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Locate field in Designer

: Domino Designer
: designer, locate, field
Starrow Pan5103 - 15 2008 / (0)
It's always a tedious job to find a field given its name especially when the form was designed by someone else and even so when it's a complex form.
An intuitive way can be to sort the fields alphabetically in the object list (also display the fields and other elements ...

Ability to mark a field as required without having to code

: Domino Designer
: required, field
Bruce Elgort12540 - 21 2007 / (0)
Provide the ability to check off a box on the field properties box that indicates that the field is required.  Also provide a UI clue that the field is in fact required.  See screenshot.

Allow only numbers in a number field

: Domino Designer
: number, fields, field
Bastian Wieczorek8390 - 29 2008 / (0)
Why can the user enter some non-number characters in a number field? Why isn´t this blocked just in time? It should be possible
Only when he save the form/document he will get a "cannot convert text to number" error message and this produces some user-frustrations.
What I would ...

Names Fields Display Formats

: Domino Designer
: names, field, readers, authors, fields
Nasir Javed1291 - 06 2007 / (0)
In workflow applications we often need to save Fully Qualified names in Readers/Authors/Names type fields in order to reduce name ambiguities e.g. “Joe User/dev/demo” or “Joe User/adm/demo” however for display purposes people like to have “Joe User” only instead of complete fully qualified ...

Copy attributes between elements

: Domino Designer
: copy, attribute, field, form, design, designer
Mark Haller1299 - 22 2008 / (0)
It would be great if it was possible to copy attributes of a selected element in Designer and "paint" it onto other elements, much the way Format Painter does in Office products.
I'm thinking selecting a field and grabbing the "Computed for Display" property and being able to "paint" ...

Add Properties to Field Class in LotusScript

: Domino Designer
: field, class, properties, lotusscript
Don McNally1424 - 12 2008 / (0)
The Field class in LotusScript only contains events.  It would be great if it contained properties like Value (read/write) to make it easier to manipulate in the events.  For example, if I want to handle the OnChange event in the client, I can use LotusScript but I have to write a ...

Have an visual indicator in a field how the data in it is being generated?

: Domino Designer
: field, fields
Patrick Kwinten21314 - 11 2007 / (0)
can we have an visual indicator on a field in designer which shows us HOW the data for a field is being generated?
something like E for editable, CFD for computed for display, CWC for computed when composed etcetera.
nowadays we have an indicator which shows us what ...

Provide type-ahead on standard fields like the Notes 8 names lookup

: Domino Designer
: field, type-ahead
Scott Cochrane1847 - 18 2008 / (0)
I think there are similar ideas for this but I'm not sure its totally covered....
Basically when you use the type-ahead on the Notes 8 To email field - you find it very useful very quickly.
So it'd be nice to have something similar for standard notes dialog ...

Use @Formula to change field font color

: Domino Designer
: @formula, fonts, color, field
Hendrik Jan van Meerveld812 - 01 2009 / (1)
Make it possible to change the font color or background color of a field using @Formula.
You could for example warn the user if a required field is empty by changing the backgroundcolor,
Color formula:
red := 255:150:150;
black := 0:0:0;
@If( fieldvalue=""; red:black )

label property for fields/items

: Domino Designer
: field, label
Paul Davies13558 - 11 2008 / (0)
I would like to see a property of a field that can be used to set it's 'plain language' label.
It could be accessed via @ThisLabel or by item.label
This would be useful in any formula/script that needs to display a plain language description to the user, i.e. validation messages....

Add value/prevValue properties to a field

: Domino Designer
: field, properties, lotusscript
Slawek Rogulski9372 - 26 2007 / (0)
When I write code in a field event that give me a source parameter that represents the current field I would like to be able to get the current value of the field by simply doing this
and to return the previous value of the field (if any) ...

Search Field Name Or Opening of Field Properties box by Providing field name.

: Domino Designer
: field, search
Nasir Javed1291 - 05 2007 / (0)

Scenario: If you have many hidden fields on your form and you want to change the properties of any hidden field, often it becomes really very difficult to physically locate that field to change the properties. This becomes more difficult if you have couple of subforms and you don't know ...


Support the coloring of a checkbox

: Domino Designer
: checkbox, color, gui, forms, fields, field
Patrick Kwinten21314 - 01 2008 / (0)
I guess this is more a fix than an idea, but never late then never:
If I select a color for a checkbox field it is not supported (mines become standard black)
Bold and italic is supported...

Have bytes (K/M/G) as optional number format for a field.

: Domino Designer
: bytes, filesize, attachments, number, field
Patrick Kwinten21314 - 11 2010 / (0)
just like available as in the column options....

Form Fields

: Domino Designer
: field, properties
Dwain Wuerfel2555 - 08 2011 / (0)
It would be nice if there could be some type of indication on the field, like there is for Authors/Readers, when you have the field, on standard forms, as computed, computed for display, or computed when composed and on xpages as Visible/Not Visible, Read Only/Not Read Only, and Disabled/Not Disabled.

Input enabled formula should not change the text color (at least not in the read mode)

: Domino Designer
: text color, input enabled, field
Lasse Jarvinen894 - 30 2010 / (0)
When input enable formula returns false the text on the field becomes tan (even in read mode). It makes the text hard to read even on white background. The selected text color should remain at least in read mode or there should be possibility to select the text color when input ...

Copy field properties in a table in clipboard memory

: Domino Designer
: clipboard, properties, field
Patrick Kwinten21314 - 03 2012 / (0)
 Just very hard to read all the properties without scrolling. copying them to compare them is even more difficult. A simple 'copy properties to clipboard' would be an improvement.

Special field remember old data. Configurable!

: Domino Designer
: field, remember, data
Robert Ibsen Voith4057 - 26 2008 / (0)
Imagine that the field properties contains "Remember old data" checkboxes with several options;
  • With date, ident and data
  • With date and data
  • With data
Since this is a field property, Notes will create a special field behind the scenes, for example on the format;
$History<original field name>

DalogList field: make view selection list wider

: Domino Designer
: dialoglist, field
Lasse Jarvinen894 - 19 2011 / (0)
When you make a new DialogList type of field and select option "Use view dialog for choices", the view selection list below is way too small. It shows only few letters from the beginning of the view name which, in some cases, makes it hard to select the right view ...

Option to display field names in a document

: Domino Designer
: field, fields, designer, ui, tags
Martin Vereecken1895 - 22 2007 / (0)
Did you ever open a document and wonder where a specific field is used? Of course, you can open a form in Designer, but then you don't see the value.  So you'll have to go back to the client, look at that spot where you find your field and see ...

UI only editable fields

: Domino Designer
: ui, field
Slawek Rogulski9372 - 07 2008 / (0)
This would be an editable field that would not be saved. Essentially it's an area where I can edit some data and then have it parsed or in some way processed but the field itself would not be saved. It would exist only when the document is opened for editing.

I would love it if while creating a view I could select a form and have notes create a view with all of the fields in that form.

: Domino Designer
: view, field
Carl Rizzo1674 - 07 2010 / (0)
This would be extremely useful when I am creating a view with many fields.  Especially when that view is specifically used for importing data.  Thank You.

Make null numeric values zero?

: Domino Designer
: numeric, number, field
Ben Poole2370 - 07 2008 / (0)
Having just spent an age in maintenance mode tracking down a dodgy numeric field in a MASSIVE form, a simple suggestion for the Notes team is that if a numeric field is empty (i.e. in doc properties its value is ""), treat that as being the same as zero for ...

Choosing a Notes field type from an alphabetically sorted list

: Domino Designer
: field, types, sort
Cristian D'Aloisio1368 - 19 2008 / (0)
Whenever I insert/modify  a field on a form, I would like to choose the field type (text, number, etc) from a sorted list,
not like the usual field type list you can see even in R8 (see my attachment).
Maybe some Notes programmers are now used to that list, ...

A sequence number field..

: Domino Designer
: designer, field
Scott Cochrane1847 - 24 2007 / (0)
Hows about a new field for designer that is a sequence number (similar to an identity field on sql server/db2 etc).
So you could add a new field to a form and select datatype 'Sequence Number'.  It auto-generates a sequence number in this field for every document that is ...


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