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Let SearchView return XML, JSON

: Domino Designer
: xml, searchview, search, ftsearch, web
Tommy Valand2746 - 11 2007 (2)
The title more or less speaks for itself.

Let us do:
h t t p ://site.com/db.nsf/people?SearchView

h t t p ://site.com/db.nsf/people?SearchView

Ability to do combined search in Mail and Archive Mails

: Notes Client / Mail
: archive, mail, search
Michel Poleur3882 - 23 2008 (5)
Allow the search box to search in Mail db *and* Archives Mails dbs. See this for Mary Beth's answer.

Searching in Categorized views - don't drop the category when expanding the results

: Notes Client / Other
: categorized, expansion, views, search
Alan Dalziel1450 - 16 2009 (0)
When searching a view with categorized columns, you get a results set back with the twistied Category listed. When you expand the category by clicking on the twistie, it expands but the category disappears. This is particularly frustrating when searching the log database as all you end up with is ...

Global, All-Places Search

: Quickr
: quickr, search
Eric Lohry2715 - 09 2008 (6)
There should be a gloabl search on the "My Places" page to allow searching for documents and contents of ALL of the places that a user has access to.  As Quickr becomes a large repository of information whithin an organization, there needs to be a method of finding this information ...

Form Property to exclude from FT Indexing

: Domino Designer
: designer, search, form
Tom Franks1414 - 16 2007 (6)
Why is Full Text indexing an all-or-nothing configuration?  My idea in the general case could be accomplished by either a form property or a list of forms on the FT creation dialog. I'd like to exclude certain documents (hooks, keywords, etc) from the index.  Certain types of applications could benefit ...

Ability to Select an Address by First Name

: Notes Client / Mail
: address, outlook, search, first name
Thomas Leriche1881 - 04 2009 (1)
When creating a new email and you click on TO: field to address the message this dialogue box only allows searches by last name.  It would be nice to have a toggle to switch between last name and first name searches.
So if you don't recall the last name of ...

Search Field Name Or Opening of Field Properties box by Providing field name.

: Domino Designer
: field, search
Nasir Javed1132 - 05 2007 (7)

Scenario: If you have many hidden fields on your form and you want to change the properties of any hidden field, often it becomes really very difficult to physically locate that field to change the properties. This becomes more difficult if you have couple of subforms and you don't know ...


Customizing the option to search IBM technotes on error in the Notes 8.0.x client

: Notes Client / Other
: technote, notes8, notes_client, error, search
Tim Brown962 - 07 2008 (1)
It would be nice to be able to customize this option to go to an interal company Database/FAQ or URL where you could have your own customized KBase entries for your our own users. I hope  IBM has enhancement plans for this option.
-Tim E. Brown

Floating search bar and database-property to define scope

: Notes Client / Other
: full-text, search
Knud H°jslet3343 - 04 2008 (1)
In addition to the old-style fulltext search tied to a view, it would be great to be able to fire a qeuery against the whole database, and be able to do it from anywhere (an outline-entry, a hotspot on a document, a "search bar" in a frameset).
Now with version ...

Search as you type

: Notes Client / Other
: search
Oliver Regelmann4949 - 13 2009 (2)
Narrow documents in a view to match what a user types into the search box, just like for example in iTunes.

Notes View Column - Data Filter

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: reporting, filter, search
Sudhish Jayaswal956 - 27 2007 (2)
The Notes Vierw Column Header Click, should provide a Filter option, which allows the user to see the entire list in the view, or a selected value, or a conditional filter. Somewhat similar to the Data Auto-Filter option available in MS Excel.

Native Title Desrciption to Form Fields to assist Field Search

: Domino Designer
: conditional, search
Sudhish Jayaswal956 - 27 2007 (2)
The Notes Field should allow a Native Title Desrciption to Form Fields. Further this description should be presented to the User, when they select "BY FIELD" Full text Search option. This would allow the user to select a field in a much more business sense, because the end user does not ...

Domain Search:Search result Summary - Let the developer decide what to display as summary

: Domino Designer
: search
Rajeev Menon3688 - 11 2007 (1)
The domain search can display a summary of the result documents. But a developer can not generate these summaries. The summary that domino generates is based on the text in some standard fields. If domino allows the developer to specify the fields whose values should be shown as the document ...

Ability to add custom search engines to Notes 8 search provider

: Notes Client / Other
: advanced, search
Dietmar Dumke907 - 29 2008 (0)
Make the Eclipse/Notes search provider work like in Firefox.

Shortcut for 'Search This View'

: Notes Client / Other
: shortcut, view, search
Patrick Kwinten22018 - 11 2009 (3)
do you like to open the menu to find this action?

Don't freeze the client when I perform a 'Search This View' action

: Notes Client / Other
: view, search
Patrick Kwinten22018 - 26 2010 (0)
when I perform a search on a view via he 'Search this view' option my Notes client is frozen for a dozen of secons, depending on the size of the view.
I would rather like to be able to work with other tabs in the mean time.

Sort search results by type (sent, received, calendar, etc.)

: Notes Client / Mail
: notes, search
Adam Gartenberg678 - 18 2009 (0)
Allow "All Documents" search results to be sorted by the column labeled "Type icons" - basically to allow me to sort on whether the document is sent mail, received, calendar notice, etc.

Searching in the mail archive with using the search toolbar

: Notes Client / Other
: search, searching, search archive
Martin Hansgut828 - 24 2012 (5)
When used searching Search All mail via Search Toolbar is not using searching in the archives of mail.
It would be beneficial if Search All mail via Search Toolbar sought out in the mail archive of the mail box.

Provide a "big picture" navigation to the different places to find information (for example Greenhouse, wikis, forums, dw, knowledge base, etc.)

: Lotus Technical Information / Community
: search, website
Femke Goedhart567 - 05 2010 (0)
I would love to have a central point of access from where you can access and search all of the different IBM resources that are out there for Lotus. Currently you have DW, IBM support site, Greenhouse, Wiki's and the Business Partner site and you need multiple ID's to access ...

Search on folder names

: Notes Client / Mail
: folders, search
David Hablewitz15242 - 07 2012 (0)
Perhaps this is a sign that I need to get rid of some folders, but it would be nice to have a way to search for a folder similar to the way Firefox has a way to search the bookmarks.  Put a small search bar above the list of folders.  ...

Positionning of Search Bar

: Notes Client / Other
: bug, notes, search
David Camara916 - 08 2007 (2)
The new search bar is great but its default position doesn't seem right, it should be located at the far right (as it would be in IE anf FF). What's worse is that it does not remember where you place it and returns to the same position when you restart ...

Allow Full-Text search in embedded views

: Notes Client / Other
: search, ftsearch, embedded view, single category
Carsten Braun90 - 15 2012 (0)
Currently you are not able to use the full text search in embedded views with single category.
If it will possible you could build new kinds of privates views. Another point is, that normal users don't understand why they can search in some views and they aren't able to ...

Allow admin to specify fields to appear in search by Field dropdown

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: search, search usability
Wayne Sobers895 - 22 2009 (0)
When using advanced searching and specifically search by field name, there are too many fields listed in the drop down box. There should be a way to limit which fields should appear in this list, and there should be a way to show alternate text but have the query use ...

Feature Request: Search dialog box in iNotes

: Notes Client / iNotes
: notes, search
S Eranki170 - 07 2012 (0)
Searching for email in iNotes web interface:
1. The right arrow in the toolbar always opens a dialog box that allows you to search for "entries that start with"
Can IBM add an option in user preferences to change this to "entries that contain"

2. ...

Ability to target searches based on the repository (e.g., just wikis, just forums)

: Lotus Technical Information / Community
: search, website
Femke Goedhart567 - 05 2010 (1)
When doing searches I woul love to have a global search option acros all repositories that allows you to limit results to specific repositories. For instance search for just Wiki & forum posts or for Wiki posts & technotes.
Repositories should include all info resources currently available. See also "Provide ...

Search in Lotus Notes-display unread emails within search results

: Notes Client / Mail
: search, advanced
Foua Vang2495 - 08 2011 (4)
When I do a search in my mail file based on some search criteria, I want to be able to display the unread emails only within my search results...
Here are some examples:
1. Switch to "All Documents" view
2. Click View ---> Search This View

Make fulltext index plug-in'able

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: search
Robert Ibsen Voith4084 - 30 2009 (1)

The fulltext searchengines should be replaceable so a customer can for example select to leverage X1 Enterprise Server instead of Domino's own.


Search places seems obvious, but you can not

: Quickr
: quickr, search, enhancement
Keith Brooks6783 - 15 2007 (2)
I love Quickr, a million times better than Quickplace.
Just put up a Quickr server. As the admin I see all of the Quickplaces, 100's actually.
Now I created a demo one.
How am I supposed to get to it easily from the http://servername/quickplace opening page?
There is no ...

Option "do not search in CreatedBy field" in Contacts (for example)

: Notes Client / Other
: search, searching, result
Harald-RenÚ Flasch535 - 22 2011 (3)
I am not sure if it is a bug or not ...
I am also syncing my Contacts using Traveler. I created a list of my contacts by myself.
I also have a sister with the same lastname ... If I like to search for the lastname of ...

Workspace Search Facility

: Notes Client / Other
: workspace, search, facility
Atul Sehgal116 - 05 2007 (4)

A facilitty to search for databases whose icons exists on different workspace pages will help. Being a Notes/Domino Admin I have a lot of workspace icons on my workspace. Though I have created mutiple pages workspace and have categorized the Db icons accordingly. Stil it takes time to go through  different ...



: Domino Designer
: documentcollection, search, java, lotusscript, api
Vlad Sh10448 - 10 2012 (0)
Work on the interface (XPages) - very good, but would like to not forget about the improvement of  Domino  API.
I beg to add the ability to search in collection of documents using @formulas, by analogy to Database.search(). The FtSearch method is inconvenient for programming and not as flexible.

Spotlight/Beagle integration

: Domino Server / Data Storage and Management
: spotlight, beagle, search
Andrea Garbagnoli645 - 29 2008 (0)
An extension for Mac OsX Spotlight or Beagle to search into a Domino database.

Support Open Document Format for exporting search results

: Idea Jam / Search
: search, open document format, odf
Hannes Mettelem368 - 20 2013 (0)
Within the advanced search it would be great to have the possibility to export also to Open Document Formats.

Make search in address books more efficient in iNotes (wildcard use, ...)

: Notes Client / iNotes
: search, contact, address book
Mathieu Pape7680 - 13 2012 (0)
See the screenshots.
When you compose a new mail and want to add people from the Domino Directory, you cannot search for someone "containing" Bruce for instance. The last name has to start with the search term or otherwise you don't get results. 
So searching "Stuart" will find 'Stuart, James' ...

Parameterized Search for form Data with Parameters

: Quickr
: quickr, search
Nelson Morris124 - 23 2010 (0)
 Search a folder with custom columns using metadata search, not just full text search.
 Return results in the same columnar format.

Add Strigi support for desktop search

: Notes Client / Other
: desktop, search, strigi, support
Zoltan Szabo5618 - 09 2011 (0)
Now beagle is supported as desktop search engine. Now, it would be great to add Strigi/Nepomuk also to support KDE users also.

Abort searching design of form

: Domino Designer
: search, enhancements, form, fields, designer
Mohammad Haidar40 - 26 2015 (1)
 Ability to stop searching a form for a word, this will be time saving especially when the form contains big number of fields and you have by mistake chosen to search 'Scope: All Objects"

Desktop Search on Notes Database Under Linux

: Notes Client / Other
: desktop, search, linux, beagle, strigi, google
Zoltan Szabo5618 - 08 2011 (0)
For linux users (like me) it would be great to be able to search in Notes Databases also with Beagle, Strigi, Google...etc.

disable the ViewShowSearchBar @command for a View

: Domino Designer
: view, search, searchview, command
Patrick Kwinten22018 - 18 2008 (1)

why can't we disable the ViewShowSearchBar @Command  for a View?

Sometimes i use a view as a way to create a navigation menu in an application, but this gets messed up when the ViewShowSearchBar @Command has been used previously.

please add a view option that the searchbar will never ever show up!


Notes client HELP dynamically linked to Lotus community of contributors

: Notes Client / Other
: help, community, search, lotus technical information
Jamie Colpean925 - 13 2008 (4)
Ok, I am only dangerous as a developer...but have to believe this is possible.  I, like many others, rely on both the Notes HELP applications PLUS Notes.net PLUS Sandbox PLUS OpentNTF PLUS Searchdomino and on and on.
The one thing that all of the users and developers of these ...

Form Search

: Quickr
: search, forms
Rebecca Dorman192 - 31 2010 (1)
It would be really handy to allow users to search for forms and then have them be able to create a document from the form using a link in the search results.

Search operation works in back ground.

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: search, background
Kenji S227 - 09 2010 (0)
Notes core search operation takes control because it is working Foreground and user have to wait to complete search. If search operation works in background, user can operate another job.

Search results should not be selected

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: search, results, selected
Richard Greaves67 - 07 2011 (1)
Change the way searches work so that the resulting list is not "selected".  When a user perfoms a search (Search this view) say in their mail, the results are all selected.  This is not obvious to the user and while hightlighing the document they want, they click Forward, the entire ...


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