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Option to use icons in buttons

: Domino Designer
: button, forms, icons, icon, graphics
Patrick Kwinten22018 - 08 2008 / (1)
Notes (Hotspot) buttons are pretty dull.
The option to use an icon/image could improve the user experience.
The support for 'Notes client only' would already be an improvement.

I wish collapsable sections could be expanded/collapsed programatically.

: Domino Designer
: forms
Eric Wilson1606 - 07 2008 / (2)
This is long overdue: The ability to programmatically expand and collapse sections.  It's a difficult limitation to work around.

Enhance/Extend/Modernize Controls for Forms

: Domino Designer
: forms
Peter Presnell26659 - 26 2009 / (1)
The view and form design elements are the single most used design elements within Notes.  Even with Xpages I expect it will be a long time before it gets even close to have the same level of adoption/use.  For the next major release of Notes (9.0?) I would like to ...

NotesNewsletter improvements

: Domino Designer
: notesnewsletter, forms
Patrick Kwinten22018 - 19 2007 / (1)

I worked recently on an application where people could subscribe to a Newsletter, which was basically a NotesDocumentCollection transformed as a NotesNewsLetter.

Some problems I faced where:

- you can only specify 1 SubjectItemName. Multiple options/fields presented in a nice table would be much more nice.

- when creating the final document to ...


Support the coloring of a checkbox

: Domino Designer
: checkbox, color, gui, forms, fields, field
Patrick Kwinten22018 - 01 2008 / (0)
I guess this is more a fix than an idea, but never late then never:
If I select a color for a checkbox field it is not supported (mines become standard black)
Bold and italic is supported...

Improve alignment of parts on a form

: Domino Designer
: forms, layout, alignment
Rob Goudvis6585 - 16 2009 / (1)
I would like to see that it would be easier to control the alignment of elements on a form. There are alreay a number of techniques, but many of them are so superficial and sometimes very hard to modify later.
A sample: I have a table cell with an ...

Make refresh on keyword change drive specific fields

: Domino Designer
: fields, forms, designer
Scott Cochrane1949 - 22 2008 / (4)
Lotus Notes designer is good .. you can get stuff done way quicker due to all the options you have .. often just a check box.  The down side is that sometimes you lose that bit of flexibility.
Like when you want to refresh fields on keyword change .. ...

NotesUIScheduler Control for XPages

: Domino Designer
: forms, xpages
Avinash K200 - 04 2011 / (0)
I have been struggling this for now. Can we have a dojo control equivalent for NotesUIScheduler just like we have it in our Notes client where we just need to pass additional parameters to check the availability of room/resources.
Similarly if we want to levergae this feature in ...

Disable "instant corrections" when working on forms in Domino Designer

: Domino Designer
: instant corrections, forms
Rob Porter669 - 09 2011 / (1)
If you've enabled any of the options under "instant corrections" in your Notes Client spell check preferences then these are applied when you work on a form in the Designer Client too. The most annoying of these is "Capitalize first letter of every sentence" - a feature you really don't ...

Enhance the objects list when viewing a form to include field type

: Domino Designer
: dde, designer, objects, forms, ui
Joseph Hoetzl4703 - 31 2009 / (0)
When viewing the Objects list for a form in designer, instead of just fieldname (Field), tell me what kind of field "(Field)" is.
e.g. (Field - Text)

Option to display a document within a frameset

: Domino Designer
: form, forms, frameset, frame
Patrick Kwinten22018 - 20 2007 / (2)
for the Notes client I sometimes think it is strange that you can present a view within a frame, but as soon as you open a document it breaks out of the frame and is presented in new tab window.
if you compare it to the web at least ...

view creation helper/wizard based on one or more forms

: Domino Designer
: views, forms
Slawek Rogulski8874 - 14 2007 / (0)
Provide a helper/wizard to create a view based one or more forms.
While having one or more forms highlighted I can click a button to create a view that will show documents created with these forms. When I open this view creation wiazard I can further refine which forms ...


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Better control over horizontal outlines
Implement "Live Scrolling" in Mail Views
Develop and open source a high quality framework for new DBs
InViewEdit - option to show <Ctrl-click here to add new document> at top of view
AJAX Suggest to work off Full Text search
Email Chaser View
Integrate Quickr Connectors into the Lotus Notes install, just as is done for Sametime
Fix the bug of @BrowserInfo
Push out Notes.ini parameters with a Desktop policy
Have Ctrl-T open a new browser tab in the Notes Client
Connect to more than one Sametime server in Notes client
Clear All Breakpoints
Include Request_Content in DocumentContext for Web Service Providers
Ability to detach and remove file attachments from multiple emails at once
Control integrated Sametime status settings
Extend options to set preferences for Rich Text
Add @DialogBox, @PickList and @Prompt for x-pages
HTML validation and accessibility for XPages
Add 'Move to My Contacts' button to the form
Stationary usable in reply and forward of emails
Copy text to the clipboard from the Properties dialog - especially the Replica ID
Publish API to work with calendar items, tasks and contacts

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