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Table enhancements

: Domino Designer
: tables
Paul Davies12381 - 06 2007 (14)
  • split table option
  • ability to delete rows without having to split merged cells first (JFDI!)
  • column widths to be what I want them to be and to stick to it!
  • hidden columns
  • different properties dialog for tables that stays open (properties enhancements in general as per other ideas)  or ...

When editting tables with zero width borders, show grey-dashed lines.

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: tables
Alan Lepofsky8315 - 13 2007 (2)
I often use tables to format content in emails/documents.   I don't always apply borders to these, so when the width is zero, I'd love to see something like grey-dashed lines when in edit mode.

Allow Lotusscript control of table cell colours etc

: Domino Designer
: designer, rich, text, tables
Sean Cull528 - 09 2007 (3)
I know that there are superb 3rd party tools for this but it would be create if we could pro grammatically control tables in rich text much better, e.g. setting the colour of an individual cell [ editied for typos ]

Tables that can span 100% of the height

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: ui, tables
Slawek Rogulski8874 - 14 2007 (0)
Weather the table is placed on a form, inside a cell of another table, in a frame of a frameset, on a page, etc it should be possible to have it's height take up 100% of the container.

Fixed Width Table Columns

: Domino Designer
: tables
Peter Presnell26659 - 07 2008 (1)
For Notes client (as opposed to Web client):
I know tables claim to support fixed width column sizes, but in many respects they behave more like relative widths than fixed widths.  e.g. If the table width is 8" and a column width is specified as 2" then it really only occupies 25% ...

Table Width Property

: Domino Designer
: tables, table properties
Dwain Wuerfel2755 - 10 2009 (2)
When creating a button you have the option of making the width 'Fit to Content'.  It would be nice to allow a columns width to also have this option as tables are commonly used to keep multi-value fields in alignment

Make all element sizes formula based

: Domino Designer
: tables, width
Christopher Boote6132 - 26 2013 (0)
Predominantly for table column widths, but I'd like to see all design element widths based upon a formula
I realise it couldn't be done for Views (after all, which document's fields would you use?) but for tables, it would be nice to expand or reduce a column width based ...

Increase the number of nested tables

: Domino Designer
: tables, nested
Patrick Kwinten22013 - 13 2010 (2)
I have no idea what the reason is behind the restriction of levels of nested tables (8, I believe)
Often you have a rich text field nested in a couple of nested tables, so the level users can create is limited. Especially nested tables are used to create document ...


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