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Allow an ID to be selected to sign a database with

: Domino Administrator
: notes, administration
Sean Burgess5201 - 11 2007 (11)
Instead of having to switch IDs just to sign a database, it would be much easier to be able to just select the ID file you want to use to sign with, put in the password, and do the signing. This would be similar to the way you can choose ...

Hide-When Formulas - Improve visibility in Domino Designer

: Domino Designer
: notes, designer, interface
Bill Whittakers1930 - 22 2007 (14)
Add a separate dialog to display and enter hide-when formulas to improve visibility and access in designer; and/or add shading to indicate where hide formulas exist, as is done with pass-thru HTML.

In case of client crash - zap the need to use zappers!

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: automatically, kill, notes, tasks
Robert Ibsen Voith4084 - 21 2008 (18)
Not often, but sometimes, the Notes client crash! When this happen often some Notes-related tasks like ntaskldr.exe doesn't crash with it. When you try to restart the Notes client, the existance of these tasks in memory hinder a successful restart. So, for ages there has been tools like ZapNotes around to ...

Be able to save from Symphony direct to a Lotus Notes document

: Symphony
: lotus, notes, saving
Scott Cochrane1949 - 12 2008 (2)
Would it not be cool if from in a Symphony document save as also provided the option to save directo to a lotus database. 
So I create a document, click save or save as and maybe on the Look In option can choose a Lotus application that I have ...

More than 1 column for response documents in a view

: Domino Designer
: notes, designer, view
Jeremy Hodge1383 - 04 2008 (1)
i would LOVE a new column "type" in a notes view, for lack of a better term called an "inline response column" ... This would be similar to the "display responses only" column, except that it allows me to add multiple columns for response documents, allows me to do totals for ...

Give me better control over the visual style of views

: Domino Designer
: notes, designer, views
Jeremy Hodge1383 - 04 2008 (0)
I would like more control over the visual style of views, especially when it comes to categories. See my screenshot for an example, but

1. Let me specify a background color or background image and row height for a specific category
2. Let me choose whether column totals ...

I wish I could open views in a new window

: Notes Client / Other Database Applications
: notes, open, window
David Bailey1391 - 12 2008 (1)
In Notes 8, 'Open in New Window' only works for documents.  In previous releases, you could open views.  I really miss that capability.

Use more then one primary dictionary for instant spell checking

: Notes Client / Mail
: notes, mail, primary dictionary, mail editing, spellcheck, spell check
Nikolay Vlasov301 - 14 2009 (6)
I'm sure notes users from the countries who have to write letters in different languages will support my idea. I sugest to make possible to use more than one primary directory for spell cheking and to make spell checker switch between languages automaticaly. Here is an example I'm facing almost ...

Let users copy text from views to the clipboard

: Notes Client / Other
: notes, client, view, folder, copy, clipboard, text
Richard Schwartz3723 - 19 2007 (2)
I want to be able to select some or all of the text in a view row and copy it to the clipboard, then paste it somewhere as text.
Right now, click-and-drag grabs the entire view entry for dragging to a folder.  Obviously, I don't want to lose that ...

Ability to 'undo' mail deletions and folder moves

: Notes Client / Mail
: notes, mail, folders, delete
Stuart McIntyre1492 - 04 2009 (3)
Notes undo functionality needs significant improvement.
One of the areas where this is particularly obvious is around message management.  If I delete a message or move it to a folder incorrectly (say by drag/dropping onto the wrong folder) then I have to go and manually retrieve/move it.
The ...

Option of which Email address to use on Send

: Notes Client / Mail
: email, notes, client, lotus
Keith Brooks6783 - 01 2007 (8)
It would be nice to not need 5 or more location documents for all my emails.
While I can have one inbox, I can not have multiple outgoing email names/addresses from that one box, thus 5 different location docs/dbs, etc.
I can make personal stationery, but not personal email addresses?

Faster Notes Client !!

: Notes Client / Other
: speed, fast, slow, notes, client
Thomas Leriche1881 - 13 2009 (3)
RAM and network are big dependencies, but application speed is the single most important feature of any software application. If IBM could make Lotus Notes the fastest email client on the planet they would surely grab back a huge chunk of market share.  This is as basic as it gets.... we ...

Thumbnail images in notes views

: Domino Designer
: view, notes, image
Dan King2533 - 06 2008 (2)
It's possible to add an image from the image resources to a column in the view, but if we want to provide a thumbnail of an image that's attached to the document, in a Notes client, it's not possible.
It may need another option in the column properties to ...

Notes 8 Standard Client Crashes should be easy to troubleshoot

: Notes Client / Other
: crash, troubleshooting, notes, 8, standard, client
Craig Wiseman21821 - 26 2008 (4)
The 8.x Standard client should have a standard and easy way to troubleshoot crashes/problems. Now, when the Expeditor-part of the Standard client crashes it gives a pug-ugly and more importantly USELESS and huge error box (like the attached image). Troubleshooting the cause is very painful (like this)! When the ...

Add a download manager for saved attachments

: Notes Client / Mail
: notes, download
Adam Gartenberg678 - 30 2009 (2)
One of the things I find myself doing many, many, many times a day is saving an attachment from Notes to my hard drive, and then immediately navigating in file manager to that file to launch it locally.  (I know I can edit documents in place, but much more often, ...

Quick way to fix the UNK table

: Notes Client / Other
: notes, domino, unk
Ken Haggman598 - 06 2008 (1)
As you know, the UNK table is an internal table in a Notes database that lists all the fields (in forms, subforms and shared fields) plus all items that exist in documents. This table tends to get very big for larger databases that are being touched by designers over the ...

Highlight / indicate in designer when an element has a hidewhen formula present.

: Domino Designer
: designer, notes
Steven Chapman238 - 25 2011 (2)
To make it easier to trouble shoot in designer it would be really helpful to be able to see if a 'hide when formula' applies to elements, especially text.
Its something we use a lot and would save people newer to designer (and some of us longer term ...

Properties Dialog Box

: Notes Client
: notes
Bill Whittakers1930 - 22 2007 (3)
Enable the properties box to be resized (as can be done with the open database dialog).

Using Notes://. Add support for query_string parameters in Notes

: Domino Designer
: notes, protocol, parameters, query_string, agent
Theo Heselmans6409 - 17 2009 (2)
I'm using "Notes://...?open&Code=123" as a url from a browser. This works perfectly. However, I need to be able to read the query_string provided in the url. Trying this with e.g. an ?Openform, resulted in an empty string.
I also tried opening an agent using Notes://...myagent?Open, but this didn't work ...

Limited use entitlement for Activities

: Connections
: connections, activities, notes, domino, limited, use, license
Matt Buchanan1879 - 22 2008 (1)
Much like Sametime was introduced to R6.5, give passport customers who use Notes/Domino a limited use to the Activities part of Lotus Connections. In my (humble, of course :) opinion, Activities is a much better fit functionality wise with Notes/Domino than it is Connections anyway.

Save directly into a Notes database

: Symphony
: notes, symphony, saving
David Hablewitz15242 - 28 2010 (0)
From the Save dialog, Save a file directly into a Notes database.  (similar behavior to using the Quickr Connectors).

Sametime Policies in Notes 8.0

: Sametime / Administration
: sametime, setup, upgrade, notes, 8, client
Barry Shapiro506 - 13 2008 (1)

Notes 8.0 needs to have Sametime setup policies.  Currently there is not a way to migrate over exisiting Notes 6.5 / 7.0 Sametime configurations nore are there any Sametime policies that can be assigned to Notes 8.0  users to accomplish this.


Book proposal: The Diaries Of A Whimpy Notes Programmer

: Domino Designer
: notes, development, book proposals
Peter Presnell26659 - 15 2010 (3)
This is response to Ben Langhinrichics' request for book proposals.
Building on a similar format to the great series written by Declan Lynch I would propse a book specifically targeted at those people who have acquired skills as a Notes Classic developer and are looking to make the ...

Creating file links in notes documents

: Notes Client / Other
: notes, attachment, file, link
Erik Borse249 - 28 2008 (3)
Why not being able to create file-links the same way as attachments?
Most/all enterprises have fileshares and today the most common negative feedback we get from our users on notes is the complexity to create file-links. This also genereates a lot of unessesary attachemnts in mails.
Why not have ...

Day-At-A-Glance Activity Item Strike-through

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: notes, client, calendar, notes_client, sidebar
Bill Malchisky9254 - 09 2008 (5)
The side bar in the ND8 client has a nifty Day-At-A-Glance feature. Problem is that when you have multiple appointments/reminders/ToDo items, as you accomplish things and the day progresses, it looks like you still have a full plate.
Create the option to strike-through entries in the panel applet, so ...

Focus the OGS more on LOTUS NOTES

: Lotusphere / Opening General Session
: ogs, lotus, notes
J Franchetti750 - 22 2008 (6)
I have witnessed over the years, the loudest applause for:  calendar printing options; resizeable dialog boxes; a new web 2.0 discussion database template.
Your audience (customers) want this.
I know you need to sell the advanced products, the future, the stuff for the Fortune 50 (SAP, Portal).  Though ...

Improve/fix simple features like scrolling

: Notes Client / Other
: notes, usability
Ravi Kumar200 - 26 2009 (0)
Lotus Notes standard client (rich client) have several issues with scrolling. Sometimes the scroll thumb seems to get locked at the bottom when you have more than one screen full of items (e.g., folders in left pane) and when you scroll all the way down. Similar issues in the regular ...

Make Swiftfile available on non-Windows Clients

: Notes Client / Mail
: swiftfile, notes_client, notes
Bill Malchisky9254 - 16 2007 (9)
The Linux and Mac Notes clients lack this powerful tool. With all clients being built on Eclipse, there should be better feature synchronization across platforms. But, it is only available on the Windows client. Sadly, IBM doesn't promote it much either and should--as it really helps people stay current with ...

Generate as TextArea field property

: Domino Designer
: notes
Sean Burgess5201 - 11 2007 (5)
It would be SOOOOOO much nicer to have a checkbox in the field properties that would allow the field to be generated as a TEXTAREA field instead of an INPUT field on the web. That would be so much easier and more logical that the crap we have to go ...

Notes native JOIN capability in a notes view

: Domino Designer
: notes, view, join
Jeremy Hodge1383 - 01 2008 (12)
We need the capability to join documents natively in a view in the notes client with out the need of DB2.
I suggest the following syntax:
[ FULL | INNER | OUTER ] [ LEFT | RIGHT ] JOIN left_selection_formula [ALIAS "fieldname1" AS "aliasfieldname1", ALIAS "fieldname2 AS "aliasfieldname2", ... ] ...

Ability to manipulate Workspace

: Notes Client / Other
: workspace, notes
David Camara916 - 08 2007 (3)
I still use the old workspace to access my databases but I find we don't have enough visibility and control over it. Ideally I'd like to open the desktop.dsk and be able to see 'Icons by server',  'by page', 'by title', 'by date open', 'by replica id', 'by filename' ... ...

Enable browser 'right-click' functions when reading HTML emails

: Notes Client / Mail
: notes, html, link
Stuart Mcintyre1283 - 15 2008 (0)
HTML emails render in a very similar manner to HTML web pages, that's obvious... This includes embedded links to external URLs, links to images etc.
However, Notes 8.0.x does not offer any additional 'right-click' options on HTML emails to support these resources.  e.g. Copying links to be used elsewhere ...

Drag and Drop Mails into Standard Applications (Document Library or Teamrooms)

: Notes Client / Mail
: drag and drop, notes, client, standard, eclipse, sidebar
Reinhard Steurer456 - 21 2009 (0)
We are looking for a way to "Drag and Drop" Mails from the Inbox to a Lotus Standard Application like Teamroom or Document Library. This should be possible within the new Notes Client Standard 8 and Eclipse ?!
We know quickr, but quickr follows another way.

Button to clear all bookmarks

: Domino Designer
: bookmarks, designer, domino, notes, client
Florian Stamer237 - 10 2007 (1)
I'd like a button to clean up the designer bookmarks (=delete all of them)...
They're messed up all the time and I'm usually using "Go To Designer" feature in the client workspace anyway.
If there was a feature to clean it up, I wouldn't have to be ...

Split Replicate or Copy Functionality

: Domino Administrator / Security
: lotus, notes, security, replicate, copy, print
Nadir Patir157 - 09 2007 (0)
It would be a nice security feature to have three access control checkboxes instead of one: Replicate or Copy Documents.
1. Allow Replication (If unchecked, cannot create local replica, cannot replicate, cannot create new database copy)
2. Copy Documents (If unchecked cannot copy or forward documents)
3. Print Documents/views (if unchecked cannot ...

Drag & Drop components onto Notes design elements

: Domino Designer
: notes, client, ide, visual, ergonomic
Jason Hook2860 - 26 2007 (3)
Wouldn't it save you time if you could drag Notes design elements from a palette and place them on your form, subform etc? 
Building on Andrew Pollacks idea fragments of script, or formula language could be user defined drag and droppable design elements.
And wouldn't it also be good to have ...

6 ideas for Lotus Notes calendar functions

: Notes Client / Calendar
: lotus, notes, calendar, functions, propagate, souvenir, minutes, refresh, numbers, calling, lotuslive
Didier Boullery249 - 03 2010 (3)
Here are ideas (coming from the Europe Innovation Hub discussion forum) about the Lotus Notes calendar functions: 1) When a user receives an invitation, he would need a "propagate" function whereby he submits back to the meeting owner a list of names to be invited in ...

Start Up Time Lotus 8 Standard Client - jvm.properties

: Domino Administrator / Other
: lotus, client, notes, 8
Reinhard Steurer456 - 21 2009 (1)
Im looking for more information of handling the start up time of the Notes 8 Standard Client. There a a few documentations about it, but i think this is not enough and mostly to complex to handle and understand for "normal users"  http://www.thenorth.com/apblog4.nsf/0/BB5DDB03611B2BB1852574D7005FF852
The default settings are very low and most of our ...

Notes Client Performance Booster

: Notes Client / Other
: performance, notes_client, notes
Johan Koopman699 - 15 2010 (2)
Sometimes end users experience a slow down of the Lotus Notes client.
Compacting the Lotus Notes application files and Workspace improves the efficiency of Lotus Notes.
Also removing the Lotus Notes Cashfile (Cash.ndk) helps to improve the performance
In my opinion this should not be an ...

Provide the capability to use authenticated proxies in the Location Document

: Notes Client / Mail
: images, location, notes, ntlm, proxy
Gregg Eldred5345 - 16 2011 (0)
Within the Location Document, provide the capability to use authenicated proxies. Specifically, those proxies that use NTLM. WIthout this, organizations that use Lotus Notes/Domino and expect HTML mail, will always see a "red x" when viewing HTML mail that refers to an image somewhere on the internet. There is a TechNote that explains ...

Make The Notes 8 Sidebar More Accessible To Notes developers

: Domino Designer
: notes, 8, sidebar
Peter Presnell26659 - 15 2007 (7)
Notes 8 has added a great new feature in the sidebar.  The sidebar is the ideal location for placing a number of Notes application components.  Examples include the QuickNotes feature in the bookmarks template for adding a memo, journal entry etc.  Others include phone call log entry, directory name lookups.  ...

Compact for local mail users

: Notes Client / Other
: notes, compact
Stu Downes147 - 22 2008 (2)
Many organisations rely on local replicas.  Many of those same organisations also employ quotas to control mail file size.  In many cases the notes client doesn't remove indexes when compacting databases.  Hence with repeated compacts and some people having hundreds of folders the index grows to a point where with ...

@GetFirstDocument and @GetNextDocument for view

: Domino Designer
: view, notes, notesviewentry, @function
Patrick Kwinten22018 - 11 2008 (0)
would it be so hard to get an @GetFirstDocument and @GetNextDocument function in comibination with the OpenView @Command?

Facility to add icon on hotspot buttons

: Notes Client / Other
: notes, client
Venkata Ramana Koliparthi1391 - 08 2008 (0)
Facility to add icon on hotspot buttons like we have icon option on action buttons.

Provide comprehensive group calendar functionality within a users calendar

: Notes Client / Calendar
: calendar, group, notes
Adam Ramsay288 - 17 2008 (0)
This is a common question, how can we have team/ group calendars that are truely integrated with a users personal calendar.
Using the calendar overlay capabilities coming in 8.5 this could be easily achieved. A team calendar could have a profile document and an owner. Team members would be invited ...

If I set "save window state on exit" honour that on ID switch

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: notes, tabs
Slawek Rogulski8874 - 26 2007 (1)
Currently when I set "save window state on exit" the opened tabs will be reopened for me (althouh only in stub form) next time I start up the Notes client. However, when I switch IDs all windows get closed before the switch and when I switch back I start with ...

Ensure delete keyboard shortcut works if focus is on message text

: Notes Client / Mail
: notes, mail, delete
Stuart McIntyre1492 - 04 2009 (3)
One of my real irritations with mail in the Notes client, especially with the three-column view in Notes 8.x.
When you have focus on the message itself in the preview pane, rather than on the message in the inbox view, the delete shortcut (e.g. backspace on the Mac) ceases ...

Free Exchange/Sharepoint Migrator

: Domino Server / Security
: domino, notes, outlook, exchange, microsoft
Michael Tassati3928 - 29 2010 (0)
At download sites of MS, there is a serverside tool for migration from Lotus Domino to Exchang...This tool is free.
On Lotusphere 2010 i've seen a businesspartner in Procuct Showcase with some tools to migrate also Lotus Notes/Domino Applications to MS ínfrastructure. The same business partner has also tools ...

lotusphere notes database

: Lotusphere / Other
: files, notes, plan
Michael Tassati3928 - 05 2010 (2)
Publish a replica of an official Lotusphere Session database. Some time bevor Lotusphere starts for planing, until all presentations are attached to the sessions.

Running totals in views

: Domino Designer
: notes, views
Julian Woodward1824 - 04 2007 (3)
Ability to flag a view column as 'running total', so that it would display a running total of all the data in the view.

Probably very hard to do, given the way the view engine works and the complications of readers fields, categories, single-categories, bla bla ... but it ...

Lotus Knows: Split Screens for Multiple Tabs = Increased Productivity!

: Notes Client / Mail
: notes, symphony, view, display, productivity
Enzo Frati135 - 18 2009 (2)
Ability to view your tab'd aplications within your Notes client on separate screens.
This would be particularly useful for integrated apps like Symphony with its doc and spreadsheet tools.
Essentially allowing you to view both apps on a single (or dual) screen without having to flip back and forth between ...

Re-assign To Dos

: Notes Client / To do
: todo, notes, notes_client
Bill Malchisky9254 - 16 2007 (0)
There is no ability in the Notes To Do lists to re-assign a personal To Do item to someone else, or make a Group To Do a personal To Do--this value is set-in-stone upon saving initially the idea.
So, if another person joins the Team and he/she will take ...

Paste images as "Device Independent Bitmap" by default

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: images, notes
Slawek Rogulski8874 - 30 2007 (4)
Ben Langhinrichs pointed out that there is some notes.ini magic to solve this.
The magic line:
Explanation on Andre Guirard's blog www-10.lotus.com/ldd/bpmpblog.nsf/dx/purpose (Andre's very first post)
Original idea:
When I paste images into a rich text field, by default, they are pasted as bitmaps. I can ...

Make replicate/refresh tool ever-present across all databases

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: notes, client, replicate, refresh, smarticon, tool
Stuart McIntyre1492 - 04 2010 (0)
Since R8, the Mail view has had a nifty refresh icon, that is clever enough to know to kick off a replication process if a local replica is being used.
However, that tool seems to only be available in the Mail db.
I'd like it to be available ...

Import and export bookmarks

: Notes Client / Other
: notes, html, import, export
Jochen Sack619 - 08 2011 (1)
I wish for Notes menu actions to import and export bookmarks to/from Text files (likely in html or xml format).
The main reason why I want this is because in my experience bookmark.nsf breaks every once in a while. Often one has to nuke it and replace by a new ...

Send real attachments from documents stored in quickr

: Quickr
: quickr, connector, notes, client
Sander Zwart182 - 23 2009 (3)
I would like to see an option in de quickr plugin for the lotus notes client wich allows me to send an attachment to the outside world when I drag a document form a library into an e-mail. Now you can only create links. But sometime you want to add ...

Sort Mail by Subject - Plus

: Notes Client / Mail
: sort, mail, subject, notes, client
Lori Bond142 - 10 2008 (1)
I know that Notes 7 and Notes 8 already provide the option to sort mail by subject, so I am preparing myself for the onslaught of potential demotions.
However, my idea is to see an improvement on the subject sorting itself.  I would like to see the 'Re:' and ...

Zoomable Workspace

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: zoom-in, zoom-out, workspace, notes, client
Jim Roysdon948 - 03 2008 (1)
I am probably not the only one who still uses the workspace. There are times when I have more icons on a workspace tab than I room for on my screen and I need to move them around.
How about a zoom in/out feature, giving more of a virtual ...

Add a close/hide button to sidebar panels

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: hide, close, sidebar, notes, sametime
Carl Tyler5446 - 13 2008 (0)
I would like to see the drop down button in the sidebar title (Item 1) replaced with a Hide/close button, and the icon on the toolbar be used for the drop down options. (item 2)
I find the minimize/restored maximize buttons, never quite work the way I expect them ...

Calendar invites sent to internet recipients need to work

: Notes Client / Other
: notes, calendar, mime
Sean Harris320 - 14 2008 (2)
I wish I could send/forward/update calendar events from Notes to any internet reipient as if they were another Notes Client.  At this time calendar invites sent to internet recipients from Notes do not work very well.
  • If I create a new calendar event and send it to an ...

Recognize company name in recipient Type-Ahead

: Notes Client / Mail
: notes, client, mail, email, type-ahead, recipient
Kai Jemella148 - 08 2008 (0)

It would great to type the company name in the recipient input field and get a result list of the employee's email addresses.

  • Send an Email to George Smith who works for Lucas ...

Enable auto-save on all bundled templates and make it switchable within Application Advanced Settings

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: notes, client, autosave, applications
Stuart McIntyre1492 - 04 2010 (0)
Auto-save of mail messages is easy to enable in recent versions of the Notes client - it's in user preferences.
Howver, it's not just mail messages that would benefit from auto-saving during editing - blog posts, wiki entries, application forms and so on are all at risk should the ...

Use last used server as default server in Open Application dialog box

: Notes Client / Other
: ui, enhancements, dialog, gui, notes, defaults, preferences
Erwin Heeren1182 - 25 2010 (0)
The default server in the Open Application dialog is always reset to 'Local'. This is annoying if you use the shortcut Ctrl+O to open databases - oohps,  applications. Our applications are NEVER local, and even if you work locally it would still make more sense to keep the last used ...

Version property for NotesDatabase

: Domino Designer
: version, property, notes, database, notesdatabase
Zoltan Szabo5618 - 27 2013 (3)
Hi All,
I suggest to add a new property to the NotesDatabase object to store version (application version eg.: 2.13.04 ) info. I think everybody used a "v.2.3" kind of extension in the title or in the About Document.
If a version property would be added to the ...

add the option to view open office documents with the bild in lotus notes viewer

: Notes Client / Other
: open, office, notes, viewer
Bastian Wieczorek8075 - 20 2008 (1)
We use open office on many machines in our big company. So it would be nice if the build in lotus notes viewer can be used to read these open office document. Because not on every workstation is open office installed. Some user must read only those documents. In the ...

One-click way to add participants to a Lotus Notes Meeting Invite

: Notes Client / Calendar
: lotus, notes, client, lotus_notes_improvement, productivity, usability, user_experience
Chiang Kai Er205 - 14 2010 (7)
When you receive a Lotus Notes Meeting Invite (as a participant), there are many occasions when you would like to have more people in your team attend the meeting with you.  This is a suggested Lotus Notes enhancement that would benefit many Notes users.

Compacting of local Notes Client Files on a Terminal Server (Citrix)

: Domino Administrator / Admin Tools
: citrix, lotus, client, notes, compact
Reinhard Steurer456 - 21 2009 (2)
For my understanding IBM looks to less on Notes Client Installation on a Terminal Server. We have about 10.000 users. And there local files (bookmark, names, autosave, desktop, etc.) are stored on a files server. Some users have bookmark or autosave files up to 100 MB each. It grows from ...

Save file name and "saved as name" in "save and delete..."

: Notes Client / Mail
: notes
Florian Bieber756 - 05 2008 (0)
clicking with right mouse button on an attachment and choosing "save and delete.." creates a  entry like
[ attachment "......" deleted by ...] and containts the name of the attachment in the mail. But if I  change the name during saving it, it is hard to find out, which attachment ...

Sort search results by type (sent, received, calendar, etc.)

: Notes Client / Mail
: notes, search
Adam Gartenberg678 - 18 2009 (0)
Allow "All Documents" search results to be sorted by the column labeled "Type icons" - basically to allow me to sort on whether the document is sent mail, received, calendar notice, etc.

User-definable session data

: Domino Designer
: notessession, notes
Julian Woodward1824 - 24 2007 (5)
I would like to be able (primarily in client-side LotusScript) to attach additional data of my own to the NotesSession object. For instance, in a multi-database application*, it would be great for performance to be able to pin handles to the various databases and/or lookup views onto the NotesSession object, ...

Allow dialog re: multiple users & Switch ID to be suppressed

: Notes Client / Other
: notes, client, switch, users
Stuart McIntyre1492 - 29 2009 (1)
Whenever a user changes to a new location in Notes that includes a different Notes ID, the client throws up this dialog
"This Notes Client supports multiple users.  To use your own private data, log into the operating system using your personal logon and relaunch Notes.  Do you wish ...

Positionning of Search Bar

: Notes Client / Other
: bug, notes, search
David Camara916 - 08 2007 (2)
The new search bar is great but its default position doesn't seem right, it should be located at the far right (as it would be in IE anf FF). What's worse is that it does not remember where you place it and returns to the same position when you restart ...

Notes Maintenace Application

: Notes Client / Other
: compact, notes, client, fixup, updall
Henry Ferlauto3847 - 18 2008 (8)
Create a small, end-user friendly applciation to essentially run all of the "n*.exe" programs in the Notes program folder.
In particular, the abiltiy to run "the big three" maintenance applications against one's local databases:
(1) Fixup
(2) Compact
(3) Updall
If you want to go for broke, ...

Allow font size in 'use formula for choice' in formula window

: Domino Designer
: notes, client
Venkata Ramana Koliparthi1391 - 06 2008 (2)
Allow font size option in formula window (formula for choice) for check box, dilaoglist,combo boxes. E.g., It's very diffcult to find difference between  a colon and semicolon.

Function "Send Link" from embedded browser

: Notes Client / Other
: notes, browser, link
Rainer Brandl2321 - 18 2008 (0)
Hi all,
wouldn´t it be nice to have the possibility to send a link from the embedded browser directly without having this done by "copy / paste"

Mark Calendar Items to Indicate Updates and/or Just Move

: Notes Client / Other
: calendar, notes, lotus notes clients, lotus notes
Lisa Duke350 - 28 2009 (2)
With ghosted appointments, we are all now spolied and in the habit of just looking at the calendar rather than messing with each calendar thingie in Notes.  The only problem is, if a meeting has been cancelled or updated, there's no way to know without double clicking on the calendar ...

Mail print as PDF or export as PDF

: Notes Client / Other
: mail, pdf, pdf export, print pdf, export, print, notes, notes mail print, mail print, mail export, export
Varaprasada Rao A236 - 03 2013 (2)
Please allow mail to be printed as PDF or give an option to export mail in PDF format.

More integration between Notes/Designer and ODF (OpenOffice) files

: Domino Designer
: designer, notes, odf, openoffice
Sergio Ramos868 - 04 2014 (0)
Nobody uses Smartsuite anymore !!
So, having the option to export wk1, wk2,.. files is not needed. ODF spreadsheets should be able to be exported / imported from / to db views instead of Smartsuite files.
also, in Designer, the ability to use Notes/FX to exchange data with ODF ...

get a list of readers and authors for the selected document

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: notes, readers, author
Mike Woolsey5040 - 15 2014 (1)
I'd like to have doclevel supprt for ACL much as provided for the database ACL.
1- Effective access to a document, much like the ACL dialog calculates for a database.
2- Readers listed on the document
3- Authors listed on the document

The option to remain/delete attachment to reply/forward with Internet Style

: Notes Client / Other
: attachment, notes, mail
Kenji S227 - 18 2009 (0)
The default behavior to "reply/forward with internet-style" will delete the attachement file from original. There is no option to remain attachment file.
If there is the option to remain/delete attachment file same as notes style, that would be very useful/freindly for users.

Correct the header info when sending to SMTP receipients

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, notes, smtp
Sean Harris320 - 14 2008 (2)
I'm not sure if "displayed header information" is the correct terminology or not, but that's what I'm going with until someone corrects me.

This is not the first time I (and others) have asked for this.
Replying or forwarding e-mail to SMTP recipients completely destroys the ...

Mail tips for new memo

: Notes Client / Other
: new email, mail features, notes
Alexey Katyushyn3063 - 30 2010 (0)
Mail tips may be helpful to inform the possible exceptions before they happen. Example:
- The excess of the quota on message size
- The use of encryption for mailing outside notes domain
- Select ...

Feature Request: Search dialog box in iNotes

: Notes Client / iNotes
: notes, search
S Eranki170 - 07 2012 (0)
Searching for email in iNotes web interface:
1. The right arrow in the toolbar always opens a dialog box that allows you to search for "entries that start with"
Can IBM add an option in user preferences to change this to "entries that contain"

2. ...

Subscribe to protected OfficeLive Calendar

: Notes Client / Calendar
: notes, client, calendar, subscribe, microsoft
Phil Salm426 - 18 2009 (0)
In 8.5 client you can subscribe to published calendars, including protected Google Calendars.  You can subscribe to an OfficeLive calendar if it is public, but you cannot subscribe to it if it is protected.  Provide choice to subscribe to OfficeLive calendar just like you can to a Google calendar.

Promote the Product

: Notes Client / Other
: product, domino, notes, promote
Dwain Wuerfel2755 - 19 2011 (1)
I have been interested in using what I have learned of Lotus Notes/Domino for quite some time now to put a database on the web for different uses, but doing so is a bit of a challenge.  The challenge is finding sites that will host your database at a reasonable cost with ...

Synchronize Alarm Snooze Behavior in Notes to Work Like iNotes

: Notes Client / Mail
: inotes, notes, alarm, alarms, follow-up, calendar, consistency
Bill Malchisky9254 - 22 2014 (0)
Simply put, if you change the alarm snooze time when a Notes alarm appears, keep the adjusted value when time elapses. iNotes does this brilliantly; Notes re-adjusts the value back to the default.
Details - When an alarm in iNotes appears, and you adjust the snooze time from the ...

Notes Web Browser Configuration - Use Automatic Configuration Script

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: notes, internet, browser
Sudhish Jayaswal956 - 27 2007 (1)
The Location Configuration document in the Private NAB does not provide the Notes Inbuilt browser, to use the Automatic Configuration Script for Proxy Connection. This feature should be availble

Make Notes Not Crash when Home Server is Down / Restarts

: Notes Client / Other
: notes
Mark Demicoli11797 - 15 2014 (1)

Show the Notes Client Connector Integration

: Quickr
: ui, quickr, notes, client, connector, enhancement
Keith Brooks6783 - 15 2007 (3)

It works well, BUT WHERE THE HELL IS IT!

I just read the doc on Domino user because I felt too stupid not seeing the option to save files or attach links or anything in an easy and obvious fashion.

The Domino.Doc enabler at least came up in the save ...


Restrict Readers automation

: Quickr
: readers, security, autocomplete, notes, integration, encryption
Alan Head210 - 20 2007 (4)
When using the Notes connector to upload attachments to a Quickr site when sending an email, use the Sign/Encrypt properties on that email to automatically set "Restrict Readers" on the Quickr document. That is, restrict readers to the sender and recipients of the email - if the email is encrypted ...

Allow Notes addins (API programs) to be certified

: Domino Server / Other
: notes, addin, api, certification
Robert Ibsen Voith4084 - 25 2008 (2)
Today any Notes addins (API programs) may trigger a separate password dialog box, if the user hasn't selected the "Don't prompt for a password from other Notes-based programs (reduces security)" - which is kind of ON or OFF regarding securty for addons. 
What if we could "certify" applications somehow ...

Allow drag-from-notes-to-outlook and drag-from-outlook-to-notes

: Notes Client / Mail
: outlook, notes, drag and drop
Doctor API2824 - 03 2010 (0)
In order to make it easier to exchange message and to smooth migration, Notes should support outlook messages and the same on the reverse.

Settings / Option for sending read receipt

: Notes Client / Mail
: notes, notes email, mail read, read, read receipt
Varaprasada Rao A236 - 03 2013 (0)
In Lotus Notes, if sender enables an option to receive a read receipt, sender will get an email alert when ever receiver reads the email.
I feel it's better to give an option to the receiver whether to send back the read receipt email to sender.  Alternatively, provide an ...

Type ahead for more than just Names...

: Notes Client / Other
: notes, interface
Brett Patterson75 - 21 2007 (1)
Enable the "lookup names as each character is entered" for more than just names in the client.

Give an option to create custom action to perform in Notes QuickRule dialog

: Notes Client / Mail
: notes
SUMA SHASTRY645 - 21 2009 (0)
In the Lotus Notes Quick Rule Dialog, currently only 3 preset actions can be performed. This idea is to provide an option to the user to create his/her own custom action.

Lotus Notes reminder mail - Prefill the recipients

: Notes Client / Mail
: notes, forwarding, reminder
SUMA SHASTRY645 - 15 2009 (2)
Currently, when a mail is forwarded as a reminder, the sender needs to manually add all the recipients name from the original in the new mail and add additional recipients if required. This could be avoided, if they are pre filled. Implementing this idea could benifit in following manner 1. ...

Zoom functionality for internal browser

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: lotus, notes, web, browser
Ove Størholt581 - 28 2008 (0)
It's not possible to zoom text size in the internal browser (not the one used in the w32 client anyway) which for example makes Bob's (Balaban) blog entries impossible to read.
Opening the same blog entry in IE6 gives the same result (since it's the same browser) but at ...

Assign Client Upgrades to User Primary Computer

: Notes Client / Other
: notes, upgrade, kits, asset, managment, deployment
Jamie Colpean925 - 23 2008 (1)
Smart Upgrade is a good idea. However, it becomes a company LIABILITY if the environment uses roaming or Multi-User  Installs...or if someone just happens to log onto another's computer with their ID.

If I have a car payment on my car ...

Lotus Domino/Notes VCL for Delphi, C++ Builder, etc

: Domino Designer
: domino, notes, api, delphi, .net
Jeremy Hodge1383 - 14 2008 (1)
Ok, so here is a "reverse" idea .... I'm looking for some feedback.  We, as a company, purchased the rights to DNotes a few years ago. If you aren't familiar with it, its a Delphi Native VCL ... its got both visual and non-visual components, and its built upon the ...


: Notes Client / Mail
: view, hand, notes, symphony, firefox
Al Perkins95 - 16 2008 (3)
I want exactly what I can do in Google Maps for Notes, Symphony, Firefox, i.e., any application that has a moveable screen.  O.k.  what am I saying?  If you go to Google Maps, and search for a location, when that location becomes available the cursor becomes a hand.  That hand ...

Add sort as numeric to view column properties

: Domino Designer
: notes, views, sorting
Fred Husoy740 - 05 2010 (1)
In view columns you have option to check sort options to Case-sensitive sorting and Accent-sensitive sorting. I would like an additional option to sort as numeric.
This to avoid problems in sorting of numbers stored as text. Today, when stored as text 2000 comes before 201, and 200.13 comes ...

Resize or rearrange tabs across the top as more windows are opened

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: tabs, notes, client
Alex Kassabov1474 - 25 2008 (2)
I want to see the tabs at the top function much like the Windows task bar does: shrink as more windows are being opened or allow for more than just one row of tabs. If my memory serves me right, the Notes 7 client shrunk the tabs to fit more ...

Policy to Set File Types to Automatically Create with IBM Lotus Symphony

: Notes Client / Other
: notes, policy, symphony
Matt Cook602 - 05 2009 (0)
Add the IBM Lotus Symphony-File Type Associations preference to Select the file types to automatically create with IBM Lotus Symphony to the Symphony policy settings document in the Domino directory.  Currently this is set by default to Open Document Format in the Lotus Notes client.  In a scenario where a phased ...

'Open List' enhancement

: Notes Client / Other
: enhancement, notes
David Camara916 - 08 2007 (0)
I love the new 'Open List' specially the search however when you dock the open list the 'type ahead' search dissapears, only the catalog search is available. Idealy I'd like it to behave more like the sidebar and be resizable when docked with 3 possible sizes: hidden, collapsed, and expanded ...

Synchronize the datetimes with browser timezone

: Domino Designer
: synchronize, notes, view
Karthik Reddy60 - 14 2007 (0)

In the R&R or any other database 

It would be better if the notes views which has the date and time column to synchronize with the browser timezone. currently only notes client will synchronized with the os timezone


Skin-ing Notes Design elemens

: Domino Designer
: notes, desing elements, skins, css
Zoltan Szabo5618 - 06 2012 (0)
Add "skin"-ing to design elements. A new desing element or resource can help to create the same look-and-feel for all elements. When You design several forms, pages, views, etc, it requires a lot of work to create the same look-and-feel. If the developer can assign some parameters to these elements ...

Include archived mails in views

: Notes Client / Mail
: views, notes, archive, mail
Zoltan Szabo5618 - 09 2011 (0)
In the composite app ui include archived mails in some views (eg all document). The NotesView module, should read the configured archive databases and present an aggregated list of mails. Archived mails should marked with an icon or color.

Provide A doc-Load option in each object to load just the first 40k of rich text fields in a doc

: Domino Designer
: notes, development, domino applications
Mike Woolsey5040 - 28 2014 (3)
1- Often applications couldn't care less about what's in the rich text. When they do, you can still get it for 'em.
2- Document preview in Notes can be abyssmally slow, when all you really need is a half-page image load independently. Advantage: Outlook.
3- Even omitting attachments can give ...

Seperate preferences for Preview Pane

: Notes Client / Mail
: preview, notes, client
Michael Smelser109 - 11 2007 (0)
I would like to see different preferences for the preview pane for the framesets around the mail client.  For instance, show the preview pane for the Inbox but not for the drafts or the preview pane takes up half of the screen for the inbox but only 25% for the ...

Fix ?OpenForm method of the notes:// protocol

: Notes Client / Other
: notes, // protocol
Craig Boudreaux270 - 11 2009 (2)
Currently (in version 7.0) the notes:// protocol function ?openform is not dependable.  There are times when a user will get an error that the design element is not found, even if the form is in the database.  (It apparently has something to do with if the form was in the ...

Mail Langauge Translator in Lotus Notes

: Notes Client / Mail
: notes, mail, translate
Divya Prakash40 - 06 2012 (0)
Contributors : Divya Prakash and Natasha Sharma
Problem :
IBM's globally connected work atmosphere often points to the lack of language character encoding feature in Lotus Notes.
IBMers from other countries forward mails that have been written in their native language. Hence, the emails sent would not be ...

Make Domino Server and client ignore [section]s in notes.ini

: Domino Server / Admin Tools
: domino, notes.ini, notes
Tom Rune Berg335 - 03 2011 (2)
There are many 3rd party scripts and solutions for maintaining the content of INI files, most of which base themselves on there being at least one [sectionnamegoeshere] element in the INI file. I would like to see Notes and Domino ignore the presence of such lines in the file when ...

Toolbar buttons for mail Recall and Encrypt

: Notes Client / Mail
: notes, mail, recall, toolbar, button, message recall, message toolbar
Varaprasada Rao A236 - 03 2013 (2)
Please create a tool bar Icons for Mail / Message recall and email encrypt.
These icons should be displayed when composing a mail (Encrypt) or when user opens a mail which was already sent (Recall).

Intelligent address book search when sending Lotus Notes email

: Notes Client / Mail
: lotus, notes, client, lotus_notes_improvement, productivity, usability, user_experience
Chiang Kai Er205 - 14 2010 (1)
There are many cases where wrong email recipients are chosen by Lotus Notes, especially if common names like "Michael" are entered.  Lotus Notes should be able to intelligently determine the recipients that the message is most likely intended for.

What would implementing this idea ...


Virtual Reality - Lotus Notes Providing Charts Fecility

: Domino Designer
: notes, extra, feature
devi das337 - 22 2007 (7)
Use Automization objects in lotus script .....  open a excel file and move data from notes to excel and draw a chart with values which are passed from notes ....Copy the chart area of excel and past in ritch text field of our form in notes and  Close the excel object......[ taking help of macros to generate the ...

Lotus Notes Express

: Notes Client / Mail
: notes, express
Edson Oliveira229 - 10 2007 (4)
I think a good idea is create a Notes Client only for POP3 and SMTP, with the same interface of Notes Client Full. The objective is have another choice for personal mail, and training of the end users with the Lotus Notes Interface. Today many users using the Lotus Notes ...

Disable the default encryption for new databases

: Notes Client / Other
: notes
Mika Heinonen3556 - 24 2007 (6)
When you create a new database, the encryption setting defaults to "Medium Encryption for Current Username". It should default to "No Encryption". Many people who are new or not so experienced in Notes don't know that encryption can make all your documents and data lost forever, if you lose your ...


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