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Make the Notes client check the attachment size BEFORE sending the email

: Domino Administrator / Data Storage and Management
: attachment, limit, server
Paul Mooney2039 - 10 2008 (17)
Currently you can set a max size attachment for an email on the server.  You can do this using configuration settings or even rules (more complex).  I have a problem with this.  No matter what way you set this, there is nothing stopping a user attaching ANY size attachment to ...

Attachments placed in their own pane and not at the bottom of emails

: Notes Client / Mail
: attachment, attachments
Karen Hooper4022 - 25 2008 (19)
When you open an email, whether received internally or externally it would be great if all the attachment/s were positioned in a pane at the top of the email (I believe Outlook does this and DWA does it but puts at the bottom which I'm ok with).  I am sick ...

Attachments: rename 'View' to 'Preview'

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: attachment, preview
Theo Heselmans6409 - 01 2008 (1)
Some of my users have a hard time to understand the options they get when double-clicking (or right-clicking) an attachment. Particularly the 'View' option. So I suggest renaming this to 'Preview'.
Apple uses this terminology also for previewing files with built-in software vs. actual editors.

Attach file without being in the body field

: Notes Client / Mail
: attachment
Odd ├…ge Skogheim819 - 03 2009 (4)
If cursor is in the to/cc/bcc field and you want to add an attachment, you get an error saying you have to click the body of the message to add an attachment.
This error is quite annoying, and unnecessary.
Why not just move the cursor to the beginning ...

Stream to Attachment

: Domino Designer
: attachment, lotusscript, stream
Phil Witton255 - 31 2008 (2)

A data stream that would allow you to be able to write to a file attachment in a rich text field.


Make copying attachments work better

: Notes Client / Mail
: attachments, attachment, email
Alex Kassabov1474 - 21 2009 (3)
I want to be able to right click on an attachment in an email message, select Copy, and then paste the attachment into a new message.  Even in 8.5 I often get other pieces of the original email together with the attachment.  The only way to reliably do it is ...

Improved file upload system

: Domino Designer
: upload, attachment, web, file
Patrick Kwinten22018 - 07 2008 (2)
When working with uploaded files the default Domino solution for showing and removing uploaded files looks 'ugly' and too basic and therefor almost always requires a work-around.
Some basic modifications like:
- the option 'don' t show file uploads from the web at the bottom of this page' 
- the option 'show ...

Creating file links in notes documents

: Notes Client / Other
: notes, attachment, file, link
Erik Borse249 - 28 2008 (3)
Why not being able to create file-links the same way as attachments?
Most/all enterprises have fileshares and today the most common negative feedback we get from our users on notes is the complexity to create file-links. This also genereates a lot of unessesary attachemnts in mails.
Why not have ...

Change file location where Notes opens attachments

: Notes Client / Other
: attachment, file, location, folder, temporary
Brad Harris185 - 26 2007 (6)
An annoying feature of Notes that I would dearly love to change is as follows...

You know how when you open an attachment on a mail document, it opens it in the temp directory under the Documents and Settings\UserName\Temp\notes???? folder? Often you forget after making modifications to ...

Wrap mail as attachment

: Notes Client / Other
: attachment, mail, outlook
John de Giorgio749 - 15 2009 (9)
When converting Outlook users to Notes one feature asked for consistently in my experience is the ability to wrap an e-mail thread into an attachment and send it to someone. I am not talking about the mail history but something more.

I am not sure how it works in ...

Open dialog after attachment save

: Notes Client / Other
: attachment, open, save, dialog, folder, run
Tomas Ekstr÷m1591 - 04 2008 (1)
After saving attachments to disk, I would like to have a dialog where I can select either to run/open the files saved or to open the destination folder.
Why not a download list as in Firefox put in the sidebar?!
Needs to be optional and integrated into policies.

Modernize the attachment viewer

: Notes Client / Mail
: attachment, preview
Patrick Kwinten22018 - 19 2010 (0)
The attachment viewer by Bob Balfes demonstrates that the current attachment viewer in Notes is pretty much out of date.
Just compare the 2 functions (see image).
We need an attachment viewer that can open the files in read mode within the current pane or an additional pane.

be able to right click in a memo and open all attachments within the memo

: Notes Client / Other
: attachment, right, click
Karen Hooper4022 - 16 2008 (2)
When you right click you can Delete All and Save and Delete All, it would be great if I could Open All or Edit All. 

Default action when clicking an attachment

: Notes Client / Other
: attachment
Mick Moignard2640 - 09 2008 (2)
How about being able to set up a default action for attachments, such that if you double-click the atta, instead of showing the Propeties box selection of actions (which, by the way is not the same as the list in right-click), that default action happens: one of Open/View/Save.....   If the ...

Mark temp file read-only when opening attachments

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: attachment
Kevin Kanarski151 - 01 2010 (0)
Currently when a user Opens an attachment in Notes, say a Word document, the temporary file Notes creates isn't read-only. This means the user could spend 5 hours making updates to the file in Word, hit Ctrl-S which saves changes to the temporary file. Then when they close the e-mail ...

The option to remain/delete attachment to reply/forward with Internet Style

: Notes Client / Other
: attachment, notes, mail
Kenji S227 - 18 2009 (0)
The default behavior to "reply/forward with internet-style" will delete the attachement file from original. There is no option to remain attachment file.
If there is the option to remain/delete attachment file same as notes style, that would be very useful/freindly for users.

2 Default actions when double-clicking an attachment

: Notes Client / Other
: attachment, attachments
Alex Kassabov1474 - 10 2009 (4)
Let's add some intelligence to attachment processing.  The way Notes handles attachments hasn't changed in 20 years.  It might have been ahead of its time back then, but it needs updating now. 
When double-clicking an attachment, the client should automatically either open or edit the attachment based on the ...

Attachment Warning

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, attachment, files
Philip Storry849 - 02 2007 (2)
Notes should be able to warn users when they try to send an email with certain words that could indicate an attachment, but there is no file attached.
This works by checking ...

Extended Database Properties - Attachment Information

: Domino Administrator / Data Storage and Management
: attachment, size, admin, client
Marie Scott3790 - 28 2008 (3)
Extend the database properties to include information about attachments in a given mail database.  For example:  number of attachments, amount of database storage occupied by attachment, average size of attachments in database.  This could then be extrapolated to the Administrator Client as an optional column in the Files view - to ...

xPages control to preview attachments

: Domino Designer
: xpages, preview, attachment
Zoltan Szabo5618 - 09 2012 (0)

Hi All,


It would be great to have an Attachment preview control, which works like in QuickR. It shows an html view of the attached office document. This can extend the existing attachment control also.



Remove attachements from delivery failure notification

: Domino Server / Messaging router
: delivery_failure, notification, attachment
Bill Schroeder736 - 07 2016 (0)
Attachments should be automatically deleted from delivery failure notifications. As it is now, the attachment is in the Sent message & another copy is in the delivery failure notification. This is obviously inefficient & causes quota issues for those with mail quotas.

Calendar Entry Attachment Handling

: Traveler
: calendar entry, attachment
Zoltan Szabo5618 - 20 2014 (0)
Hi All,
As ActiveSync doesn't supports attachments in Calendar Entries, attachments are lost when you accept a calendar entry.
I suggest to keep the invitation in the inbox as a mail - with attachments - or at least warn the user to download attachments before accept.

When saving an attachment, have a button to open it after the download

: Notes Client / Mail
: save, attachment, download
Mathieu Pape7680 - 01 2009 (5)
Quite simple : when you save an attachment to, let's say, your desktop you need to go the your desktop to open it. No way of save and open the attachment. Not very handy, is it?

Check for attachment in Lotus Notes by parsing email body

: Notes Client / Mail
: email, attachment, enhancement
Aswin Kumar80 - 16 2012 (1)
There are many a times when we compose an email in lotus saying "Please find attached" or "Attachment is available" etc and forget to attach the required file!
This goes a long way and can have high impact / embarassment if it's an important attachment for a customer or ...

Popup to be shown when required files are not attached

: Notes Client / Mail
: lotus notes clients, attachment, popup
Pranjal Sahu267 - 10 2013 (1)
When we are sending a mail to a recepient which needs to have an attachment and sometimes in a hurry we forget and send the mail without attaching the required files.
There should be a popup which should say "You have not included attachment but have mentioned in your ...

Attached emails not in sent emails

: Notes Client / Mail
: attachment
Florian Bieber756 - 29 2009 (1)
If I create a new email with an attachment from my local disk or a network share, I will have the file twice (one in the files system and second in my notes database) on my system, after sending and storing the sent email. What if I could choose that ...

Lotus Sametime needs to enable sending attachments simultaniously to multiple people

: Sametime / IM/Chat Client
: sametime, attachment, multiple
SUMA SHASTRY645 - 20 2009 (2)
Same time "announcements" option is used to send a single message to multiple people. Enabling "Send attachments" via announcements as well as multi person chat will make it easy to share the same attachment with multiple people at one shot.

Only Send Attachments to those that need them

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, attachment
John Lindsay161 - 21 2009 (2)
When sending out e-mails with attachments it may be that only some of the people may need to see the attachments.  I would like to propose that as well as "To", "cc" and "Bcc" there is a further send option called (say) FYI.  This would only send the body of ...

Lotus Notes Mail Attachment Connector

: Quickr
: mail, attachment, connector
Werner Novak1161 - 07 2008 (0)
When sending an email with an attachment, offer a third option for creating a temp quickr only for the mail recipients.
For administration with quickr tool there should also be batch deletions or achive for this special quickr's !!

Configure the applications to open an attachment

: Notes Client / Other
: attachment, open, edit, application
Marius Jaeger1947 - 17 2008 (3)
When you click on an attachment in a document, you have the options to open or edit the attachment. Wherever you click, the attachment will open/edit in the same application. It would be nice if the application that open an attachment for reading is configurable.
So, by example, i can ...


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