Domino Designer / DXL 


Full DXL round-trip of DESIGN ELEMENTS

: Domino Designer
: dxl, design, database
Rocky Oliver1843 - 26 2008 / (2)
There is another idea for Full DXL Round-trip, but it is for both design and data. This idea hopes to take smaller bites of the elephant that is DXL support. Lotus should begin by making design elements 100% round-trippable in the next version of Notes. This would open many doors ...

Tools - DXL Utilities - Importer

: Domino Designer
: dxl, tools, import
Martin Vereecken1895 - 05 2007 / (0)
In Designer it is possible to select a design element and choose to export it (see screenshot).  Why isn't it possible to import a design element this way? The import we have to code ourselves...
If this is standard functionality, it would be a lot easier for developers to ...

Full DXL round-trip

: Domino Designer
: dxl
Thomas Bahn4937 - 03 2007 / (0)
For every Notes version, the reimporting the exported DXL should result in (bit-)identical documents and design elements. Even if it is not possible, to create a real XML representation of everything stored in documents (especially RichText), it should be exported as Base64 encoded binaries.
If there would be such ...

dxl, html, rss/atom and json methds on notes objects

: Domino Designer
: html, dxl, rss, atom, json
Dan Sickles1725 - 09 2007 / (0)
All with appropriate parameters.
doc.html() view.html() doc.dxl() form.dxl() doc.rss()  view.atom() doc.json() outline.json() etc...
along with Axel's XPath idea:
forall x in o.dxl(<xpath>)...
import/constructor methods would be nice too.

Documentation for LotusScript xml apis needs rework

: Domino Designer
: dxl, lotusscript, documentation
Axel Janssen6869 - 17 2008 / (0)
Over the years I have learnt to trust the designer and admin documentation. Especially the examples are often to the point and very usefull. Unfortunatedly for newer LotusScript classes I see something which might be interpreted as kind of a degeneration of the good practices of the past.
General pattern ...

NotesDXLImporter class should learn to talk

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, dxl
Axel Janssen6869 - 29 2008 / (0)
NotesDXLImporter is more than 4 years old. 4 year old should be able to speak.
It currently only can utter this "DXLImport operation failed message". It could do much better.
I work quite a lot with Java open Source frameworks with truckloads of xml. When there is an err in ...

xml / json plain option

: Domino Designer
: view, json, dxl, readviewentries
Patrick Kwinten21314 - 07 2009 / (0)
how often do you need the full yadayada when using the ?readviewentries?
it would be nice to be able to specify the option that you want the output without the timestamp, position, toplevelentries ... info

Some member in NotesDXLImporter to inform about compile issues

: Domino Designer
: lotuscript, dxl, java
Axel Janssen6869 - 08 2008 / (1)
With notesDxlImporter we can insert code in for example database scripts. In the process the compiler tries to automatically compile this fresh code. Unfortuatedly I get no information about if the code actually did compile or did not due to errors in the inserted code in the new environment like ...

New DXL export property: export attachments (yes/no)

: Domino Designer
: dxl
Michael Sobczak2837 - 29 2007 / (0)
The DXL Classes fail with an error when the Notes document being exported is too large.  Most of the time, this is due to an incredibly large attachment (or attachments).  It would be awesome if we could tell the DXL export method to not include attachments.

NotesDXLImporter can SetOutput to a NotesDocumentCollection

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, dxl, notesdxlimporter
Ondrej Kostruh1369 - 30 2008 / (0)
I think it may be useful that NotesDXLImporter can set output to a NotesDocumentCollection. This way one can create notes documents in collection in memory without saving then to nsf.
It allows some simple operations over collection and can decide if they (docs) should be saved and how.

Offer Web Service Providers and Consumers to the DXL transformer utility

: Domino Designer
: dxl, dxl, webservice
Phil Warner445 - 09 2010 / (0)
Web Service design elements are not available to the DXL transformer utility in Designer. Nor are they available to the NoteCollection class as a method that could pick out Web Services for passing to a DXLExporter.
It's a useful way to check that Web Service Flags have been set ...


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