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ID Vault should support CA process

: Domino Server / Security
: id vault, ca process, certifier, certificate
Ninke Westra1722 - 15 2009 (1)
Currently when creating an ID vault you don't have the option to use the CA process to generate the certifier trust, instead you need to use the certifier id file.
This is all nice and dandy until you've decided to perform a certifier key roll over of a certifier ...

ID vault: Provide a way to recover passwords without an admin client

: Notes Client / Other
: id vault, recovery, password
Oliver Regelmann4949 - 28 2009 (1)
During configuration of ID vault you can set a group of users that are able to recover passwords from ID vault. You might want to do this for example for your helpdesk staff to enable them to recover a password on 1st level support. But to actually do it, they ...

A view in person doc indicating account has an id in the vault.

: Domino Server / Directory
: id vault
Carlos Flores1212 - 09 2010 (0)
We are just implementing ID vault, and there are still some accounts that have not been vaulted.  Only way to tell is to actually open up the ID vault DB and look for that person or to go to the users client and check their security settings.  It would be ...

Rename username in IDVault when user is using iNotes/DWA (without the user need to use the client)

: Domino Server / Other
: id vault, idvault
Bastian Wieczorek8075 - 23 2010 (0)
If a user (DWA/iNotes) is renamed Domino should rename also the name in the ID, which is stored in the vault.
This feature was mentioned in the IBM documentation but seamed to be a documentation bug. IBM fixed the documentation now... a rename requires now that the user ...

Have Notes Shared Login, ID Vault, Roaming and SSO working together

: Domino Administrator / Security
: notes shared login, id vault, roaming, sso
Franck Horowitz251 - 01 2011 (1)
SSO between Lotus Notes and Windows (Notes Shared Login) ID vault are "must have" for all companies running Domino in 2011.  But if you need to combine Roaming with Shared login and ID Vault, your users will have to type a password that was originally associated with their Notes ID ...

ID Vault Download multiple locations.

: Notes Client / Other
: id vault
Carlos Flores1212 - 03 2010 (0)
Love ID Vault so far, one thing I have not been able to figure out how to do with out extracting the id from the vault my self.  Is when you have the need to set up a second or third location document for an additional ID, I have not ...

Need to be able to see which users do not have their ID file uploaded to the ID Vault in SmartCloud

: LotusLive
: id vault, smartcloud administration
David Hablewitz15242 - 07 2014 (0)

Currently the only way to ...


Make the NotesAdministrationProcess.DeleteUser have the ID in Vault deleted/inactive

: Domino Designer
: id vault
Mathieu Pape7680 - 09 2016 (0)
Currently known under SPR KTAI7RZ6VG, but dating already back to 2010 ...
The method doesn't do anything with the ID in the Vault (unlike the manual deletion process asking what to do with the ID file in the Vault), ...


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