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Make the Notes client check the attachment size BEFORE sending the email

: Domino Administrator / Data Storage and Management
: attachment, limit, server
Paul Mooney2039 - 10 2008 (17)
Currently you can set a max size attachment for an email on the server.  You can do this using configuration settings or even rules (more complex).  I have a problem with this.  No matter what way you set this, there is nothing stopping a user attaching ANY size attachment to ...

Increase/Remove ACL (64K) limits

: Quickr
: acl, limit, 64k
Jim Roysdon948 - 28 2008 (1)
Given that Quickr is becoming more Enterprise ready, some instances may require 400 or more (indiviual) entries. The Quickr place uses the Notes database ACL for access and the limit is 64K (has not changed since Quickplace). When using LDAP or some other directory, the name is stored in a ...

@DbColumn memory limit workaround with MoreEntries flag

: Domino Designer
: @dbcolumn, limit, memory, workaround
Zoltan Szabo5618 - 25 2011 (0)
When I read this idea "MaxResult parameter in @DbColumn" I got another idea.
To avoid overflow issues (64k), when too much values are returned. It would be great, if DbColumn not fails on these cases, but returns all values fits into the 64k limit.  Also sets a ...

Ability to Limit Resource Booking duration

: Notes Client / Other
: limit, resource, booking, duration, time, room
Nathan Chandler1493 - 17 2008 (1)
We'd like to be able to limit the amount of time a resource can be booked by any one user. For example we want to set up some internet cafe style workstations that can be booked by our staff. They will be situated in a common room area and can ...

Extend field limits of forms for 4byte unicode characters (e.g. Russian).

: Connections
: encoding, field, limit, unicode
Petr Valing89 - 18 2008 (1)

Current field limitations (for 4byte unicode ~127 symbols) are too small.


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