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Multi Language Support

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: applications
Ulrich Krause5701 - 28 2007 / (0)
All labels for Buttons, ViewHeaders, TableTabs should be computed for display ( Client and Web ).
This would make it easy to develop multi language applications without using the Global Workbench.
You can change the label for a view action at runtime but you cannot change the view headers label.

Better color management

: Domino Designer
: ui, designer, applications, database, color
Martin Vereecken1895 - 22 2007 / (0)
The standard RGB color picker is just not enough for real application development.  It would be better if the color schemes for an application can be stored in the application itself.  Then, when developing, the stored colors in the database are the ones that can be picked easily (not the ...

Provide the ability to lock a column, row (document), or category when scrolling.

: Domino Designer
: applications, column
Alan Lepofsky8175 - 03 2007 / (0)
I think it would lead to some really cool view designs if developers could lock certain elements in place.

Set Default New Application Font Family

: Domino Designer
: applications
Keith Strickland885 - 29 2007 / (0)
Be able to define a default font family to be used across the application. Currently when you create a new form you have to either set the font family. You have to do the same with outlines, view columns, pages, etc. It would be nice to be able to define ...

Fix application title in applications pane while scrolling

: Domino Designer
: scroll, title, applications
Bas van Gestel2994 - 30 2010 / (0)
When working on a set of multiple applications with many design elements it is hard to scroll through to the right design element in the right application. Mainly because if you have expanded e.g. the views and forms it is a lot to scroll through.
It would be nice ...

Do not add application to application pane/working set when viewing agents

: Domino Designer
: view agent, applications
Bas van Gestel2994 - 02 2011 / (0)
 When I choose "View > Agents" the enitre application is loaded in the DDE, it is also prompted to be added to the current working set.
When I want to open the app in Designer I will choose View > Design.
So please just open the agent list ...


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