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Improve notes.net forums

: Notes Client / Other
: forum
Thomas Adrian2252 - 07 2007 (4)
Notes.net forums are very old and needs to be updated,
This is a list of a few things that should be in any modern forum.
Sticky threads
All post in a threads on one page
Attach images
Format Lotusscript/Java/Javascript code nicely
What's new since last visit.
Richtext / ...

Provide an easy to way create a wiki article from an answered forum post

: Lotus Technical Information / Community
: wiki, forum, community
Kendra Bowker1566 - 23 2010 (1)
Answers posted in the forums can be great candidates for wiki articles. Make it easy to
create wiki articles from answered forum posts. For example, provide a button in the forum post that
opens a new wiki article in the corresponding wiki.

IBM Forum - please split quickplace and quickr

: Quickr
: ibm, forum, support, quickr, quickplace
Joseph Hoetzl4703 - 24 2009 (2)
Many times I am looking for info on Quickr and the forum is a mix of both quickplace and quickr.  Frustrating at best...

Show wiki articles that relate to a forum question

: Lotus Technical Information / Community
: wiki, forum, community
Kendra Bowker1566 - 23 2010 (1)
When someone posts a question in the forum, search the corresponding product wikis for related articles that  might answer it. Suggest links right as the forum post is created.

Show the user some related postings when they are posting new article/post

: Lotus Technical Information / Community
: forums, forum
Foua Vang2495 - 05 2010 (0)
It would be nice when a user is posting to the forum that for example if they enter "DAOS", it would bring up related postings so that they would not repost something that someone already posted or this way for those that don't do searches before they post their questions, ...

Ability to chat with the author of an article/post and to save the chat history to share with community

: Lotus Technical Information / Community
: forums, forum
Foua Vang2495 - 05 2010 (0)
Ability to  chat with the author of an article/post  and to save the chat history to share with community.  It would be nice if you are just given a save chat option that would automatically take the chat history and save it as a response post to the ...

Author should be able to create a new Forum

: Quickr
: forum
Jan F. Zeuthen566 - 13 2011 (0)
In Quickr 8.5 for Domino, an Author can now create a Folder - great stuff. But he cannot create a new Forum Main Topic. This should be possible.

Create another Forum at Place level (Main or Room)

: Quickr
: forum, quickr
Jan F. Zeuthen566 - 13 2011 (0)
The new Forum in Quickr 8.5 is great :-) But if you want another Forum then you need to create a new Room.
I think that Forum should be like a "Folder Type" so we can have > 1 forum in main.nsf or in a room


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