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Improve XPage Conrol Documentation

: Domino Designer
: xpage, designer help documentation, controls
Peter Presnell28487 - 22 2009 / (0)
I would like to see the on-line help for Xpage controls expanded significantly and perhaps modelled on the way LotusScript classes are documented.
  1. Desciption of control including details of when you would use it in preference to similar controls
  2. Detail the XP tag
  3. List all the properties that ...

Make Views in XPages sortable after FTSearch

: Domino Designer
: xpage, view, full-text, sort
David Schiffer289 - 16 2010 / (0)
In XPages you can easily filter views by using an ftsearch.
Sadly after searching the result is not longer sorted (it sorted by notes-relevance, but nobody knows what that means).
Make this result sortable if the view columns are sortable, like in the notes client, where I can click ...

Add OnLoad event for Xpage

: Domino Designer
: xpage, events
Peter Presnell28487 - 14 2009 / (0)
Presently Xpages seem to only support Server-Sided events for the Xpage itself.  I would like to see the addition of client sided events such as onLoad so that I can simplify the task of adding code to these events.

Be able to select Notes interface or XPage based on client version

: Domino Designer
: xpage
Bruce Lill10666 - 28 2009 / (0)
With the 8,5,1 release you have to select either the Notes client launch to the standard Notes forms or the XPage form. So you can support older clients if you use XPages for the client side. Otherwise you have to upgrade all clients before you use XPages on the client.

Have Rendered AND Visible Options for XPage Controls

: Domino Designer
: xpage, controls
Peter Presnell28487 - 15 2009 / (0)
Almost all XPage controls have the ability to indicate if the control should be "Visible".  In reality this really means is the control rendered into the resulting HTML.  There are times in which I want the control to be rendered but just not visible on the screen.  e.g. If I ...

Increase the number of functions/formulas in XPages

: Domino Designer
: xpage, @formula, @function, compatibility
Patrick Kwinten21314 - 26 2010 / (0)
In an ideal world formulas in @Formula language or @functions are also available in XPages:

Spreadsheet control for xPages applications

: Domino Designer
: xpage, xpage control, spreadsheets
Alexey Katyushyn3674 - 23 2011 / (0)
In the last century I used the spreadsheet from the Lotus Components. ...

XPages Design Definition - Use of images

: Domino Designer
: xpage
Ulrich Krause5701 - 26 2011 / (0)
I would like to use the binary data representation of an imege in the design definition of a custom control.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <xp:view xmlns:xp=""><img url="
LS/7LZv/0jvb29t/f3//Ub/ /ge8WSLf/rhf/3kdbW
PJjPZqIyd7sJAgVGoEGv2xsBxqNgYPj/gAwXEQA7" id="image1" /> </xp:view>
Today you have to include an image ressource and link to the ...

<xp:th> tag

: Domino Designer
: table, xpage
Patrick Kwinten21314 - 16 2011 / (0)
I would like to use the <xp:th> tag in tables just as i can with <xp:tr> and <xp:td>

Make Ctrl+s work whereever it should when editing XPages in Designer

: Domino Designer
: ctrl+s, xpage, save
Starrow Pan5103 - 04 2011 / (0)
Till 8.5.2, after you modify some attributes e.g. scripts in the data binding attribute, Designer acknowledges the current XPage has been modifed and the SAVE button is valid, but pressing Ctrl+S has no effect.
The comments showed someone misunderstood my meaning, so I added "in Designer" to the title. My ...

Make Domino Server a Online Office Server like Google Docs and others

: Domino Designer
: xpage, online office, open office, symphony
Marius Jaeger2466 - 02 2012 / (0)
With ZK SpreadSheet on there is a Spreadsheet Application available that we can integrate into XPages. But the installation, configuration and develop is not easy and the other office application's are not available.
So IBM should do:
1. Install OpenOffice / Symphony with the Domino Server Setup.
2. Extend ...


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