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Add responsive layouts to OneUI (11 Oct 2015)

Bootstrap has now been the more preferable option.

Allow sorting results of view.FTSearch by view order (22 Feb 2015)

We finally get view.FTSearchSort().

Improve the XPages extension library (02 Feb 2015)

@Mike, Although the extended library has been added to Domino as a supported feature, I see little endeavor from IBM to polish this toolbox. On the other side the community drive to improve it is not big enough and renders few progress in documentation.

Remove the duplicated warning when opening an inherited design element (07 Jan 2015)

As of 9.0.1, the bug persists. The option "Show warning when editing design elements that inherit from templates" works for script libraries but not for other design elements.

Automatic detection of replication/save conflicts (06 Jan 2015)

@Christopher, As to rules, the replication conflicts handling options on the form properties box suffice for the case of replication if that feature is implemented precisely and without bugs. LS, Java & SSJS API of document.save() suffice for the back-end saving. Only two scenarios cannot be controlled. One is saving documents from client UI directly or uidoc.save(), the other is saving documents in the classic Notes web applications where even doc.save(true, false) is used, a save conflict will have been created before that call if the doc has been modified by others. So the sole missing piece is to make the current replication conflicts handling option work for save conflicts as well, after all the option reads "conflicts handling" not "replication conflicts handling". No else rule is needed.

Automatic detection of replication/save conflicts (03 Jan 2015)

Even if the event were available, there would still be no appropriate language to write logic to handle it. LS is not a domain language like SQL that is suitable to write trigger logic about data manipulation. It would add overhead of executing some LS codes in such a backend event. And if errors or ui codes occur in the event handler, Notes has no proper way to report them and even roll back the affected document data. In my opinion, detecting & creating conflicts should be a optional feature rather than the default behavior. Other DBMS don't spend so much time on asking whether a record has been modified when saving it.

Ability to save LotusScript with errors (30 Dec 2014)

This has been realized by the new Eclipse based LS editor and can be closed. As long as the designer dynamically checks the scripts correctly (now sometimes it reports error wrongly and ignores errors), this behavior has no adverse effect.

allow lists and arrays as return types from functions (08 Dec 2014)

The feature would be hard to be added because of the LS syntax of defining arrays as arrName() as dataType. The definition consists of an array name and the date type. So a function that returns an array of String would looks like:
Function Foo() As something() as String
If the array declaration was like C, i.e. string[], the feature might have been there.

Getdocumentbykey should work using programmable sorted columns (07 Dec 2014)

This greatly helpful method is finally added in 8.5 as Mike pointed out -- NotesView.ResortView
The capability of finding documents according to any assorted column has always been there in UI. The method just brings it to the surface for programmers.

Make task functionality with // TODO comments in Java available for LotusScript etc (06 Dec 2014)

Yes, it should work for 'TODO in LotusScript code.

Enable moving Notes workspace page (06 Dec 2014)

@Christopher, a long-cherished wish for Notes users:-)

IBM needs to implement some of the ideas on this site (12 May 2014)

After the initial heat of IdeaJam declined for a long time, this idea looks meaningful. It sounds like the last cry by the guys still having some passions left.
At the epic of IJ, Notes dW site lists it in a obvious place. Now after another relaunch, IJ has disappeared completely, which might be seen as a clue of IBM's attitude to IJ.

XWork Server Community Edition (01 Apr 2014)

I'm not as optimistic as you are. Domino involves a lot of settings and proprietary concepts to setup and develop upon while it's strengths are limited and I don't think it would attract many open source developers even if it was free.

Improve the XPages extension library (20 Mar 2013)

@David, The Form table and row look normal with OneUI theme, but with the standard theme, they look stupid and more important is you cannot amend them by setting their properties e.g. css, because the emitted HTML is not decent. For example, the width of the outer table is controlled by a lotus*** class but setting the control's property only modifies a container in which the table stays. Other examples are List of links and Inline list container, they all rely on OneUI to show the list in line and without discs. Maybe they should be renamed to Inline list container with OneUI.

Improve the XPages extension library (20 Mar 2013)

@Dan, If it's still an open source project, the state need not be the same as the standard controls. But IBM has included it in Upgrade Package 1 and furthermore in Notes 9 and commits to support it. They should refine the controls and docs before doing that in a rush.

Remove syntax error indication until after end-of-line (13 Mar 2013)

Although I agree with you, this behavior exists in major code editors e.g. Java, .Net. The IDE would have to distinct between a "Dim" you just entered and one that is really an error e.g. exists for a while or created by bulk deletion and copy/paste. The editor need take more calculation to decide the cause of an error otherwise only do a standard check after the code changes.

Make NTFs viewable in Web browser (08 Feb 2013)

Set the "inherit design from" and "is a master template" properties and refresh a db's design from a nsf template.

Tool to show unreferenced design elements for easy cleaup (05 Jan 2013)

How about referencing a view in a piece of code? How to check that?

Error Handling for default Domino errors (16 Mar 2012)

I wanted such a feature and it seems available in 8.5 that default error message is more detailed.

"Build Automatically" and "Clean" (01 Mar 2012)


Build and Clean are concepts from java development. They build xpages and java files into bytecode and clean up the built files. In the scenario of lotusscript development, Build is added with the task of compile LS so when a library is modified, other elements need not be edited and saved as before.

Because of the way Notes compile and reference LS objects, I cannot see perfect solution to maintain core elements.
Inherit, SCT and prohibition to refresh all have some shortcomings.

FTSearch should always search all documents, indexed or not (01 Mar 2012)

I don't think the suggested feature is easy to do. Actually FTSearch the unindexed documents involves updating the ft-index, which is the same as updateFTIndex and cannot be promised to return instantly, plus only searching the new documents requires creating a temporary index for the new indexed documents instead of updating the existing index, and what if someone calls that new function after the ft-index has been updated, deleted or new documents just been created, the new function would need to remember a lot of "current" indexed documents and choose which are unindexed documents.

Edit comments of design elements from the element list or properties tab (01 Mar 2012)

I noticed the comment of an element can be edited in place like name and alias.

Mark Scheduled agents to 'Don't run in Template' (19 Oct 2011)

Not running agents in ntf is introduced in R6. I think it's reasonable to extend the feature to support all templates, i.e. when a db is marked as a master template.

Toolbar button to change text color (14 Oct 2011)

This function is available in 8.5, so this idea can be closed.

Allow Option to Perform XPage validation on Submit (04 Aug 2011)

I've seen somewhere requests like this have been noticed by the XPage team and they're working for something as you suggested.
As to now, I don't use the Validators, instead I write my own client or server side code to validate.

Improve XPage Conrol Documentation (15 Jul 2011)

The present XPage documentation is rather disappointing. Lacking important information, more frequent spelling errors. Many articles look like just place holder pages. The most useful resources in dev become Google and useful repositories like XPageswiki.com.

View last indexed or view last accessed information (22 Jun 2011)

Views are indexed very frequently. Imagine you edit or add a document in the current view and its index is instantly updated to reflect the change.
Now only the last modified date is shown, not the accessed date which also changes too frequently to be shown.

tabbed table - option to select an initial tab to be opened other than the first tab (13 May 2010)

Or have some table API to control the tabs/rows/cells.

Restore 'Starts with' search of design elements (23 Apr 2010)

I found 8.5 introduces a new filter feature which is rather convenient. A little regret is it only searches column name and alias so the previous 'starts with' would still help at column 'last modified by'.

Don't freeze the client when I perform a 'Search This View' action (29 Mar 2010)

What if you are trying to edit/add/delete a document relating to that view in another tab?

The Insert Embedded view dialog should use a db open instead of bookmarks (15 Dec 2009)

Voted for similar ideas.

Have @GetDocField and @SetDocField access other databases (16 Oct 2009)

Agree to Erik, unid is difficult to maintain and not readable. @dblookup is a better choice.

Use correct scope and give less "Duplicate PUBLIC name" errors (16 Oct 2009)

I think LS behaves rationally in your example. They ARE INDEED public variables with the same name. They are included in routine libraries not classes.

Make Lotus notes real multi thread (29 Sep 2009)

I think the most time consuming action in Notes is to open a view. At least in R7, Notes opens a view in a background thread(just like run an agent in another thread) so you can continue your work.

Computed for Display Rich Text Field in the Lotus Notes Client (29 Sep 2009)

If a RT field could show it's latest content without re-opening the document, a lot of issues would be solved. I think it's related to the basic design of how Notes consumes the CD data and don't see it will be changed soon.

Allow admin to specify fields to appear in search by Field dropdown (29 Sep 2009)

I agree with @1 Peter.
Developers are more proper to do this job as they know the meaning of fields.
I thought of implementing that polished version of field search. It's feasible to do in Web as you can modify the page content dynamically to suit the changing field criteria.

Editor Outline for SSJS Libraries That Include Methods/Properties for Objects (29 Sep 2009)

I remember the js editor in Eclipse shows the outline for customized objects.

Data Connections - new class: Notes (29 Sep 2009)

I think your connection works as a layer between the program and the reference of other db. Even with this feature, you cannot expect all the programmers to take this extra effort. Moreover, if it is supposed to be a practice standard, you can actually do it with some profile views without introducing a new design element.

Lotus Notes Data as XML Source (22 Sep 2009)

Maybe I don't understand your point. I don't see much difference from DXL.
I prefer the ability of storing XML somewhat like documents instead of attachments. XML is useful to store some hierarchy data.

Make Domino Designer For Eclipse Faster/Stable (22 Sep 2009)

I promote it though I have no chance to use 8.5 yet. I did feel the pain when the R5 designer crashed frequently and thought it's gone after I used R6.

Read Only Fields On Forms (22 Sep 2009)

@Peter. I agree to that disabled is different from read-only and has some limitations. And Notes sometimes thinks of the world in a different view e.g. Computed vs readonly, hide-when vs show-when.

Hide-When Formulas - Improve visibility in Domino Designer (22 Sep 2009)

Just found this popular idea before I wanted to post a similar one.
It just voices out what developers want.

A visual indicator before any paragraph or table cell with hide information.
Distinct indicators for:
Hide paragraph from
Hide paragraph when document is
Hide paragraph if formula is true

Copy Style (22 Sep 2009)

Except the Hide info.

XForms (22 Sep 2009)

I thought of bringing the XML XForms tech into Notes. That depends on IBM's strategy of its XForms product.

Read Only Fields On Forms (14 Sep 2009)

Hynek, maybe the Input Enabled property is what you want.

There is a need for referential integrity (25 Aug 2009)

Egor, Can I say you posted the idea, searched the web, found some relevant information and almost overturned your idea:-)

Make a FREE Notes Mail Client "Lite" for home users (25 Aug 2009)

Only the standard(Eclipse) version provides a competitive UI, while it's huge size will definitely prevent people using it to only handle mails.

Only Send Attachments to those that need them (25 Aug 2009)

Domino 8 has a new feature that same attachments in multiple documents will only be stored as one copy. The documents only contain a link to it.

Alphabetize the list of Additional Options in the Preferences Dialog (25 Aug 2009)

A searchable list (e.g. preferences in FireFox) would be better.

Enhance the objects list when viewing a form to include field type (13 Aug 2009)

A similar idea:
{ Link }

Add LS function to dump variable content for error logging (13 Aug 2009)

That will be verbose. I think printing specific variable values should be done by the programmer. I don't see any modern language(e.g. Jave, C#) has this ability.

XPages - Native support for RDB access (13 Jul 2009)

An IBM consultant said more db source would be added to xPage in a demo.

Check my internet address to avoid replying myself (26 May 2009)

Bruce, I'm using 6.5.6. Patty confirmed your thought and extended my idea.

View Source Code for all design Elements (12 Apr 2009)

I hope it could be done. Then Notes would render elements based on XML instead of CD stream. That's a really HUGE change.
XPage is from the start a different thing. As JSF, it would be strange if it couldn't be edited in source code.

Improve Stability of Domino Designer in Eclipse (12 Apr 2009)

I expected this would happen.

When appending a view column, should inherit the text and title font settings of the column to the left (01 Feb 2009)

I prefer Colin's idea and remember a similar 'Database Theme' idea was raised to discuss this scenario.

Layout: Add a grid to Form Designer, auto align new fields (13 Jan 2009)

Per my limited knowledge, this can hardly be done with the currently rendering mode of Notes.
Compared with the browser rendering with html, it can use either a flow mode which display objects in order, or a precise mode using CSS to locate objects. Notes consumes the CD data stream and renders in a similar way to the former one of the browser.
If the underlying CD format and the rendering mode are changed, both this function and other many features will be possible such as editing and displaying the form content on-the-fly .

Domino Search as Google Search (30 Dec 2008)

You can change the search syntax mode in Notes to be same to Google. You can find it in the Notes Help. Sorry I'm too lazy to check out and state the approach here.

Move attachments to the top of the email message (26 Dec 2008)

I think the current mode is also useful, it can help readers to know the context of the attachments. Think of a reply containing multiple attachments by different people in the reply history.

Referenced Design Inheretence (23 Dec 2008)

Yet it's needed to modify the inherited design elements sometimes.

Change the 'View type' of existing views (17 Dec 2008)

I changed the $Flags of 'Mail Threads' view from 'PY' to 'PYa' which corresponds to the type of "contains documents not in any folder", so as to find this type of view doesn't allow 'View Selection' formula. So it's less useful than I expected.

P.S. Cracking the $Flags value crashed the display of "Views" category in my mail box.

Prevent unauthorized document creation (11 Dec 2008)

If possible, events like QueryDelete, PostDelete for back-end operations are all useful. But I think Lotus doesn't implement these for the sake of performance.

New format-string for @Text to get Hex, Oct and Bin versions of numbers (24 Nov 2008)

Maybe not in text, just accept different representation of a number, e.g. O245 for Octal, Ox24a for hex.

Make all the UIs independent threads (24 Nov 2008)

I remember reading that in R8 designer and notes are in different process and won't bother each other.

NotesView.FTSearch -> NotesView.getColumnVaues() should only contain the resulting values (11 Nov 2008)

I wondered if there is an equivalent of @DbColumn in Lotusscript. Thank you for the information. I'd like to try it later.

Allow Subform ABOVE the Actionbar (21 Mar 2008)

;-0, this idea is like a hen who can lay golden eggs.
Interesting thoughts of Kevin.

Buttons should have a 'No Focus on Click' property (21 Mar 2008)

I found that problem and used the action bar as a work-round.
A feature like that would be useful sometimes, but I don't think it's necessary considering the complexity it brings.

automatic data types (21 Mar 2008)

That would prevent the complier knowing the data type of a variable unless it runs the code.

Choosing a Notes field type from an alphabetically sorted list (21 Mar 2008)

I think it would be another option to select different type of fields from a palette as you do in VB.

Property Dialog Enhancement (11 Mar 2008)

Just what I want.

CSS for the Notes Client - ready made colour schemes to apply to a form/view/whole app (11 Mar 2008)

I think most developers want the feature, but it's difficult to implement in the current infrastructure of Notes CD data, unless IBM discarded the strong tradition of version compatibility.

New Outline Entry Named Element (09 Mar 2008)

You can do it with @formula or LS.

Set docColl=dbCur.UnindexedDocuments to get the unidexed(FT Index) documents. (09 Mar 2008)

Rajeev, what would you do after having that document collection?

Sort subs and functions in alfabetical order in the object pane (04 Mar 2008)

@3, I know many LotusScript & Designer enhancements have been requested at LS year after year. So I'm rather curious about IBM's reply and their considerations.
Although we can expect the Eclipse based Domino Designer will at last revise most of the IDE's outdated behaviors, it has taken too loooooooooong.

Show data type, form for Database fields (24 Feb 2008)

I think the feature would be useful when applied to the object list which lists all the fields in the CURRENT FORM ONLY.
Related idea: { Link }

'Preview' capability for comments (24 Feb 2008)

@4, I can understand you. Preview would make the check of the comments more effective. I withdraw my demotion.

'Preview' capability for comments (22 Feb 2008)

I wonder if the comments can't be edited, what good will just preview brings in the case of typing error? You can check you comment in the input box as you preview.
Also I recommending using Firefox :), for it has a convenient spell checking function embedded.

Computed subform load on form refresh (refresh on keyword change) (21 Feb 2008)

I think it's not feasible technically as Notes can't dynamically load the CD data and refresh the form. It's the same limit that's behind the circumstance where you have to close and reopen the document to access the saved richtext item.

Ability to mark a field as required without having to code (21 Feb 2008)

It's not a flexible way to configure mandatory field this way.
I like the idea of independent field validator, a good example is the various validator classes available in .Net development.

Access external data in column formulas (21 Feb 2008)

It's impossible to use Domino sometimes because it can't display data from more than one document in the view while it's natural using sql to construct a multi-table query.
So I think it's a good idea. But I also agree to Peter @4, it's difficult to implement it in practice.

full support of HTML and JavaScript for workspace.dialogbox (21 Feb 2008)

The support of passthru html in Notes client is just punk. I don't think the client can display a hybrid of Richtext form data and Html correctly and elegantly unless IBM does a major change to the proprietary data format.

Open Process to enhance Domino HTTP Engine in Release 9 (20 Feb 2008)

@4, agree completely!

Remove 64GB database size limit (20 Feb 2008)

Radov, Rather curious to the design and hardware of your application that could keep relative good performance with about 64 GB data in A DOMINO DATABASE.

Shared Document Collections (19 Feb 2008)

@1 Agree to Thomas. Even I don't think Domino stores the "shared document collection". It just search the database, get the collection and build the view index.
If we reuse this collection, does that mean Domino should build the index of views sharing the collection at the same time? I think that's a unnecessary limitation.

Folders for design elements (19 Feb 2008)

At least to me, it's easy to locate a form however long the list is with sort and type search.

Default outline entry in a form (17 Feb 2008)

The display behavior of outline should be defined in elements which embed it e.g. page & form.
Outline itself just define the entry data.
I think that's the structure of current design.

FrameSet Control (17 Feb 2008)

The new frameset class should corporate with UI classes instead of backend ones.
e.g. uidoc - NotesUIDocument
set nfsCurrent=uidoc.ParentFrameSet

Nice to have @command([FileSaveAsDraft] (17 Feb 2008)

I think Gravin were talking about another problem: saving drafts of design elements while the topic is about saving normal notes documents.:)
I'm more interested in Gravin's suggestion.
It should be possible to save design elements even if they haven't pass validation. Of course designer can list the errors next time they are edited.
As to the original topic, how to distinguish Draft from normal documents? I think the problem should be solved with introducing the ability to control the validation.

dynamic methods in lotusscript like the notesDocument class (16 Feb 2008)

Nick,you are right about the extended syntax.

Make a "action menu" agent available in right-click context menu (16 Feb 2008)

I think it will affect the performance as every time the client displays context menu it has to check the agent list of current database.

Add IDE capabilities for JavaScript in Eclipse-based Designer (16 Feb 2008)

It's already there.
There has been javascript editor plugin for Eclipse. So Domino designer based on Eclipse can has this feature at the begining.
I have a screen picture of the designer's js editor from a IBMer's blog(foget her name)
While I can't upload it :(, you can view it here:
{ Link }

Shared Selection Formula for Views (16 Feb 2008)

I don't see much good of sharing a simple formula compared to existing action and field.
@3, We can't even write a subroutine with @Function, how could we use a library of it.

Lock Picture Size (15 Feb 2008)

I think the current way to drag-resize picture has obvious flaw. If you click on the little black right lower part of a image--almost impossible to avoid for a small picture-- it'll resize.
Why not adopt a way like Microsoft does in resize objects in multiple products, first display a "cross" handle than accept drag-resize?

NSD Kill for specific task or PID (15 Feb 2008)

I had that idea but I don't know whether it is possible to kill a task process leaving others work normally. For example when the http task hangs up and "tell http quit" probably doesn't work. We can still kill that process outside Domino e.g. via Windows tools, but the server can't quit in a normal way because it will wait for the termination of the http task which doesn't exist then. It's when normal quit doesn't work that we need to terminate the server by force using NSD.

Double click to adjust view column width (15 Feb 2008)

Thanks Slawek.

Agent Manager - schedule ahead... (14 Feb 2008)

Let the server to monitor the value change of a single document in the database is extremely inefficient, at least in current architecture.

Group topology (14 Feb 2008)

A group tree that can
1.display in a way like normal treeview.
2.calculate both fathers and sons of a specified group(direct or not).
3.come with a class that can be used in lotusscript & java.

Feedback from IBM? (14 Feb 2008)

Early enough to read this idea before posting a similar one.;) That's just what I'm thinking of.
Also agree that for a product other than open source, it's not easy to get good balance between customers' ideas and company's plan.

Programming API for the Mail Database, Personal Address Book and Domino Directory (14 Feb 2008)

I had some similar ideas too. Such a class will be cool, especially in the circumstances of deciding whether a person is a group's member. It can be done by the developers themselves, but a out-of-box one will save a lot of time.
But as the functions rely on the underlying designs e.g. forms and views, it maybe need update with new version or customer changes to the related databases.

Debugger improvements (13 Feb 2008)

Just hope the Eclipse version of Designer comes early.
No news about that for a long time since some exciting pictures from an IBMer's blog.

TAB completion in server console (13 Feb 2008)

I think IBM doesn't expect heavy use of the console as in the case of Unix/Linux.

Font Mapping (13 Feb 2008)

I've not used "Symphony". But I remember this proposed feature exists in some products (Photoshop I'm not sure).
Another less delicate setting is a default font for unknown font.


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