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Autosave for Domino Designer

: Domino Designer
: save, dde
Peter Presnell26659 - 03 2010 / (1)
I now have the option of autosave in the Notes client which can be really useful when typing long documents and (shock horror) the Notes client crashes.  I would also love to see this same capability added to Domino Designer.  Unfornately it is even more likely that the Designer client might ...

Ability to grab UNID before first save

: Domino Designer
: unid, save
Jaime Bisgrove186 - 01 2007 / (1)

I would like the ability to get a handle to the current document's UNID BEFORE it is saved for the first time. Currently if you grab the UNID prior to its first save, the UNID changes on save and rightfully so. I understand I could save onload via a wqo or ...


When switching ID's, make the save form warning more helpful

: Domino Designer
: save, id
Phil Warner485 - 26 2011 / (0)
I have two ID's and switch between them using location documents several times a day. When I do that it closes all open tabs in designer. If one of the design elements is not saved I get a warning along the lines of "would you like to save this form". ...

Add a 'Save and Replicate' option to Designer

: Domino Designer
: save, domino designer
Paul Hudson1030 - 25 2009 / (3)
I always work on locale replicas. So it would be great if there was a new option that saved the current design and then replicated it to the last selected server I used in one action. It would probably help me stave off a repetitive strain injury due to the ...

Editing Attachment on the web

: Domino Designer
: web, attachments, save
gregory boquet129 - 03 2008 / (0)
On Notes client, we could edit and save an attachment but we couldn't on the web
except if we save attachment on a disk
It could be good if we can editing a word document abd save without extracting this document...for instance

Remove Err=4411 from NotesUIDocument.Save method

: Domino Designer
: notesuidocument, save, err, error, 4411, lotusscript, java
Vlad Sh10448 - 26 2009 / (0)
Generation of this error is useless, it also hinders. All error handling should be done in the proper place - on QuerySave.
I propose that the Save method returns the result as Boolean, it's would be very convenient and usefull.

Make Ctrl+s work whereever it should when editing XPages in Designer

: Domino Designer
: ctrl+s, xpage, save
Starrow Pan4716 - 04 2011 / (2)
Till 8.5.2, after you modify some attributes e.g. scripts in the data binding attribute, Designer acknowledges the current XPage has been modifed and the SAVE button is valid, but pressing Ctrl+S has no effect.
The comments showed someone misunderstood my meaning, so I added "in Designer" to the title. My ...


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