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Create empty NotesDocumentCollection

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript
Randy Smith3913 - 30 2007 / (17)
LotusScript needs a method for creating an empty NotesDocumentCollection object.  Many of us have "silly looking" techniques to create an empty collection anyway.  A sort method for a NotesDocumentCollection would also be nice.

@IsRichTextEmpty and LotusScript/Java equivalents

: Domino Designer
: richtext, @formula, lotusscript, java
Ben Langhinrichs7009 - 05 2007 / (4)
Even having a rough way to do this in Midas, I would really like to see a simple @formula (and matching LotusScript) method for determining if there was anything in the rich text.  Even better would be if it took an argument that specified whether whitespace was included, so you ...

Finding unused Variable names in Lotusscript

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript
Venkata Ramana Koliparthi1391 - 16 2008 / (7)
Way to findout variables which are declared but not used in the script

Custom @Functions

: Domino Designer
: @formula, lotusscript
Carl Tyler5446 - 08 2007 / (6)
1-2-3 has a feature where you can create a new @function based upon a lotusscript function.  I would like to see the same feature in Notes/Domino.  Allow me in the Database script library to create a lotusscript function and mark it as being available as an @function within that database.

Add GetHTML Method to NotesRichTextItem Class

: Domino Designer
: richtext, html, lotusscript
Sean Burgess5201 - 09 2007 / (4)
We already have GetFormattedText and GetUnformattedText, but what would really be helpful is to have a method that spits out the contents of a Rich Text field as HTML.  It should be no more and no less than what happens when you send an email to an outside user.  That's ...

Function to test for an empty List (LS)

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, designer
Stan Rogers1150 - 13 2007 / (6)
There ought to be a better way of checking for an empty List than checking for a no-op Forall or trapping error 120. Perhaps extending IsEmpty to cover? I'd find that particularly helpful with class coding, when I'd often like to defer populating a List member until the first call ...

Work with attachments in LotusScript without detaching

: Domino Designer
: attachments, lotusscript
Slawek Rogulski8874 - 29 2007 / (8)
Especially when I have an XML type attachment or some text attachment I would like to be able to work with it directly inside script. I don't want to have to detatch the attachment. If I process some XML and end up changing it I woud like to be able ...

Add color to the lotusscript debugger screen

: Domino Designer
: debugger, appearance, color, designer, lotusscript
Tim Paque2757 - 20 2008 / (4)

Use color in the debugger as it is seen in the editor.

We often spend enough time viewing our code in color that when we get to the debugger, the plain black and white makes it harder to recognize certain parts of your code.


Enable Lotusscrupt classes to import images on backend

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, image, import
Carl Tyler5446 - 31 2007 / (7)
Very often I have the need to import a graphics into a Domino rich text field.  Example JPG or GIF file.  Currently there are no backend classes to do this.  There should be a simple Lotusscript function to enable this, and allow for options like resize and rotate on import.

Sort DocumentCollection in LotusScript

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript
Ulf Grindstad2144 - 12 2007 / (2)
We need the abbility to sort Document collections,
like NotesDocumentCollection.Sort(FieldName).

Add method overloading to LotusScript

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, oop
Thomas Bahn3674 - 03 2007 / (0)
In OO languages you can usually create more than one method with the same name, but different signatures, that is different sets of parameters. This is called method overloading.
This way you could e.g. create more constructors (one without, the other with parameters) or overload a method like add ...

Allow collapsible comments in lotus script

: Domino Designer
: comments, lotusscript, designer
Jason K445 - 24 2008 / (3)
Code comments in lotus script should explain the purpose of the code as well as any modifications made to improve functionality or resolve bugs. As comments become ever longer their embedded nature is an impediment to the codes readability. I think the domino designer should have the ability to make comment blocks ...

Extend Notes Classes

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, oop
Peter Presnell26659 - 03 2007 / (3)

Object Oriented Programming would be sooooo much easier in LotusScript if IBM would allow us to extend the native NotesDocument, Notesdatabase etc. classes.


Sort subs and functions in alfabetical order in the object pane

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, sort, objects
Martin Vereecken1855 - 23 2007 / (9)
I don't think there's much to add to this.  How hard can it be to sort this?

Provide a real PDF engine for Lotus Domino applications.

: Domino Designer
: lotus, domino, pdf, lotusscript
Alberto Ernestini857 - 15 2009 / (0)
It's since some years that i build PDF files "Server Side" from Lotus Domino applications both on Notes Client and Web without using any extra commercial application.The actual Lotus Symphony hasn't the full support of OpenOffice API so i am sure that on the future it will be in that ...

Allow agents to return a value

: Domino Designer
: agents, lotusscript
Slawek Rogulski8874 - 04 2007 / (4)
Agents should have the option to return a value to the calling sub/function.
The return value could be
  • a primitive
    Integer, String, ...
  • product object
    NotesDocument, NotesAgent , ...
  • custom class

List warnings when compiling LotusScript code

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript
Scott Leis1460 - 07 2008 / (3)
This is an extension/generalisation of the linked idea.

When compiling LotusScript code, Designer should present a list of warnings - things that compile OK and don't prevent code execution, but look dubious. Some examples (adapted from things I've seen in the Delphi IDE):
- Variable declared ...

Lotusscript Classes for Open Document Symphony Interface

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, open, document, class, library
Sudhish Jayaswal956 - 27 2007 / (2)

As Symphony is now integrated into Notes Client, it would be great, if a Lotus Script Class library could be provided. With greater integration between Notes Document Fields data exchange to Symphony documents.


NotesView.AllDocuments property for LotusScript

: Domino Designer
: notesview, notesdocumentcollection, lotusscript, properties
Melissa Snell1766 - 12 2008 / (1)
I would like an 'AllDocuments' property that would return all documents in the NotesView. This would work in a similar way to the "AllEntries" property for the NotesViewEntryCollection.
So you would be able to code:
Set view=db.getView("MyView")
Set col=view.AllDocuments

Change 'Printer Driver' from Lotusscript

: Domino Designer
: designer, lotusscript, printing
Theo Heselmans6409 - 29 2007 / (3)
I often need to be able to print to another driver than the one currently in use (e.g. switch to a PDF printer). I now have to instruct the user to switch the driver manually, and then click my 'print' button.
Not very professional !
This functionality implies reading existing ...

Programming API for the Mail Database, Personal Address Book and Domino Directory

: Domino Designer
: api, lotusscript, java, mail, database, domino, directory, personal, addressbook
Jens Winkelmann380 - 08 2008 / (2)
I wish we have a programming API to access and edit the mail database, the
personal address book and the Domino Directory

The API must support LotusScript and Java.
It is not professional to create a document with field and than find ...

Expose the NotesDocument.IsDirty property

: Domino Designer
: notesdocument, dirty, lotusscript
Mick Moignard2640 - 25 2008 / (1)
I would like to be able to ask a NotesDocument if it is clean or dirty, so that in complex code I can see if has been changed and determjine whether to save.  Such as
If NotesDocument.IsDirty then NotesDocument.Save True, False
This is why I want this change:  ...

Ability to save LotusScript with errors

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript
Slawek Rogulski8874 - 23 2007 / (6)
On occasion I have a need to save some script with errors. I know that the errors are there but I like to have my work saved. And it makes refactoring easier as I can save as a snapshot to which I can roll back. The undo is less than ...

LS Debugger: display more than 255 document fields per NotesDocument

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, debugger
Mick Moignard2640 - 07 2008 / (3)
It would be a great help if the LS debugger could show more than 255 fields for NotesDocuments.   Can I suggest that the fieldlist be split with colapsible headings for each field start-letter, with only those letters which start fieldnames being shown; in that way fields would be easy to ...

Use ++/-- on variables in LotusScript

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript
Tomas Ekström1591 - 06 2007 / (3)
Make it possible to write just
Dim cnt as integer
instead of
cnt = cnt+1
cnt = cnt-1

Correct Indenting For LotusScript

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, dde, else
Peter Presnell26659 - 05 2010 / (3)
Before ELSE (Eclipse LotusScript Editor) the old Domino Designer client always ensured that the correct indentation was applied whenever I added new lines of LotusScript code.  Now I must manually select the code and type <Crtl><I> to force a block of code to be indetde correctly.  I would much rather have ...

Allow 'import' of HTML into RTF in the backend

: Domino Designer
: html, lotusscript, rtf
Theo Heselmans6409 - 15 2007 / (3)
Currently you can only 'import' HTML data in the UI (using uidoc.import). I often generate HTML, that I want to put into Rich Text fields. It allows for a lot more flexibility than using the standard RT methods.

Autocomplete view names for notesdatabase.GetView method

: Domino Designer
: view, lotusscript
David Lundy1648 - 10 2008 / (3)
This applies to the GetView method of the NotesDatabase object.  It would be FANtabulous if the compiler could display a list of the views currently defined in the database when you hit the open-paren while typing the code.  This behaviour would be similar to the function header autocomplete stuff.

Make db.OpenByReplicaID cluster aware and server agnostic

: Domino Designer
: replica-id, clustering, failover, lotusscript
Ben Hughes270 - 17 2008 / (1)

Currently there is no easy way to open a database in lotusscript that:

  • takes the replica ID
  • is cluster aware
  • does not require the server name


db.OpenByReplicaID requires the server to be specified, and will not fail over in a clustered environment. db.OpenWithFailover requires the server name ...


CopySelectedAsTable method on NotesUiView

: Domino Designer
: ui, view, table, lotusscript
Slawek Rogulski8874 - 03 2008 / (1)
This method might also have parameters to specify which columns to copy and whether to include column headers.

code editing while debugging

: Domino Designer
: debugger, lotusscript
Alois Gruber1706 - 28 2007 / (3)
being able to edit code while debugging would be great, it would even be better if this code is being recompiled dynamically and debugging is continued with modified code at the current line. I am quite sure that many developers know this situation where you "see" that an error will ...

Computewithform failure caused by [FIELD]

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, enhancement
Jared Jones261 - 08 2008 / (1)
When the computewithform method returns an error, have it also return which field caused the error.

Option to import into a rich text field directly from memory, bypassing a file

: Domino Designer
: ui, import, lotusscript
Slawek Rogulski8874 - 21 2007 / (2)
When I dynamically generate HTML I would like to be able to import it directly from the memory buffer where I created it such as a string variable or a NotesStream, etc. I see no need for me to have to create a temporary file to do that.
And ...

Set table cell background color via LotusScript

: Domino Designer
: rich text, background, color, lotusscript, table
Phil Randolph1715 - 14 2009 / (2)
I want there to be a way of setting an individual table cell's background color via LotusScript, similar to how the text color is set using the NotesColor object in NotesRichTextStyle.
I know that there was an idea from a couple ...

Stream to Attachment

: Domino Designer
: attachment, lotusscript, stream
Phil Witton255 - 31 2008 / (2)

A data stream that would allow you to be able to write to a file attachment in a rich text field.


Correct (!) LastModified in Lotusscript

: Domino Designer
: modified, lastmodified, lotusscript
Werner Götz757 - 13 2007 / (0)
We should have a property in lotusscript which gives us the last modification date/time of a document.
Yes - there is the property LastModified for a NotesDocument, but this delivers the time the document was modified in the current replica of the database.
I think for compatibilty ...

Add Properties to Field Class in LotusScript

: Domino Designer
: field, class, properties, lotusscript
Don McNally1503 - 12 2008 / (1)
The Field class in LotusScript only contains events.  It would be great if it contained properties like Value (read/write) to make it easier to manipulate in the events.  For example, if I want to handle the OnChange event in the client, I can use LotusScript but I have to write a ...

Add Expand/Collapse to LotuScript Editor

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript
Peter Presnell26659 - 27 2009 / (0)
When the length of any code gets long it becomes a challenge to navigate around the code.  Visual Studio has an excellent feature in which classes, properties, methods etc can be quickly expanded/collapsed allowing me to review my code in a way that suits what I am trying to do.  ...

New Eclipse LotusScript Editor - things to include

: Domino Designer
: eclipse, lotusscript, lotusscript_editor, wish, 8.5.1, 8.5
Melissa Snell1766 - 13 2008 / (4)
The Eclipse editor for LotusScript is on its way! Hurrah
Here are a few things that are not so hot about the current editor. Please could we have these addressed???
1) Custom classes to understand intellisense (I think this already addresses)
2) Intellisense to work even if ...

ProperCase or camelCase in code completion for methods in the new LS-editor

: Domino Designer
: domino designer, 8.5.1, lotusscript
Tommy Valand2746 - 21 2009 / (1)
The current code completion for methods is following no coding guidelines I know of.
Dim db As New NotesDatabase( "server", "filename.nsf" )
db.Folderreferencesenabled <-- Code Completion
The code becomes a lot uglier/less readable as a result. Sometimes I wonder if IBM have a QA (quality assurance) department.. ...

Allow lotus script to create full text index on a remote database

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, full-text, index
Ninke Westra1722 - 12 2008 / (3)
At the moment the NotesDatabase class contains a method to create a new Full-Text Index, but only for a Local database, not for remote databases.
Getting access to the current Full-Text Index settings for a NotesDatabase object beyond a boolean that tells me if the db is indexed or ...

Add a way to change Agent Type

: Domino Designer
: agent, type, formula, lotusscript
Bas van Gestel2808 - 30 2010 / (0)
 When I want to create a Formula agent, 9 times out of 10, I accidentally create a LotusScript agent first (since LotusScript is selected by default).
I end up deleting the agent and creating a new one using formula. 
In previous designers you would just change the type ...

Global script objects

: Domino Designer
: designer, lotusscript
Slawek Rogulski8874 - 02 2007 / (1)
Any object accessible from anywhere. Get a handle to any open view, form, page, etc. Instantiate an object when a database is opened, for example a log class, and have it accessible from everywhere.
It is similar to the revolution but without the need to jump through the hoops.

Dynamic Array Initialization Check

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, arrays
Sean Burgess5201 - 17 2007 / (2)
It would be great if there was a function that you could call in LotusScript to check if a dynamic array is initialized or not. I think it's fecking unreal that you have to do a Ubound or LBound check and if that throws an error, it hasn't been initialized ...

Use =+/=- in LotusScript

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript
Tomas Ekström1591 - 06 2007 / (4)
Be able to use:
logText =+ "An entry" & chr(13)
tmpVal =- 23
insted of
logText = logText & "An entry" & chr (13)
tmpVal = tmpVal - 23

Adding new parameters to Notesdatabase.CreateReplica

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, designer
Thomas Schulte725 - 17 2008 / (0)
Think about the following scenario:
There is this HUGE datebase with loads of documents and using GIBs of space when fully replicated.
Your Workforce does for their daily/weekly/monthly work need a local replica of the database.
They have access to all of the documents of that database, so you can ...

Correct Casing for LotusScript Typeahead

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, dde
Peter Presnell26659 - 05 2010 / (0)
When typeahead is invoked in ELSE (Eclipse LotusScript  Editor) it doesn't seem to use the correct casing for the methods/properties (as outlined in the documentation).  Given with SSJS we are compelled to ensure the correct casing is always used I think we should insist that ELSE also provides the documented casing.

allow lists and arrays as return types from functions

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript
Slawek Rogulski8874 - 13 2007 / (4)
function getArray () as String[]
function getList () as String List 'or something more appropriate

XPages - Support Lotusscript WQO/WQS functionality

: Domino Designer
: xpages, lotusscript
Erik Brooks795 - 10 2009 / (3)
XPages don't work with LotusScript. At all. So those legacy apps, if they use WebQueryOpen or WebQuerySave agents, are looking for a forklift-style upgrade where you get to rewrite your agents and script libraries in Javascript and/or Java.
So a cool new technology requires a massive rewrite? Hmm.... sounds ...

Add NotesDocument.GetItemValueString() to LotusScript

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript
Peter Presnell26659 - 03 2009 / (0)
Since I started programming with SSJS the one method I find myself using more than any other is the NotesDocument.getItemValueString() or NotesXSPDocument.getItemValueString() method.  This is such a powerful method as it allows me to bypass the need to first validate if the field exists in the document (returns blank string) ...

Bring Back Original LS Line Numbers for Errors

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, errors
Peter Presnell26659 - 14 2009 / (2)
In 8.5.1 (and I assume the new Eclipse LotusScript Editor) LotusScript errors now refer to a line number that does not match to the line numbers of the LotusScript code.  This make it extremeley difficult to debug LotusScript code.  Could we please restore the reporting of the line number of ...

TypeAhead for LotusScript Libraries

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, libraries
Peter Presnell26659 - 05 2010 / (2)
When I use the LotusScript Editor (ELSE) to create USE statements I would like typeahead to provide me with a list of the matching LotusScript libraries present in the current application.  This will speed up the time it takes to create such statements as well as reduce the chance of ...


: Domino Designer
: lotusscript
Peter Presnell26659 - 27 2009 / (2)
Lotusscript provides a GetFirstItem method to obtain the first Field in a  document with a given name.  With RichText items there can be more than one field with the same name.  At present there is no simple way to get the 2nd (and subsequent) items of the same name.  One ...

Rename Lotusscript Functions and variables and auto-update all references

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, function, variables
Ferry Kranenburg592 - 28 2009 / (3)
If you rename a function in a script library it should auto update all referenced design elements that uses that function. The same for local / global variables.

Allow resetting the code execution point in the debugger

: Domino Designer
: debugger, lotusscript
Charles Robinson5466 - 06 2007 / (1)
I would like to be able to reset the next line of code that will execute in the LotusScript debugger.  This could be useful when:
1)  You change a scalar value in the debugger and need to have a section of code re-execute
2)  You change data in a ...

Add an optional parameter to NotesDocument.Send

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, email
Jochen Sack619 - 17 2011 / (1)
Currently, when a recipient's e-mail address is ambiguous because the person is listed in multiple address books, the method NotesDocument.Send() in LotusScript, or Document#send() in Java, just fails. I wish for an additional, optional parameter to that method that allows for a more intelligent handling of that situation. For example, the parameter ...

Create a hotspot via LotusScript

: Domino Designer
: hotspot, lotusscript
Patrick Kwinten22018 - 05 2009 / (1)
I would like to be able to simply create a hotspot via LotusScript, similar to creating a document link

Agent Manager - schedule ahead...

: Domino Designer
: agent, manager, agents, lotusscript, java
Bill Buchan585 - 04 2008 / (5)
I've seen a LOT of workflow processing agents in Notes. And the one thing they all have in common is that they have to waken up at a regular interval, check all pending documents, and move around document status.

What any workflow system needs is the ability to ...

Add a simple List in Lotusscript

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, list
Dan Sickles1710 - 03 2007 / (2)
The Lotusscript List type is great but in any other langauge we'd call it a generic map. A simple generic list type would be very useful too. Most languages have both.  Give it a literal construction syntax :
monthlist = ["Jan", "Feb","Mar]
mydoc.months = monthlist
mydoc.months += ["Jul","Aug","Sep"]

Provide Access To Open Databases/Views/Documents

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript
Peter Presnell26659 - 17 2008 / (2)
To improve interoperability between design elements I would like to see LotusScript able to get a handle on ALL open databases, views, and/or document.  Not just the the ONE view/document open in the active window.
This could be achived by adding properties to the NotesUIWorkSpace an NotesUIDatabase classes as ...

JavaDoc type of help for LotusScript

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, classes
Tomas Ekström1591 - 06 2007 / (1)
When writing Java you get direct help aggregated from javadoc comments inserted before classes, properties methods and constants.
I would like to have the same kind of help for LotusScript please.
Like using the lotusscript.doc notation and displaying it as in eclipse (See screenshot).

Add a parameter to NotesDocument.Responses method to filter out conflicts

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript
Slawek Rogulski8874 - 07 2008 / (0)
It could look like this
Set NotesDocumentCollection = NotesDocument.Responses (ResponseType)
where ResponseType can be
0 - all responses
1 - no conflict documents
2 - conflict documents only

Lotus Script Debugger - debug only selected object

: Domino Designer
: debugger, lotusscript, designer, event, object
Zoltan Szabo5618 - 17 2011 / (2)
The debugger should only debug the selected database and the selected event.
Everybody knows the situation when you debug a code, and you would like to read your mail, or look into the help....pressing continue button hundreed times.
Or you would like only debug a button, but you need ...

List Members + Parameter Info for custom classes in LotusScript

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, oop
Thomas Bahn3674 - 03 2007 / (2)
Enhance List Members and Parameter Info (auto-completion feature) in Domino Designer to work for custom LotusScript classes.

Ability to specify a path when creating a NotesDBDirectory

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript
Michael Sobczak2969 - 20 2008 / (2)
It would be great if we could specify a pathname when creating a new DBDirectory object:
Set notesDbDirectory = New NotesDbDirectory( serverName$, pathname$ )
That way, we could easily get all databases in one folder, instead of having to iterate through EVERYTHING to find one or more databases ...

Rich Mail Support: Replica ID's in the 'Use' Statement

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, scrip, libraries, rich, mail
Bill Buchan585 - 09 2008 / (4)
Lets get back to Notes' Rich Mail Support. You remember when Forms were pretty much self-contained, and applications could mail the entire form to a user, for the user to manipulate a form, and for the result to be posted back to the database.

As applications get more complex, ...

Lotus Designer script debugger window vertical split

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript debugger, split view, lotusscript, enhancement, debugger, debugger, designer, appearance
Zoltan Szabo5618 - 23 2011 / (1)
As screens are now mostly wide, it would be great to change the Script Debugger window to vertical split.
Left: code
Rigth: debugg info
Also when You open a large object, eg: notesDocument, then it's hard to review it, because You need to scroll.

Add value/prevValue properties to a field

: Domino Designer
: field, properties, lotusscript
Slawek Rogulski8874 - 26 2007 / (2)
When I write code in a field event that give me a source parameter that represents the current field I would like to be able to get the current value of the field by simply doing this
and to return the previous value of the field (if any) ...

LotusScript: Possibility of optional parameters in subs/functions

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, sub, function, parameters, optional
Nikolay Yushmanov1437 - 30 2010 / (2)
I want to have ability to define some last parameters of a sub/function as 'optional' with default value like in native lotusscript subs/functions.

Iterators/Generators for all collection objects and an interator interface

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, iterators
Dan Sickles1710 - 05 2007 / (0)
Allow filtered forall iteration of databases, views and servers.
Apps03 = new Server("Apps03/West/ACME")
forall db in Apps03("sales/forecasts/West")
    forall doc in db.AllDocuments if doc.form(0) = "prospect"....

forall doc in (view | NotesDocumentCollection).....
I want to get out of the how to iterate business ...

lotusscript classes to access Productivity Tools basic

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, productivity, tool
Josep Alemany Fruitos1294 - 27 2007 / (3)

We need easily acces to Productivity Tools for program automathic processes. The best way is to do it with LotusScript!

Implement new classes to connect data from Notes <-> Productivity Tools: to find a bookmark and replace it with some text, for example.

A wizard to "combine correspondence" with contacts ...


RefreshFrame @Command - LotusScript equivalent

: Domino Designer
: refresh, frame, lotusscript, command
Patrick Kwinten22018 - 12 2009 / (1)
I cant find an equivalent in LS for the RefreshFrame @Command in the Designer help so I assume it is not there.

computed text - lotusscript

: Domino Designer
: computed_text, @formula, lotusscript
Patrick Kwinten22018 - 19 2009 / (1)
since you can do more with LotusScript compared with formula, making LS available under computed text would create new opportunities.
for example db.alldocuments and dc.count would give me the number of documents in a database. how easily would i do this with formula?

Array/List literals in LotusScript

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, arrays, lists
Thomas Bahn3674 - 03 2007 / (2)
In each and every other language the are array literals (ways to write arrays as constants), e. g. in @formula language you can write "a" : "b" : "c".
You could use Evaluate(|"a" : "b" : "c"|), but this isn't the best solution for performance and you can't use ...

Add ViewNavigator.GetCategory(key)

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript
Peter Presnell26659 - 13 2009 / (0)
I am surprised this is not already there.  But if you have a view with category totals etc.  It is often a lot faster to pull these numbers from the view index rather than manually calculating the totals from the documents. NotesView.CreatViewNavFromCategory excludes the category ViewEntry.

Make design resource document data available programatically (with LS or Java)

: Domino Designer
: files, resources, lotusscript, java
Jake Ochs388 - 09 2009 / (0)
Make file (and other) resources' data available programatically. I can currently grab a resource design doc using a NotesNoteCollection and find what I'm looking for by searching for the $Title that I need, but if the resource is -say- a file I can't get the file data in any simple manner using LS ...

Extend the NotesNoteCollection class to find design element types added after ND6

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript
Ken Haggman598 - 13 2011 / (1)
The NotesNoteCollection class is very powerful and can be of great use in many situations. However, after ND6 nothing has been done to this class to allow it to extract design element types added after ND6.
I know that the $Flags item can be checked and that was enough to ...

Add Request_Content_Decoded CGI Variable for Agents

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, cgi
Sean Burgess5201 - 10 2007 / (0)
Would work just like Query_String_Decoded, but for HTTP POST requests.  Would remove the need to do an Evaluate(|@URLDecode("Domino";"| & doc.Request_Content(0) & |")|) to get clear text.  MOst useful when posting data via AJAX.

Documentation for LotusScript xml apis needs rework

: Domino Designer
: dxl, lotusscript, documentation
Axel Janssen5023 - 17 2008 / (0)
Over the years I have learnt to trust the designer and admin documentation. Especially the examples are often to the point and very usefull. Unfortunatedly for newer LotusScript classes I see something which might be interpreted as kind of a degeneration of the good practices of the past.
General pattern ...

Detect when UI-document are in Dialog mode

: Domino Designer
: dialog, notesuidocument, isdialog, lotusscript, java
Vlad Sh10448 - 02 2009 / (0)
To unify the use of code and design elements (Subform) is sometimes useful to know we are in dialogue or not. Example: Subform used as embedded (checking for filling in the fields needed on QuerySave) and as a dialogue (on QueryClose). I propose to add a property IsDialog as Boolean ...

Asynchronous agent triggering or add agents to agent schedule list

: Domino Designer
: agent, lotusscript, notesagent
Tomas Ekström1591 - 11 2007 / (2)
Problem today!
  • If the agent triggers another agent the runtime limit may be reached for the calling agent since it has to wait for the called agent to finish.
  • When triggered from the console (tell amgr run 'db-path' 'agentname') the agent has no runtime limitation.

Web service consumer - ability to manipulate SOAP headers

: Domino Designer
: webservice, lotusscript, soa, integration
Jeff Gilfelt1049 - 13 2009 / (2)
When using the native web service consumer in Notes/Domino 8, there seems to be no way to manipulate the SOAP header sent with each request.
Most web service APIs for cloud based services like Force.com and S3 assign a session ID and service endpoint *after* authentication, and then require ...

NotesDXLImporter class should learn to talk

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, dxl
Axel Janssen5023 - 29 2008 / (4)
NotesDXLImporter is more than 4 years old. 4 year old should be able to speak.
It currently only can utter this "DXLImport operation failed message". It could do much better.
I work quite a lot with Java open Source frameworks with truckloads of xml. When there is an err in ...

Remove Err=4091 from GetDocumentByUNID method

: Domino Designer
: notesdatabase, getdocumentbyunid, err, error, 4091, lotusscript, java
Vlad Sh10448 - 25 2009 / (2)
Generation of this error is useless, it only hinders. Quite enough to return Nothing.
Similar GetDocumentByID method does not generate errors.

Debugger keep breakpoints in correct lines

: Domino Designer
: debugger, lotusscript, lotusscript debugger, breakpoints
Zoltan Szabo5618 - 23 2011 / (1)
Keep the breakpoints in the corresct lines after the code is changed! 
Now If you add a new line into the code, breakpoints are remaining in the same line number, but that is not the correct line as it was moved up or down.

Add class methods and attributes to LotusScript

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, oop
Thomas Bahn3674 - 03 2007 / (3)
In other OO programming languages, there are class methods and attributes. These members are shared by all objects of the class.
In Java, these members are flagged by the "static" modifier before the identifier.
Class methods can be called on the class itself without the need for an ...

Open class/object in new tab

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, javascript, ssjs, class, object
Peter Presnell26659 - 05 2010 / (1)
When editing a LS, JS, or SSJS library that contains multiple classes/object I would like the ability to open a specific class/object in a new tab.  This would allow me to work on two (or more) classes/objects at the same time and not lose my current place when I switch ...

On demand enabling the LotusScript debugger

: Domino Designer
: debugger, lotusscript
Thorsten Seidel665 - 22 2011 / (2)
It would be great to generally leave the debugger off, but to enable it on demand within a script.
I suggest a new "Option Debug" or "%Debug ON / OFF" in LotusScript that enables / disables the debugger only in this part of code (for the whole Agent / ...

Objectified XML in Lotusscript

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, xml
Dan Sickles1710 - 01 2007 / (0)
Access XML in notes items via native lotusscript:
custname = doc.body.customers[2].@name
zip = doc.body.customers[2].address.zipcode

forall state in  doc.body.customer..state
end forall
or similar.
This is doable now with dxl and e4x(Firefox, Rhino) or groovy. It would blur ...

Add some "reflection" API to LotusScript

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript
Thomas Bahn3674 - 03 2007 / (2)
In Java, there is an API to access the classes, methods, attributes itself. For example, you can get a Class using
Class x = Class.forName("classname")
and then create instances by
There lies a lot of magic in this capability!

Add the option to enable/disable a database for DAOS to the NotesDatabase.CompactWithOptions method

: Domino Designer
: daos, lotusscript, compact, notesdatabase
Ninke Westra1722 - 16 2010 / (0)
Instead of having to resort to issuing console commands to get the job done (load compact -daos on|off db.nsf)

Make task functionality with // TODO comments in Java available for LotusScript etc

: Domino Designer
: dde, java, lotusscript, tasks, comments
Phil Warner242 - 21 2010 / (1)
In Designer 8.5.1 I've added the Tasks window to the Domino perspective (Window>Show Eclipse Views>Other>General>Tasks), which will list the stuff I've still got left to do when writing Java, if I add "// TODO...etc" comment lines in my code, which is great. It would be lovely to have this feature ...

New classes for Appointments and other mail/calendar entries

: Domino Designer
: javascript, lotusscript, java, api, simplifi´cation
Michael Falstrup861 - 05 2011 / (1)
I would very much like to see some new Classes or API's if you like, that makes it easier to create Appointments, Memo's and other Mail/Calendar entries, without having to remember all the speciel fields, that have to be set. Then we could create AppointMent and memos as objects and ...

Add abstract classes and methods to LotusScript

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, oop
Thomas Bahn3674 - 03 2007 / (0)
Add abstract classes to LotusScript: These classes can't be instantiated (New Class() throws an error). There are used as superclasses only.
An abstract class usually has at least one abstract method, that is an method without an implementation. These can be called by other methods of the class, but ...

Iterable data folder

: Domino Designer
: notesdbdirectory, iterator, lotusscript
Dan Sickles1710 - 05 2007 / (0)
Make it simple to process databases by folder. NotesDBDirectory needs ti disappear under something simpler..
Apps03 = new Server("Apps03/West/ACME")
forall db in Apps03("sales/West")   //only DBs in sales/West
forall db in Apps03("sales/West/*")  //recursive under sales/West
forall db in Apps03("sales/West") if Left(db.filename,3) = "07Q"  // filtered
forall doc in Apps03("sales/West/07Q3Forecast.nsf")  //specific ...

Programmable events on backend objects

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript
Slawek Rogulski8874 - 21 2007 / (0)
TriggerHappy is great! So now I would like to see similar functionality available in the vanilla product.
For example, I woudl like to know when a document is opend, saved, copied, etc and be able to write some code as well as stop the event from finishing.

Improving Domino Designer Search

: Domino Designer
: search dialog, ui, lotusscript, design elements
Vlad Sh10448 - 04 2011 / (0)
Suggestions to improve the Search from the Designer Search menu:
  1. In the search box to add the option "Whole word".
  2. In "Scope" (Workspace, Working Set) to add "Databases" to manually select specific databases to choose from can be a specific Working Set. If the database is not selected, the ...

Expose FTI properties to LotusScript

: Domino Designer
: full-text index, lotusscript, object, method, properties
Stephen McCulloch513 - 17 2010 / (1)
The only FTI properties of notesDatabase exposed to LotusScript are .FTIndexFrequency, .IsFTIndexed, .IsMultiDbSearch and  .LastFTIndexed.
The methods, CreateFTIndex(), RemoveFTIndex() and UpdateFTIndex() also exist.
Yet the Notes Client UI shows Count unindexed documents, Size, and the FTI settings for Case sensitivity, index breaks, index attachments and index encrypted fields.

LotusScript: NotesView.AllDocuments property

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, notesview
Nikolay Yushmanov1437 - 28 2010 / (2)
Sometimes one needs to get a collection of all documents in a view. There is property NotesView.AllEntries, but there is not property NotesView.AllDocuments. It is possible to create the first sorted column with value of  1 and get all documents by Set docs = view.GetAllDocumentsByKey(1), but more convenient to use ...

Add the concept of "Interface" to LotusScript

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, oop
Thomas Bahn3674 - 03 2007 / (0)
In Java - like in other modern object-oriented programming languages - there is the concept of "Interfaces". They are like classes, but have no implemention code.
Classes cannot extend Interfaces (like a superclass), but implement them. That is, they must implement each method of the interface.

Allow parentheses without Call keyword

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript
Stan Rogers1150 - 18 2008 / (3)
Lotusscript already allows subs and methods to be called without using the Call keyword, but prohibits parentheses when the keyword is not used. Parens make it clear that one is supplying arguments to a method (the no-parens version is much less readable), but the Call keyword doesn't add any intelligence ...

Add LS function to dump variable content for error logging

: Domino Designer
: debug, lotusscript
Jan Schulz4408 - 01 2009 / (0)
A function, which prints out (recursively) names and content  of the current available variables would be a great addition to the stacktraces, you can get via OpenLog.
For notes internal classes, it should print relevant information (like the UNID for NotesDocuments)

Use CamelCase in content assist while editing LotusScript as before

: Domino Designer
: camelcase, content assist, lotusscript
Starrow Pan4716 - 28 2012 / (0)
The old LS editor inserts the API in CamelCase e.g. GetAllDocumentsByKey. The new Eclipse editor ignores the case with Getalldocumentsbykey.
Another issue is the new editor lists NotesDocumentCollection before NotesDocument.

Implement an XPath based selection API for LotusScript like in JDom

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, xml
Axel Janssen5023 - 05 2007 / (0)
In the openSource Java JDom API we can select XML-Nodes based in XPath expressions. As of Java6 there is also a jdk-api, which provides the same thing (to tired to look up for the name now). This can be VERY usefull, if you want to parse a fixed set of ...

Access any window in NotesUIWorkspace

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, notesuiworkspace, properties
Alois Gruber1706 - 16 2008 / (2)
I would appreciate properties that allow me to get access to any open window in the clients. Things like a Documents property that returns a NotesUIDocumentCollection (new class, navigation like DocumentCollection). This way I could easily get access to related documents that might already be open in the client.

Setting the "User Activity" info for a database using LotusScript

: Domino Designer
: user activity, lotusscript, notesdatabase
Patrice CHASSAING110 - 26 2010 / (0)
 As you know, it's impossible to setting the "User Activity" info for a database :
  • impossible with LotusScript
  • impossible with C API
We enjoy that there is a :
  • NotesDatabase property for that : notesDatabase.UserActivity
  • or an optionName for ...

NotesDXLImporter can SetOutput to a NotesDocumentCollection

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, dxl, notesdxlimporter
Ondrej Kostruh1208 - 30 2008 / (0)
I think it may be useful that NotesDXLImporter can set output to a NotesDocumentCollection. This way one can create notes documents in collection in memory without saving then to nsf.
It allows some simple operations over collection and can decide if they (docs) should be saved and how.

Lsi_info and the name of the module on the Client

: Domino Designer
: lsi_info, module, ls, library, lotusscript, notes client
Vlad Sh10448 - 15 2010 / (1)
It is known that Lsi_info(3), Lsi_info(13), Lsi_info(14) on the Client in the name of the module (library) returns gibberish, such as "*AB65D0".
In the agents working on the server, the same code for LS-module returns a normal read values.
Please correct the work of the above functions so that they ...

Lotusscript console/shell

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, shell
Dan Sickles1710 - 05 2007 / (1)
A console/shell for Lotusscript. That's all. In Designer and optionally embeddable in applications. We're gonna use Groovy, JRuby, Jython and Rhino too. I use python now...but only because the Lotusscript shell isn't available yet.
This and the dynamic/functional ideas posted here would give us a very powerful real-time tool.

Add Function type for variables, attributes and parameters

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript
Thomas Bahn3674 - 03 2007 / (1)
Create a new type for variables, attributes and parameters: Function (like in JavaScript).
This way you can pass functions as parameters in procedure calls, e. g. for call-back functionality.

Include Request_Content in DocumentContext for Web Service Providers

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, webservice
Niel Revelle208 - 09 2009 / (0)

In a Domino Web Service Provider you can access NotesSession.DocumentContext and see all of the CGI fields of the request, except for Request_Content.  This field is very helpful for debugging/testing.


Suggest a type when defining a variable

: Domino Designer
: variables, dim, lotusscript
Rob Goudvis6585 - 17 2009 / (0)
Sometimes (I never understood exactly when) when you define a variable in Lotusscript the system suggests a predefined type. It is never the one I want to use.
Many of us developers will always use the same name for general types, like NotesUIWorkspace or Notessession, and even application variables. ...

I wish FilePath would consistently return a relative path whenever possible

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript
Jochen Sack619 - 04 2010 / (3)
I wish NotesDatabase..FilePath would consistently return a path relative to the Notes Data folder, whenever Notes Data is on a database's path.
Currently it returns an absolute path not only for databases outside Notes Data (which is o.k. of course), but also for any local database replicas, even when they have ...

Script Debugger

: Domino Designer
: debugger, lotus script, lotusscript, lotusscript debugger
Dwain Wuerfel2755 - 18 2010 / (1)
Our admins recently created a new copy of the 8.5 mail template that I added some additional code to for automating the creation of our required connection documents and to log some user details.  Well, it has been discovered that something happened to that template which caused the $RespondedTo field to ...

A more delicatied outline for lotusscript class in the eclipse-based editor

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, editor, outline
Starrow Pan4716 - 04 2011 / (0)
The current outline in the eclipse lotusscript editor lists all the variables and methods alphabetically. It would be better to separate them or have an option to hide fields.

Optimise LotusScript Conditional evaluation

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, conditional
Mick Moignard2640 - 15 2008 / (5)
I'd like to see LS optimise the way that conditionals are evaluated and executed, which will mean that code is cleaner to read, more robust and faster.

Consider the LS conditional:

If doc.CFRDays(0) = "" Or doc.CFRDays(0) = 0 Then

This ...

Automatically register wired broker properties as view events

: Domino Designer
: composite, lotusscript, expeditor
Tim Tripcony860 - 30 2007 / (0)
Currently when a view is wired to another component in a composite application, we define the event handler in an action. Ideally each wired property would become a view event to which we can bind event handlers. For example, in the PostOpen:
On Event propertyId From Source Call handleProperty

Extra parameter to Remove and RemoveAll LS functions

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, remove, soft deletions
Bas van Gestel2808 - 05 2010 / (0)
 Add an extra optional boolean parameter "RemovePermanently"  to the Remove (doc, viewentry) and RemoveAll (doccollection, viewentrycollection).
Defaults to False and optional to not break existing code.
a) I hardly ever see RemovePermanently in code. Odd.. since Soft Deletions IMHO should be used mainly for user mistakes. Adding ...

Refinement NotesLog class

: Domino Designer
: noteslog, class, lotusscript, java
Vlad Sh10448 - 27 2009 / (0)
Good idea, but there are some disadvantages in its use. I propose:  
  • add property ParentDatabase As NotesDatabase (read/write), in which will create a log entry (it will make it possible to redefine the database into which you are recording);
  • OpenNotesLog method make returns the result As Boolean;
  • LogError, ...

Pull-parsing XML API for Lotusscript

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, xml, parser
Dan Sickles1710 - 05 2007 / (3)
And a lightweight lazy pull-parsing XML API to handle large XML docs...like Stax in java or elementtree in python. DOM and SAX are great to have but are rarely what I need. Please make enormous, huge and exceedingly large XML files easy for us.

Remove Err=4411 from NotesUIDocument.Save method

: Domino Designer
: notesuidocument, save, err, error, 4411, lotusscript, java
Vlad Sh10448 - 26 2009 / (0)
Generation of this error is useless, it also hinders. All error handling should be done in the proper place - on QuerySave.
I propose that the Save method returns the result as Boolean, it's would be very convenient and usefull.

LotusSctript: GetThreadInfo(LSI_THREAD_CALLPROC) if is called from the first procedure in the stack must return an empty string.

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, debug
Nikolay Yushmanov1437 - 27 2010 / (0)
If you call GetThreadInfo from the first procedure in the stack with parameters LSI_THREAD_CALLPROC and LSI_THREAD_PROC you'll get the same results.
I suggest, that GetThreadInfo(LSI_THREAD_CALLPROC) in that case return an empty string. It would be a symptom of the first called procedure.
It is good to use ...

Parameter [filters$] in OpenFileDialog and SaveFileDialog

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, dialogs
Vlad Sh10448 - 28 2011 / (0)
Please do so by passing an empty string in this parameter, the methods worked as well as without this parameter, that is, display filters by default.
Now is inconvenient - you have to write the conditions for the presence of a filter like this:
If Len(sFilters) = 0 Then

Extra CreateReplica parameter to select "Immediately" or not

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, createreplica
Philip Jones65 - 21 2013 / (1)
 I would love an extra parameter added to the NotesDatabase.CreateReplica method, so that the programmer can select whether to createa full replica, or just the replication stub, and allow the database to replicate fully as scheduled.  So it would become NotesDatabase.CreateReplica(newServer$, newDBFile$, CreateImmediately] where the "CreateImmediately" parameter is Boolean.

In the InputBox is impossible to catch click "Cancel"

: Domino Designer
: ls, lotusscript, inputbox, click, cancel
Vlad Sh10448 - 15 2011 / (2)
I suggest to return an empty string ("") only when the input field is empty and has been press "Ok".
On "Cancel" I propose to return Empty (it's possible, since in DDHelp stated: "The InputBox function returns a Variant containing a string."), then we can verify the result using IsEmpty(). ...

Use LotusScript libraries in xPages Server Side JavaScript

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, libraries, xpages, server side javascript
Zoltan Szabo5618 - 22 2014 / (2)
Hi All
From code reusability point of view it would be great to have the ability to call LS subs and functions from SSJS code.
Bets, Z

Domino DOM educational wiki

: Domino Designer
: domino, designer, tutorials, education, lotusscript, java, javascript
Samuel Allen488 - 29 2007 / (7)
This is applicable to the Notes and Administrator clients too, but I only get to pick one IdeaSpace.  :(
As a 'relatively' new entrant to Notes design and administration (I've only been doing it for a few years off and on), I'm incredibly frustrated by the poor learning materials ...

Recompile all Lotusscript: need the possibility to exclude some elements

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, recompile, exclude
Sjef Bosman2089 - 14 2008 / (2)
When a database contains LotusScript libraries created from an LSS-file, by using the %Include directive, the library can no longer be compiled.
I'd like an option in the Designer to specify that a certain library cannot be recompiled, in order to prevent useless error messages.

Continue statement in LotusScript

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, loops
Vladimir Kocjancic305 - 09 2008 / (10)
The thing I have been missing all this years is a Continue statement in loops, like there is one in C. Sure, you can do a label at start and then just use goto statement, but it would be much nicer and user friendly to just use one statement to ...


: Domino Designer
: documentcollection, search, java, lotusscript, api
Vlad Sh10448 - 10 2012 / (0)
Work on the interface (XPages) - very good, but would like to not forget about the improvement of  Domino  API.
I beg to add the ability to search in collection of documents using @formulas, by analogy to Database.search(). The FtSearch method is inconvenient for programming and not as flexible.

I wish evaluate() would throw errors (again)

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, error
Mike Woolsey5040 - 05 2014 / (0)
Im not sure where an @formula error goes now, but it doesnt seem to show up throwing an error. It seems to return some kind of "almost an overflow" return value when I run "@error" now.
I wish itd throw an error, or return something that can be understood ...

Lightweight "Spacebased programming"

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, formula, java
Alois Gruber1706 - 28 2008 / (1)
Spacebased programming is a concept for loosly coupled systems and has a small set of functions. Within Java there are implementations of JavaSpaces. IBM has TSpaces for that. Commercial products in the field offer far more functionality than I think for. For Notes, I would use it ...

Subclass/Redefine product classes

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, oo, oop
Slawek Rogulski8874 - 21 2007 / (5)
I would love to be able to subclass product classes such as
    Class MyNotesDocument as NotesDocument
    End Class
And better yet, I would love to be able to redefine the build in class a la Ruby/Smalltalk. That way every time I ask for a NotesDocument I get my ...

Remove Err=4469 from NotesDocumentCollection.AddDocument method

: Domino Designer
: notesdocumentcollection, adddocument, err, error, 4469, lotusscript, java
Vlad Sh10448 - 27 2009 / (0)
I propose that it's method returns the result as Boolean, is quite enough. It is better add to Desinner Help describe the situations where the method may return False, and this:
  • getting NotesDocument object from another instance of the NotesDabatase object;
  • addition duplicate of document.
Generating the error ...

J2LS wrapper to assist migration from IBM Domino to Java

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript
Mark Demicoli11797 - 25 2013 / (1)
Countless trillions of lines LotusScript-based business logic will remain on lifesupport way into the next millenium unless there is a realistic migration path that will encourage the adoption of Java-based platforms as we drag ourselves away from Lotus Domino via XPages.
I don't think that technically this would be ...

Add namespaces/packages to LotusScript

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, oop
Thomas Bahn3674 - 03 2007 / (0)
For bigger applications, OO frameworks, reusable components in other OO language there is a concept of namespaces or packages.
This would be useful in LotusScript, too.

Extend the NotesDatabase class to have a CreateFolder method

: Domino Designer
: enhancement, lotusscript, notesdatabase
Ken Haggman598 - 05 2011 / (6)
Currently, the NotesDatabase class has no method for creation of new folders.
There is a method for creating a new view, but not a folder.
It is possible to use the C API (the folderCreate API) to do this from LotusScript - I have successfully used it on numerous occasions ...

Allow mulitple declarations of the same constant in LotusScript

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript
Thomas Bahn3674 - 03 2007 / (2)
If you %Import e.g. errconst.lss in some script libraries and Use them in one place, the compiler complains, that a constant with the same name is already declared.
This is right and prevents some "evil" effects, but results in a basic script library to %Import all lss-files to be ...

Saving shared actions should run error processing

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, error
Ondrej Kostruh1208 - 06 2008 / (1)
Saving shared actions (with LS) should run compiler a do all error processing analogous to agents, script libraries, etc.

Incomprehensible restriction (Err=4418) on QueryOpen

: Domino Designer
: err, error, 4418, queryopen, notesuiworkspace, dialog, dialogbox, lotusscript
Vlad Sh10448 - 02 2009 / (1)
This restriction exists for the following methods NotesUIWorkspace class: PickListCollection, PickListStrings, Prompt, URLOpen, EditDocument, SaveFileDialog, OpenFileDialog. Its meaning is not clear, because DialogBox allowed, and he calmly executed?!!
I propose to remove this restriction, without him it will be very convenient to choose something, but, for example, if you cancel ...

Use correct scope and give less "Duplicate PUBLIC name" errors

: Domino Designer
: scope, namespace, lotusscript, global variables, libraries
Hendrik Jan van Meerveld729 - 02 2009 / (0)
 Lotusscript should correctly use scope to decide which variables to use.
The following code now gives the error "Duplicate PUBLIC name GWS in USE module test2"
Libraries test1 and test2 both contain:
> (declarations)
>    Dim gWs As NotesUIWorkspace
>    Dim gSes As NotesSession

Improvement Prompt for ChooseDatabase (type=13)

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, @function, prompt, notesuiworkspace, choosedatabase, 13
Vlad Sh10448 - 24 2009 / (0)
Objects of review:
@Prompt( [style] : [NoSort] ; title ; prompt ; defaultChoice ; choiceList ; filetype )
variant = NotesUIWorkspace.Prompt( type%, title$, prompt$ [, default ] [, values ] )
For type=13 propose:
  1. Unify NUIWs.Prompt, adding the missing parameter filetype, so you can specify the type of the ...

Generate Shell Web Service based on a Notes form

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, java, webservice
Steven Rieger47 - 07 2008 / (1)
I am curious if there is any interest i the community for a Notes based tool that generates a shell webservice in either LotusScript or Java for a selected Notes Form.
Using a simplistic UI to select a Notes Database then Form and some simple options like key field(s), ...

New view/folder property for associating an image resource

: Domino Designer
: icons, properties, lotusscript, newidea
Randy Smith3913 - 29 2007 / (0)

OK, I'm not talking about associating an image resource to a "named" view/folder in an outline entry. This works great when you can access the actual view/folder design note at design time. What I would like to see is a way to programmatically associate an ...


Ability to determine who has a document "soft locked" from LotusScript

: Domino Designer
: lock, document, lotusscript
Michael Sobczak2969 - 12 2007 / (2)
With Notes 6, the Domino server will prevent two users from editing the same document in the Notes client.  Awesome.  Additionally, the NotesDocument.CopyToDatabase method will not allow a document currently being edited to be copied.  Why can't we tell via the NotesDocument properties who has a document open in edit ...

Provide Parity Between LotusScript and Java

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, java
Peter Presnell26659 - 25 2008 / (2)
I would like to see the choice of programming Notes applications with either LotusScript or Java become more one of personal preference rather than significant differences in functional capabilities.  To achieve this we need to enhance the LotusScript language to provide some of the things Java can already do (e.g. polymorphism) ...

Use return instead of function name to return a value

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript
Rob van den Heuvel364 - 05 2008 / (2)
Currently you let a LotusScript function return a value like this:
function myFunctionName()
    ' do something
    myFunctionName = returnvalue
End function
I want to be able to do something like this:
function myFunctionName()     ' do something      return returnvalue End function

Parity between Java/JavaScript and LotusScript

: Domino Designer
: development, lotusscript, java, javascript
Samuel Allen488 - 30 2007 / (5)
It would be really nice if when IBM tells new developers that they can start developing for Lotus Notes using the language that their most familiar with, the actual act of developing for the platform didn't require them to learn ALL the languages because LotusScript, Java, JavaScript, and @Formula work ...

Add a optional parameter REFItemName for work with hierarchies of responses

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, @function
Vlad Sh10448 - 23 2009 / (0)
REFItemName = "$REF" by default or omit this parameter.

apply to following methods:
Call notesDocument.MakeResponse(document As NotesDocument, [ REFItemName As String ])
Set notesDocumentCollection = notesDocument.Responses( [ REFItemName As String ] )
@Command([ComposeWithReference]; server : database ; form ; flags ; [ REFItemName ]) ...

dynamic methods in lotusscript like the notesDocument class

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, oop, dynamic, method, expansion
Alois Gruber1706 - 28 2008 / (4)
Just as NotesDocument supports dynamic Methods that give access to Items it would be a powerful extension to own classes in LotusScript. It might be implemented similar to the new/delete constructor/destructor as methods with specific names, parameters could be passed as variant array (or new Class called ScriptParameterCollection)
sub ...

Allow us to write in one place "On Error Goto..." for all LotusScript

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, error
Fedor Belov861 - 04 2007 / (7)
Why do I need to write
"On Error Goto ErrorLab
Exit Function  ErrorLab: Call CommonError Exit Function End Function" in each function/sub? Let me to write this code in one place and extend it to all LotusScript errors at any Function/Sub


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