" on new Agents to "None" (10 Feb 2012)

Yes, with the increasing shift of work the default needs to change to what's in use.

Prevent policy updates to be applied for specific location (10 Feb 2012)

Not only do I understand the frustration, I recognize when administrators have become too intrusive. I get policy updates so often it sometimes arbitrarily crashes Notes (often many times an hour). Administrators also need to be reined-in. Not every installation of Notes should be under their control.

This happens to be a vendor, and you perceive that you get to grant his access in your installation. All well and good if you know better than your vendor, but you'd better be in a position to respond quickly if not, because he's costing your organization a lot of money.

And that's because you're paying for him. The next time you get an irate **customer** complaining because you killed his Notes connection, you'll realize what all this means.

I think it's pretty clear that administrators need to factor in IDs that are used this way and avoid their dictatorial policies for regular users. Because they happen all the time.

The technology needs to make this kind of avoidance clear, because the dictators in administration aren't accounting for it.

(So says a one-time administrator, who's seen the excesses of turning generalization into absolutism.)

Add the ability to set a unique org unit in a registration settings policy document (10 Feb 2012)

I think I get ya. The strategy is already available, there's just a particular method you want to be able to apply more readily.

There's no security being bypassed. The strategy continues to use the OU methods inherent in the product.

Don't we already have a "unique org unit" situation for two people with identical CN?

Support SHA-2 certificates in Lotus Notes 8.5.x (10 Feb 2012)

Or target sha-3 when it comes out.

Ability to set up facebook-like user activity tracking (10 Feb 2012)

Seriously? I guess you could determine where Facebook is illegal and conclude that's where the problem would exist.

But then, Domino itself actually tracks this stuff, so it's **already** illegal there.

Document Locking (07 Feb 2012)

I also think this needs to be fixed. I'm constantly unlocking documents, especially on mixed-version applications where the client is 8.5 and the server is 8.0 or earlier.

This is a constant problem.

I am very meticulous about shutting down my client, then waiting for all the processes to clear before logging out of the workstation. And yet today I still had a number of locks left on documents.

It needs to be fixed. The criteria for unlocking needs to be resolved.

People have even resorted to tracking down people who have the documents locked. And yet even though these people edit & save the document, then close it, the document's still locked.

It needs to be fixed. Something's wrong under the hood when the lock owner can't release their own lock.

More Options for Replace Design: Clone Design, Update Design, Upgrade Design, and more (18 Jan 2012)

I've added 7 & 8 to this idea. I'm finding the multiple-template setup to be incomplete at this point, as I can't find a way to upgrade to a new template from an old one; and I can't find a way to update a design if someone gets in there and messes with the old one.

Clean-up recent contacts if not used for X days (18 Jan 2012)

I'd also like to be able to truly disable "recent contacts", as it seems to save bad email addresses and repopulates even with the two special .INI requests.

I want to be able to shut it off completely. I'm sure there are good uses for it, but too often I need completely reliable address information directly from the server.

tabbed table - option to select an initial tab to be opened other than the first tab (18 Jan 2012)

The programmable table option works, but unfortunately it seems to be persistent. If I remember right, an F9 shoves the table back to the opening tab. It takes making the programmed field @Unavailable before everything settles down.

So it works, but it's kind of hard to use.

I think it needs some heavy documentation on how to make this happen in a supportable way across multiple versions and deliveries. Either that or there should be some way to do the programming more nicely.

Menu bar menus to refresh properly for context (18 Jan 2012)

I've got that problem a lot -- often the agent acts as if I'm on the workspace, with nothing showing the context of being within an application.

Database properties showing who made the last design change and when (18 Jan 2012)

Maybe an all-design-elements display that can be sorted by modification.

"Build Automatically" and "Clean" (18 Jan 2012)

In thinking about this, I'd like to know the perceived build steps that eclipse has decided is appropriate to build. That was immediately after a "clean".

I went to another Designer installation and the build came off, no problem.

I've experienced where errors occur during a "Build Automatic" build, and the errors are not enlightening as to what went wrong. It'd be nice to know: the name of the element where the build went wrong; the error that occurred. I'd like to know what file might be going south in Designer as well, if that's the issue.

We are developers, and even support would need to know this stuff. Let's get 'em out there!

Provide an UnQL interface (10 Dec 2011)

unQL appears to have much the same generalized syntax of ... SQL.

Support Hierarchical view names in XPages (10 Dec 2011)

I'm starting to realize, this is a really generic thing that's needed for any "tree outline" representation, and a *big* plus for Notes to support.

For instance, just defining a list of names with


and being able to convert from that to a pop-up outline or menu list, that's a whole lotta code for application writers to write -- and something only the simplest applications won't need.

Enhance view features (10 Dec 2011)

I've run across another situation where 6 is important: loading dojo grids, for instance.

Keywords with aliases in views (10 Dec 2011)

JSYK, I tried to account for this partially with an enhancement to get views to access profiles.

{ Link }

It's item 3.

Unfortunately, I often have all sorts of computations when it comes to keyword aliases, so it's not particularly easy to do for a view. OTOH, a static list on a profile would come in handy.

"Find" and "Quicksearch" might be impacted by this too.

Improve the efficiency of listing files on a server in the Admin Client (10 Dec 2011)

Yeah, just the root directory listing would be fine. Admin takes an inordinate amount of time when the "files" view is the default, adding to the load time and slowing down other activities like reading mail & doing design work.

Supporting groups in Domino Server program records (10 Dec 2011)

Group support should be inherent, asking admins to remember to turn it on when they already assume it's there, that's a bit much. I'll take what I can get, but the .ini switch is going to be an annoyance. I'd prefer it default "on" allowing to set it "0" for some obsessive admins.

Frankly, if the admin is *this* obsessive about the facility not being enabled, they wouldn't have had a group in the server doc in the first place. This is simply an expansion of items supported in the server doc.

Please, please, don't make default "off". It makes no sense.

Copy As Plain Text option in Rich Text Field (10 Dec 2011)

When you have to do this alot, it gets very annoying.

Though I would prefer it be "make paste-as-plain-text support conversion". I have to paste from other apps too.

delete an repopulate inbox folder option to the convert command (04 Nov 2011)

cool idea! I've run into this with customized templates as well. Corrupt $Inboxes ... I wish there were just a nicer way to navigate them, even if it means splitting the collection of documents and hanging onto it separately from the rest of the folder / view design. But yeah, "convert" should get the feature under the hood before anybody else. I've had to write code to do this. Much better if convert could do it.

Please Fix the NSF (04 Nov 2011)

Oh, the reason I'm not concerned about field limitations: I always ask how large the VARCHAR is in Oracle when someone complains about Notes on this count.

Please Fix the NSF (04 Nov 2011)

Yeah, I looked up the NoSQL and Document model that Google came up with a few years ago and wondered why the Note format wasn't attaching to this. It's genius, and it's an important qualifier to demonstrate why relational databases often are not what you want.

Frankly, I've been working with SQL since 1984. And its limitations are very annoying -- such as updating key fields that meet certain criteria inside a relational join. Simple instructions in SQL are limited, even for relational work. That's where cursors came from. People need to start getting access to information about the limitations, and the "plusses" for alternative formats.

I'm not even terribly concerned about the field limitations -- though I'd always like more, particularly for BASIC (who cares about VisBasic's simplistic limits any more) and for the view itself. I can understand why the SUMMARY issue is a big deal, but I'd like more freedom to assign a field NONSUMMARY, and assign a huge field SUMMARY if I need to. Honestly, we're already costing ourselves huge amounts of time loading the b-tree on-disk. We should be able to benefit from that limited cost by allowing use of huge disk spaces.

Either that, or there's a need to assess the architecture. Either we work with small SUMMARYs and we should put 'em in memory, not on disk; or we work with big SUMMARYs and we should leave 'em on disk and optimize by partial-loading of the b-tree updates instead of loading & unloading huge btrees every time someone asks.

I'm sure this will cause a lot of evaluation. I'm sure it's a touchy subject, and I don't mean to pry it open for any more reason. And the developer has to have a lot of latitude to experiment and talk about all the horrible subtleties that are under there. Because views are an amazing piece of work. I realized that the first time I loaded the btree in a RAMdisk. Domino was a speed demon when I did that back when. So maybe with the advent of all this RAM, we can exploit it.

Get Rid of "Copy as Table" in instances where it doesn't work (04 Nov 2011)

Yeah, make it work properly, that'd be great. It may take a selection gutter switch that says, "select row, not document" or something like that.

I could really, really use multi-value views being supported better.

Also, "aligned" multi-value views sometimes go a little odd. Dunno if that's a bug.

Effective Access showing all group membership (04 Nov 2011)

Hey, it would be useful to have the groups organized by decreasing access level -- given that the highest access level would explain why the user has such high access.

Sometimes I'm hunting for which group is granting a role or privilege, but then, I'm not looking through more than three or four relevant groups. I can conceive of someone searching through dozens of groups, being pretty frustrated though.

Effective Access showing all group membership (04 Nov 2011)

I'm simply talking to the basic "Application..Access Control" dialog.

Below the display of the dialog, there's an "effective access" button. This function is a dream, it'll tell you what access the user will have to an application -- even if the user is not listed explicitly on the ACL.

Often in researching an ACL I need to reference a list of users that is -- predictably -- stored in an email or another Note. To deal with the situation I'm having to paste the list outside Notes, just to get access to that list while it's in modal-dialog on the "Access Control" dialog.

The "scroll-around" features reviewing the access levels directly in the ACL is also a big plus.

Looking up users with the Address Dialog might not seem like much, but in the Effective Access dialog, it's quite a useful function.

It might even be useful to have "Help" specifically addressing how group accesses "add", user references "override", and where wildcarded user entries fit in the access list.

Plus, something a number of admins and users have mentioned to me (I'm just now realizing), the ability to find "what ACL entries have this role?" would be a really useful enhancement.

View Navigation more impervious to document updates (04 Nov 2011)

Interesting, Mark. I'd be interested in any workarounds to this issue, too. As it's already impacted a number of reports and exports adversely, I wouldn't mind it impacting them *again* if it's an improvement -- both for a workaround or for a new feature.

Thanks for the point, I'll see if I can investigate more about the regression issues now that you've mentioned it.

Change the look and feel for classic Notes apps (02 Nov 2011)

It'd be cool to be able to specify some new switch settings that simply pushes the whole application into using a "new Notes look & feel".

When dragging a message to a folder, make the folder list scroll down as slow as it scrolls up (20 Oct 2011)

Hm, actually I've noticed the reverse ... oh well.

Something about actually moving the cursor sends the scroll speeding.

I've noticed that there are check-off functions, I can't remember exactly what they are now, maybe shift-End, that selects from the existing document down? That's starting to edge into my need for this situation.

Improve cross-reference from Help for LotusScipt / LotusScipt Classes / @Functions / @Commands / etc to SSJS, JS (08 Oct 2011)

This has become more and more important to me as I get more and more involved in XPages.

Some items would also be extremely useful in the documentation, like:

-> If a standard @Function works with lists, does the Javascript function work with arrays? How about Java Vectors?

-> What's *missing* from the Javascript @Function that's currently present in the standard @Function -- e.g., what @Text features aren't yet supported in the JS @Text? @DbLookup?

-> A cross-reference from a standard @Function to Server-Side JS / "Domino" objects, especially for user identification and group/role membership.

-> Also it'd be useful if the @Function is considered "OBE" by a standard Javascript function or feature, it'd be great to document what that standard Javascript function is. The reason being, sometimes it's not completely clear how one function would be implemented in a new language.

Non-breaking space character (08 Oct 2011)

I've run into this need, too. If it's inconsistently added in 852, then it'd be good to make it consistent.

Extend Widget publishing function to publish widgets to other environments (netvibes,igoogle etc) (08 Oct 2011)

This may also be a concern for specific government widget specifications, and may appeal to the government sales group.

Make Ctrl+s work whereever it should when editing XPages in Designer (31 Aug 2011)

Sometimes you can Ctrl-S from certain properties, and then not from others. Sometimes it generates a "oh, you changed this value" even though it ignored the invalid entry, too.

Outline/Navigator for xPages (31 Aug 2011)

This has my vote. The views were a problem 'til the Extension Library came out with that wonderful view Extension. I'd love to have even an Extension that'd interpret Outlines, too.

Single category view without having to embed it (31 Aug 2011)

The problems I've run into in the past with @SetViewInfo:

When the user switched views, @SetViewInfo used to not reset. That played havoc on other views. I've since used it to good effect though.

Another issue which was not so easily resolved: Quicksearch didn't work on it, even the last time I used it.

I've also had increasing problems as users become more savvy with alternate view sorts, if memory serves @SetViewInfo also interferes with alternate sorts.

Xpages Control for Electronic Signature (31 Aug 2011)

Maybe if we keep asking for it it'll stay in front of 'em!

More Web Service authentication methods (05 Apr 2011)

Yeah, to be honest, I always thought of this as a part of

{ Link }

But I really need this, so I split it out separately.

Support for related multivalued fields in views (04 Mar 2011)

I think what he's running into is that he doesn't want the code in a separate row.

What I'm looking for is better formatting control over the view, though -- the ability to display a table in a view, for instance.

I'm probably near that with XPages, I just don't know it yet!

Document level security for "delete" (04 Mar 2011)

cool idea. We do a *lot* of programming to avoid deleting the wrong document.

Empty email (NSF) for DR purpose (17 Feb 2011)

Question -- where are these settings? Are they in a profile?

T'be honest, I was logging on to submit an idea for a checkbox to "also copy profile docs".

There must be other things too. Rules come to mind.

It'd be pretty cool to set up a new replica that prefers to replicate design, ACL, then these docs first.

Refer a voting item to be checked for completion. (17 Feb 2011)

I'm new, so ... I'm aware of the "completed" tag, but I've noticed some of the ideas I expect are actually completed, aren't.

Maybe a "rumored complete" for other people to tag. Frankly, I only look carefully at incomplete - tagged items when I'm intentionally looking for something; but I suspect it'd be hard to make sense of all these cool ideas for the recipients. If some could refer the item for a status check, the person who's resolving the item could check and clear or complete the item more readily.

I realize it's depending on the altruism of the person who's reading -- that may make it untenable, as not everyone's willing to tag more than a vote to an item.

Recent Contacts - disable with people already present in public address book. (17 Feb 2011)

You're right that something needs to happen with "recent contacts". I'm running into issues trying to get information out of the public address book, when someone's listed in the personal address book. Maybe we need something that'll bypass the personal address book programmatically. That could help me.

Free (restricted) Domino server for web applications (12 Feb 2011)

Yeah, what I'd be looking for is some way to neglect "outside customer" users as licensees. Distinguish them; but recognize they aren't part of the company & shouldn't be charged to the company just to talk to 'em.

I wish the Productivity Editors could read Office 2007 files (12 Feb 2011)

Getting data *off* MS-Office format and pushing it onto an interoperable format would seem pretty important to me.

More useful templates (11 Feb 2011)

I really appreciate OpenNTF and think it's a great idea to use it.

I would really like some more formal assessments to go into OpenNTF to let people know what condition the project is in. I'm thinking the elemental levels Apple uses, or even the "alpha-beta-gamma-production" phases.

I think it's also important to list any / all needed third-party applications required for a template.

I think it's important.

Deferred Mail (11 Feb 2011)

It's a feature people like in Outlook.

It's not a hard thing to implement in the core design template.

Administrators often prevent perfectly good designers (much less, newbie users who need the feature) from enhancing the core design template, rendering the argument "Do it yourself" entirely moot. Often they won't or don't set up email so that such a feature is generally available, either.

That's enough for me to vote in favor. It's a small addition, it brings Notes mail up to Outlook in comparable features, bureaucratic hyperactive overcontrol often won't allow the easy fix.

XPages - Native support for RDB access (11 Feb 2011)

I had another thought this morning.

Notes has a "data connector" design element. What if we could pull that in as a data source on an XPage? This is by no means enough to do all the transactional processing needed. I would be asking for a dozen enhancements to data connectors if we do get this. But hey, this is an existing, real data source in the Domino suite of tools.

At least it's there. If someone knows how to integrate a data connector with XPages today, I'm interested to know.

Increase Field Size (11 Feb 2011)

I'd really like to have it expanded to the 1 MB range, but there are always limits.

I've never seen a displacement of Oracle that attacks the 4k limit on text fields. Nor anyone who excluded Word for Windows based on their appallingly-low limit on document text (which I've hit more than once).

Domino Public Key Infrastructure for xPages applications (11 Feb 2011)

Yeah, I'd particularly like the ability to sign & validate a field that's been signed in Javascript.

Convert-back / verify a Javascript-signed field (11 Feb 2011)

Yeh -- maybe I should post into this link? I'd just like it to be compatible now that Javascript has a "sign" method .... lemme do that.

Saving E-mails outside of Lotus Notes (11 Feb 2011)

Is this what was being demo'ed at Lotusphere 2011?

XPages - Native support for RDB access (10 Feb 2011)

Some thoughts, in no particular order.

The Notes store in NSFDB2 isn't "regularly" readable in DB2. And DB2 doesn't just appear, it costs money to get it involved. The existing O&M cost goes up. (The early "eat what you cook" strategy runs aground when you're not the cook, you're the consumer who can pick from different menus. DB2 has to live by features, not by being essential to getting something done.)

Notes can't read-in a DB table in real time as if it's a view. I would likely not worry about the categorization feature even, if I had full-bore SQL access to say an Oracle or MySQL data store. Alternate sorting would be a plus, but that should probably be in the SQL instruction, not directly in the view definition. I can always explain, "Well, you get the minuses of SQL with the plusses."

Notes can't write-out a DB table using transactions. We simply need the ability to update transactionally in SQL. Give us the ability to write-out how an update occurs in SQL. That could include stored procedures, but it must not depend on stored procedures.

JDBC support would be great. I'd rather have it installed directly. At that point I'd love to see a "#{java: }" option. Hm, I haven't tried it, either.

SQL dominates the landscape in relational databases now. If we can support "whatever the target relational DB" supports in terms of SQL, that'd be a big plus.

XML stores promise a lot, though I haven't seen much delivery. Anyone else know how they're impacting?

Finally, for stability & security ODBC is not a great option, a dozen years later.

Enable XPages to use all built-in DECS/DCR Data Sources (10 Feb 2011)

Yeah. It's very important to connect data to a regular, readable relational data store.

Allow @domain in reader & author fields (10 Feb 2011)

There's no impact. The user is authenticated to his username. Adding the domain name would not establish the user's name any differently. But it *would* indicate how to contact that user.

Use rules (afterwards) for already existing mails (06 Feb 2011)

Actually -- this feature is available in Outlook.

I actually wrote an agent to get this done awhile ago ... it's not hard, and the damage that ensues is pretty-much at the user's discretion.

Again -- Outlook does this. It's a great feature. Highly recommended.

32K limit on summary fields - provide a path for remedy (06 Feb 2011)

I haven't made this happen in ND8. However I'm aware that the Notes client didn't let you exceed the 32k SUMMARY size, and would exclude fields that accumulated up to that limit and save them non-SUMMARY.

If that ain't happening under Notes or even HTTP -- then I'd be reporting it as a possible bug.

In the past I've been able to rewrite fields with errors on them using the "NotesDocumentCollection.Stampall" method. I'd be interested to know.

Book Proposal: YALSB (06 Feb 2011)

LotusScript is a great way to get past the wordiness & time to complete for the Java & Javascript aspects of an application.

I'd probably not use the LSX toolkit -- but there're other places for it. On the other hand, just extending classes & such would probably be an eye-opener to those who think this scripting language is elementary.

I alway wished there were a way to extend the built-in classes beyond simply containing the built-ins.

@DbColumn/@DbLookup in SSJS should always return an Array (05 Feb 2011)

Yes, the feature is annoying.

Pop-up Status Bar doesn't update in Notes 8 (05 Feb 2011)

Yeah, this is sorely needed. It's the only way I can track what design elements are being updated on a design replace -- now that they aren't recorded to the log.nsf. Which I thought was another step backwards from (a much older version of Notes :P).

Grouping of documents on a single tab (05 Feb 2011)

Oh, cool. Yeah, I'm really getting annoyed at the current "group-tab", this would make it much easier to deal with.

Apply To All in Column properties exclude justification (05 Feb 2011)

Yeah, I'd like the column's multiple-select infobox to apply more features to selected columns and turn 'em on & off like they do when you select multiple paragraphs in the Notes editor.

Debugger improvements (05 Feb 2011)

I wonder who would want what in what order? Me ...

1. - Server-based Javascript debugger
2. - Java debugger
3. - formula debugger *within* another debugger
4. - search the code I'm running
5. - Show more than 255 elements in an object
6. - option to start only at a breakpoint
7. - "skip-over" or "skip-to" setting the execution point
8. - display value on hover, or "jump to" the value in the pane on right-click menu selection
9. - formula debugger -- particularly in views, where many @functions don't work
10. - index-break, where the debugger runs 'til a loop index reaches a certain value

Lotus script debug snooze option (05 Feb 2011)

Well, I'd like the ability to tell the debugger to stop after "x" iterations in a loop. This is close. If code is so complicated that I can't figure out why it's running 5 min, maybe this'd be useful. I've seen code so complicated by the customer that it really has become like magic ... you wonder how it works at all.

I'd also like the ability to "skip over" a line of code I've discovered during debugging is superfluous, or set an expression "false" just for debugging the code below it.

Promote the Product (03 Feb 2011)

... and promote Lotus. They're doing some really cool things.


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