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Allows Right Double Click to close Notes 8 java views

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: notes8, javaviews, views
Alan Lepofsky8315 - 15 2008 / (3)
In Notes 8, the new "java views" (inbox, contacts, etc) can not be closed by right double clicking.   You can in "normal" views.

Pop-up Status Bar doesn't update in Notes 8

: Notes Client
: notes8
Matt White9275 - 10 2007 / (4)
In previous versions of Notes, when I was applying a new database template I would click the status bar at the bottom of the Notes client and watch to make sure everything was happening as expected.

But in Notes 8 I am finding that when I do the same ...

Customizing the option to search IBM technotes on error in the Notes 8.0.x client

: Notes Client / Other
: technote, notes8, notes_client, error, search
Tim Brown962 - 07 2008 / (1)
It would be nice to be able to customize this option to go to an interal company Database/FAQ or URL where you could have your own customized KBase entries for your our own users. I hope  IBM has enhancement plans for this option.
-Tim E. Brown

Widget/Gadget container for Sidebar

: Notes Client
: notes8, sidebar, widget, development, eclipse, java
Rob McDonagh862 - 31 2007 / (3)
Extend the Notes 8 sidebar to support adding widgets or gadgets (small, focused, Javascript-DHTML-CSS apps). Adding a new widget should be as easy in Notes 8 as it is in Apple's Dashboard or iGoogle.

Notes8 ideajam sidebar plugin

: Notes Client / Other
: notes8, client, plug-in, plugin
Jason Hook2860 - 29 2007 / (0)

Not just thinking about the IdeaJam site in particular but also the commercial application of what Bruce/Matt and the team have built:

Would a Notes 8 standard client plug-in like the current Quick reminder or Quick Memo be useful if it could be used to create new ideas in this ...


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Customisable right-click menu
Provide a plugin to allow "Open With..." menu to include IBM Docs
All-Day reservation in the ressource database
Need to be able to see which users do not have their ID file uploaded to the ID Vault in SmartCloud
Ability to Sort ToDos by Assigned To:
Refresh button on the widgets
Automatically create database redirect on servers on-site after mail file is moved to SmartCloud
SmartCloud Notes: Allow Forced TLS to designated domains

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