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Out of Office

: Notes Client / Mail
: ooo
Tom McArthur1246 - 26 2007 / (0)
Please add intelligence to the OoO agent so that it recognizes when it is being enabled on a local replica. I have users that enable the OoO (in their local replica), then immediately shut down Notes. Since they didn't replicate their change up to the server, the OoO agent doesn't ...

Make OOO Exclusions "Sent By" field expandable

: Notes Client / Mail
: ooo, out-of-office, mailtemplate
John Smart969 - 02 2008 / (0)
The size of the Sent By field on the Out of Office config form s frustratingly small. I'd really like that field to be changed to expand dynamically so that I can see all of the email addresses I've entered.
ND8 Mail Template -> Out of Office configuration -> ...

Checking Out-Of-Office status of others

: Notes Client / Calendar
: out-of-office, calendar, out of office, ooo, checking
Zoltan Szabo4849 - 09 2013 / (0)
It would be great to have an option in the calendar or in SameTime which can check uickly check the out-of-office status of other people. It would be usefull when you have to chechk if your colleague is on vacation or is out of office.

Additional Exceptions options in Out-of-office rule

: Notes Client / Mail
: out of office, ooo
Jim Johnson556 - 03 2009 / (0)
Allow out of office not to trigger when your are part of a distribution group.  Allow the option to specify when the To: field contains <user name> or <external email address> then trigger.
In addition, it may not be necessary to send an out office when you are carbon ...

Out of Office - You should be able to select server groups to exclude in OOO Notifications from .... and have that work.

: Notes Client / Mail
: ooo, out of office, mail, groups
Craig Wiseman24988 - 10 2013 / (0)
  Previous to R8.0.1, you could choose to exclude emails from people in server-based groups when setting up your Out of Office notifications.
  Since IBM couldn't figure out how to make this work properly (?!), this was removed in R8.0.1 (see: )
  While you can ...

Set the exception of Out Of Office where the mail addressed to the group for defining the group.

: Notes Client / Other
: out of office, ooo, exclusions
Martin Hansgut929 - 04 2011 / (0)
Option sets the exceptions do not answer to emails addressed ...

Out of Office enabled in Calendar forms

: Notes Client / Other
: ooo, calendar
Don Munie506 - 31 2008 / (1)
Add a subform to the various calendar forms that would allow you to enable the Out of Office agent.  Awareness could be similar to Sametime Connect where it automatically changes your status based on calendar events.  This would allow you to have the OOO agent automatically enable/disable itself based on ...

Options to prevent mail delivery if user is out of office

: Notes Client / Mail
: ooo, out of office, delivery options
Paul Davies13558 - 12 2008 / (0)
We currently have the option to 'not receive out of office' notices in the delivery options of an email. It doesn't work very well, but the concept is good.
I would also like to have an option of 'Do not deliver to recipients who are currently out of office'. ...


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