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Work with attachments in LotusScript without detaching

: Domino Designer
: attachments, lotusscript
Slawek Rogulski9372 - 29 2007 / (0)
Especially when I have an XML type attachment or some text attachment I would like to be able to work with it directly inside script. I don't want to have to detatch the attachment. If I process some XML and end up changing it I woud like to be able ...

Make it easier to get attachment name(s) from a specific field

: Domino Designer
: attachments
Patrick Kwinten21314 - 29 2010 / (0)
When you have multiple rich text (lite) fields it becomes cumbersome to re-use the attachments for each specific field.
Something like:
@AttachmentNames( FIELDNAME )
would make things much easier.

Add NotesDocument.Import

: Domino Designer
: import, attachments
Peter Presnell28487 - 22 2009 / (0)
Presently the only way to import an attachment into a richtext field using LotusScript is using the foreground NotesUIDocument.Import method.  Like many foreground methods this is messy as it requires the document to be open on the user's screen, can be interupted via keystrokes, causes the imported text to appear ...

Thumbnails for manage the images

: Domino Designer
: thumbnail, images, attachments, native
daniele grillo788 - 30 2008 / (0)
For me it's a nice feature to implements a native LS code for manage a thumbnails of attachments images, so that I can't use other freeware/shareware tool for this.
Another feature is that the attach images are visibile in thumbnaling in the view column.

Have bytes (K/M/G) as optional number format for a field.

: Domino Designer
: bytes, filesize, attachments, number, field
Patrick Kwinten21314 - 11 2010 / (0)
just like available as in the column options....

NotesRichTextItem.ImportFile() to import a file to a specified (richtext) field

: Domino Designer
: designer, notesrichtext class, attachments, import
Kenneth Axi2537 - 04 2011 / (0)
Today when You need to import a file to a NotesDocument, the only way is to go through the NotesEmbeddedObject class, which will result in the attachment to be placed at the bottom of the form. I would like to see an improvement so that I can import any file ...

Access to image files, located in database documents from computed-text html

: Domino Designer
: html, attachments, <img>
Pavel S679 - 21 2010 / (0)
Access to image files, located in database documents from computed html, by IMG tag.
like this:  [<img src=notes://server/db.nsf/0/2345345345/image.gif?openattachment>]

Editing Attachment on the web

: Domino Designer
: web, attachments, save
gregory boquet152 - 03 2008 / (0)
On Notes client, we could edit and save an attachment but we couldn't on the web
except if we save attachment on a disk
It could be good if we can editing a word document abd save without extracting this document...for instance


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