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Add color to the lotusscript debugger screen

: Domino Designer
: debugger, appearance, color, designer, lotusscript
Tim Paque2757 - 20 2008 / (4)

Use color in the debugger as it is seen in the editor.

We often spend enough time viewing our code in color that when we get to the debugger, the plain black and white makes it harder to recognize certain parts of your code.


Application (Database) Block List for Debugger

: Domino Designer
: debugger, client, designer
Joseph Hoetzl4703 - 26 2008 / (9)
As the user, designer, administrator of our Notes environment, I frequently have all 3 loaded. 
I'd really like an app/db block list so that when I have the "Debug Lotusscript" option enabled and I need to check my mail, or something else, that I could have a list of db/apps ...

LS Debugger: display more than 255 document fields per NotesDocument

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, debugger
Mick Moignard2640 - 07 2008 / (3)
It would be a great help if the LS debugger could show more than 255 fields for NotesDocuments.   Can I suggest that the fieldlist be split with colapsible headings for each field start-letter, with only those letters which start fieldnames being shown; in that way fields would be easy to ...

Allow access to Designer/Notes/Admin Clients while debugging

: Domino Designer
: debugger
Slawek Rogulski8874 - 17 2008 / (6)
Currently the debugger takes over while it is active. I would like to have access to Designer/Help DB/Notes/etc while the debugger is running.

code editing while debugging

: Domino Designer
: debugger, lotusscript
Alois Gruber1706 - 28 2007 / (3)
being able to edit code while debugging would be great, it would even be better if this code is being recompiled dynamically and debugging is continued with modified code at the current line. I am quite sure that many developers know this situation where you "see" that an error will ...

Debugger improvements

: Domino Designer
: debugger
Slawek Rogulski8874 - 18 2008 / (6)

Debugger should start only on breakpoints

: Domino Designer
: debugger
Hynek Kobelka8110 - 27 2007 / (1)
Right now if you enable the debugger then the debugging process starts every time a new object (database,view,document + each subform) which contains LotusScript code is opened. This can get quite annoying if you want to test a specific button inside a document full of subforms, because you have to ...

debug on conditional breakpoint

: Domino Designer
: debugger, condition, lotuscript
Alois Gruber1706 - 07 2009 / (2)
when debugging scripts with many iterations of a specific task (e.g. importing data, processing all docs in a view, ...) I often have a situation where I want to debug only if a certain condition is met, e.g. in the import data line a field contains the value xyz. It ...

Debugger default tab

: Domino Designer
: debugger, tab, default
Sjef Bosman2089 - 27 2007 / (1)
Not a very original one, but it still bugs me why the first tab I get when the debugger stops somewhere is the Breakpoints tab. Pretty useless information, usually.
I'd like to vote for (many) more Designer options. One would be to be allowed to indicate the default tab ...

Allow resetting the code execution point in the debugger

: Domino Designer
: debugger, lotusscript
Charles Robinson5466 - 06 2007 / (1)
I would like to be able to reset the next line of code that will execute in the LotusScript debugger.  This could be useful when:
1)  You change a scalar value in the debugger and need to have a section of code re-execute
2)  You change data in a ...

Lotus Script Debugger - debug only selected object

: Domino Designer
: debugger, lotusscript, designer, event, object
Zoltan Szabo5618 - 17 2011 / (2)
The debugger should only debug the selected database and the selected event.
Everybody knows the situation when you debug a code, and you would like to read your mail, or look into the help....pressing continue button hundreed times.
Or you would like only debug a button, but you need ...

Lotus Designer script debugger window vertical split

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript debugger, split view, lotusscript, enhancement, debugger, debugger, designer, appearance
Zoltan Szabo5618 - 23 2011 / (1)
As screens are now mostly wide, it would be great to change the Script Debugger window to vertical split.
Left: code
Rigth: debugg info
Also when You open a large object, eg: notesDocument, then it's hard to review it, because You need to scroll.

Debugger for Java

: Domino Designer
: java, debugger
Hynek Kobelka8110 - 02 2007 / (3)
Most developers are used to Lotus-Script. They would not have much of a problem to write scripts in Java. The general syntax can be learned in a few hours and the main knowledge lies actually in the object-modell of the Notes-Classes, which are identical to LotusScript. However what ...

Debugger keep breakpoints in correct lines

: Domino Designer
: debugger, lotusscript, lotusscript debugger, breakpoints
Zoltan Szabo5618 - 23 2011 / (1)
Keep the breakpoints in the corresct lines after the code is changed! 
Now If you add a new line into the code, breakpoints are remaining in the same line number, but that is not the correct line as it was moved up or down.

On demand enabling the LotusScript debugger

: Domino Designer
: debugger, lotusscript
Thorsten Seidel665 - 22 2011 / (2)
It would be great to generally leave the debugger off, but to enable it on demand within a script.
I suggest a new "Option Debug" or "%Debug ON / OFF" in LotusScript that enables / disables the debugger only in this part of code (for the whole Agent / ...

Add a "Sleep" button to the debugger button bar

: Domino Designer
: debugger
Mark Demicoli11797 - 27 2010 / (3)
Pressing "Continue" means "Continue within current module / event".  So if you have accidentally left debugger on and go to open a memo, you have to press continue 10 times and lose a few hairs.
In any case, you might know when you want debugger to kick in (eg ...

LotusScript: Generic 'core dump' error handler

: Domino Designer
: debugger, lotuscript, error
Mark Demicoli11797 - 12 2009 / (1)
On error, produce a 'core dump' of all defined variables, objects, and a call trace.
The 'core dump' might provide a limited (one-level) listing of defined objects with their property values, and all local and global variable values.  Going down more than one level might end up with a ...

Agent: "Run With Debugger" menu option & hotkey

: Domino Designer
: agent, debugger
Mark Demicoli11797 - 26 2010 / (2)
It would be handy to be able to select "Run with Debugger" from the context menu of an agent in design mode.


Script Debugger

: Domino Designer
: debugger, lotus script, lotusscript, lotusscript debugger
Dwain Wuerfel2755 - 18 2010 / (1)
Our admins recently created a new copy of the 8.5 mail template that I added some additional code to for automating the creation of our required connection documents and to log some user details.  Well, it has been discovered that something happened to that template which caused the $RespondedTo field to ...

Set scope for debugger

: Domino Designer
: debug lotus notes designer, debugger, debugger
Christopher Boote6132 - 20 2013 / (1)
By default, limit the scope of debugger to the database it was started in
It's SUCH a pain to be debugging code, then have to open the help, or write an email, and click 'continue' umpteen times


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