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Allow an ID to be selected to sign a database with

: Domino Administrator
: notes, administration
Sean Burgess6178 - 11 2007 / (1)
Instead of having to switch IDs just to sign a database, it would be much easier to be able to just select the ID file you want to use to sign with, put in the password, and do the signing. This would be similar to the way you can choose ...

NSF Comparison Tool

: Domino Administrator / Other
: tools, administration, development, troubleshooting, replication
Richard Schwartz4594 - 14 2007 / (0)
A tool for note-by-note comparison of nsf files.  I envision it as a dual-paned NotesPeek, with filtering options like:
- Show notes with unids not found in other database
- Show notes with same unid but different oid
- Show notes with same unid but value(s) in field(s) don't ...

Calendering Administration

: Domino Administrator
: calendering, scheduling, administration, endusers
Elijah Lapson668 - 31 2007 / (0)
Staff within organizations/companies tend to come and go. As new staff arrive taking over responsibilities from the old the inevitable question arises...

Can I switch Jane Doe's Meeting invitation's over to Jane Doe 2.0?

I would love to have an option in the mail template (not an agent ...

On Server Registration, allow me to copy server security settings

: Domino Administrator / Directory
: domino, administration, registration, security
Chris Whisonant2475 - 20 2007 / (0)
When I'm registering a new server, I would like the ability to choose a baseline configuration for security/http/whatever settings. Basically a "use server doc from x server to populate security settings".

Button for selecting database file in Mail-in Database document

: Domino Administrator / Directory
: administration, mail, database, resource
Martin Vogel2501 - 11 2008 / (0)
When i create a mail-in database document i must have the database filename in the clipboard for pasting it in the field "File name". Therefore i would like to have a button for choosing the database.
In addition I would like to have a button "create database" in the ...

Convert mail files from the Administrator client

: Domino Administrator / Admin Tools
: administration, convert, upgrade
Oliver Regelmann6412 - 16 2008 / (0)
Upgrading mail databases to a new template can be done with the "load convert" console command. I wish this could be called from within the files tab of the Administrator client for a selected range of mail files. Or even better from the persons view for a selected range of ...

Prevent multiple replicas on a single server

: Domino Administrator
: administration, replica
Julian Woodward2032 - 03 2007 / (2)
In the light of the Richard Schwartz's post:
{ Link }

How about a flag on the server configuration document to prevent creation of duplicate replicas on a single server? Or maybe even a permissions list to set who can/can't do this?

Centralized Admin for Domino/Quickr/Sametime, etc

: Domino Administrator / Other
: administration
Marie Scott5130 - 28 2008 / (0)
Centralize administration for Domino to include all Lotus products including Sametime and Quickr from the Domino Admin client -- instead of having to go to another space for Quickr and another space for Sametime.  Tabs/bookmarks could be added for these products.

Replace Passport Advantage with something simple

: Domino Administrator / Other
: passport advantage, passportadvantage, download, administration
Tim Paque2656 - 06 2010 / (0)
Passport Advantage is so incredibly bad it should be completely thrown out.    Create a new site.  Here's an idea, use Lotus Notes to build it so the Search actually works!
Availability of the Latest version of the software should only be a login, a search and 1 click away.  ...

Files tab should have a "copy database location to clipboard" to paste it into a console command.

: Domino Administrator / Admin Tools
: administration, files, clipboard, console
Daniel Silva454 - 01 2008 / (2)
When working in the "Files" tab of the Domino Administrator client, there should be an option to right-click on a database and "Copy database location to clipboard" to be able to paste it in a console command if necessary.

"Open Mail File" button in view "Mail-in-Databases and Resources"

: Domino Administrator / Directory
: administration, view, button, mail, databases, resource
Martin Vogel2501 - 10 2008 / (0)
In the view "People" there is a button "Open Mail File".
For a better administration of mail-in-databases it would be fine if the view "Mail-in-Databases and Resources" has this button, too.

Admin Widgets for Domino Admin 8.5

: Domino Administrator / Other
: administration, widgets
Marie Scott5130 - 28 2008 / (0)
Some ideas for widgets when Domino Administrator is moved to eclipse platform:
view top 25 largest user db's
view CPU usage by task
view number of items in adminp queue
total size of FT indices
total size of view indices
Widgets away!

Need a process to undelete a user.

: Domino Administrator / Admin Tools
: administration, adminp, user_deletion
David Hablewitz15116 - 13 2009 / (1)
This is an admin thing, but to you developers who feel our pain, thank you for your supportive votes.
Who out there hasn't performed a Delete Person (either intentionally or not) and then needed to go back and restore that person.  If you were smart enough to have a ...

A way to disable all scheduled agents in a Database or a Directory

: Domino Administrator
: administration
Matt White13605 - 14 2007 / (0)
On our dev server, one of the backup strategies we use is simply to copy a database once a day into a backups directory. The problem is that all of the scheduled agents continue to run so over time logs get clogged up and the server has an increasing load ...

Open 2nd AdminClient instance

: Domino Administrator / Admin Tools
: administration, administration client
Ulrich Krause5701 - 18 2010 / (0)
I wish there was an option to open a 2nd admin client instance, similar to the "Open in new window" function in the Notes Client.

Additional Columns for File View

: Domino Administrator / Other
: administration, manage, databases, compact
Marie Scott5130 - 28 2008 / (0)

Add columns on Files tab view for the following in the Admin client:

number of documents in a database (instead of having to look at database properties) - helpful when trying to resolve cluster replication issues

date of last compact - (would be great to see when a database last ...


Using Domino Directory to deploy SSL keyring files

: Domino Administrator / Security
: ssl, domino directory, keyring, administration
Serdar Basegmez902 - 18 2011 / (0)
 Recently configured SSL for over ten servers. I opened each server with remote console and copied keyring files one by one. I will repeat this on every renewal.
It would be far easy if there was a keyring storage on names.nsf. HTTP task would utilize these configuration and we ...

Display mail.boxes content in one view

: Domino Administrator / Other
:, administration
Steven Santamorena988 - 08 2007 / (1)
have a database that displays the contents of ALL mail.boxes at once on a given server.  It would save admins from having to open all individually when searching.

Server Policies

: Domino Administrator / Other
: policies, administration, admin, configuration
Scott O'Keefe176 - 07 2008 / (1)
Wouldn't it be great if you could create server policies to enforce server document and/or server configuration document settings across servers?  This would mean that :
  • you would have better control over server configurations throughout your domain(s)
  • servers would not be able to have their settings changed out from ...

Allow me to delete a database via AdminP

: Domino Administrator / Other
: administration
Oliver Regelmann6412 - 29 2008 / (0)
Often when you delete a database from the admin client there's an error, mostly because the server thinks someone is using it (even when you know there's absolutely no one currently using that db). The admin client then removes the database from the file list and just prints an error ...

Supporting groups in Domino Server program records

: Domino Administrator / Admin Tools
: domino, administration, program document, groups
Mark Skurla150 - 07 2011 / (0)
Ok, long overdue, as I know this would really help me in my Domain and I've heard for many years at Lotusphere and different forums, but looking to get some more "Customer" feedback for this enhancement we;d like to make for 8.5.4.

I already coded and tested ...

'No To All'-button in 'Create Cross Certificate' dialog.

: Domino Administrator / Admin Tools
: administration, sign, templates
Christian Heroe514 - 28 2008 / (0)
Several purist when it comes to Domino Administration want to avoid having a bundle of Cross-Certificates. When new templates are installed at customer sites they'll want it to be sign by an Template User or Agent user.

When signing a template or a database I get the 'Create ...

Register New User browse to place mail file button

: Domino Administrator / Admin Tools
: create, user, administration
David Vasta2524 - 01 2007 / (0)
So if you have ever created a new user and you open the little box that lets you set up the user. They have spent a great amount of time making that a great dialog box. On the tab where you set up the mail file it would be nice ...

Better support for cross domain calendering

: Domino Administrator / Admin Tools
: calendaring, calendering, administration
Gareth Howell545 - 14 2007 / (0)
Getting "almost there" when doing cross domain calendaring is pretty easy. However, why do I need to copy and paste the room records from one domain to the other so that they appear in the room lookup list?

Admin Wizard

: Domino Administrator / Admin Tools
: admin, administration, wizard, tools
chuck dean433 - 28 2008 / (0)
Create a Domino Admin Wizard that would present a list of the top new features in a release - or if possible read the current system configuration and see what existing features are implemented and then list new features from earlier releases (ie. implementing the CA process to replace the ...

Upgrade the admin client. Still has Notes 7 status bar even.

: Domino Administrator / Admin Tools
: administration
David Hablewitz15116 - 25 2013 / (0)
No significant changes have been made to the admin client in years.  Even the status bar at the bottom of the window is still from the Notes 7 design. There are many 3rd party tools available for administrators, but that is only because IBM has totally ignored this component of the ...

Multiple archive criteria should point to 1 archive at the gui

: Domino Administrator / Other
: archive, policies, administration
Axel Schreiber215 - 22 2010 / (0)
When using multiple archiving crierias via policy, user will see multiple entries under the archive section in his/her mailfile. I suggest, that one can name the title of the archive in the policy, regardless of the name of the criteria (and the count of them)

Better support for Cross domain administration

: Domino Administrator / Admin Tools
: domain, consolidation, administration
Gareth Howell545 - 14 2007 / (0)
As Domino scalability improves, so the desire to collapse many intra-company domains into one (or few) grows.
Unfortunately, there is almost no support for this in the standard product set.

Add Setting Proxy User/Password Using Profiles

: Domino Administrator / Admin Tools
: administration, security
Sandi Glazebrook839 - 26 2007 / (0)
Add feature to configure the Proxy Username and Password within the Security Policies.  We use Websense to block websites and were previously entering user IP address to allow them access to a given website.  This is not the optimal way to allow this type of access.  We have many proxy ...

Allow to specify a maximum size for email archives

: Domino Administrator / Data Storage and Management
: size, administration
Jos Janssen1809 - 27 2011 / (0)
In order to allow users to save email archives to CD/DVD there should be an option to specify the maximum size for archives. 

expose profile documents to the UI for editing

: Domino Administrator / Admin Tools
: profile, administration, edit
Peter Moline1474 - 09 2007 / (0)
I would like some way of viewing, editing and deleting profile documents in Notes databases, without having to resort to writing LotusScript. Perhaps this could be done by adding a tool under Files in the Admin client.
PS - if you choose to vote this down, a comment as well ...


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