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Server Choice Only Shows Servers

: Domino Administrator / Directory
: domino, directory
Gregg Eldred5345 - 06 2007 (1)
When modifying the Person Document and the field is asking for a Server (home mail server, Sametime server, etc.) the drop down box should limit the choices to only servers. Currently, it shows People, Mail-in Databases, Groups, pretty much all entries in the Domino Directory.

Domino / Quickr / Sametime on one server (for SMBs)

: Quickr
: domino, sametime, quickr, integration, smb
Craig Wiseman21821 - 29 2008 (3)
For smaller sites (50-200 users), it would be extremely useful to be able to install Domino (mail), sametime (chat), and Quickr on one server.
Even if the long term target use is going to require multiple servers, it lets them try it all out before committing to (for them) a ...

On Server Registration, allow me to copy server security settings

: Domino Administrator / Directory
: domino, administration, registration, security
Chris Whisonant2445 - 20 2007 (6)
When I'm registering a new server, I would like the ability to choose a baseline configuration for security/http/whatever settings. Basically a "use server doc from x server to populate security settings".

Provide a real PDF engine for Lotus Domino applications.

: Domino Designer
: lotus, domino, pdf, lotusscript
Alberto Ernestini857 - 15 2009 (0)
It's since some years that i build PDF files "Server Side" from Lotus Domino applications both on Notes Client and Web without using any extra commercial application.The actual Lotus Symphony hasn't the full support of OpenOffice API so i am sure that on the future it will be in that ...

Let Quickr and Sametime integrate using Domino directory

: Quickr
: ldap, domino, sametime, quickr, integration
Craig Wiseman21821 - 06 2007 (2)
Instead of requiring LDAP. Lots and Lots of SMBs have sametime already installed using Domino, not LDAP.

Support Lotus Domino on Ubuntu Server

: Domino Server / Platforms
: linux, domino, support
David Vasta2328 - 14 2007 (8)

I am sure that I am not the only one who is in love with the technology and quickness of Ubuntu Server. It's lite and powerful. DB2 is supported on Ubuntu Server and I feel like Lotus should give Ubuntu Server a chance and support it. As a very stable ...


Deliver start/stop scripts for Domino on Linux

: Domino Server / Other
: administration, domino, linux
Oliver Regelmann4949 - 30 2007 (4)
I guess everyone who installed Domino on Linux yet had to somehow generate init-scripts to run it as daemon. There are some options available to do this:
- using Daniel Nashed's scripts
- grabbing the one linked in some old redbook
- DIY writing
It would be nice ...

Programming API for the Mail Database, Personal Address Book and Domino Directory

: Domino Designer
: api, lotusscript, java, mail, database, domino, directory, personal, addressbook
Jens Winkelmann380 - 08 2008 (2)
I wish we have a programming API to access and edit the mail database, the
personal address book and the Domino Directory

The API must support LotusScript and Java.
It is not professional to create a document with field and than find ...

RichText: PassThruHTML

: Domino Designer
: domino, richtext, passthruhtml
Tommy Valand2746 - 18 2007 (1)
As far as I know, there is no way to set a RichText field to automatically "PassThruHTML" its content on save.

This becomes necessary when you use a web RichText-editor like FCKEditor, Tiny HTML Editor, etc.

The workaround is to do this on WebQuerySave ...

One click action to remove all but current recent bookmarks in Designer

: Domino Designer
: domino, designer
Thomas Adrian2252 - 25 2007 (4)
In the left designer pane alla recent applications are automatically added, this is a real pain if you are developing applications with different ID's as Domino Designer tries to contact all servers that are listed in this recent bookmark list when started.

Since R5 I have removed each database ...

Publish user calendar in iCal format

: Domino Server / Other
: domino, ical, calendar
Chris Fickett866 - 26 2008 (1)
I would like to subscribe to my Notes calendar from another iCal compliant application, (i.e. Apple iCal).

Quick way to fix the UNK table

: Notes Client / Other
: notes, domino, unk
Ken Haggman598 - 06 2008 (1)
As you know, the UNK table is an internal table in a Notes database that lists all the fields (in forms, subforms and shared fields) plus all items that exist in documents. This table tends to get very big for larger databases that are being touched by designers over the ...

Wish Sametime Chat was built into core Domino product

: Sametime / Other
: sametime, domino
Wayne Scarano236 - 09 2009 (3)
 The meeting server has taken a new path and many of us have moved on to other products (gotomeeting, etc.).   However, integrated chat is considered mission critical and essential to any product in the Collaboration space (think Google Wave).  
So please either rewrite a simple chat for Domino ...

Restrict access to server configuration info

: Domino Server / Security
: domino, directory, server, administration
Leonard Gray453 - 15 2008 (3)
As internal data security becomes more and more of a concern, allowing end-users access to server configuration information poses more of a risk than when the Domino Directory was first envisioned and implemented.
While we can make customizations to the Domino Directory to accommodate our needs, the product "off ...

Limited use entitlement for Activities

: Connections
: connections, activities, notes, domino, limited, use, license
Matt Buchanan1879 - 22 2008 (1)
Much like Sametime was introduced to R6.5, give passport customers who use Notes/Domino a limited use to the Activities part of Lotus Connections. In my (humble, of course :) opinion, Activities is a much better fit functionality wise with Notes/Domino than it is Connections anyway.

Show only people in the Address Dialog

: Notes Client / Other Database Applications
: domino, directory, fields, lotus, readers, authors, names
Thomas Adrian2252 - 05 2007 (1)
Fields with typ Readers, Authors and Names can be set as "use adress dialog for choices" in Designer.
I would like an additional checkbox to this setting that will restrict users to only select people, (i.e not groups)
e.g The addressdialog should show only a view containg people.

64 bit memory support for Linux x64 distros

: Domino Server / Platforms
: domino, linux
Darren Duke3117 - 02 2009 (2)
I think the title says it all. While I can fudge the install and run Domino on Liux x64, I'd love to be able to get full x64 support and the "unlimited" RAM usage that was added to Windows and AIX 64 bit versions of Domino,

Support Oauth & OpenID authentication for Domino

: Domino Server / Security
: oauth, openid, domino, saml
Craig Wiseman21821 - 14 2011 (0)
Domino has always had strong standards support for Interweb protocols, but that seems to be slipping a bit. At present, Domino supports SAML authentication. In order to maintain Domino's viability and competitive reasons, ...

log deletions

: Domino Server / Security
: domino, database, log, delete, deletion
Bastian Wieczorek8075 - 28 2007 (7)
Sometimes my users delete a document in a DB and after that they couldn´t remember that they have deleted it. So I would have the option to see which person deleted a document. Maybe in the DB Access log or somewhere else.

WebQueryOpen and WebQuerySave agents in Sign In, Change Password and Error forms

: Domino Server / Web application server
: domino, web, agents, domcfg
Harkpabst Meliantrop3248 - 29 2007 (1)
In Domino Web Server Configuration (domcfg.nsf), we can define custom forms for user login, performing password changes and displaying HTTP errors. These forms can either reside within domcfg.nsf or any other database. However, no matter which option we choose, WebQueryOpen and WebQuerySave agents are never executed, Domino just replaces the ...

Add Domino Document Manager Templates to Quickr

: Quickr
: domino, document, manager, domino.doc
Tim Lorge232 - 03 2008 (2)
With the impending demise of Domino Document Manager (or Dom.Doc, if you prefer), and since Quickr is suppossed to be the love child of QuickPlace and Dom.Doc, wouldn't it make sense to update and add the Dom.Doc templates to Quickr? Seems to me you'd get a ton of functionality without ...

Create an add "-jc" to Windows as a Service, install checkbox

: Domino Server / Admin Tools
: domino, java controller, jc, install
Bill Malchisky9254 - 13 2008 (2)
Very simple...Domino updates the registry to enable itself as a Windows service--when selected during install. Give admins the option to "Add '-jc' to Windows service Registry value" or "Enable Java Controller with service" option.
Otherwise, if admins want to enable the java controller, then they have to remember to ...

Article: How to Debug Your XPage Application

: Domino Server / Web application server
: isv, xpages, domino, 8.5, devworks, articles
Jo Grant1593 - 04 2009 (0)
Abstract: The debugging environment for XPages is very different than traditional Notes applications. This article describes some techniques we used while developing the Lead Manager smaple. Background: The ISV Technical Enablement Team has a mission to produce articles on the latest Notes and Domino Technology pertinent to the needs of ...

Button to clear all bookmarks

: Domino Designer
: bookmarks, designer, domino, notes, client
Florian Stamer237 - 10 2007 (1)
I'd like a button to clean up the designer bookmarks (=delete all of them)...
They're messed up all the time and I'm usually using "Go To Designer" feature in the client workspace anyway.
If there was a feature to clean it up, I wouldn't have to be ...

Field Validation for Short Names

: Domino Administrator / Directory
: domino, directory, field, validation, short, name
Gregg Eldred5345 - 04 2008 (2)
When adding aliases to a Person Document, many is the time when a errant space is added to a line. This causes mail routing issues as well as authentication problems. Also, this field allows all characters to be included in a short name (example: apostrophe). If the character is being ...

Article: Compare and Contrast: the View Panel and Repeat XPage Controls

: Domino Server / Web application server
: isv, xpages, domino, 8.5, devworks, articles
Jo Grant1593 - 04 2009 (0)
Abstract: The View Panel and Repeat controls in XPages both allow you to iterate over data sets. Views are quick, but tightly coupled to Notes Views. Repeats are very flexible, but there is a certain amount of wiring that needs to be built. This article shows how we chose which ...

Article: How to Approach Upgrading Your Domino Web App to XPages

: Domino Server / Web application server
: isv, xpages, domino, 8.5, devworks, articles
Jo Grant1593 - 04 2009 (0)
Abstract: You don't have to convert an entire app to using XPages at once. Using the Lead Manager sample as a focus, we show how you can develop a strategy for how to approach upgrading your application to XPages. Background: The ISV Technical Enablement Team has a mission to produce ...

Article: Adding Rich Client Features to Thin Client Applications with XPages

: Domino Server / Web application server
: isv, xpages, domino, 8.5, devworks, articles
Jo Grant1593 - 04 2009 (0)
Abstract: Tips and tricks for adding rich client features such as drag and drop, select, and selective update, to your XPage based thin client application. Background: The ISV Technical Enablement Team has a mission to produce articles on the latest Notes and Domino Technology pertinent to the needs of our ...

Article: Using XPages as an Integration Platform

: Domino Server / Web application server
: isv, xpages, domino, 8.5, devworks, articles
Jo Grant1593 - 04 2009 (0)
Abstract: XPages are pretty agnostic as to what database they get their data from. You can surface data from several different Notes database, or even certain non-Notes sources. This articles shows you some of the ways of doing that. Background: The ISV Technical Enablement Team has a mission to produce ...

Article: Using Existing Business Logic in Your XPages Application

: Domino Server / Web application server
: isv, xpages, domino, 8.5, devworks, articles
Jo Grant1593 - 04 2009 (0)
Abstract: Instructions for calling existing business logic from XPages using Agents, Java libraries, and Web Services. Background: The ISV Technical Enablement Team has a mission to produce articles on the latest Notes and Domino Technology pertinent to the needs of our business partners. Now that Domino 8.5 is released there ...

Supporting groups in Domino Server program records

: Domino Administrator / Admin Tools
: domino, administration, program document, groups
Mark Skurla165 - 07 2011 (3)
Ok, long overdue, as I know this would really help me in my Domain and I've heard for many years at Lotusphere and different forums, but looking to get some more "Customer" feedback for this enhancement we;d like to make for 8.5.4.

I already coded and tested ...

Nice to have @command([FileSaveAsDraft]

: Domino Designer
: domino, designer
Venkata Ramana Koliparthi1391 - 18 2008 (1)
It would be nice to have 'Save as draft' command which should  Suppress all field validations while saving as draft.

Method for synchronizing /lotus/domino/data/domino/html amongst clustered servers - as a Domino task

: Domino Server / Web application server
: domino, html, cluster
Lawrence Micallef721 - 29 2009 (0)
It would be great if there was a way to sync the Domino HTML folders amongst clustered servers with a Domino task/program.
Quite often you have small HTML files kicking around in this folder, like favicon, robots.txt, a bunch of quickr/sametime plugins, CABs and jars - and it can ...

Book Proposal: Getting started with Domino Administration

: Lotus Technical Information / Domino
: administration, domino
Ben Langhinrichs7009 - 16 2010 (0)
Credit goes to Len Berg, who asked me to post this for him.
A succinct group of illustrated chapters covering
basic administration for new Domino admins. 

How Domino works:
  • Overview of each process
  • Intraserver communication
  • Communication on different protocols
  • Configuring and Tuning the Domino ...

When you prompt me with "The server is not responding" add another button besides OK to stop trying!

: Domino Administrator / Other
: domino, administrator, annoyance, popup, the, server, is, not, responding
Joseph Hoetzl4703 - 13 2008 (0)
OK, this is silly - can get a ctrl-break in edgewise.  I was checking a remote server and one of the network links dropped and while in the Files view of the admin client, I got a popup that just won't die saying "The server is not responding.  The server ...

One Way Synch from Domain Directory to Personal Contacts

: Notes Client / Contacts
: domino, directory, synch, contacts
John Gustafson339 - 26 2008 (0)

Users copy company contacts from the domain directory into their personal contacts db for synch with hand-helds.  Need automated updates of phone, address and name changes (marriage, etc) from company directory into personal contacts.  Synch should be one way to protect company domain directory data.  Synch should preserve extra data ...


Personal Homepage for Quickr Domino

: Quickr
: homepage, domino, quickr
Ian Farr813 - 20 2008 (1)
The Domino version of Quickr gives a non-customisable homepage of 'My Places'.  This is all the Places I have access too and is now 3 pages due to blogs and wikis, and open places, as well as those I have access to.  What I want is 'Favourite Places' where I ...

Article: How to Share Your Custom XPage Controls

: Domino Server / Web application server
: isv, xpages, domino, 8.5, devworks, articles
Jo Grant1593 - 04 2009 (0)
Abstract: XPage applications are often made up of custom controls. However custom controls have to be deployed in the application that uses them. They cannot be included from elsewhere. This article discusses way to share custom controls between applications while minimizing the maintenance issues of keeping them in sync. Background: ...

Archive Settings Synching between Domino Web Access and Notes client

: Domino Administrator / Other
: dwa, domino, web, access, archive
Marie Scott3790 - 30 2008 (0)

Currently archive settings for the Notes client are not synched with Domino Web Access.  Users (or administrators) must manually add the archive database to Domino Web Access preferences.  Since DWA users are able to access their archives from the web, it only makes sense that the settings should be synched ...


Article: How to use the Model-View-Controller Design Pattern to Architect your XPage Application

: Domino Server / Web application server
: isv, xpages, domino, 8.5, devworks, articles
Jo Grant1593 - 04 2009 (0)
Abstract: A deep dive on how the Lead Manager sample separated the Domino model/control layer from the XPage view layer. Background: The ISV Technical Enablement Team has a mission to produce articles on the latest Notes and Domino Technology pertinent to the needs of our business partners. Now that Domino ...

Free Exchange/Sharepoint Migrator

: Domino Server / Security
: domino, notes, outlook, exchange, microsoft
Michael Tassati3928 - 29 2010 (0)
At download sites of MS, there is a serverside tool for migration from Lotus Domino to Exchang...This tool is free.
On Lotusphere 2010 i've seen a businesspartner in Procuct Showcase with some tools to migrate also Lotus Notes/Domino Applications to MS ínfrastructure. The same business partner has also tools ...

Domino Upgrades ReAdd Removed ServerTasks to the Notes.INI

: Domino Server / Other
: domino, installation, upgrade
Sandi Glazebrook858 - 27 2007 (3)
When upgrading the Domino Server from one version to the next the installation process always adds standard tasks that have been removed from the Notes.INI back in.  I'd prefer that the upgrade process report that items such as DESIGN or UPDALL have been removed and either display a dialogue that ...

Create Domino Internet Application Server w/ OAuth/OpenID/FacebookConnect Support

: Domino Server / Directory
: domino, oauth, openid, facebook, authentication
Sean Burgess5201 - 23 2011 (2)
To make Domino a real "Internet Application Server", it would be nice for IBM to offer a Domino Internet Application Server that is built to use either OAuth, OpenID, or Facebook Connect as an authentication mechanism.  The server would be priced similar to the way the Utility server is priced, ...

Article: How to Localize Your XPage Application

: Domino Server / Web application server
: isv, xpages, domino, 8.5, devworks, articles
Jo Grant1593 - 04 2009 (0)
Abstract: Domino is a very popular platform internationally. Many developers wish to create Domino applications that can be viewed in multiple languages. This article discusses the approaches you can take to localize your XPage application. Background: The ISV Technical Enablement Team has a mission to produce articles on the latest ...

help preventing time is too far in the future errors

: Domino Server / Data Storage and Management
: enhancement, domino, time
Christian Brandlehner1762 - 29 2008 (1)
It can happen that your operating systems time and date are incorrect, showing a future time and/or date. If you start a Domino server with a future time everything will work fine so you may not instantly notice a problem. Correcting the time/date and restarting Domino will result in lots ...

Provide a no cost Domino web server for small design/development companies

: Domino Server / Web application server
: domino, community development
Bruce Lill6687 - 20 2010 (4)
The designer client is now free, but to build web apps you still need a server and notes license. I would propose a 10 user server (maybe use the Lotus Foundation)  for little or no money if they build a web site. They would get a 6 mnth trial license ...

Allow Administrator the termination of running Java Agents

: Domino Server / Admin Tools
: java, agents, domino, administrator
Michael Gollmick406 - 26 2010 (0)
There is no way to terminate a Java agent that is running (and probably hung). As this (probably hung) agent is blocking agent manager from executing any other agent in the same database in some cases only a server restart will help. Weighting the impact of a server restart against ...

Article: Adding Search to Your XPage Application

: Domino Server / Web application server
: isv, xpages, domino, 8.5, devworks, articles
Jo Grant1593 - 04 2009 (0)
Abstract: How we added three types of search to the Lead Manager sample. Full Text, categorical filtering, and categorical selection. Background: The ISV Technical Enablement Team has a mission to produce articles on the latest Notes and Domino Technology pertinent to the needs of our business partners. Now that Domino ...

Article: Lead Manager XPage Sample Overview

: Domino Server / Web application server
: isv, xpages, domino, 8.5, devworks, articles
Jo Grant1593 - 04 2009 (0)
Abstract: An overview of the processes used to determine to write a XPage version of the Lead Manager, the criteria used, and the high level architecture Background: The ISV Technical Enablement Team has a mission to produce articles on the latest Notes and Domino Technology pertinent to the needs ...

C is for Cookies that's needed by U and me!

: Domino Server / Web application server
: cookies, monster, domino, web
Keith Brooks6783 - 04 2007 (3)
It would be nice to not have to always log in to this site and others everytime just because we use Domino as a web server. So please, help cookie monster and all of us find some cookies to work in Domino.

Set "Run web agents and web services concurrently?" to Enabled as default

: Domino Administrator / Web Application Server
: web, server, properties, domino
Ulf Grindstad2144 - 27 2007 (1)
Set "Run web agents and web services concurrently?" to Enabled as default.
I see no reason for why this setting should be disabled in this day and time.
Of course you can always just switch it to enabled, but sometimes we forget.

Grid Enable Domino Server

: Domino Server / Other
: grid, domino, performance, distributed
Jerry Carter798 - 11 2007 (4)
Domino is great as a RAD server... small, quickly built apps run great - with limited usage.  I know we don't want to compete with Websphere (*cough*) but it would be cool if Domino could be grid enabled to run on a distributed CPU network.  It would reduce the cost ...

Allow place administrator sets specific folder permission on a library on Lotus Quickr services for Lotus Domino.

: Quickr
: quickr, domino, folders
Alberto Ernestini857 - 15 2009 (0)
This is a always missing thing on the Lotus Quickr. There is still a "pending" enanchement request  that seems wasn't applied to the latest 8.2 version :
Lotus Quickr Enhancement Request #THES76TJ2Y
It is not possible to set granular access rights on folder level. ->
Much ...

Allow fixup to be run monthly via program document

: Domino Administrator / Directory
: fixup, domino, admin, directory
Bill Malchisky9254 - 28 2009 (1)
Add a monthly option for fixup in the directory. Running fixup daily or weekly is not a best practice. But that is all an admin can do to run it programatically within Domino, unless the admin is skilled at OS-level scripting and creates a cron job or equivalent--which is not ...

Give Domino an up-to-date Servlet Engine

: Domino Server / Other
: domino, java, servlet
David Schiffer293 - 16 2010 (1)
Please give Domino an up-to-date servlet engine, so we could do really cool things like embedding liferay or ...
No I do not want websphere.
Domino has already an servlet engine but it is very very very old - so why not an update?

Scroll in Domino server console

: Domino Server / Other
: server console, domino
Vlad Sh10448 - 28 2011 (1)
  1. Need support scrolling with the mouse wheel.
  2. At any scrolling does not position the cursor on the new text, because it constantly resets the position found by the screen. You have to repeatedly go back up to see the desired fragment, and so many times. 

Editing groups directly from the ACL

: Domino Administrator / Directory
: acl, domino, directory
Nicky Johnson363 - 07 2008 (3)

When we are given the path to a database, and are asked to add a user to a group, we currently have to browse to that database, view the group within the ACL, and write it down.  Then, switch to the Name and Address book in the Domino Directory, and ...


Add DOCTYPE as database configuration

: Domino Server / Web application server
: doctype, domino, http, web
Sean Burgess5201 - 27 2011 (1)
It would be great if I could set the DOCTYPE for all pages generated for a given database.  It needs to be able to be set at the application level because different applications could use different DOCTYPEs.  The setting would work for xPages, Forms, Pages, and Agents.
This setting could ...

IBM Worklight for Native Domino Apps

: Domino Designer
: worklight, domino, designer, mobile, nativ
Zoltan Szabo5618 - 21 2012 (1)
IBM Worklight shoud be integrated into Notes Designer also, and should have support to access Domino databases. So, it can be used to develop native mobile applications with Domino databases behind.

Separate DominoBlog template from restrictions of Domino release cycle

: Domino Server / Other
: domino, blog, dominoblog
Stuart Mcintyre1283 - 05 2007 (5)
Steve Castledine's blog template as shipped in Domino 7.0.2 and later is a useful template that can be used successfully for personal or team blogs (e.g. http://collaborationmatters.com, http://edbrill.com and many others) or for many other purposes where simple web content management is required, such as small corporate web sites.

VSS Writer for Domino

: Domino Server / Data Storage and Management
: backup, vss, domino
Dag Kvello221 - 11 2009 (4)
I think this is long overdue now. Please IBM, give us VSS for Domino ?
I'm so tired of always having to create Freeze/Thaw scripts stop/start the Domino-service before a backup. Pretty much every serious application on Windows supports it (DB2, Oracle, SQL, Exchange, etc....) and has done so the last ...

Directory Catalog selection formula per Aggregated Directory

: Domino Server / Directory
: domino, directory, directory catalog
Marzel Laning382 - 06 2010 (0)
In the Extended and Compact Directory Catalog you can enter multiple Directories to aggregate, but the Selection Formula can only be entered for the total aggregation of all directories. It would add flexibility and reduce the amount of catalogs if this could be changed to Configuration per Directory to be ...

Provide a tool for "move" from a Quickr version to the other one.

: Quickr
: lotus, domino, websphereportal
Alberto Ernestini857 - 15 2009 (1)
I know that this could be the not much easier tool to build but.. this could happen!
A customer wants to move from a Quickr version to the other one moving also all the places/etc...
Domino also support the NSFDB2 structure.. so let's move on :-)

Promote the Product

: Notes Client / Other
: product, domino, notes, promote
Dwain Wuerfel2755 - 19 2011 (1)
I have been interested in using what I have learned of Lotus Notes/Domino for quite some time now to put a database on the web for different uses, but doing so is a bit of a challenge.  The challenge is finding sites that will host your database at a reasonable cost with ...

Support Ubuntu (Debian) Linux distro for Server

: Domino Server / Platforms
: domino, server, linux, debian, support, platform
Bastian Wieczorek8075 - 28 2007 (2)
Some of my Lotus Domino 8 Servers and a 7.0.2 Webserver are running very well on Ubuntu (Debian) Linux. It is a very stable Operation System and it saves me from license costs.
BUT IBM doesn´t Support this OS. Only cost-intensive platforms are supported.

Integrate Source Control with Rational Team Concert

: Domino Designer
: domino, designer, integration, rational, team concert, repository, source control
Gernot Hummer615 - 08 2011 (0)
Now that we are able to use source control it would be great if we could integrate that with Rational Jazz Team Concert and use its repository for source control. This way there would be great value in using Rational tools for software development within Lotus Domino/Notes.

Domino DOM educational wiki

: Domino Designer
: domino, designer, tutorials, education, lotusscript, java, javascript
Samuel Allen488 - 29 2007 (7)
This is applicable to the Notes and Administrator clients too, but I only get to pick one IdeaSpace.  :(
As a 'relatively' new entrant to Notes design and administration (I've only been doing it for a few years off and on), I'm incredibly frustrated by the poor learning materials ...

Blocking external Forwarding Addresses

: Domino Server / Messaging router
: forwarding, address, messaging, router, domino
Luis Guirigay262 - 07 2008 (1)
Is there any way to control if a Forwarding Address in the person document s external or internal ?

This is what I would do if I am allowed to change the Domino Directory:

- Using the Forwarding address field in the Person Document: ...

enable search crawlers config for Lotus Quickr for Domino

: Quickr
: domino, crawler
Michael Tassati3928 - 05 2010 (2)
Enabling search crawler configuration in Domino servers changes the url command sign from "?" to "!". If this is enabled Lotus Quickr does not work.
if you have public sites on extranet servers or internal web search engines Quickr Places will not be indexed.

Book Proposal: Build your own Lotus Foundation Server

: Lotus Technical Information / Domino
: linux, foundation, domino, small office server, book, proposal
Ulrich Krause4897 - 15 2010 (1)
This is response to Ben Langhinrichics' request for book proposals.
The book gives step-by-step instructions to build your own Lotus Notes foundation server on Linux.
Learn how to setup Linux from the ground up, how to harden the kernel and install Domino on Linux.
The book contains everything ...

New ODS: multiple files instead of a single file

: Domino Server / Other
: domino, ods, file, db2
Zoltan Szabo5618 - 26 2015 (3)
Do you think Domino ODS can be improved by using multiple small files instead of a single big file? DB2 uses something like this. A Domino database can be a directory (or zip?) instead of a file. one file for design, one file for ACL, index files, view files, datafiles, ...

Lotus Domino/Notes VCL for Delphi, C++ Builder, etc

: Domino Designer
: domino, notes, api, delphi, .net
Jeremy Hodge1383 - 14 2008 (1)
Ok, so here is a "reverse" idea .... I'm looking for some feedback.  We, as a company, purchased the rights to DNotes a few years ago. If you aren't familiar with it, its a Delphi Native VCL ... its got both visual and non-visual components, and its built upon the ...

Integration with Intuit QuickBooks (Think: Alloy for QuickBooks)

: Domino Server / Other
: intuit, quickbooks, domino, integration, integrator, lei, foundations
Henry Ferlauto3847 - 08 2009 (2)
Most small businesses use some version of QuickBooks from Intuit as their accounting system.  It is the "SAP of the SMB Market."  There needs to a framework to exchange data between the QuickBooks database and any Domino application.
One should be able to charge a meeting in Lotus Notes ...

64-bit Domino on Solaris

: Domino Server / Platforms
: solaris, domino
Paul Hudson1030 - 03 2010 (0)
Despite our Solaris servers having massive amounts of memory, Domino on Solaris is unable to address the majority of memory due to it still being a 32bit application. This restricts the amount of shared memory available to the HTTP task. So if there's code that is causing a memory leak ...

Integrate Worklight into Designer

: Domino Designer
: worklight, domino, designer, tool
Zoltan Szabo5618 - 28 2014 (0)
Ability to add Worklight into Designer as an external tool.

Support for Domino for MacOSX Server

: Domino Server / Platforms
: domino, macosx, support
David Vasta2328 - 14 2007 (7)
While Lotus contenues to tolerate slow and lacking Windows Server cycles, Apple contenues to put out a new and faster version of MacOSX Server every 14 - 18 months.
I would like to see Lotus Support fully and timley the MacOSX platform for Domino. It's stable, quick and mostly ...

DB2 Query Views cause unexplainable slowness with SQL queries

: Domino Designer
: domino
Mika Heinonen3556 - 26 2007 (0)
When you do the same SQL query from the DB2 command prompt (returning 200000 fields), it takes only 5 seconds, but when you do it from an Domino 8 Query View it takes 30 seconds. If IBM doesn't fix this, it's OK, and brings 3rd party vendors a new possibility ...

Add Z-Mode support and file upload/download continue control to HTTP task

: Domino Server / Web application server
: domino, http
Mika Heinonen3556 - 30 2007 (1)
I encounter very often issues that users can not download bigger (>70MB) files which are stored as attachments into richtext fields via HTTP. I had to install FileZilla FTP server which supports download continue control, when the previous attempt was interrupted. This might need also that Domino starts to support ...

connector: backward compatible

: Quickr
: domino, connector
Michael Tassati3928 - 20 2010 (0)
i've installed Quickr Connector 8.5 and try to open some dokumentes on Domino Quickr 8.2. All documents seems to work but sometimes i got error messages. in my opinon this was not tested by Lotus.

System wide Web Query Save

: Domino Server / Other
: domino, save
Paul Hudson1030 - 02 2013 (1)
 It would be very helpful to have a web query save function that applied to all saves in before applying form specific WQS. For example, to run code to clean up html for XSS hacks or extra Word tags

Make Domino Server and client ignore [section]s in notes.ini

: Domino Server / Admin Tools
: domino, notes.ini, notes
Tom Rune Berg335 - 03 2011 (2)
There are many 3rd party scripts and solutions for maintaining the content of INI files, most of which base themselves on there being at least one [sectionnamegoeshere] element in the INI file. I would like to see Notes and Domino ignore the presence of such lines in the file when ...

One DAOS store for many domino servers

: Domino Server / Data Storage and Management
: daos, domino
Marius Jaeger1947 - 20 2012 (2)
Today every domino server has its own DAOS store, if DAOS is enabled.
It would be great we could have one DAOS store for many domino servers or rather for all servers in a domino domain.
And it would also great we could cluster the DAOS store.


: Domino Administrator / Admin Tools
: how, do, you, completely, disable, or, temporarily, pause, cluster, replication, in, domino, 6
Hasnain Yousuf302 - 21 2008 (3)
There are several ways you can pause or disable cluster replication depending on the purposes you wish to achieve.
If you wish to stop the Cluster Replicator temporarily, it is best to pause it rather than to stop it completely. When you pause the Cluster Replicator, it continues ...


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