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Mathieu Pape7675 

Add 'Group by Date' view option to iNotes as it is in Notes client (02 Nov 2014)

Indeed, parity should be the rule given the important usage of iNotes.

Weekly/Monthly email of new Ideas and Comments from IdeaJam (29 Apr 2014)

OK, I've got it :

Weekly/Monthly email of new Ideas and Comments from IdeaJam (29 Apr 2014)


I receive e-mail alerts on some of the Idea Spaces (Domino and Notes) when a new idea is posted but I cannot recall how I did this. Was a long time ago. I'll have a look.

Is it possible for IdeaJam to provide a space simply for voting on SPRs? (22 Apr 2014)

Could it be linked to : { Link } ?

Archiving Emails (Selection Criteria) (06 Mar 2014)


You've got my vote. Maybe you can link your idea to this one : { Link }

When clicking on 'new message' pop-up, open correct folder (20 Feb 2014)

Sorry Carl, I was not clear enough in my explanation. I meant in the classical and old-fashioned pop-up, not the N/D9 sliding notification.

Out of office (no end date for long absence) (20 Feb 2014)

5 years later and still no result ...

To complete on what @8Bruce said, what if you are speaking about a mail-in database where you would simply use the "out-of-office" feature to create an auto-response like "we have received your e-mail, blablabla ..." ?

IMHO, you should have an 'auto-reply feature' rather than an 'out-of-office'. Out-of-Office would in that case be one of the use cases. The return date would simply be activated with a checkbox.

Propose to download attachments before forwarding mail (Android) (17 Jan 2014)

Or we could even imagine that the attachments would be taken directly from the server when going through the router which would prevent them from being downloaded (slowly) to the device first.

The resource's owner should be allowed to book even if there is a time restriction (07 Nov 2013)

Makes sense to me. You've got my vote.

Warn/prevent user when using non-autorized chars in folder name (15 Oct 2013)

Deal ! I'll keep you posted.

Warn/prevent user when using non-autorized chars in folder name (15 Oct 2013)

The last case I can recall was in 8.5.3 UP1. We are currently running the latest 9 and up till now we had no new case. On the other hand, this is not something we get daily so we might run into the issue on a longer run.

Warn/prevent user when using non-autorized chars in folder name (15 Oct 2013)

Yes, indeed Bill. Some more background info :

Well, we've had several issues (and PMR's opened on this) because the folder structure appears completely messed up when using Traveler on Android. Like subfolders suddenly appear as top folders, or folders appear while not subscribed to. When correcting the folder names to the authorized way, the issue just goes away. IBM support replies that this is "normal" as you should stick to the supported way of naming. I agree with this but then you have to make sure that people cannot use the not-supported way. There is no popup or something else prventing users from doing wrong.

Could maybe happen on other platforms but no other cases described on our infrastructure.

Make a password complexity calculator available (15 Oct 2013)

If you don't use length as your password policy but complexity I find it very hard to determine how complex a password is actually and if it suits the policy you set up. You can indeed suggest a rule (use a capital and a number e.g.) for your users but you have no way to inform them via the 'change password' dialog box and they could try for other passwords which will work while not match your given rule. IMHO this is very confusing. In other words, when people get there to change their password they have no clue why the system keeps on sayin their password is not complex enough. Even for an admin, when you have to go through such a technote :

{ Link }

well, maybe there could be easier ways to make this topic clear. The word "calculator" in the title is maybe wrongly chosen but given the way it works you almost need one to figure out a password's complexity.

By this I do of course not ask for lower security settings, don't get me wrong ;-)

Warn/prevent user when using non-autorized chars in folder name (15 Oct 2013)

Bill, it causes issues on other platforms (in casu Android) but through the use of ... IBM Traveler. So I'm afraid (IMHO) it is something that should be solved as it raises issues in the "Lotus" (oops, I just wrote it...) family.

SwiftFile for non-English 9.0 mail templates is broken ! Please help to get it fixed ! (15 Oct 2013)

Hi Bill,

I'm afraid I'll leave it open for now. There is a workaround possible but it is not definitely fixed yet. When you download the latest version (4.2) it still has the bug.

Customisable right-click menu (04 Sep 2013)

I'm in ! And would also allow to have consistent behaviour between different places.

I would also add the 'copy as doclink', 'copy as table', ... functions which are under-used in my opinion because of that lack.

Option for always Blind copying yourself when composing mail (14 Aug 2013)

Plus : it is not because you receive your blind copy that the other recipients received their e-mail as well.
If they are that paranoid, the only way is to phone the recipients and ask them if they received the e-mail... Return receipts won't help you neither I'm afraid... ;-)

Option for always Blind copying yourself when composing mail (13 Aug 2013)

Uwe, may I ask why you would want this? You would find yourself with your mail in 'sent items' as well as in your 'inbox'. Twice more space used.

Make values in the infobox selectable (02 Aug 2013)

Exactly, makes part of those little annoying things.

Allow export (as structured text) from a document (26 Jul 2013)

Can only promote easier import/export moves.

SwiftFile for non-English 9.0 mail templates is broken ! Please help to get it fixed ! (19 Jul 2013)

OK, so PMR is now closed. The actual issue is due to 1 simple line which was forgotten to be uncommented by Dev... Let me know if you need more info.

Eliminate modal dialog boxes! (04 Jul 2013)

2013 here with N/D 9.0. Your idea is still necessary ... unfortunately should I say ? The counter of your idea might still go up !

Change the way you, as a customer, can weigh on SPR's (21 Jun 2013)

By the way, "@Mathieu, It is only blurry if you still think the "weight" has anything
at all to do with an SPR being fixed or not." ==> this is what you get told by IBM support itself.

Change the way you, as a customer, can weigh on SPR's (21 Jun 2013)

@Simon, I am well aware of the issues/factors you raise, believe me. Having opened numerous PMR's over the last 10 years, I perfectly understand the implications. Not all problems are easy to solve, or economically viable, ... or maybe even more important and which you didn't mention, a bug which is important in my eyes maybe isn't in the eyes of my neighbour. All make sense. But that is not my point. Not all problems raised by customers are of that kind.

I'll give you a simple example, take this idea from this site (there are dozens of other similar examples available here) : { Link }
This is typically a bug which must take let's say (please allow me a caricature here ;-) 3 lines of code to get a warning pop-up, will never break backwards compatibility we some much appreciate in Notes/Domino; and so on ... .

Please go and explain a customer that a software that is on the market for 20 years (and which is brilliant according to me, don't get me wrong) has
a) no plans to fix this (although it exists for ages)
b) if the customer really wants to get it fixed he/she will have to open a PMR because the SPR may exist, may exist but non publicly or simply not exist at all. So opening a PMR is as far as I know the only way to make sure. You cannot subscribe to an APAR for a problem that is maybe existing but not published. Moreover, for such type of bugs, a customer will never agree that they should spend time (opening a PMR does take time) asking for it to be solved. On the long run, their only conclusion will be "it's a crappy piece of software, let's move to something else". This is what I have already heard several time on the floor. By the way, I have actually opened a PMR for above issue. The SPR did not exist or was not publicly available. Result of the PMR : I have no clue at all if it ever will be fixed... . You can imagine the customer's reaction.

Again, I am not trying to demolish the SPR/APAR way of doing here. My point is not to throw out the baby with the bath water. But my experience with my Notes/Domino customers (150 over time) is that there should be a (complementary ?) much more easy, quick and visible way (IBM Connections for instance ?) for them (given they've paid their maintenance of course) to let IBM know that these bugs really bother them, that they need it to be corrected (that doesn't necessarily mean today). Furthermore, let's say you subscribed to the APAR, you still have no clue if or when your issue will be considered for fixing. Customers do get frustrated by this.

Change the way you, as a customer, can weigh on SPR's (20 Jun 2013)

So if I understand this correctly, it is even more blurry for customers to know if and when fixing will be done...
That would be one more good reason to get better insight for customers (and involvement in prioritizing), no?

Change the way you, as a customer, can weigh on SPR's (20 Jun 2013)

Exactly, Christopher. I think this would encourage the customers in getting even more involved in the product.
We are entering the Social era of software, well I think this would be a nice application of it.

New "Copy into new Notebook entry" functionnality (05 Jun 2013)

Thank you for the tip Mat.

Maybe they should put the option in a more obvious place then ;-)
Going to your mail to sync your notebook is not very intuitive... you would expect to activate this in the notebook itself, no?

Mail print as PDF or export as PDF (03 Jun 2013)

Promoted although I fully understand Peter's statement. Being lightweight is essential.

The idea has been posted a few times in the past. Maybe you should link them to this one.

Toolbar buttons for mail Recall and Encrypt (03 Jun 2013)

Agree with Christopher...

Warn/prevent user when using non-autorized chars in folder name (17 Apr 2013)

If you like/need this one, open a PMR and refer to SPR AGUD8USQ68 to give it weight !

Simplification of the preference menu (10 Apr 2013)

Promoted, but Christopher's comment is essential indeed I think.

Same conversation behaviour as in Notes (26 Mar 2013)

I suppose the comment is not for this idea?

Make dialog boxes resizable (26 Mar 2013)

the 8.5.3 version :

Make dialog boxes resizable (26 Mar 2013)

Hi Christopher,

I'm afraid it is not. I'm speaking about iNotes here. In Notes the boxes are resizable but not in iNotes (8.5.3 nor 9.0).

Ability to attach multiple files at once (25 Mar 2013)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Ability to attach multiple files at once (25 Mar 2013)

Could you please comment with a demotion? Thanks

Suggest folder while you send mail (21 Mar 2013)

Personally, I'd prefer to have the SwiftFile tool to be standard in Notes/iNotes.

New "Copy into new Notebook entry" functionnality (06 Mar 2013)

As a heavy Notebook user, can only vote for. The notebook is an underestimated asset.

Should sync between Notes and iNotes though.

Ease the rules of Notes' password complexity calculation (20 Dec 2012)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Ease the rules of Notes' password complexity calculation (20 Dec 2012)

Indeed, withdrawing this. Thanks for the tip!

Be able to set security on a folder (29 Nov 2012)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Be able to set security on a folder (29 Nov 2012)

Indeed, the functionality is there. Didn't know about it. So thank you for pointing this out.

The only thing I would add is that if I didn't know it is maybe because it's not so easy to find ;-) So maybe some improvement could be done here.

Anyway, I withdraw this idea.

Thanks for your comments.

Be able to set security on a folder (28 Nov 2012)

Yes, but if you need the Designer somewhere to handle this, it is not workable for end users. That is what you want to achieve. If you need a developer or admin each time the functionality has to be set up this is not useable.

Be able to set security on a folder (28 Nov 2012)

1. Private folders can only be seen by the person who created them. If you have given access to your mailbox to other users, they will not be able to see your private folders. While this is working as intended, it can sometimes be an issue when the user was not aware of this.

2. Private folders cannot be accessed in iNotes or using the IMAP client, even by the person who created them. They are only visible in Lotus Notes.

3. Private folders are not stored in the mail file on the server, hence they are not being backed up. These folders are stored inside the desktop.ndk file on user's workstation and if something happens to this file, it will result in an irreversible loss of these folders.

If you want to offer some private folder fonctionality to users without own coding you're trapped.

Be able to set security on a folder (27 Nov 2012)

Please add your comments when you demote. Thanks.

Add some views into the "Views" section of the Notes 8.5 mailbox (22 Nov 2012)

Yes, that's what I meant. Lots of (good) features have been taken over from OpenNTF, but not the views which were present there and efficient.

Add some views into the "Views" section of the Notes 8.5 mailbox (22 Nov 2012)

Indeed, the OpenNTF mail templates were/are a good example of this.

Feature Request: email filtering in Lotus iNotes (07 Nov 2012)

I like ideas with a "less-clicking" and more intuitive philosophy for end users.

Improve Replication & Clustering Reliability (24 Sep 2012)

So right !

I posted some time ago on the out-of-the-box Cluster Analysis tool which should also be improved { Link } in order to make it easier to create missing replicas right from the tool, adapt ACL's, ... (via simple buttons for instance) .

You've got my vote!

Copy field properties in a table in clipboard memory (24 Sep 2012)

So simple and so useful indeed ... Or even make the box just sizeable. Shouldn't be too difficult, should it?

AdminP update vpuserinfo.nsf (24 Sep 2012)

Couldn't agree more. Strange that this isn't standard functionality...

Stop the ACL being Modal (21 Sep 2012)

I agree with both of you. Yes, there is need for a better (easier) management for ACL. Could save us loads of time. When you show a "limitation" like this to a non-Domino admin he/she just laughs at you.

I think easy-to-use interfaces should not be limited to end-users. It's not because we are admins and know commands and stuff (;-) that we can't or shouldn't reduce the time spent on such things. But I can also follow Bill's point. It means it also has to remain secure and avoid overhead on an other side.

Preview Of Docs in Lotus Notes (14 Sep 2012)

Maybe also add a preview when hovering over the files without having to open them to notice that this wasn't the right one you needed.

Extend the 'User detail' info of a database (03 Sep 2012)

Hi Vlad,

thank you for your response. This means you need in-house designer skills which is not the case in smaller environments. And also means that you need to manage those undeleted documents. How long do you keep them? With all the risks that they may get archived by external tools, etc. ...

IBM official Visio stencils and icons repository (27 Jul 2012)

Indeed, and as Zoltan pointed out, it can be in various formats. Not only Visio, but also simply high-quality images, logos, presentation templates, ... .

Connect 3:rd party mail clients to Domino with ability to use Contacts/Calendar/RnR (20 Jul 2012)

Hi Anders, I get your point and I'm not against the idea but let me play the devil's advocate ;-)

1) => IBM will answer you they have a full supported client for Ubuntu, Red Hat and Suse
=> personaly, something lighter and more flexible (in terms of other distros, installation easiness, ...) would be welcome

2) Good point, but what if you get your end users start using it? I assume you're an IT'er thus independent in terms of support needs. Will you need a BYOC policy ('Bring your own client') on the mid-term for regular users?

3) => IBM will answer you they have a full supported client for Mac
=> personaly, I have no view on this since I'm not an Apple user but I guess my opinion on 1) would also apply here

4) You are so right... unfortunately...

Writing this comment, I think you changed my mind. Why indeed not have an 'OpenNTF-like' community firing ideas into a separate client? Maybe this will trigger or accelerate changes into the regular Notes client just like the OpenNTF mail template gave ideas for the official one. Just for the sake of this last thought, you get my vote ;-)

Connect 3:rd party mail clients to Domino with ability to use Contacts/Calendar/RnR (19 Jul 2012)

I demote because I do not completely agree with you.

Agree - because you broaden the user base with free tools whereas the Lotus Notes client is not freely available and thus is not available home (mind you that if I'm correct you may have a home install for each valid corporate license that you have. Can somebody confirm this?).

Don't agree - because you already have iNotes for instance which can handle this functionality without having a 'fat' client. I'd rather have the Lotus Notes client distributed freely, with better performance and a far more easy way to configure additional (private) POP3/IMAP accounts next to the Domino account than see a Thunderbird client connecting my Domino server (where is ending support for instance?)

IMHO you would achieve the same goal with the second solution while you would still have a consistent park of clients connecting to your Domino servers.

Colored tabs in Notes client (19 Jul 2012)

Excellent idea ! Given the number of users I come across with a huge number of tabs open...

Enable Out of Office automatically when scheduling calendar items (13 Jul 2012)

Promoted. A little tip from Mat Newman I came across yesterday regarding calendaring & OoO : { Link }

Internet Address in Multi-Purpose Group (28 Jun 2012)

Please remove this idea ;-)

Many thanks

Optional: "Close message when Reply is composed" (09 Apr 2012)


do yo mean "Automatically close original e-mail when replying/forwarding"?

This option already exists in 8.5.x.


FTSearch should always search all documents, indexed or not (28 Mar 2012)

I was not very fond about the idea when reading the title but the last reply of Sjef convinced me. Of course, only to be made available for already FT-indexed databases, but I suppose this is implicit to this idea.

Clean-up recent contacts if not used for X days (19 Jan 2012)

The thing with the 'do not use in type-ahead' option is that you need to go through them all at regular times. Furthermore, they will continue to pile up in the recent sontacts view, even if you don't use them in the type-ahead function. Sooner or later this view will have to be cleaned-up manually. Lots of people will say that if they need to do that (tedious) job they will prefer to deactivate it, which is in my humble opinion a pity. Having a little 'automation' in the clean-up process will make recent contacts only more popular I think.

Add an OpenNTF IdeaSpace on Ideajam.net (08 Dec 2011)

Excellent idea in these xPages times !

Attached images to show inline (06 Dec 2011)

Isn't that what is happening when you perform a copy/paste of the image into your mail?

Works for me!

Search and clean all mail.box across servers of a given Domino Domain (30 Nov 2011)

You could still imagine that the existing actions of a mail.box continue to exist in that new system. But yes, there will always be a (known) risk.

Thanks for your vote BTW!

Button for selecting database file in Mail-in Database document (10 Nov 2011)

Absolutely right ! And still not fixed in 2011. I'm relaunching the idea with this one linked.

Make iNotes compatible with Google Chrome (and some other browsers) (03 Nov 2011)

Sorry, Safari 4 & 5 also supported on Mac :

{ Link }

Make iNotes compatible with Google Chrome (and some other browsers) (03 Nov 2011)

Google Chrome 12 is officially supported now in 8.5.3 :
{ Link }

Still some way to go for Safari for instance. So promoting it!

When a user is removed from the Domino Domain and mail file is deleted remove all calendar entries where they are the chair in all mail files (11 Oct 2011)

Promoted with @3 option as well

Forward invitation (11 Oct 2011)

Indeed, please link to { Link }

SMTP Forwarding Host: Allow multiple forwarding hosts (11 Oct 2011)

Demoted as #2 says, works also for "Relay host for messages leaving the local internet domain" field in Configurations document. Could be better documented though...

Allow simple mouseover in a frame to change focus for mousewheel scrolling (11 Oct 2011)

Couldn't agree more. Another 6 months later and still not addressed.

Auto-close original mail when sending reply (04 Oct 2011)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Enable Switftfile cross all Notes-Platforms (03 Oct 2011)

Another one : { Link }

Ability to save embedded inline images as a file to disk (03 Oct 2011)

Already posted here : { Link }

Could be useful to link.

Run Now on mail rules (03 Oct 2011)

You may want to link it to this existing idea : { Link }

Auto-close original mail when sending reply (03 Oct 2011)

Not very popular but it made it into the 8.5.2 release...

Make the download results of IBM Partnerworld more readable (21 May 2011)

Would like to link this to following idea but don't know how to do it :

{ Link }

Make SwiftFile part of the Notes clients !!! (re-post...) (06 Apr 2011)

Done, didn't know how this was possible.... up till now!

Drag existant mail into body of a new message (.EML?) (07 Mar 2011)

What if you want to integrate the content of ... 2 e-mails? ;-)

When you are typing an e-mail you may want to refer to a series of mails. Working with an EML file would also simplify the lay-out and keep a clearer structure as mails can become rather long sometimes.

license model for universities and schools (education) (04 Mar 2011)

I posted a similar idea (not free, but at a lowered cost) :

{ Link }

Still promoting this !

Archive Selection by Date Range (04 Mar 2011)

Promoted! Linked with following :
{ Link }

Have a plugin to read PST files and import content to Lotus (MS open your code! ;-) (18 Jun 2010)

I knew beforehand it would raise some reactions, I'm glad about that. That's also why I posted the title with a (big) smiley ;-)

@Troy & David, you are both perfectly right. I do agree entirely.


The situation is kind of complicated for this particular customer and as a consultant I need to find solutions; even if they, wrongly, refuse to convert their PST (we face a situation of merger, 500 Exchange added to 300 Lotus, yes the small one ate the big one here, so it's a game of give & take). It is just that the use of widgets and plug-ins is now so easy and it offers so many opportunities that it would be a fast and "efficient" way of working in this case.

I know that conversion can be automated but you will always need man-hours to check, restart the process if it failed, ... . nUpgrade is not efficient at all in such big operations (over 2 terabytes), you need 3rd party tools which cost lots of $$$ (we did it for the 'active' mailboxes). The ultimate issue here is that this gives them more reasons to go back to MS Exchange than going on with Lotus Notes.

Anyway, thank you for your reactions!

Lotus Domino Messaging & Collaboration Express licenses should allow a single, two-server cluster for DR purposes. Even if it req's an 'upgraded license' of some type. (12 Jun 2010)

I entirely agree. In Belgium, most of the companies are SMB. We can rarely propose clustering to them. This could mean a serious advantage compared to Exchange.

New mail notification for a mail in database or shared mail database (12 Jun 2010)

{ Link }

Run mail rules manually against mail already in the inbox (12 Jun 2010)

I promote and link to this one I posted some time ago :
{ Link }

Lower Lotus licensing cost for students (29 Mar 2010)


Hi Marie,

if this is correct then, with all the respect, IBM is not doing its job to make this known to everyone. I'm sure very few universities are aware of this. Is this in the US only or worldwide?

When saving an attachment, have a button to open it after the download (04 Jan 2010)


as a workaround maybe ... but you have to know about this. It is not intuitive for the end users. That's what it is all about ;-)

Create a button to promote IdeaJam on other websites (05 Dec 2009)

I'll sure try this. Thx a lot!

Create a button to promote IdeaJam on other websites (05 Dec 2009)

Another idea would be to have a script you can place on a personal site/blog that displays your whole list of posted ideas, not just one by one.

Create a button to promote IdeaJam on other websites (04 Dec 2009)

Hi Matt,

I meant even a real simple referencing banner. I can imagine a button would maybe be too difficult (I'm not a webmaster geek, sorry ;-). Personally I find his site very useful and I would simply like to help spread the word. Too often, I come across customers who don't know about the site. And even if they are no Lotus customers they still might be interested in the product itself. On my own site I have a page with external links and would like to reference yours with a nice-looking banner or something else. I've been looking on the site but couldn't find any.



iNotes web mail should be same as yahoo or gmail in performance,efficient and in UI (02 Dec 2009)

I'm asking myself the same questions. iNotes 8.5.1 is for me already the best webmail experience. I also use Gmail and Hotmail. I don't see what functionality of both I would like in iNotes.

When saving an attachment, have a button to open it after the download (02 Dec 2009)

Title updated

When saving an attachment, have a button to open it after the download (02 Dec 2009)


Yes, any web browser where you download a file ;-)

Maybe my title is too ambiguous, I don't mean open the attachment automatically but have a button to do so if wanted. Like you have in a browser.

Give the end-user a simple method to set a default font SIZE. (01 Dec 2009)

And why not the font and color at the same time? We very often get this question. Not being able to give a suitable answer (especially to ex-Outlook users) is utterly frustrating... So I sure do promote this one!

As a meeting participant, be able to forward invitation (not delegate) (18 Nov 2009)


I'm in the same situation here for an old Exchange customer. I entirely share your comment!

Fixing/Securing the left upper pane (inbox) in the mailfile (18 Nov 2009)

Dear Lucien,

I get your point here but this site is about making life easier in Lotus, isn't it? Telling someone to perform a double action instead of having such a simple improvement is asking too much from an end-user according to me. What is the strength of Outlook? Why is it so popular to end-users? Because it simply makes their life easier... Not because the server behind is super stable and secure.


Option to disable Mail-Signature when replying/forwarding (07 Nov 2009)

Idea already posted here :

{ Link }

Auto-close original mail when sending reply (02 Sep 2009)

I see this idea is not very popular. Could you please share your reasons?


Type-ahead in iNotes (10 Feb 2009)

Can't agree more !

Specific template for mail-in databases (TeamMailbox from OpenNTF ?) (26 Dec 2008)

Furthermore, there should be a much better system to know which mails are being handled by someone else. Like having a read mail being read for everybody and not per ID file. The whole follow-up thing needs to be better than what it is right now. Actions on a mail should be better shared for the whole team managing the mailbox.

I'm currently working on an Exchange to Notes migration and I must admit as a die-hard Domino admin, lots of practical things are better settled for end users (I already knew this, but I'm experiencing it now ... very unfortunately ;-)

Following on this project I will probably post a bunch of new ideas. Things can be improved and even made better than in MS Outlook (lots already are) !!

Move attachments to the top of the email message (22 Dec 2008)

Agree with this idea !

Automatic creation of archive DB when registering (a) new user(s) (15 Dec 2008)

Dear JP,
did you create the archives after your data migration and users entering the DB's?
What I have here is that users don't access their database yet but I need the archive before that. Then the policy doesn't work...

Resources reservations : add refreshments (coffee,...) when you book a meeting room (12 Dec 2008)

This would take two reservations in the DB and if you create a generic resource, how will the responsible person receiving the request know what's really needed?

Refreshments don't need reservation, calendaring,... just a notification what is needed and when (comment field - date).

Just my opinion ;-)

Automatic creation of archive DB when registering (a) new user(s) (05 Dec 2008)

Unfortunately we have a PMR open for this, they suggested the policy alternative... No other solution up till now. I'll try to keep you posted.

Out of office (no end date for long absence) (04 Dec 2008)

If you have a good IMAC process, mail isn't already waiting. Furthermore, you need someone familiar with agents which unfortunately isn't always the case. Not specifying an end date is the simplest thing you can have, no? No writing of agents involved. Period.

If you have to write agents for every (simple) functionality...

(PS : I do agree that from an admin or dev point of vue, it is easy with agents)


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