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Persistent Login for HTTP

: Domino Server / Web application server
: http, login
Bruce Elgort8290 - 02 2008 / (6)
Web sites such as GMail, Facebook, FeedBurner and most other service oriented sites offer users the ability to stay "logged in" to their site using some type of cookie.  Idea Jam would like to use this type of authentication out of the box for Idea Jam and can't without building ...

Free (restricted) Domino server for web applications

: Domino Server / Web application server
: free web server domino
Karl-Henry Martinsson1592 - 09 2010 / (5)
Provide a free version of Domino to be used as a web application platform as described here.
Create a restricted version, or as someone called it "community version". Let's say unlimited anonymous access and 100 (250?) authenticated web users, but no mail, just applications. Any Notes users or mail users still ...

Please update Domino to fully support TLS (SSL v3.1)

: Domino Server / Web application server
: ssl tls 3.1
Craig Wiseman21821 - 10 2011 / (14)
Domino has always had strong standards support for Interweb protocols, but that seems to be slipping a bit. At present,  Domino http & smtp do not fully support TLS. For competitive reasons and to keep the product progressing, it needs to.
" ...

Provide more useful error messages

: Domino Server / Web application server
: error, message
Matt White9280 - 11 2008 / (1)
When opening a document in the Notes client and a formula prevents the form from loading you will be told which field has the problem. On the web you get something like:
HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception - Incorrect data type for operator or @Function: Number expected

CALDAV support for open calendar interoperability

: Domino Server / Web application server
: webdav, caldav, ical, vcalendar
Mark Demicoli11792 - 02 2008 / (10)
The rise in popularity of online calendaring applications such as Google Calendar and Yahoo Calendar has spurred these megalyths to support the emerging CALDAV standard (RFC 4791) for calendar event interoperability between disparate systems.  On the client side, Mozilla's Firebird is already supporting CALDAV.  This means that fully-compliant CALDAV servers ...

Custom Domino HTTP Error Message Configuration

: Domino Server / Web application server
: http, 404, error
Declan Lynch645 - 14 2008 / (3)
while it's possible to use domcfg.nsf to map some types of http errors to special forms in the domcfg.nsf database the level of control it provides is not great and relies on the Domino administrator to work with the designer to edit that particular database and create the mappings etc.

Folder Unread Marks for Domino Web Access

: Domino Server / Web application server
: dwa, mailfile, mail, webmail
Chris Whisonant2445 - 26 2008 / (6)
Currently DWA users cannot see the unread marks in folders. This can hinder many organizations from a wider deployment of DWA because of email users who can't really effectively use rules in their mail files (without having to go te each folder and see if there are new messages). The ...

Web server should provide more informative formula errors

: Domino Server / Web application server
: errors formula
Mark Demicoli11792 - 15 2009 / (3)
When a web form contains a field with an errant formula, Domino HTTP spits out the error text with no reference to the field that threw the error.  Simply mentioning the field name would be very useful and save a lot of process-of-elimination time to find the rogue formula.

Make XPages generate better html code

: Domino Server / Web application server
: clean html code, accessibility, wai, progressive enhancement
Jan Schulz4398 - 24 2009 / (3)
XPages code is a mess, it does not handle situation, where browserfeatures are missing and it is not accessible by default. This might be acceptable for internal websites, where you can control the browser and users, but it is not for customer facing websites. This should be fixed.
One ...

Server-side includes on HTML pages

: Domino Server / Web application server
: html, website, web
Eric Wilson1606 - 30 2008 / (3)
Most web servers already support the ability to combine content from various sources into a single HTML page on the server but Domino does not.
Domino needs this!  An example is an HTML page which pulls content from Domino DBs into an otherwise static HTML page.  Some might say ...

WebQueryOpen and WebQuerySave agents in Sign In, Change Password and Error forms

: Domino Server / Web application server
: domino, web, agents, domcfg
Harkpabst Meliantrop3248 - 29 2007 / (1)
In Domino Web Server Configuration (domcfg.nsf), we can define custom forms for user login, performing password changes and displaying HTTP errors. These forms can either reside within domcfg.nsf or any other database. However, no matter which option we choose, WebQueryOpen and WebQuerySave agents are never executed, Domino just replaces the ...

Allow me to write binary data to the response stream in LS and Java.

: Domino Server / Web application server
: lotuscript, java, attachments, http
Peter LaComb682 - 07 2007 / (1)
I'd really like to be able to send a file attachment as a response without a redirect (since I'm creating the file in memory, I don't want to save it and then purge it at some later date).

Week numbers in Domino Web Access

: Domino Server / Web application server
: week, numbers, dwa
Jimmy Eriksson530 - 16 2008 / (0)
Would be great to have the option to show week numbers in DWA the same way you show it in Notes Client Calendar and "Day at glance".

Article: How to Debug Your XPage Application

: Domino Server / Web application server
: isv, xpages, domino, 8.5, devworks, articles
Jo Grant1593 - 04 2009 / (0)
Abstract: The debugging environment for XPages is very different than traditional Notes applications. This article describes some techniques we used while developing the Lead Manager smaple. Background: The ISV Technical Enablement Team has a mission to produce articles on the latest Notes and Domino Technology pertinent to the needs of ...

Add ID Attribute to Domino generated Form tags

: Domino Server / Web application server
: form, html, xhtml
Sean Burgess5201 - 13 2009 / (1)
Currently, when Domino presents a form to a web browser, the FORM tag only contains the NAME attribute.  Many JavaScript frameworks have issues accessing the form using the name attribute, especially in Firefox.  it would be much better if the ID attribute was also set.  I know this can be done ...

Add X-Pages support for Domino Offline Services

: Domino Server / Web application server
: xpages, dols, domino offline services
Mark Hughes175 - 14 2010 / (2)
 Add support for Xpages in DOLS so that you can take a Xpage application offline -  without having the whole notes client installed and taking up so many resources, and giving ui options not wanted for the solution being delivered.

Enable WebDAV for all Notes documents

: Domino Server / Web application server
: quickr, webdav, database, teamroom
Gernot Leithner269 - 12 2009 / (4)
 WebDAV is currently only supported for design documents. Why not be able to use WebDAV as a protocol to create, edit and delete Notes documents? We could enrich our mashed up user experience with a cool Notes database integration in the Explorer.
Why does Lotus Domino suffer from incomplete ...

Article: Compare and Contrast: the View Panel and Repeat XPage Controls

: Domino Server / Web application server
: isv, xpages, domino, 8.5, devworks, articles
Jo Grant1593 - 04 2009 / (0)
Abstract: The View Panel and Repeat controls in XPages both allow you to iterate over data sets. Views are quick, but tightly coupled to Notes Views. Repeats are very flexible, but there is a certain amount of wiring that needs to be built. This article shows how we chose which ...

Article: How to Approach Upgrading Your Domino Web App to XPages

: Domino Server / Web application server
: isv, xpages, domino, 8.5, devworks, articles
Jo Grant1593 - 04 2009 / (0)
Abstract: You don't have to convert an entire app to using XPages at once. Using the Lead Manager sample as a focus, we show how you can develop a strategy for how to approach upgrading your application to XPages. Background: The ISV Technical Enablement Team has a mission to produce ...

Article: Adding Rich Client Features to Thin Client Applications with XPages

: Domino Server / Web application server
: isv, xpages, domino, 8.5, devworks, articles
Jo Grant1593 - 04 2009 / (0)
Abstract: Tips and tricks for adding rich client features such as drag and drop, select, and selective update, to your XPage based thin client application. Background: The ISV Technical Enablement Team has a mission to produce articles on the latest Notes and Domino Technology pertinent to the needs of our ...


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Use more customization features in ND9 NotesMail
Two-week Calendar view
@Formula library
Drafts - unsent count?
New Hide-When property
Activity Logging for Quickr
"follow-up complete" flag
Remake Resource Reservation template using XPage
Boolean operators on LDAP group based access control
Store IP Address / remote host data in Password Lockout documents
Checking Out-Of-Office status of others
Tool to show unreferenced design elements for easy cleaup
Bring sametime audio and video into the web browser using WebRTC
"Window Title" for views
QuickR application/widgets for Android/iPhone
Create Computed Text with the same text style as the current paragraph
@Function and LotusScript to "View..Customize This View" dialog
Extend the 'User detail' info of a database
Print of calendar in color
Shared Actions belong under Shared Elements
Facelift all web enabled templates with xPages
Please extend WebDAV to include calDAV & cardDAV support for contacts/calendar syncing
Skin-ing Notes Design elemens
Add some views into the "Views" section of the Notes 8.5 mailbox

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