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Full DXL round-trip of DESIGN ELEMENTS

: Domino Designer
: dxl, design, database
Rocky Oliver1843 - 26 2008 / (2)
There is another idea for Full DXL Round-trip, but it is for both design and data. This idea hopes to take smaller bites of the elephant that is DXL support. Lotus should begin by making design elements 100% round-trippable in the next version of Notes. This would open many doors ...

Overhaul the Replace Design Dialog

: Domino Designer
: designer, design, template, dialog
Richard Schwartz4594 - 04 2007 / (0)
Let us navigate the folder hierarchy when selecting a template.  Let us browse outside the data directory.  At a very minimum, even without a hiearcichal view, let us display titles, template names, filenames and dates, and sort on any of them!  Let us filter by type (NTF, master template, and ...

Allow all icons to confirm to the .ICO defacto standard.

: Domino Designer
: icons, aesthetics, standards, design, interface
Andrew Pollack2817 - 23 2007 / (0)
Lots of people have posted things about adding more colors or size to the icons.  Good, but incomplete.
Icons - including database, workspace page, toolbar, and bookmarks -- should allow you to specify a standard windows (supported by linux and mac also after a fashion) icon (.ico) files.   These ...

Copy attributes between elements

: Domino Designer
: copy, attribute, field, form, design, designer
Mark Haller1299 - 22 2008 / (0)
It would be great if it was possible to copy attributes of a selected element in Designer and "paint" it onto other elements, much the way Format Painter does in Office products.
I'm thinking selecting a field and grabbing the "Computed for Display" property and being able to "paint" ...

Private Views - Inherit Design Changes

: Domino Designer
: private, view, inherit, design, change
Andrew McCann255 - 15 2008 / (0)
Using Private Views in Lotus Notes has always been a bit of a double edge sword.

They do have their obvious benefits and can work fantastically. Unfortunately they have their limitations, which on paper would be quite easily resolved with a little work.

The problem ...

Book proposal: IBM Lotus User Interface matters

: Domino Designer
: book proposals, ui, design, oneui
Patrick Kwinten21314 - 15 2010 / (0)
This is response to Ben Langhinrichics' request for book proposals.
This book discusses real world scenarios for XPage application. It provides examples & tips on how to build attractive interfaces for your Domino applications using IBM Lotus User Interface.
If you happen to have questions when to ...

Allow Subform ABOVE the Actionbar

: Domino Designer
: form, subform, actionbar, ui, design
Theo Heselmans9557 - 14 2008 / (0)
A lot of websites have a menubar/actionbar below the banner/logo/title. This gives the user a better experience, and looks nicer too. Notes currently has the actionbar always at the top.
I propose to have a setting in the actionbar to define/compute an optional subform to put above the actionbar.
When ...

Better control over what gets displayed as possible values for Names fields

: Domino Designer
: form, design
Dietmar Dumke871 - 03 2008 / (0)
To avoid user errors, give form designers control what types of addressbook entries will be selectable for a given Names/Readers/Authors field. E.g. to define that for a SendTo field should appear only entries which are mailable; in a field which controls document access should appear only entries which can control ...

Decent (error) report when trying to refresh a design

: Domino Designer
: design, refresh, template
Patrick Kwinten21314 - 24 2008 / (0)

When a design refresh initiated via the Designer client fails one of the few ways to see 'what' and 'where' things went wrong is the statusbar.

Not really a helpful way of reporting and a bad start to start your research in the cause.


Note: the attached file does ...


Need an @ThisFieldHelp Function

: Domino Designer
: design, @function, new, help
Bob Brodsky300 - 13 2007 / (0)
When the @ThisField and @ThisValue functions were announced at Lotusphere I chatted with Damien about the need for an @ThisFieldHelp function and he saw the need for it. Unfortunately he left Lotus.
When using the @This... functions and a field value fails a Validation formula then the only meaningful ...

Split view of design and source in XPages editor

: Domino Designer
: xpages, design, source, split view
Joseph Hoetzl5019 - 26 2010 / (0)
In the XPages editor in DDE, I'd like to be able to view design and source in one screen.
And/Or, even better, design on one monitor, source on the other!

Quicker access to Refresh/Replace Design

: Domino Designer
: refresh, replace, design
Paul Davies13558 - 21 2007 / (0)
I prefer to test changes by applying a new dsign to a test db from a template.
This can be quite tiresome with the number of right-clicks, and messages to get through.
A simple app in the OpenNTF codebin allowed you to refresh a db design with ...

Database properties showing who made the last design change and when

: Domino Designer
: design, properties
Rajeev Menon3439 - 20 2007 / (0)
I don't think the User Details box on the database properties gives any idea about who made the last design change to the database. Whenever something goes wrong with a database, the first thing that we want to know is who made any design change to the database and when.

Allow document links to design elements

: Domino Designer
: document, link, design, element
Mr Frunobulax360 - 23 2008 / (0)
Allow document link to design elements (forms, views, agents etc) to be sent to other Notes developers.
If the recipient has Designer then clicking on the link will open the corresponding design element.

NotesDesignNote class

: Domino Designer
: design elements, design
Mark Demicoli10736 - 28 2010 / (0)
.. extends NotesDocument (I suppose).  Would allow access to 'prohibit design/refresh' flag, Template inheritence and other options.
I know some of this stuff can be done using tricks, but I think it's worth formalising the class.

Action "remove flag prohibit design refresh or replace to modify"

: Domino Designer
: design, refresh, action, tool
Michael Tassati5289 - 23 2010 / (0)
in domino desiger tools menu, beside "recompile all" a new action "remove flag prohibit design refresh or replace to modify" will be nice. currently i'm using ytria or teamstudio tools for this, but this funktion is basic and so IBM Lotus should create it.

Ability to select a thread into a View based on something in a response doc

: Domino Designer
: design, views
Eric Wilson1688 - 28 2010 / (0)
I wish a selection formula could select a main doc an all its responses into a view based on anything in the respones
This would be very useful when building view such as all the threads a user has psoted to or any thread that pertains to a subject.

Ability to Refresh/Replace a database design via code cross platform

: Domino Designer
: refresh, replace, design, java, lotus script
Vlad Sh10679 - 22 2013 / (0)
Notes C API does not fit - do not cross platform.
Server task is not suitable for all, such as transfer design to the local databases.
NB. It would be desirable to have an option (bool paramether) that ignores and deactivates "Prohibit design refresh or replace modify" and "Prapagate ...

Make Subforms Objects

: Domino Designer
: object, design, reuse
Robert Shaver125 - 31 2008 / (0)
I want to be able to include the same subform on a form multiple times.
For exampe if I were making a billing system it would require several addresses; order address, billing address, shipping address. Then I could build one subform; address. Then I could include it three times, ...

create a Development and Test environment

: Domino Designer
: development, design
Hendrik Jan van Meerveld812 - 08 2009 / (0)
[have the option to] create a development environment that is identical to the production environment.
The development environment has the same databases (same name and replicaid) as the production environment.
When a developer logs in to the client or designer, he or she can choose which environment to log in ...

Prevent Design running against database

: Domino Designer
: design, refresh
Peter Presnell28487 - 22 2008 / (0)
I would like to have the ability to mark a database so that its design is not refreshed automatically by the Design task running on the server.   When set I can only update the design via a manual refresh/replace.
This would be very useful in situations in which a ...


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